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Seek Out the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the UK

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | November 15th, 2021

Seek Out the Best Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon in the UK

Revision rhinoplasty corrects the problems caused by a failed surgery.

Rhinoplasty can change your life for the better. But what happens when rhinoplasty ruins your nose’s look and function? This is where revision rhinoplasty comes in.

As you may have guessed, cosmetic surgeons often perform revision rhinoplasty on patients who went through botched surgeries.

However, revision rhinoplasty also applies to patients who did not undergo any surgery.

But how is this possible? What exactly is revision rhinoplasty? Why do people get it?

In this article, I will talk about revision rhinoplasty and why people get it. I will also reveal the best place to get a revision rhinoplasty from.

What Is Revision Rhinoplasty?

What Is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Revision rhinoplasty is a complex and challenging procedure.

Most cosmetic surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is among the most challenging cosmetic procedures. Since the nose is a complex structure, successful rhinoplasty requires skill and experience.

However, there are times when rhinoplasty gets botched. Sometimes, the results of rhinoplasty do not meet the patient’s goals. Other times, the nose becomes damaged by severe physical trauma (e.g. car accident, sports injury).

All of these things can cause the patient’s nose to look unsightly. This is where revision rhinoplasty comes in.

Revision rhinoplasty is a type of rhinoplasty for correcting a nose that went through rhinoplasty, septoplasty, or substantial trauma. Cosmetic surgeons also do the procedure to correct unsatisfactory results and let patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

In most cases, however, revision rhinoplasty corrects previous surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty applies to any patient who had rhinoplasty one or more times. Based on experience, over 30% of my rhinoplasty patients had procedures done before they went to me.

In particular, patients often go through revision’ rhinoplasty due to unsatisfactory results or changes in their nasal function.

As I mentioned, rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure. Revision rhinoplasty is even more challenging. Hence, only a few cosmetic surgeons can perform revision rhinoplasty successfully, including Dr. Julian De Silva.

How Does Revision Rhinoplasty Work?

How Does Revision Rhinoplasty Work?

Revision rhinoplasty requires extensive skills and extreme precision.

Revision rhinoplasty involves reshaping a patient’s nose to enhance their look when a previous rhinoplasty failed to produce the patient’s desired results. Cosmetic surgeons also perform revision rhinoplasty to improve a patient’s nasal function damaged during a previous nose reshaping surgery or rhinoplasty.

As a complex surgical procedure, revision rhinoplasty requires extreme precision. Revision rhinoplasty usually requires cartilage for structural support for the bridge and/or tip of the nose.

Since septal cartilage is often deficient, cosmetic surgeons must look for cartilage from other parts of the body. Most of the time, cosmetic surgeons look for cartilage on the ear.

In addition, soft tissue irregularities on the tip or bridge of the nose may require tissue with a camouflage effect. This tissue must also act as a natural, permanent filler.

Cosmetic surgeons obtain this tissue by making a remote incision within the hairline. This results in unnoticeable differences.

Sometimes, scarring with the nose calls for skin grafts. This must be done to reopen the patient’s narrowed and distorted nasal airway.

Given these, it’s evident how complex revision rhinoplasty is. Hence, if you are considering getting revision rhinoplasty, choosing a board-certified cosmetic surgeon specializing in facial procedures is crucial. Remember, an experienced, highly-trained doctor is the best rhinoplasty surgeon London.

While the cost of a nose job with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon tends to be higher than less experienced ones, they have higher success rates.

Reasons Why People Get Revision Rhinoplasty

Reasons Why People Get Revision Rhinoplasty

Patients get revision rhinoplasty to correct a failed surgery and improve nasal function.

While correcting a failed surgery is the most common reason why patients get revision rhinoplasty, there are many other reasons why people get revision rhinoplasty. Here are the top reasons why people undergo revision rhinoplasty:

1. You had a failed surgery.

A failed nose job can cause many problems. For one, they make your nose look worse. Patients get nose jobs to look more beautiful. A failed one only makes their issue worse.

