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How Cosmetic Surgery Can Help Boost Your Career

High paid Hollywood actors have long been using cosmetic surgery to hide their aging in order to keep on securing acting roles. Some actors even use cosmetic surgery to change certain parts of their appearances in order to get their foot in the door. However, surveys that were recently conducted indicate that cosmetic surgery has become a career booster for people in traditional occupations as well. This is happening due to the belief that attractive looking people get jobs that earn them more, and where the potential in growing is much bigger. It is now believed that in order to climb up the top of the corporate ladder, one should try cosmetic surgery. Nowadays, a lot of importance is placed on image. Attractive people are more likely to be confident and this automatically puts them at an advantage. Many businesspersons and women are forever trying to keep up with new trends and to look younger. Young men sometimes take out loans in order to get hairline transplants, eyelid surgery and teeth whitening. More so than never, people are more attracted to people that are physically attractive. It is a truth that attractive and good-looking fellows can attain better jobs than those who are not. It is also known that employees, who have attractive bosses, tend to work faster and their production levels are higher.

Liposuction is one of the most sought after plastic surgery to enhance your body shape and look much younger. Liposuction surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hall is a cosmetic and plastic surgery specialist in Boston. His main goal is providing patients with a warm and individual experience as well as answering all of their plastic surgery needs. Dr. Hall has a number on certifications on his belt. The American Board of Plastic Surgery as well as the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery certify him. “I treat my patients like I would treat members of my own family. I had always loved science and art, having been heavily exposed to these areas by my parents and from that moment on I knew what I wanted to do.” – Dr. Jonathan Hall.

Not only are Dr. Rizk and Dr. Hall considered a specialist in their respective fields, but also Dr. Robert J Morin is also a renowned plastic Surgeon who has offices in New York, as well as Hackensack New Jersey and on Central Park South in Manhattan. He has a special interest in rhinoplasty as well as facial, and ear reconstruction. He has the ability to perform very complex surgical procedures on the faces of both adults and children.

Laser resurfacing techniques are also a great option to enhance your looks and boost your career. In this case, Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank is an expert in laser resurfacing and has no other alternatives. Because of its ergonomic design, Dr. Frank uses the Dermapen, whether it is to target the whole face or even very small areas that cannot be accurately targeted by larger devices – the sides of the nose, above & below the eyes and the lower and upper lip, areas where scars and wrinkles may be difficult to treat. Dr. Frank implies procedures like Botox, Juvederm, to enhance your looks and eliminate all flaws from your skin and body.

Dr. John Kotis is one of the most skilled Plastic Surgeons in the Midwest. He is also the national Chairman and Board examiner for the AOBS section of plastic surgery. Dr. Kotis operates in Chicago and Arlington Heights, having specialization on facial, body contouring, breast augmentation and non-invasive procedures. “You have to focus on improvement rather than perfection, and that’s one thing I strive for. I consistently take courses and read journals; I’m also part of a teaching faculty, which compels me to keep up with the latest technologies and procedures. I pride myself in my aesthetic judgment with each individual case, as no two are the same. That artistry is what makes plastic surgery unique.” – Dr. John Kotis.

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