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Dr Julian De Silva is a London based facial cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the eyes, nose, face and neck areas only. Dr Julian De Silva does not perform body plastic surgery and is world-renowned for producing natural-looking results.

Facial cosmetic surgery is as much an art as it is a science and with facial surgery, millimetres makes all the difference. Dr De Silva spends additional time with each patient and currently has a waiting list for appointments. Dr  De Silva requests for his patients to be patient if they are unable to book an appointment immediately. Dr De Silva invests his time to customise and tailor each individual’s appointment time and recommends surgery specific to each and every patient. This takes additional time to complete.

Dr De Silva teaches internationally and over the years has developed his own customised approach to offering natural facial surgery.  This includes the use of regenerative medicine techniques which aids in speeding up recovery in combination with the use of Oxygen Therapy and LED Therapy. Dr De Silva has a formidable track record of accomplishments including the gold medal for research from the Imperial College and an award by the Royal Society of Medicine.

In addition, Dr De Silva has made contributions to advanced surgical techniques, laser technology and stitch-less tissue adhesives. Dr De Silva has shared his findings in over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters.

Dr Julian De Silva Publication: TATLER
Dr Julian De Silva Publication: the Times
Dr Julian De Silva Publication: TATLERMAN

Key Facial Surgery Procedures

Key Procedures: Facelift


As part of normal ageing, there is a combination of some drooping of the skin of our face and neck with the loss of volume and elasticity. This results in jowls, loss of a smooth jawline as well as laxity of the neck skin.

A facelift and neck lift can rejuvenate your facial appearance by turning the clock back, reversing signs of facial ageing, lifting sagging of facial soft tissues and skin, correcting the loss of a sharply defined neck and lifting deep facial lines that have occurred as a consequence of a facial droop.

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Blepharoplasty, more commonly known as eyelid surgery, is the most commonly performed cosmetic operation that Dr De Silva completes for patients. As a combination of ageing and genetics, the skin and muscle around the eyelids loosen, thus resulting in loose skin, puffiness and dark rings that may give you a tired appearance. In addition, there are often changes in the anatomy that results in puffiness owing to fat protruding into the eyelids forming bags in the lower and upper eyelids.

Blepharoplasty – upper or lower or quad eyelid surgery, rejuvenates your facial appearance, making you look fresher and less tired. The eyelid anatomy is intricate, and blepharoplasty involves a combination of reshaping excess skin, muscle and prolapsing fat. Dr De Silva focuses on meticulous technique to ensure a natural looking result.

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Key Procedures: Blepharoplasty
Key Procedures: Rhinoplasty


Dr De Silva has found that sculpting the patient’s nose to harmonize their face can make a huge difference in making his patient’s look and feel confident about themself. Nose reshaping, termed rhinoplasty, is an operation of finesse and millimetres that make the difference between a natural-looking result and one that has the trademarks of surgery.

“I focus my attention on utilizing specialized techniques through open or closed (hidden incision, also known as endo-nasal) surgery to improve the nasal aesthetics. I consider the key to natural-looking nose reshaping is delicacy and subtlety, less is usually more when it comes to the nose”.

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Dr De Silva in the Media

American College of Surgeons
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
BMA - British Medical Association
American Society of Ophtalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
EAFPS - The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
Investors In People
CareQuality Commission
MPS - Medical Protection Society
General Medical Council

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