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About Dr De Silva

photo Dr. De Silva, surgeon

Dr. Julian De Silva is a London cosmetic surgeon who specializes only in facial cosmetic & plastic surgery. Dr. De Silva has considerable experience in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery from fellowships in London, Los Angeles and New York. He is the one of a handful of elite surgeons to be recognized with British, European and American qualifications, memberships and board certification.

Dr. De Silva has a formidable track record of accomplishments including a number of prizes and awards during the past decade of practice including the gold medal for research in London at Imperial College and prize at the Royal College of Medicine Annual Meeting. In addition he has made a meaningful contribution to surgical advancement including over 30 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters. He set an unprecedented standard as the only surgeon in his cohort to have completed two randomized control studies in surgery, considered the gold standard and highest quality of surgical evidence. Dr. De Silva has also led a number of innovations including pioneering research into the use of laser technology and stitch-less tissue adhesives, and developed several novel teaching programs and patents.

Dr. De Silva was nominated by his peers for “Best Doctor” for his surgery practice. He is one of a few cosmetic surgeons, with certifications in surgery by the American College of Surgeons and British Royal College Societies. By focusing only on cosmetic surgery of the face, unlike general plastic surgeons who perform many other procedures, Dr. De Silva developed super-specialized skills from his considerable experience and developed innovative techniques to match the needs of his patients, such as rapid recovery and low downtime procedures. Prior to becoming the Director of Facial Cosmetic Surgery in London, Dr De Silva worked as consultant surgeon at St. Georges Hospital, a major referral centre for the local London Hospital community. He currently practices in a fully accredited CQC (Care Quality Commission) approved facility and has admitting privileges to several Central London Hospitals. Dr. De Silva has always been determined to be the very best and was selected for the London 2012 Olympics to provide Clinical care to the Completing Athletes and Coaching Staff.

Dr. De Silva is recognized as an expert on the latest advances in facial cosmetic surgery and is currently lead editor of a super-specialty book that includes the majority World renowned surgeons in the US and Europe. In addition Dr De Silva has presented clinical cases in over 10 European and American countries. His philosophy focuses on the use of small incision and fast recovery techniques to give natural looking results, and was the only consultant surgeon in a major London Teaching Hospital to obtain skills in the use of minimally invasive and endoscopic technology, that provide the ultimate in small incision surgery eliminating scars and expediting recovery. Dr De Silva’s goal is to help his patients look better and feel better about themselves his articles have been featured in peer-reviewed surgery journals.

By focusing entirely on only facial cosmetic surgery procedures, Dr De Silva is able to provide expertise that can only come with specialization: Facial rejuvenation and adaption with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), nose surgery (rhinoplasty), face and neck surgery (rhytidectomy), mouth and lip surgery (perioral and lip augmentation), cheek and deep line surgery (volume replacement with fillers or stem cell fat augmentation), ear surgery (otoplasty), chin surgery (chin implant) hair recession (hair transplantation) and skin treatments (non-surgical treatments, botox, fillers). Sometimes, Dr. De Silva will work other renowned clinicians and specialist surgeons to provide the best possible result.

Some of these procedures are only suitable for select cases and Dr De Silva will provide guidance on what will result in the most attainable and natural looking results. He is regularly referred cases that have had multiple surgeries and his clientele is from all parts of the World. With over 10-years of surgical experience his success has been driven by an obsession with detail and pride on perfection.

Dr. De Silva rhinoplasty surgery - photo

Dr. De Silva believes that procedures on the face should be in accordance with harmony and balance which requires artistic interpretation of beauty to result in natural looking results. He has had a passion for art for many years with paintings submitted for exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Academy of Arts. The art in cosmetic surgery is in the delicate balance of maintain natural features while rejuvenation and altering imbalance and asymmetry. For example, the proportions of the face from the hairline to the nose and nose to chin, are all in relation to each other, an uneven proportion can result in imbalance and loss of harmony. Dr. De Silva is passionate and obsessive about giving patients natural looking results.

Computer imaging is sometimes used in consultation to understand the patient’s desires better, which is critical to a happy patient. Dr. De Silva believes that he can give you the best possible results not just because of his technical innovations and enthusiasm for success, but also because of his artistic understanding of anatomy, obsession with detail and care of patients.

Finally, to achieve our goals requires a combination of fine cosmetic technique, experience and artistic interpretation. Dr. De Silva uses both hidden incision techniques to avoid scarring and conservative surgery to give natural looking results.

Sculpture, Dr. De Silva

Dr. De Silva is passionate about the artistry behind the face and his hobbies include painting and sculpture.

