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Are You a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | September 23rd, 2021

Eye lifting surgery can solve cosmetic and medical problems.

Eyelid surgery can fix many problems such as drooping eyelids and vision obstruction. If you experience any of these problems, you must know how to qualify for eyelid surgery.

Eye lifting surgery or eyelid correction is a major procedure, so you should make sure that you are an ideal candidate before getting it. After all, you do not want to suffer from complications along the way.

In this article, I will talk about eyelid surgery, its benefits, and ideal candidates. I will also discuss what surgeons usually look for to know if someone is a great candidate for eyelid surgery.

What Is Eyelid Surgery?

Eye lifting surgery must be done by a qualified eyelid surgeon.

Eyelid surgery is the process of lifting eyelids. Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid correction, or eye lifting surgery, this procedure involves certain surgical techniques.

Given the complexity of eyelift surgery, you must be careful who you work with. You should only work with the best cosmetic surgeon you can find.

For one, your eyelid surgeon must be board-certified. Your doctor should also have experience doing eyelid surgery. By choosing the right surgeon, your surgery becomes safe and effective.

Cosmetic surgeons do eyelid surgery because of various issues. These issues are usually caused by a natural process― aging.

As you become older, your body’s collagen and elastin levels decrease. Collagen and elastin give your skin strength, structure, and elasticity.

If you do not have enough of them, your skin loses its youthful glow. The signs of aging become more noticeable as well. Sometimes, they become so noticeable that you look older than your real age.

Aging produces many issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles, among others. On the upside, even if aging is natural and unstoppable, you can go through procedures that reduce its signs.

Interestingly, eyelid surgery can be done with other procedures such as laser resurfacing and brow lifts. The complementary procedures mainly depend on your doctor’s advice. If you want to know what procedures suit you, book a consultation with me.

Why People Have Eyelid Surgery

People go through eye lifting surgery because of cosmetic and medical reasons.

Patients go through eyelid surgery mainly because of cosmetic issues. However, eyelid correction can also solve medical issues. Here are the reasons why people go through eye lifting surgery:

Cosmetic Reasons

Patients often have eye lifting surgery due to cosmetic issues.

Most of the time, people have eyelid surgery to improve their appearance. From looking alert to enhancing one’s old appearance, eyelid surgery can solve many cosmetic problems.

1. Eye Bags

More often than not, lack of sleep does not cause eye bags. Contrary to popular belief, lack of sleep is not the main cause of eye bags.

Lower eyelid fat prolapse usually causes eye bags. In a nutshell, lower eyelid fat prolapse is a condition in which the fat around your eye socket comes forward. As a result, the fat protrudes and appears in your lower eyelids.

When this happens, your eye bags become bigger and more prominent.

However, aging naturally involves this process. Since you cannot stop aging, you must go through eyelid surgery to reduce the appearance of your eye bags.

Through eye lifting surgery, your doctor can remove the excess fat under your eyes. As a result, your eye bags become smaller and less visible.

2. Dark Circles

As its name implies, the dark circles describe the dark skin under your eyes. While usually linked with lack of sleep or bruising, neither of these mainly causes dark circles.

Shadows cast by hollows under your eyes or puffy eyes typically cause dark circles. They become more visible as blood pools under your eyes.

Dark circles are also linked with eye bags. As you age, the tissue around your eyes becomes weak.

Due to this, fat moves more into the front of your under eye. Fluid can also accumulate under your eyes. This makes them puffier. These can also aggravate or cause dark circles under eyes.

Through eye lifting surgery, your doctor can reduce the shadows cast under your eyes. As a result, your dark circles become less visible.

3. Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are a common issue that can be solved by blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery.

Another common cosmetic issue patients solve through blepharoplasty are crow’s feet.

Crow’s feet describe the fine lines and wrinkles spreading from the outer corners of your eyes. As a sign of aging, many old people suffer from crow’s feet.

In addition, repeated facial movements cause crow’s feet. Along with aging, repeated facial movements make crow’s feet inevitable.

Hence, crow’s feet are a common problem among aging people. Since your skin acts like a fabric, it becomes vulnerable to crow’s feet as you age.

This happens because your skin becomes thinner, less elastic, and weaker over time.

Through eye lifting surgery, your doctor can make your skin tighter and stronger. As a result, your crow’s feet become less visible.

