Why are we commonly dissolving fillers in patients’ noses?

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | February 10th, 2020

Many of our patients’ are unhappy with their noses and are looking for an easy way to enhance their appearance. With Valentine’s day coming up, it’s common for patients’ come to see us, to want to improve their appearance for this special occasion. Rhinoplasty is one of the most performed cosmetic treatments and non-invasive nose fillers are gaining in popularity. It seems like you can get fillers easily nowadays in a beauty salon or spa in London. However, how safe are nose fillers? What should you be aware of in order to make an informed decision? More and more patients are coming to see us as a specialist in facial cosmetic surgery to dissolve fillers that have not been completed correctly.

Dr. Julian De Silva is a well respected facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon on Harley Street in London, UK. We frequently dissolve filler of patients who have had inappropriate filler which has made their nose too large. Many people are not aware of the dangers of nose fillers. While nose fillers can provide beautiful, natural results, the chances of a successful treatment greatly improve if the treatment is performed in a professional environment by an experienced specialist, with knowledge of the underlying anatomy and artistic flair.

The dangers of nose fillers

In the last couple of years, people have become more aware of lip fillers that have gone bad. Fillers can be a safe, minimally invasive treatment to add facial volume and enhance your natural beauty. However, they are not without risk. For example, the potential dangers of nose fillers are necrosis (tissue death), permanent scarring, and damage to vision including blindness. You should always look for a highly trained, experienced doctor to get the safe results you are looking for.

How can a nose filler go bad?

To administer injectables and fillers is precision work. It must be done in a clinical environment and with the highest amount of training and experience. When the filler is not administered at the right depth it may be injected into a blood vessel or a muscle, risking blindness and necrosis. The correct knowledge about human anatomy is therefore essential for proper injection and limited risks. This is something that a skilled cosmetic surgeon is trained in, but a beautician in a London beauty salon may not know. Adequate clinician training in the use of fillers is essential for the prevention of adverse events.

How can I get safe nose fillers in London, UK?

Please see a doctor who is skilled in facial cosmetic surgery, experienced in noses, they will be best suited to understand the relevant anatomy, as well as give you a result that lies in proportion to the rest of your face.
There are several ways to safely improve the appearance of your nose. You can choose to have nose surgery, also called rhinoplasty or you can choose a non-surgical nose job with dermal fillers, also called a liquid nose job. To speed up the recovery and reduce the risk of complications, a sterile environment is essential. Dr. Julian De Silva performs both surgical and non-surgical nose jobs in his professional clinic on Harley Street, in London. The dermal fillers are carefully placed to specific points in the nose and last about 12-18 months. For a personal consultation about your specific situation, schedule an appointment at our Harley Street office today.

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