Cher’s Plastic Surgery

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | January 9th, 2016


Cher is one of the most successful entertainers of her time, included a combination of singing and acting over many decades. She has maintained a glamous appearance that helped her to ascend easily to the heights of excellence. However, the charming actress has had her share of rough times as she battled the headwinds of plastic surgery speculations. Cher has lived with the rumors of undergoing plastic surgery to maintain her appearance. The steady flow of speculations has been triggered by her before and after photos, which some people have suggested in very supportive of face and neck lift surgery.
Cher wears a beautiful smile that charms millions of fans who seem ever on the stand-by to sing her praises. After her talents, the second greatest asset she bears is beauty. Her neck lift remains smooth, her jaw line defined and regular that is remarkable for a women in her late sixties. Some people have looked keenly on Cher’s after photos with a third eye and believe she has undergone at least one face and neck lift procedure to improve the appearance of her face. According to some close observers, Cher had an enormous spark of beauty in the past, and she is a product of a gifted plastic surgeon. Key to a natural rejuvenation of facial ageing is techniques that lift the deep muscle layers beneath the skin, according to Dr. Julian De Silva. There are no ways of making scars invisible, however by making them discreet they are hidden in natural facial lines that can result in them being very difficult to see.

Cher has remained indifferent to the plastic surgery rumors, it is not clear whether she has chosen to weather the storm in silence. Perhaps she knows that her responses will never satisfy the overzealous critics. Nonetheless, the rumors are likely to hang around Cher’s life for longer than she is willing to remain silent. Although there can be no absolute certainty to undergoing surgery, there are no ways of making your jaw and neck line so defined without undergoing face and neck lift surgery. According to Dr. Julian De Silva, the key to world-class result with face and neck lifting, is ensuring that any change is conservative and within natural limits, any improvement must only be a refinement, not over done, key is to keep the media guessing whether the celebrity has actually undergone surgery.

Great women of the red carpet and the big screens tend to be concerned as their age advances, their fame is partly sustained by their good looks. That is why they endeavor to remain glamorous for a long time. It is hard to prove whether she actually went under the knife, however she looks amazing and youthful. Most celebrities are keen to ensure that their surgery is both discreet and camouflaged from the media, I set up my clinic to ensure privacy and celebrity anonymity. Celebrity face and neck lift surgery is challenging in that a celebrity’s face is also their calling card and livelyhood, there is an artistic license for a conservative natural improvement while preserving a person’s underlying facial character and persona.

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