Rhinoplasty: Nose Reshaping In London

Rhinoplasty: Nose Reshaping In London

Why have Rhinoplasty?

A nose job is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic operations that Dr Julian De Silva completes for patients in London. The most common reasons people seek nose surgery is for reshaping of the nose, a high dorsal hump, lack of tip definition, a large or wide size of their nose. Dr De Silva believes that refinement in surgery is the key to a natural-looking result where the surgical technique is tailored to the individual.

Why Have Nose Surgery?

  • As the nose forms the very centre of your face it is also key to facial harmony and balance. Having a nose that is out of place catches our attention when we look at ourselves and people’s faces. This can result in patients feeling self-conscious and over time can affect how we feel about ourselves.
  • Our thoughts about our own appearance can have an important influence on all aspects of our lives. Dr De Silva has helped many thousands of patients by improving their facial balance.
  • After surgery, your nose can blend with the rest of your face, reducing those feelings of being self-conscious and enabling you to just get on with life. The detail around the nose is of great importance, as subtle changes of even less than half a millimetre can be discernible.r

Why Choose Dr De Silva?

  • “My focus has and always will be to be the very best at what I do, to continually innovate to provide World Class leadership to all my team, all my patients and all my associates. My mission is to help every patient be the very best version of themself with World-Class services, life-long follow up with complimentary facial aesthetic procedures.”
  • In a world of increasing complexity and misinformation, his passion has been focused on providing sincere advice, low risk and fast recovery procedures.

Dr De Silva is a widely credited and celebrated facial plastic surgeon who specialises in the eyes, nose, face and neck areas only, and is known for natural results.

Nose Reshaping Technique And Procedure

Dr Julian De Silva’s series of Rhinoplasty Animation Videos show how different nose types can be improved with surgery. The aim of these videos is to provide information to patients so they can make an informed decision about undergoing nose reshaping.In particular when considering these four increasingly specialised and sophisticated techniques on the horizon:

Tip Definition:

A sculpted and lifted tip of the nose can be achieved by internal stitches, sculpting of cartilages and cartilage grafts.

Cartilage Support Grafts:

In the past, cartilage reshaping could be imprecise, leading to misshapen results. Now, by using pieces of your own cartilage to assess and correct internal contour irregularities,
Dr De Silva can create more symmetrical results.


Although many patients are focused on the appearance of the nose, rhinoplasty often makes your nose smaller, breathing is important! Often a combination of straightening your septum (cartilage in the middle of nose) and graft material is required to ensure good breathing.

An Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty:

Your surgeon can now cut through bone with extreme precision. This advanced osteotomy technique is highly successful.
It prevents damage to the surrounding blood vessels and tissue while cutting bone, and it may lead to less swelling and bruising. Not necessary for all patients.

Cartilage Suturing:

Previously, lower nose cartilage was trimmed to correct bulbous features. Now, we know that the nose must be properly approached with a combination of trimming and specialised suturing. This dual technique creates better proportions and a more uniform appearance.

Faster healing:

Healing can be enhanced with the use of anti-inflammatory medicine after surgery, this can be particularly important for revision rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty and patients with thicker skin.

What Is the Recovery Like After Surgery?

Most patients are able to return to social and professional activities after one to two weeks. The truth is that recovery after rhinoplasty does depend on several factors.

