Why “Chinplants” Are So Popular

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | August 21st, 2018

Guess which type of implant is sweeping the country by storm?

Whenever plastic surgery is discussed, the first procedures to come to mind are typically breast implants or face lifts. However, according to London based facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon Dr. Julian de Silva, there is a new procedure gaining popularity – the chin implant.

As one of the most skilled and sought after cosmetic surgeons in London, Dr. De Silva has seen the demand for chin plants increase in the last couple of years, the reason being that this is a relatively safe, quick procedure that can produce dramatic results. In addition, today’s social media generation has brought us all closer to celebrities. In the past, we can only admire their features in pictures from magazines or the big screen. However, because we can now zoom in on their features from every angle it makes it possible for a client to describe exactly how they want their surgery to change their own appearance.

At the hands of an expert, a chin implant can improve a client’s overall facial symmetry. Dr. De Silva’s Centre for Advanced Facial, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, based in the West London area, caters to both men and women who wish to improve their appearances through chin implants. Heart shaped chins like Scarlet Johansson’s are the most popular among women while Ryan Gosling’s defined jaw is the favorite among men. As a highly trained and accomplished facial plastic surgeon, Dr. De Silva can help you achieve your desired aesthetic results.

What are the benefits of a chin implant?

Women can achieve a softer more feminine look while men can enhance their jawline. For both sexes, a chin implant improves facial symmetry and enhances attractiveness. In men the chin and jaw line is often a defining feature that characterises masculinity, with very handsome men such as Brad Pitt having a very strong and masculing jaw line. In women it is important that a more ‘V-shaped’ chin and jaw line is maintained as this is a more feminine and attractive chin.

What happens during a chin implant procedure?

A chin implant begins with an initial consultation with Dr. De Silva, who walks you through the entire process, in addition to taking high definition pictures of your chin from several angles. He then uses state of the art software to correctly determine the size and position of the implant. Dr. De Silva also uses this software to show clients how they would look once the procedure has been preformed.

Local anesthesia will be used in order to numb the area where small incisions will be made. Dr. De Silva makes the cut unnoticeable by choosing a natural crease in the skin and carefully maneuvering the implant through the incision. Silicone implants are sculped to fit the client’s unique jawline, providing natural results.

What is chin implant recovery like?

Because it is a minimally invasive surgery, there is little downtime required after the procedure. The client may go back to their normal activities the following day. Pain management and other pertinent information you need to know during the post procedure period will be discussed with you by Dr. De Silva and his team. For most patients the recovery and time off work is limited to a week and many patients find they have a fast recovery. For some patients the procedure can be enhanced with neck liposuction and Dr. De Silva has a signature technique that enhances the neck further with specific tightening of the underlying neck muscle.

Clients will have to go back to the Centre for Advanced Facial, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery after a week to have the stitches removed. An expert medical team composed of experienced and licensed health care professionals support you through the entire process.

The chinplant procedure is taking the world by storm because it is both minimally invasive and effective. Trust only the experts to ensure a safe and worry-free procedure. Book an appointment with expert facial plastic surgeon Dr. de Silva and his team today!

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