Sculpture of the face is an art form that requires an understanding of the multiple levels of facial architecture, building up a 3D model of the face from the bone to muscles and soft tissues. Dr. De Silva finds that by working in clay and modelling the face it aids his understanding of facial aesthetics and enhancing appearance with natural looking augmentation. This clay portrait was between 2-4 hours as a work in progress.

Dr. De Silva has also supported philanthropy medical care around the world in four contents and continues to actively support communities less fortunate that would otherwise have little or no access to such medical care. “Being able to help less fortunate individuals, with potentially life changing treatments is extremely gratifying and a humbling experience”.

Fellowship, Memberships & Certification
American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery
American College of Surgeons
American Society of OculoFacial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery
British Society of Oculplastic and Reconstructive Surgery
British Medical Association
European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery
European Rhinologic Society
Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management
General Medical Council (Specialist Register 4644389)
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
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Past Hospital Affiliations
Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York
University of California Los Angeles
St. Georges Hospital, London
Moorfields Hospital, London
University College London
Imperial College London
University of Leeds, Yorkshire
University of East Anglia, Norfolk
Charing Cross Hospital, London
Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London
Great Ormond Street Hospital, London
King’s College London

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Specialty Training & Fellowships
Board Certification, Facial Cosmetic Surgery, ABFCS
Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship, Montefiore Medical Center, New York
Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship, Beverley Hills, Los Angeles
Oculo-Facial Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Fellowship, Moorfields, London
Darzi Leadership Fellowship, London

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London Training

Dr. De Silva was born and raised in London and went to the world renowned London Teaching Hospital, Guy’s, King’s and St. Thomas’s Medical School, founded in 1215 and named after St. Thomas Becket. He was always passionate about aesthetics and spent his international elective in plastic surgery at the University of California Los Angeles in 1999. He went onto teach anatomy at Guy’s Hospital, Neurosurgery at King’s College before accepting an ophthalmic surgery registrar post in London, which at this time was the most competitive specialty in medicine and surgery. Dr. De Silva completed ophthalmology specialist training before specialising in Oculo-Facial Plastic surgery. It was during this period of training that Dr. De Silva acquired the super-specialist microsurgical skills with surgery dependent on incisions between 2-3 millimeters for microsurgical intraocular surgery. Dr. De Silva performed his first procedure on the face in 2002 at Imperial College London and has maintained an avid interest and passion for facial cosmetic surgery for over 10-years. During this early period in his career he was always exceptional, publishing over ten research papers, winning numerous awards and representing the local ethical committee board. Numerous surgical mentors noted he was surgically highly talented.
Dr. De Silva went onto complete fellowships in Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship in Los Angeles and Facial Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery in New York, Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery Fellowship in London and the inaugurate Darzi Clinical Leadership Fellowship in London. Dr. De Silva obtained Board Certification for Facial Cosmetic Surgery in USA (ABFCS, American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery), an examination that includes peer assessment of Facial Cosmetic Surgery Cases, Written examination and Oral examination. Although there are professional bodies that represent plastic and cosmetic surgery in the UK, there is currently no UK equivalent examination in cosmetic surgery.

photography Dr. De Silva

Dr. De Silva worked in the National Health Service (NHS) for over 10-years, which culminated in him working at St. Georges Hospital as the only full-time on site Oculo-Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Consultant. During that time he continued to bring new innovations to patient care and professional standards, established new multi-specialty guidelines that made a new gold standard in patient care, revolutionized the surgeon’s training program, as well as establishing a brand new patient community service that was rated as number one provider in patient satisfaction in the entire trust, that was treating over 250 thousand patients per year. Dr. De Silva wanted to pursue a more personalized approach to aesthetic surgery, and developed his own expertise in cosmetic facial surgery, opening up in West London with plans to open a second office in Central London in 2013.

Dr. De Silva is passionate about delivering the very best natural looking results and providing a more personalized approach to cosmetic surgery. Today, Dr. De Silva is one of only a handful of surgeons to hold memberships and board certification with British, European and American Cosmetic Surgery Organizations.

