Philosophy, Culture & Values

Philosophy, Culture & Values

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on providing our patients with exceptional service and care. At foundation in 2011, we were the only cosmetic practice based in London to specialise entirely in the face, offering both non-Surgical and Surgical facial procedures only. This has enabled us to give our patients greater expertise, innovation and care to achieve the changes they seek. There have been considerable innovations in cosmetic surgery over the past 5-years alone and we believe that better results come from dedication of our time, expertise and attention to a few cosmetic surgery procedures. This had led to exceptional results. Our focus remains to give our patients the best possible natural looking results utilising the latest in technology with fast healing and recovery to improve their looks and make them feel more confident in themselves.

We continue to work with clinicians and surgeons in Beverly Hills – Los Angeles and Manhattan – New York to deliver the latest innovations in cosmetic treatments that are used on an international basis. All our clinicians and surgeons are members of the most prestigious medical colleges in the World, including British, European and American Societies. We comply with the highest level of regulation and safety in accordance with the Care Quality Commission and Independent Health Advisory Service register.

The Centre Values

At The Centre, we believe in providing patients with World Class Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Services. Our services influence every aspect of our patients’ lives -their profession, family, friendships, lack of confidence and well-being. The Centre provides services based on individual patient focus, natural results, excellent communication and positive energy. We continually strive for excellence and overcoming any challenges we may face. Our core philosophy is trust and sincerity, to deliver patients world class service and patient care.

Philosophy, Culture & Values

The Centre Company Values

Patient Focus, Support & 5-Star Service

  • We are empathetic to patients needs and go the extra mile to help in every way
  • We support measures to give patients natural looking results & fast recovery
  • We remain calm, listen & support our patients
  • We seek what is best for each patient and tailor treatment plans to individual needs
  • We apply the “Golden Principle” of treating others as you want to be treated
  • We remain focused on patient safety, patient results and patient experience

Team Focus, Support & Wellbeing

  • We make time to help and support our colleagues
  • We treat people with respect independent of their status, position or experience
  • We are concise and articulate – hand over information verbally and in writing
  • We are quick to admit mistakes and prevent them from reoccuring
  • We only say things about fellow employees that we will say to their face
  • We maintain calm & focused in challenging situations

Positive Mindset, Attitude & Abundance

  • We value positive mindset, a can do attitude and thoughts of abundance
  • We set the standard for patient centred care and high level teamwork
  • We demonstrate consistently high-level performance and skill
  • We focus on action and achieving results
  • We welcome feedback, implement measures to learn from setbacks and strive for constant improvement (kaizen philosophy)
  • We celebrate wins and inspire others with our thirst for excellence

Gratitude, Respect & Joy for life

  • We are grateful and humbled that each and every patient trusts us with their face
  • We go the extra mile to excel, raise the bar and set higher levels in service
  • We celebrate life, enjoy the work we do and are committed to continually add value to every member of community.
  • We celebrate individuality, culture and humanity.
  • We go the extra mile to help our clients and colleagues beyond their expectations
  • We enjoy and celebrate each and every day

Focus on Constant improvement, Creativity & Innovation

  • We continually improve quality of experience for our patients, clients & team
  • We innovate and deliver intelligent solutions
  • We challenge prevailing assumptions and implement advances in technology
  • We are focused and meticulous in constant improvement (millimetres make the difference, everything counts…)
  • We keep us nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify
  • We invest in the latest in technology to further our patients, clients and team experience

If you have these skills and are looking for employment at The Centre, we would like to hear from you, please send us your CV and personal statement.

Philosophy, Culture & Values

Why have cosmetic surgery?

The main reasons my patients seek cosmetic surgery is they want to look better, either to solve a problem or just to look and feel more confident.

There can be the common signs of facial aging and frequently many patients will say things such as “friends keep saying I look tired” or “I am fed up with my hanging neck”. Sometimes it’s something that has been bothering my patients for a long time. “ I have wanted to get my nose done since I was a teenager” or “I have never liked the bags under my eyes”. For many patients, having cosmetic surgery is a very significant decision and most patients who come to see us have been bothered about an aspect of their appearance for years before attending for a consultation. We appreciate and respect this and will do our best to support and guide you along this journey.

Why natural looking results?

Our cultural norms favour physically attractive men and women, research has shown that more attractive and youthful looking people have more successful careers, obtain higher levels of income for the same job and are more likely to have an attractive partner. Why should this be the case? Beauty usually translates to a quality of attractiveness and desirability, which infers positive attributes and values such as integrity and intelligence. In addition, physical attractiveness implies good health, fertility in women and power in men. Although there are aspects of physical beauty that are related to culture, there are also widespread norms such as facial symmetry, facial balance and youthful appearance. Dr De Silva is a believer in the importance of artistry behind cosmetic results and focuses his skills at delivering natural looking results, sometimes this may not be what a patient is looking for, Dr De Silva will only perform surgery when he believes he can make his patients look and feel better about themselves.

Philosophy, Culture & Values

Understanding your choices

Sometimes there can be so many choices which can be overwhelming, “Should I have anti-wrinkle injections and fillers, laser treatment or do I need surgery”. At The London Centre of Advanced Facial Cosmetic Surgery, we will only advise cosmetic treatments based on your individual needs, many practices will offer options and surgeries based on the equipment and skills they have in house. Dr De Silva will only advise you on procedures that will give you the result that you are looking for while maintaining a natural looking appearance. Dr De Silva may recommend against surgery and seeing one of his super-specialist colleagues. At the Centre we will provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision. Increasingly there are more and more devices that are being marketed with quick fixes or non-surgical solutions, This is where our expertise and knowledge will help you get the treatment that will give a long-lasting result. Although heavily marketed techniques may offer promises of a quick fix at low cost, there are often limitations in both longevity and a compromised result. Dr De Silva believes that just in the way every face is different in shape, proportion and attributes, for a cosmetic procedure to be both natural looking and long-term, the procedure must be tailored towards an individual patient, no two faces are identical. The average recovery time for a surgical procedure on the face is between 1-2 weeks and the final result may take as long as 6-months. Dr De Silva has developed innovative techniques that reduce potential down-time and support a rapid recovery. We work with our patients to provide an optimal environment and timing, and will operate and treat patients 24-7 if such circumstances are required by our patients.

Philosophy, Culture & Values

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