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What Is the Typical Nose Job Cost in the UK?

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | August 5th, 2021

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A higher nose job cost usually means better service and treatment.

A nose job can change your life. It can increase your confidence, boost your career, and solve nasal issues. Knowing the nose job cost in the UK helps you make the right decision.

While an affordable nose job is great for your pocket, it is not necessarily great for your health. In the long run, a botched nose job can lead to complications.

As a result, you’ll have to pay more. Hence, it’s better to get a better nose job even if it means you have to pay more.

In this article, I’ll talk about how a nose job goes, its price, and what a nose job package usually includes. I hope that by the end of this article, you will arrive at an informed decision about where to get your nose job.

What Is a Nose Job?

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Nose job cost should not be a worry because it is more practical in the long run.

A nose job is also known as rhinoplasty. It is a surgical procedure that aims to change the shape of one’s nose. By doing this, a nose job can change your nose’s appearance, improve its function, or both.

The upper part of your nose is composed of bone. The lower part is made of cartilage. A nose job can change bone, cartilage, or both. What to change and to what extent depends on your cosmetic surgeon.

When planning a nose job, your cosmetic surgeon has to examine your nose relative to your face. In my case, I examine my patient’s nose in relation to other parts of the face including the eyes and chin.

After this, the cosmetic surgeon will determine exactly what to change. In my case, I recommend complementary procedures based on my patient’s goals and needs. These procedures include facelift and eyelid lift.

While mainly done to reshape the nose, a nose job can also be done for other purposes. It can be used to correct a prior nose job or enhance an ethnic nose.

These procedures are called revision rhinoplasty and ethnic rhinoplasty, respectively. My clinic offers these surgical procedures.

When done by a skilled and experienced surgeon, a nose job can change your life. It can increase your confidence, boost your career, and solve nasal issues. Hence, a nose job is a great investment for people who want to make their lives better.

How Much Do Nose Jobs Cost in the UK?

nose cosmetic surgery cost

Nose job cost in the UK ranges between £4,000 to £7,000.

If you’ve been asking how much is rhinoplasty or how much is plastic surgery for nose, I’ll give you an idea.

Nose jobs cost between £4,000 to £7,000 in the UK. The nose job price varies depending on factors like location, facility type, cosmetic surgeon, and your goals.

To begin with, the nose job cost can vary from one city to another. A nose job in London might be priced differently compared to a nose job in Birmingham.

The facility type is another nose job cost factor. A nose job done in a private facility generally costs more than one done in a public facility. It’s because private facilities like my clinic specialise in facial cosmetic procedures. Public facilities like general hospitals don’t.

Moreover, your nose job cost depends on the cosmetic surgeon you’re working with. More experienced surgeons usually charge more than less experienced surgeons. Despite this, more experienced surgeons are worth the price difference.

Lastly, your nose job cost depends on your goals. For instance, you want to improve your nose’s look and function. This will cost more than solely improving your nose’s appearance.

Similarly, costs can add up if you want to improve the overall look of your face. It’s because you need other procedures to achieve this.

What Does the Nose Job Cost Usually Include?

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Nose job cost usually include surgeon fees, anaesthesia cost, and facility use.

Surgeon Fees

Fees vary from one cosmetic surgeon to another. More experienced surgeons usually charge higher than less experienced doctors. Despite this, more experienced surgeons are worth the price difference because their nose jobs are usually safer.

Anaesthesia Cost

A nose job is a major surgical procedure. Thus, it requires anaesthesia. This cost is always included in nose job packages unless explicitly stated by the doctor.

Facility Use

While a nose job usually doesn’t require an overnight stay, you still have to pay for using the facility. The facility needs to be cleaned, so a nose job cost usually includes fees for maintenance staff.

Moreover, the following can be included in a nose job (but oftentimes, they are not):

factors affecting rhinoplasty price

Depending on some factors, your nose job cost can go higher or lower.

