Scar Treatment

Scar Treatment

Scar treatment to treat previous facial scarring is a common reason why patients seek cosmetic surgery expertise.

Scars may result from any number of previous injuries or trauma to the delicate facial skin, are often unsightly and may be a source of discomfort. There are distinct types of scarring, that may require different management, for example

  • Keloid scarring refers to a subset of scars that are caused by the skin’s overproduction of collagen that grow beyond the boundaries of the scar edge.
  • Hypertrophic scars stay within the boundaries of the scar area, but can still be unsightly and restrict movement.

Sometimes the nature of a facial scar means that a combination of surgical scar revision with a meticulous surgical technique and skin closure is necessary to avoid tension and multiple-layered closure.

Risks of Scar Treatment

Scar treatment is a personal decision and, as with other cosmetic surgeries, there is always a risk. Dr De Silva will explain the complications and risks in greater detail with you so you can make an informed decision about whether it is for you.

Dr De Silva’s favours surgery that results in hiding or minimising scars to make them discreet. Once a scar is present it can be challenging to revise and improve. At this time, we are only able to improve scars in conjunction with facial surgery and do not perform scar revision alone.

Scar Treatment

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Scar Treatment

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