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The Perfect Jaw

Guess which type of implant is sweeping the country by storm? Whenever plastic surgery is discussed, the first procedures to come to mind are typically breast implants or face lifts. However, according to London based facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva, there is a new procedure gaining popularity – the chin implant. […]

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Just like many other parts of human body, the cheeks also begin to sag as we grow old. This happens because the skin on our cheeks loses volume and elasticity over time. External factors like smoking and prolong exposure to sunlight can also contribute to saggy and sunken cheeks. If you are someone who is […]

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The jawline is one of the most distinguishing characteristics of the face, and having a proportionate jawline can be one of the biggest contributors to overall facial harmony. Though the jawline can be often overlooked when considering cosmetic changes, slight modifications to the chin and jawline can have a great impact in correcting any facial […]

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