Consultation Fees

Some cosmetic surgeons charge an upfront fee for a consultation. Others don’t. Depending on your doctor, you might be required to pay a consultation fee on top of your nose job cost.


You might need medication for nose job recovery. Some doctors charge you for these. Others don’t. Instead, they include the medicine’s price in your nose job cost.


Some patients need aftercare support. Others might need post-op consultation. Depending on your doctor, you might be charged for anything related to aftercare.

At my clinic, your nose job cost includes everything mentioned above. Though we charge a consultation fee of £300, this amount is deducted from your nose job cost should you wish to proceed to surgery.

Expensive vs Cheap Nose Job Cost: Which Is Better?

high quality cosmetic surgery

A high-end nose job is always better than a cheap one.

A cheap nose job sounds practical at first. However, it is not as practical as an expensive nose job in the long run.

For one, a cheap nose job has a higher chance of failing. When this happens, you will need another surgery to correct your nose. This means that you have to pay another set of fees.

A cheap nose job also has a higher chance of deteriorating compared to its costly counterpart. A high-end nose job, on the other hand, can last for up to a lifetime.

In addition, an affordable nose job can cause complications. When this happens, you need to pay for another set of medical bills. In this case, you end up paying more than the high-end nose job cost.

Why a Better Nose Job Costs More

cost, safety and success of nose job

There are several reasons why a better nose job costs more.

There are many reasons why a better nose job costs more. Here they are:

1. High-end nose jobs are safer.

A high-end nose job cost might be high, but it’s generally safer than a cheap one. High-end nose jobs are done by experienced rhinoplasty surgeons like me, so they are safer.

To further ensure my patient’s safety, I check your medical history to check your eligibility. I also use sedation anaesthesia, which is safer than traditional anaesthesia.

In addition, high-end nose jobs are done in clean, private facilities. Hence, you are protected from any virus you might otherwise acquire from a general hospital.

In conclusion, high-end nose jobs cost more because you have to factor in the facility, maintenance, and safe products & tools used.

2. High-end nose jobs last longer.

A cheap nose job can deteriorate within a few years. On the other hand, a high-end nose job can last up to a lifetime. My patients, especially the ones who were in their 50s or 60s had results that last for a lifetime.

The longer the results last, the more you can make out of your investment. This is true for a high-end nose job. Unfortunately, a cheap nose job does not guarantee long-lasting results.
In conclusion, high-end nose jobs cost more because the results can last up to a lifetime. The longer the results, the more you usually have to spend.

3. High-end nose jobs are all-inclusive.

A high-end nose job package is all-inclusive. Fees for consultation, anaesthesia, and the doctor are usually included in a nose-job package. There are no hidden or misleading fees.

On the other hand, a cheap nose job might have hidden fees. This is a tactic some clinics use to trick people into thinking that they can save money. Then, they end up paying for things not included in the cheap nose job package.

In conclusion, high-end nose jobs cost more because they include everything. High-end nose job packages do not mislead you.

At my clinic, your nose job cost includes consultation, anaesthesia, and aftercare fees.We are transparent to our clients and don’t have hidden fees.

4. High-end nose jobs produce better results.

A high-end nose job produces better results than a cheap nose job. The former particularly produces natural and subtle results. The latter can be botched and give you a strange-looking nose. Worse, a cheap nose job can impair your breathing and sense of smell.

My patients enjoy natural and subtle results after their nose jobs. It’s because I only use high-standard, FDA-approved products. All of my tools are regularly disinfected as well. Plus, my surgical techniques have been honed for decades.

In addition, the nose job offered at my clinic produces minimal scarring and pain. I make sure that you get the lowest number of side effects possible. For more proof, you can check my clinic’s nose reshaping before and after gallery.


Nose job cost in the UK cost thousands of pounds. While it may seem expensive, a high-end nose job is generally safer, all-inclusive, and produces longer & better results.

If you’re weighing your options, please take note that you need a consultation to determine an accurate nose job cost. Contact us to book your consultation today!

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