Continuing Medical Education, Teaching & Training Courses:

  • ACE Conference 2015
  • Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2012, cover
  • New-York Mount Sinai 2012, cover
  • Dallas cosmetic surgery symposium - big cover
  • Dallas rhinoplasty symposium - big coverAnti- AAO & American Society of Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery, New Orleans 2017BOPSS Oucloplastics Conference, London 2017Rhinoplasty Conference, Milan 2017IMCAS Aesthetics Meeting, Paris 2017AAO & American Society of Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery, Chicago 2016European Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons, London 2016ACE Aesthetics & Exhibition, London 2016European Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons, Cannes 2015ACE Aesthetics & Exhibition, London 2016
  • AAO & American Society of Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery, New Orleans 2017
  • BOPSS Oucloplastics Conference, London 2017
  • Rhinoplasty Conference, Milan 2017
  • IMCAS Aesthetics Meeting, Paris 2017
  • AAO & American Society of Oculo-Facial Plastic Surgery, Chicago 2016
  • European Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons, London 2016
  • ACE Aesthetics & Exhibition, London 2016
  • Anti-Ageing Conference, Monte Carlo 2015
  • BAAPS British Plastic Surgery Meeting, London 2015
  • London’s Aesthetics ACE Conference 2015
  • FACE conference, London 2014
  • Written Rhinoplasty fellowship examination questions for US ASOPRS Examination 2014
  • 11th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery, New York 2014
  • ACE Aesthetics Conference & Exhibition, London 2014
  • European Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons June 2013
  • British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, London 2013
  • 29th Annual Scientific Meeting, American Association of Cosmetic Surgery. Global Innovations & Controversies in Cosmetic Surgery, Las Vegas 2013
  • Cosmetic Surgery Review Course, Las Vegas 2013
  • American Association of Oculo Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery Annual Meeting, Trainer on Course for facelift and rhinoplasty surgery. Chicago 2012
  • Vegas Cosmetic Surgery: Rhinoplasty, Face and Neck lifts, Blepharoplasty. International Multi-Speciality Symposium, Las Vegas 2012
  • Advances in Facial Reconstruction & Cosmetic Surgery: Hands on Cadaver Workshop. Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York 2012
  • Dallas Cosmetic Surgery Symposium. Emerging Role of Fat in Facial Surgery. Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas 2012
  • Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium. Advances & Controversies in Rhinoplasty. Southwestern Medical Centre, Dallas 2012
  • Leadership in Healthcare. Dr. De Silva pioneered the development of an innovational new training programme for young surgeons in leadership skills and the development of high quality medical care. 2010
  • Surgeon revalidation. Dr. De Silva was selected to contribute to question writing for the General Medical Council Revalidaton of Surgeons programme.
  • The London Eye Course. Dr. De Silva co-established a new training course for young surgeons beginning work in busy London Teaching Hospitals. The course had incredible feedback and was repeated for subsequent years 2008-2010.
  • Workshop in Clinical Leadership. Dr. De Silva was held a workshop on leadership skills for the UK Association for the Study of Medical Education 2010
  • Training the Trainers Course. Teaching Skills, Feedback & Appraisal, RCO, London 2010
  • Endoscopic Brow Elevation. AAO. Chicago 2010
  • Training the Trainers Course. RCO, London 2010
  • Reconstructive Surgical Skills. Cadaver Dissection. Royal College of Surgeons. London 2010
  • Training the Trainers Course. RCO, London 2010
  • Darzi Fellowship Leadership Programme, London. 2009-2010
  • Facial Reconstruction & 7th nerve palsy 2010
  • Rejuvenation of Eyelids & Forehead, Royal College of Surgeons, London 2010
  • OculoFacial Plastic Surgical Skills, AAO, San Francisco 2009
  • Cosmetic Blepharoplasty, AAO, San Francisco 2009
  • Endoscopic transnasal lacrimal surgery, AAO, San Francisco 2009
  • Endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift , AAO San Francisco 2009
  • Face and neck lifting, AAO, San Francisco 2009
  • Management & Team building, Imperial College London 2008
  • Facial rejuvenation, London 2008
  • Leadership, Imperial College London 2008
  • Ptosis Evaluation, New Orleans 2007

Peer Reviewed Publications

Dr. De Silva is a peer reviewer for several journals including the prestigious American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. Reviewing the latest innovations in surgical technique and technology requires expertise and diligence, and means he continues to keep his patients up-to-date of any of the newest trends and natural looking results.

