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Dr. Julian De Silva is a London facial cosmetic surgeon who specializes in the eyes, nose, face and neck areas only. Dr. De Silva does not perform body plastic surgery and is known for natural looking results. Facial cosmetic surgery is as much an art as it is a science and with facial surgery millimetres make the difference. Dr. De Silva spends additional time with each patient and currently has a waiting list for appointments. Dr. De Silva asks his patients to be patient if they cannot get an appointment straight away as Dr. De Silva takes time to customise each individual’s appointment and surgery which takes additional time to complete.

Dr. De Silva customises every surgery to each individual person’s needs and each facial procedure requires a degree of surgical artistry based on a patient’s facial characteristics, ethnicity and facial proportions and balance. By investing in the latest advances in technology and treatments he focuses on fast recovery and giving natural looking results. Dr. De Silva also performs reconstructions after cancer removal such as Moh's micrographic surgery and traumatic injuries. Dr. De Silva was nominated while in the US for best cosmetic surgeons award for Facial Cosmetic Surgery. He is one of a very select group of specialist Oculo-Facial Plastic surgeons, with triple memberships in facial cosmetic surgery in British, European and American Surgical Organizations. By concentrating on facial areas, unlike other general plastic surgeons who operate on the whole body, Dr. De Silva has developed innovative techniques to match the needs of his patients, focusing on natural looking eye surgery, nose reshaping, face and neck lifts. Dr. De Silva has an obsession with detail from his experience in microsurgery, and performs all procedures and follow-up appointments himself. As the director of London Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery, Dr. De Silva is recognized as an expert on the latest advances in facial cosmetic surgery, and he only assesses and treats patients in CQC (Care Quality Commission) accredited facilities. He has pioneered innovations that focus on reducing scars and expediting recovery such as the use of fibrin tissue adhesives and laser technology. Dr. De Silva and the team are passionate about helping patients look good and feel refreshed about themselves with rapid recovery and natural looking results. He has written numerous articles that have been published in peer reviewed journals as well as presented of surgical papers at International Meetings all over the World.
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Blepharoplasty & Eyelid Lift
Dr. De Silva performs many customized types of blepharoplasty including Upper blepharoplasty or eyelid lift, Lower hidden incision (transconjunctival) blepharoplasty, Fat sparing translocation blepharoplasty, Asian blepharoplasty, Revision blepharoplasty, Youth blepharoplasty in young patients (twenties), Non-surgical blepharoplasty (Volume enhancement & Skin Resurfacing), combination treatments including fat transfer, facial implants, laser resurfacing and platelet rich plasma. Dr. De Silva has pioneered treatments to speed up recovery and improve aesthetic results including the use of fibrin tissue glue and PRP. Dr. De Silva customizes all blepharoplasty to the individual to ensure a natural rejuvenation. Approximately 20% all the blepharoplasty surgery Dr. De Silva performs are revision procedures who have had surgery elsewhere. As sometimes seen in celebrities, eyelid surgery can change a person's appearance if the natural characteristics of a person's face are changed. With Dr. De Silva's techniques key to a natural rejuvenation are maintaining a person's specific facial characteristics including their eyelids, eye brows and cheeks, with the aim that except for close friends and family most people are not able to tell you have undergone treatment.

Rhinoplasty & Nose Job
Dr. De Silva performs open and closed (endonasal) Rhinoplasty or nose re-shaping, as well as Ethnic rhinoplasty, Revision rhinoplasty and Non-surgical rhinoplasty. In addition combination treatments may benefit some patients including Chin Augmentation (improve facial balance and harmony), Chin Re-shaping, blepharoplasty, cheek augmentation with fat transfer or cheek implants. Approximately of 20% all the rhinoplasty surgery Dr. De Silva performs are revision procedures who have had surgery elsewhere. Dr. De Silva uses fine microsurgical skills to focus on accurate shaping of the nasal cartilages, which results in most patients having minimal or no bruising after surgery and fast recovery. Dr. De Silva customized the rhinoplasty to every individual patient to ensure a natural looking sharpening of the underlying cartilages and bones to give a natural looking final result. In some patients the surgery may involve utilizing your own cartilage (from your nasal septum in the nose) to strengthen your nose, improve breathing and give patients a functional improvement in breathing as well as an improved cosmetic appearance. Dr. De Silva experience from practicing in London, LA and NYC, is used to treating patients from different ethnicities including Caucasian Rhinoplasty, Ethnic Rhinoplasty, Asian Rhinoplasty, Middle Eastern Rhinoplasty, Afro-Caribbean Rhinoplasty and Hispanic Rhinoplasty. Different ethnicities have varying anatomical characteristics that need to be taken into account with surgery including: cartilage strength and shape, skin thickness, facial characteristics and skeletal anatomy. Combination treatments such as chin augmentation can improve the results of a rhinoplasty as they may rebalance the facial proportions, an elegant face is one where the eyes nose and chin are in harmony with each other.

Facelift & Neck Lifting
Dr. Julian De Silva prefers to use a personalized deep plane lower facelift and neck lift as this give an attractive natural rejuvenation, by lifting the deeper layers this avoids the wind-stretched “done-look” appearance and give a natural looking lift. Facelift surgery needs to be customized to the individual depending on changes in the jaw line, neck laxity, deep facial lines, hair line and ethnicity. For some patients a combined procedure will enhance the final result including fat transfer, laser skin resurfacing, cheekbone augmentation with cheek implants. In some patients who are younger with good skin elasticity, a facelift or neck lift can be completed alone. Where possible Dr. De Silva utilizes fat transfer to augment the results as a universal aspect of facial ageing is volume loss of fat in specific areas of the face. In addition Dr. De Silva will in some patients use fibrin tissue glue to speed up healing and 3D telescopes to minimize or hide incisions and scars. Dr. De Silva utilizes artistry and meticulous technique in customizing every face and neck lift procedure to the individual and combines this the required technical skills.

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