4. Tired and Grumpy Appearance

A tired appearance affects how people see you. For instance, I had a patient whose work got affected because his subordinates thought that he’s unapproachable.

Eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet make you look tired and grumpy. Hence, getting rid of them will make you look alert.

As I explained above, eyelid surgery can help you restore your appearance before cosmetic issues took over your face.

Through surgery for hooded eyelids, your doctor can get rid of your eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet. As a result, your appearance becomes more alert and cheerful.

5. Old Look

Some people look older than their real age. For instance, I had a patient who looks like she’s in her late 30’s when she’s just in her late 20’s. This affected her self-confidence and made her seek out treatment.

Eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet can make you look older than your real age. Getting rid of these issues can make you look younger.

Eye lifting surgery can take up to 10 years off of your face. As a result, your appearance becomes youthful

Medical Reasons

Sometimes, patients need eye lifting surgery due to medical issues.

Sometimes, people have eyelid surgery to solve medical issues. From vision obstruction to watery eyes, eyelid surgery can solve many medical problems.

1. Vision Obstruction

The most common medical issue patients solve through eyelid correction is vision obstruction.

Eye problems such as astigmatism usually cause vision problems. However, excess skin on the upper eyelids can aggravate it sometimes.

In addition, excess skin can affect your vision by obstructing it. Loose or sagging skin in the upper eyelid can droop so much that it obscures your vision.

Once this happens, doing daily activities becomes difficult for you. For instance, driving will become dangerous.

Through eyelid correction, your surgeon can remove excess skin that obstructs your vision or aggravates vision impairment. As a result, your vision becomes clear.

2. Irritation

Aside from obstructing your vision, excess skin on your eyelids also makes it itchy.

When this happens, you cannot help but rub your eyes together when they become itchy. Rubbing your eyes with excess skin causes irritation. Dry, red, and sometimes puffy eyelids characterise this.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, excess skin irritates your skin further. It will also be difficult to wear your glasses or contact lenses for long periods.

Through eyelid correction, your surgeon can remove excess skin that causes itchiness. As a result, you avoid irritating your eyes. Wearing glasses or contact lenses becomes easier as well.

3. Forehead Discomfort

Droopy eyelids can lead to forehead discomfort.

Droopy eyelids also cause forehead discomfort. When you have droopy eyelids, your skin sags. As a result, the muscles in your forehead have to exert extra effort so you can move your eyes.

Since you have to move your eyes a lot, your forehead muscles become tired. Over time, they get strained. As a result, you feel pain on your forehead.

This can make you feel uncomfortable. When this happens on a regular basis, it interferes with your daily activities.

Through surgery for hooded eyelids, your surgeon can remove excess skin that weighs down on your forehead. As a result, you avoid having forehead discomfort.

4. Dry Eye Disease

Drooping eyelids can also lead to dry eye disease. This common condition occurs when your tears cannot provide enough lubrication for your eyes.

Tears keep the surface of the eye smooth. They also clear debris and help protect against infections. Without enough tears, your eye cannot function properly.

In addition, tear production also declines in people aged 50 and up.

Through eyelid correction, your surgeon can tighten the underlying muscles surrounding your eyes to carefully remove loose skin. As a result, you prevent dry eye disease.

5. Watery Eyes

Sagging skin in the upper eyelids can cause chronic watery eyes. This common condition is associated with dry eye disease.

Tears might be crucial to lubricating your eyes. However, excess tears can be harmful.

The weight of the sagging skin on your upper eyelids presses on your eye. As a result, the skin creates space for tears to gather at. The excess tears then leak.

Through eyelid correction, your surgeon can tighten the underlying muscles surrounding your eyes to carefully remove loose skin. As a result, you prevent chronic watery eyes.

Ideal Candidates for Eye Cosmetic Surgery

You need to be an ideal candidate to have eye cosmetic surgery.

In general, ideal candidates for eye lifting surgery mainly include those who suffer from the cosmetic and medical issues mentioned above.

If you are suffering from the issues presented above, you are more likely an ideal candidate for surgery. However, there are other things you have to take note of. For instance, you have to be in good health to qualify for surgery.