  • Swelling
    • 1-week after surgery, 80% of the swelling will have resolved. When the cast over the bridge of your nose is removed after one week, although you will see a change in the shape of your nose there will be some swelling.Although the swelling will continue to resolve, the fine detail can be hidden with swelling for some weeks. By about 3-months, the majority of the swelling will have resolved however it can take as long as a year for the final shape to become apparent.
  • Bruising
    • Most patients have minimal bruising that resolves over 1-2 weeks. Occasionally, less than 20% of the time, there can be a marked bruise immediately below the eyes where the skin is very thin, this bruising can take 6-weeks to go, though it can be covered with make-up after 1-week.
    • Watching television, using the internet or engaging in similar activities are fine and will not harm the eyes. Most patients are able to use their eyes for reading and sedentary activities, even on the day of surgery.
  • Congestion
    • Immediately after the procedure your nose may feel blocked as a result of swelling of the inner lining of the nose, this will improve at the end of the first week. In addition, swelling can alter your sense of smell and this returns over the first 4-6 weeks.
  • Numbness
    • There is often numbness at the tip of the nose after surgery, so your nose will not feel like your own. This improves over the first 6 weeks.It is common for patients to report that their upper lip feels stiff and that their smile feels different, and this improves over a period of weeks as the swelling subsides.
    • Taking the appropriate steps recommended by Dr De Silva speeds up the healing process and reduces the appearance of scars.
  • Pain
    • In terms of pain, there is surprisingly little, and usually for less than 24 hours. Oral analgesia is adequate for the first day after surgery, and many of our patients never take any analgesia.
  • Dryness
    • Some patients are sensitive to dryness after surgery, and in addition to avoiding dry environments after surgery, using a saline spray (saltwater) and ointment into your nose several times a day will help with symptoms of dryness.
  • Scars
    • The position and shape of the scar are hidden under the nose, they reach their final endpoint 6-12 months later. They are discrete and difficult to see after a few weeks, there are steps that can be taken to speed up their recovery and soften their appearance.
    • One week after surgery they can be covered with concealer makeup so they cannot be seen.
Female model - What Is the Recovery Like After Surgery?

Rhinoplasty Video FAQs - Preparation for Surgery

View More FAQs *Results May Vary

Rhinoplasty Technique

Dr De Silva MBBS, MD is one of the best London facial cosmetic and plastic surgeons, he is an expert on the latest advances in facial cosmetic surgery and does not perform any body plastic surgery. Please note all information contained in these videos represent an overview and simplification of techniques and procedures, and at no time do they attempt to include all aspects necessary to complete surgical procedures.

100s of experiences of Dr De Silva’s patients

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4.98 from 592 reviews

By Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Dec 21, 2021

"I finally went ahead with my rhinoplasty at the age of 35. I was worried about recovery and breathing be a problem but my recovery was quick and my breathing is better than before. I am so happy with the results which are very natural. Dr De Silva really listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. The mental load of worrying about my nose has gone....no regrets. Thanks so much to Dr De Silva and his amazing team..... I should have done it years ago!"
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By Jake, Revision rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Nov 21, 2021

"Dr De Silva and his team were outstanding throughout my entire procedure. I had a very complex nose job and didn’t really think much could be done to correct it. Once I met with Dr De Silva he immediately made me feel at ease. Listened to my thoughts as well as my expectations for what I wanted. My nose was very wonky prior due to breaking it from an early age and the results were better than I could imagine. My nose now doesn’t take up most of my face and looks very natural. There’s not a single thing that I would change and Dr De Silva and his entire team were so helpful during and after the surgery. I cannot recommend him enough! Jake"
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Patient experiences with Dr De Silva

All these patients underwent Rhinoplasty with Dr De Silva. We encourage patients to watch one or two videos of patient experiences to have a good understanding of healing and the recovery period. Dr. De Silva and his team will provide support and reassurance during your recovery, we believe that being a well-informed patient is helpful to most patients undergoing Rhinoplasty.


Do you have any doubts or concerns about Rhinoplasty surgery?

Dr De Silva completed his surgical training in University Hospitals around London, which are amongst the best institutions in the UK, including Moorfield’s Eye Hospital. He remains the only cosmetic surgeon to have had trained in the cosmetic meccas of Los Angeles and New York, and it was there that he acquired skills in scar-less surgery and micro-incision techniques that he brought back to London. He was the only surgeon in his specialty to have been awarded funding for training in the US.

Rhinoplasty Before & After Gallery

Female face, before and after Rhinoplasty treatment, front view, patient 1

Male face, before and after Rhinoplasty treatment, front view, patient 2

Nose Job Recovery With Dr De Silva

A nose job does not require an overnight stay with our specialised form of “twilight anaesthesia”, all patients go home within one hour of surgery. Dr De Silva and his team will give you recovery guidelines. You will also be able to call them anytime for any surgery-related concerns.

