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Dr. De Silva's Complete Guide to Rhinoplasty

A wealth of information, written with the patient in mind.

In this essential guide to rhinoplasty, Dr. Julian De Silva a London Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon brings his years of surgical experience to the page. Taking a patient-centred approach, Dr. De Silva comprehensively covers all aspects of a nose surgery–from consultation to the procedure to follow up care.

Presented in an A4-sized format, The Complete Guide to Rhinoplasty & Nose Re-Shaping: Volume 1 is an accessible reference guide, supported with detailed illustrations and photography.

Dr. De Silva discusses what to expect during your consultation, how to find the right surgeon and special surgical techniques. Using some patient case studies, he touches on the basics of nasal anatomy, common aesthetic concerns, and special considerations, such as ethnic rhinoplasty.

As a seasoned facial plastic surgeon, Dr. De Silva examines the rhinoplasty procedure from every angle. He answers the most common patient questions: What are the potential risks associated with rhinoplasty? How long will it take to heal? Will I scar? When will I see the full results?

This rhinoplasty book provides in-depth information for any individual considering cosmetic nose surgery.

Written by one of London’s top-rated facial surgeons, The Complete Guide to Rhinoplasty & Nose Re-Shaping: Volume 1 is an excellent companion guide to rhinoplasty. Dr. Julian De Silva MD MBBS FACS FRCO

Dr. De Silva’s Complete Guide to Rhinoplasty

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