Know how to qualify for eyelid surgery by taking note of the following:

  • You are an ideal candidate for eye bag surgery if you have excess fat that makes your eyes puffy.
  • You are an ideal candidate for eyelid correction if you want to prevent having chronic dry and watery eyes.
  • You are an ideal candidate for eyelid correction if you have loose or sagging skin that interferes with your vision.
  • You are an ideal candidate for eye cosmetic surgery if you have excess skin that affects the natural contour of your eyelids.
  • You are an ideal candidate for eye lifting surgery if you have fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes.
  • You are an ideal candidate for eye cosmetic surgery if your confidence decreases because of your eyes’ appearance.
  • You are an ideal candidate for eyelid correction if your general health is good.
  • You are an ideal candidate for eye bag removal surgery if you do not smoke.

How an Eyelid Surgeon Determines Candidates for Eye Lifting Surgery

An eyelid surgeon determines ideal candidates for eyelid surgery through consultation, physical examination, photos, and the patient’s goals.

There are certain steps cosmetic surgeons take to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for eyelid correction or not.

Know how to qualify for eyelid surgery by taking note of the following:

1. Consultation

Before anything else, you need to have a consultation with a surgeon who has experience in eye lifting surgery. You can book a consultation with me here.

During the consultation, we will discuss your medical history and current condition.

I will ask you questions regarding previous surgeries, if you had any. I will also ask about past or current conditions. These include eye problems, allergies, and other diseases. In addition, I will ask about your use of medications, alcohol, and cigarettes.

Then, we will talk about your goals. Whether it’s improving your self-esteem or fixing your vision, you need to share your goals.

Depending on your goals, I will determine if eyelid surgery will work for you or not. I also might suggest other procedures based on your goals.

If you approve and agree with everything discussed, you can set an appointment for the surgery.

2. Physical Examination

If you are an ideal candidate for eyelid surgery, you need to go through a physical examination before the procedure takes place.

Unfortunately, if you do not pass the physical examination, you cannot proceed to surgery. You will have to reschedule or improve things so you can have eyelid surgery.

The physical examination takes place before the surgery. The examination involves measuring your eyelids, testing your tear production, and examining your eyes. I will also test your peripheral vision.

If you pass the physical examination, you can proceed to surgery.

3. Photos

Your photos also have to be taken before the surgery to see if you are fit for it or not.

The staff will take photos of your eyes from different angles. These photos help me determine if you are an ideal candidate for surgery.

In addition, your photos help with planning the surgery and assessing its immediate and long-term effects. They can also support an insurance claim.

4. Your Goals

Your goals are another factor surgeons look at to determine if you qualify for eyelid surgery or not.

If your goals can be met through eyelid surgery, I will suggest you go for the procedure. If not, I will discuss your other options.

Your goals are crucial to determining whether you are a great fit. Unfortunately, eyelid surgery cannot solve all of your eye problems. Hence, you have to be realistic.

Similarly, eyelid surgery cannot give you a perfect look. It can improve your overall look, but it cannot make your face look perfect. If you aim for perfection, you need to go through other procedures.

How to Qualify for Eyelid Surgery

You need to do certain things to qualify for eye lifting surgery.

Knowing how to qualify for eyelid surgery involves knowing certain steps. Here are the things you must do to qualify for eyelid surgery:

  • Stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen, and any other medication associated with increased bleeding for one to two weeks before the surgery. You also need to avoid them for about two weeks after the surgery.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for approximately two weeks before the surgery. You also need to avoid them for about three weeks after the surgery. Smoking and drinking can delay wound healing, cause persistent redness, and lead to other complications.
  • Cut down on salt in your diet. Doing this helps decrease swelling from water retention. Water retention can affect the results of eye cosmetic surgery.
  • Stay hydrated before and after the surgery. Do not decrease the amount of water you drink.
  • Choose to have eyelid correction when you are in great health.
  • Schedule your surgery in a way that gives you enough time to recover.
  • Don’t starve yourself nor eat too much. It’s best if you are at your ideal weight before the eyelid surgery, so the skin tightening becomes as effective as possible.
  • Arrange for someone to drive you to and from the facility. Plan ahead to have someone stay with you for the first night after returning home from surgery.


Lifting eyelids can do many wonders. It can improve your look and get rid of medical problems.
If you are planning to have eyelid correction, knowing how to qualify for eyelid surgery helps you prepare.

Are you looking for a skilled, board-certified, and experienced eyelid surgeon for safe eye cosmetic surgery? Book a consultation with me now!

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