It will take time for you to recover, but healing can be faster if you keep your head raised when sleeping, avoid blowing your nose and refrain from heavy lifting and exercising.

Your nasal dressing may make it hard for you to breathe the day after your surgery. Swelling can also contribute to this. Ultimately, if you are bothered by the swelling, you can put an ice pack on the area for approximately 10 minutes.

Blepharoplasty. Model photo

Rhinoplasty FAQs

  • I Live Abroad, How Can I Have Surgery?

    Dr De Silva has a large number of patients that live overseas. Our specialist team can help you organise a virtual consultation and coordinate your trip to the UK.

    You would need to say in the UK for approximately 10days, prior to covid, many patients would fly internationally to London to undergo rhinoplasty before returning to their home country.

    We are able to utilise the latest technology to enhance your recovery including oxygen therapy, medications, lymphatic drainage and regenerative medicine.

  • At What Age Should You Get Rhinoplasty?

    Most patients who look to undergo nose reshaping have felt self-conscious about their nose for many years before attending the consultation.

    A nose that is out of balance with your face often becomes apparent in teenage years, though many patients take years to look into changing their nose.

    Rhinoplasty is most commonly completed in patients aged twenty to forty-five, and Dr De Silva has completed surgery for some teenagers and patients in their 80s. Dr De Silva has had patients travel long distances and internationally for opinions on their nose, sometimes they have been refused surgery by local surgeons.

    Often there may be additional factors to consider with increasing age, these can include breathing issues, drooping tip (termed ptosis) and increase irregularity, and these may require additional treatments at the same time to ensure a successful result.

  • Am I Too Young to Have Rhinoplasty?

    Dr De Silva sees many younger patients for nose shaping in their teenage years. Many of these patients have disliked the appearance of their nose for many years before attending a consultation, and some have associated breathing issues and have been teased about their appearance.

    Of key importance before considering rhinoplasty is the patient understands the implications of surgery, recovery, and expectations.

    Utilising modern surgical techniques are important to ensure a long-lasting natural result. Dr De Silva completes nose reshaping on younger patients only when it is in their best interest and some patients travel long distances to London.

  • Do I Need to Go to Hospital?

    Rhinoplasty is commonly completed in a general hospital with other surgical procedures in a general private hospital. Patients often are concerned about issues with general hospitals such as MRSA and hospital-acquired infection. Dr De Silva has built a custom state of the art facility including a private operating theatre to enable complete specialisation for every patient.

What is the Rhinoplasty experience like with Dr Julian De Silva?

Watch a series of videos showing the recovery process for Rhinoplasty procedures by Dr Julian. Review Dr De Silva’s patient’s day-by-day account of the recovery period after surgery.

How do I choose a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

Consider these aspects to help you find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in London, or wherever else you may find yourself in the world.



What do Patients say?

Cosmetic Surgery

Revision rate


Ask your surgeon what their revision rate is. Every surgeon will have a revision rate, this should be a relatively low number in comparison to the number of treatments that they carry out.

Revision surgery can require more complex surgical techniques, look for an expert who specializes in complex revision surgery.

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Choose Surgeon: Dr De Silva

Best Rhinoplasty Results In London

You are invited to set up a consultation with Dr De Silva in his London private practice and discuss your needs. Out of town patients often send photos via email and interact with him on Skype prior to a face-to-face meeting.

Blepharoplasty. Model photo

Can Rhinoplasty Be Combined With Other Techniques?

Dr De Silva frequently combines rhinoplasty with other facial procedures to give a natural-looking result and avoid the use of scars associated with conventional techniques:

How Much Does Rhinoplasty in London Cost?

When looking for the best rhinoplasty results in London then costs should not be a consideration, but rather focus on the facility, qualification, experience, and technique of your surgeon. Given these considerations, expect to pay anywhere between £5,000 to £15,000 for a nose job in London, UK.

For the best rhinoplasty in London, consult Dr De Silva for a cost breakdown.

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