  • american journal of cosmetic surgery, cover
  1. Book Chapter Published: Symptom Orientated Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Rhinology & Facial Plastics Jayapee, Chapter 26 Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty), 2017.
  2. Book Chapter Published: Symptom Orientated Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Rhinology & Facial Plastics Jayapee, Chapter 27 Drooping of Eyelids (Blepharoplasty), 2017.
  3. Completed Rhinoplasty Patient Information Book, 2017.
  4. Completed Blepharoplasty Patient Information Book, 2016.
  5. Wrote Facelift Surgery Book Chapter, Assessment for Facelift Surgery, 2016.
  6. Wrote Facelift Surgery Book Chapter, Volume Augmentation with Fat Transfer & Facial Implants, 2016.
  7. Published book chapter, Clinics in Plastic Surgery, Volume 42 Issue 1 P 1-146. Lower lid and Face: Multispecialty approach 2015
  8. ASOPRS Board Examination, Set examination questions for Rhinoplasty 2015.
  9. Journal Article: Facial Danger Zones: avoiding serious complications in non-surgical filler injections, Published in Aesthetics Journal 2015.
  10. American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, Reviewed a Rhinoplasty Journal Manuscript for publication 2015.
  11. Dr.D.J De Silva completed Book Chapter on Upper Blepharoplasty, Lower Blepharoplasty and Asian Blepharoplasty for a contemporary book on Facial Plastic Surgery for teaching and educating surgeons around the world, 2014.
  12. Dr. De Silva completed Book Chapter on a specialised eyelid procedure termed Aesthetic Canthal Suspension, used in conjunction with Blepharoplasty for a contemporary book on Advanced Surgical Blepharoplasty Techniques, 2013.
  13. Dr. De Silva completed Book Chapter on droopy eyelid and ptosis correction for a contemporary book on Facial Plastic Surgery for teaching and educating surgeons around the world, 2013.
  14. Spontaneous silent sinus syndrome: case series of 16 patients. Babar-Craig H, Kayhanian H, De Silva DJ, Rose GE, Lund VJ. Rhinology. 2011 Aug;49(3):315-7
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  21. A very rare case of bloody tears with enigmatic epistaxis and haematuria. Ho JZ, de Silva J, Olver J. Orbit. 2011 Mar;30(2):116-7
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  38. Rat brain serotonin neurones that express neuronal nitric oxide synthase have increased sensitivity to the substituted amphetamine serotonin toxins 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine and p-chloroamphetamine. De Silva DJ, French SJ, Cheung NY, Swinson AK, Bendotti C, Rattray M. Neuroscience. 2005;134(4):1363-1375
  39. Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) facilitates orbital implant insertion. De Silva DJ and Olver JM. Opht Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 2005 Jul;21(4):301-2
  40. Conjunctival squamous cell carcinoma: atypical presentation of HIV. De Silva DJ, Tumuluri K, Joshi N. Clinical Experimental Opht. 2005 Aug;33(4):419-20
  41. An unusual cause of acute lid swelling. De Silva DJ, Strouthidis NG, Tariq S, Davies N. Eye. 2006 Feb;20(2):271-2
  42. Rosai-dorfman disease recurrence with bilateral orbital masses following immunosuppressant therapy. De Silva DJ. Joshi N. Orbit. 2005 Mar;24(1):51-3
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  44. A spheniodal wing meningioma presenting as a subacute subdural haematoma. De Silva DJ, Selway R. British Journal of Neurosurgery. 2004 Feb;18(1):66-67
  45. An unusual presentation of Breast Carcinoma. Metastatic breast carcinoma presenting as obstructive jaundice secondary to focalized lymphadenopathy. De Silva DJ, AppletonM, Salman AR. Breast Cancer BCO; Vol 5, Issue 1 (Jan) 2002

Clinical Research

  • Stitch-free Skin Closure with Fibrin Tissue Glue. This research project that ran over a 5-year period evaluated the use of stitch-free fibrin tissue glue to close the skin following eyelid surgery. This study was the largest and most thorough of its kind, using the gold standard process of ethical and randomisation to improve accuracy of the result. The study specifically evaluated scar formation following eyelid surgery for patients that had facial aging that with droopy upper eyelids. Patients underwent upper eyelid blepharoplasty and blepharo-ptosis surgery. The research was performed in the University setting as part of the Imperial College London trust and with the University of East Anglia, 2003-2008.
  • Pioneering use of sequential Laser. This study is the definitive research paper to evaluate the use of sequential laser to treat patients with a combination of ACG and dark irides. Moorfields & University College London, 2006-2009.




Dr. Julian De Silva compassion to provide patient care has been worldwide. He has volunteered his time and contributed to helping less fortunate communities in many areas of the world, including Eastern Europe, Asia, African and South America. Dr. Julian De Silva has cared and helped individuals that would otherwise have little to no access to such medical care. “Being able to help less fortunate individuals, with potentially life changing treatments is extremely gratifying and a humbling experience”. Dr De Silva continues to actively support many charitable organisations including Changing Faces, Fight for Sight, Unicef and Medical Sans Frontier.

Trust your Face to an Expert

  • Top Qualifications from World Class Cosmetic Surgery Centres
  • International Speaker and Surgical Trainer in Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • Voted Best leader by colleagues, Awarded the only Distinction in Masters
  • Known for Innovative techniques that deliver Natural Looking Rapid Results
  • Nomination by Peers for best Cosmetic Surgeon in 2011-2012-2013

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