In addition, a failed nose job leads to complications. You might suffer from nosebleeds, nasal infections, and the like. These complications will affect your way of life.

So, if you have a botched rhinoplasty, you need to undergo revision rhinoplasty as soon as possible.

Doing this allows you to take control of your nasal health as soon as possible. It will also save you from paying more medical bills in the future.

2. Your nose does not function well anymore.

In some cases, a failed rhinoplasty affects your nasal function. As a result, you will not be able to breathe well. This might also affect your sleep and workout routine.

Worse, your nasal airway becomes too constricted that you need medical intervention to breathe.

Nasal function issues are among the worst problems since you need to breathe all the time. Thus, if you suffer from functional issues after a nose job, you need to see a cosmetic surgeon as soon as possible.

Remember, an attractive nose can only do well if it can function properly. Aesthetics and function should go hand in hand.

3. Your nose experienced severe trauma.
Sometimes, you do not need to have a botched surgery to qualify for revision rhinoplasty. In some cases, patients whose noses went through severe trauma need revision rhinoplasty.

Severe trauma can be caused by many events including vehicular accidents, physical altercation, and sports injury.

Physical trauma can be so intense that it affects the structure and function of your nose. Your nasal bones may be dislodged and your nasal cartilage may rupture.

In addition, you might injure your nose after a rhinoplasty.

If these happen to you, you need to seek advice from a rhinoplasty surgeon immediately.

4. You do not like the results of your rhinoplasty.

The skill and experience of rhinoplasty surgeons matter. Some surgeons know how to handle a few types of noses. Others use the same techniques among all of their patients.

The best nose surgeons, however, know that each patient must have a customized treatment plan tailored to their needs, current condition, and goals. In addition, the best nose surgeons know that different faces and nose shapes require different nose job techniques.

However, not cosmetic surgeons can match their treatment plan with the patient’s face and nose shape. As a result, they cannot produce the results patients want.

So, if you had a nose job that did not produce the results you want, you can undergo revision rhinoplasty to correct them. If you also feel like something’s off with your nose after rhinoplasty, seek a cosmetic surgeon for advice.

Reasons Why Surgery Is the Best Treatment

Reasons Why Surgery Is the Best Treatment

Revision rhinoplasty offers permanent results, comfort, and more self-confidence.

Here are the reasons why revision rhinoplasty is the best treatment for botched surgeries and exposure to severe trauma:

Permanent Results

A main advantage of revision rhinoplasty over non-surgical procedures like liquid rhinoplasty is permanent results. Non-surgical procedures can correct minor issues after rhinoplasty, but their results are temporary.

Provides Comfort

Revision rhinoplasty will not only enhance your nose’s look. It will improve its function as well. For instance, if a botched surgery left you with breathing issues, revision rhinoplasty can greatly help.

Enhances Self-Confidence

Patients who choose to undergo revision rhinoplasty often get a renewed sense of self-confidence after the procedure. They become less self-conscious and more content with how they look.

Why Consider Getting Revision Rhinoplasty at Harley Street

Why Consider Getting Revision Rhinoplasty at Harley Street

Harley Street is home to the best private clinics and cosmetic doctors in the world.

There are many reasons why you must consider getting revision rhinoplasty UK at Harley Street.

For one, Harley Street has some of the best reconstructive rhinoplasty surgeons in London, UK, and the world. I myself have been recognized by global media outlets for my work.

In addition, Harley Street maintains an excellent reputation in terms of private medical and cosmetic care. Its distinction from the National Health Service (NHS).

Lastly, Harley Street has been a top cosmetic destination for actors, models, elite athletes, and other prominent figures. Even the most sophisticated people in the world recognises the excellence of clinics at Harley Street.


Are you interested in getting revision rhinoplasty UK from one of the best doctors at Harley Street? Contact us to book a consultation now!

About the Author: Dr. De Silva

About the Author

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