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Video Diaries

Written by Dr. Julian De Silva

These series of videos shows the recovery by Dr. Julian De Silva’s patients day-by-day after facial cosmetic and plastic surgery. All the procedures were completed by Dr. Julian De Silva and the videos show the recovery period after surgery. The recordings are a true experience of the recovery period and there has been no editing of the videos. Dr. De Silva uses the latest innovations and techniques to reduce bruising, reduce down time and shorten the recovery period. Although the final result of facial surgery is generally regarded at six to twelve months after surgery, steps have been taken to enhance recovery and the video diaries show the first two week period after surgery.


Face and Neck Lift

Chin Implant

Rhinoplasty Chin Implant Video Diary Before Surgery
This woman in her 30s underwent Primary Rhinoplasty with a Chin Implant by Dr. Julian De Silva under Sedation Anaesthesia. The video series show her day-by-day recovery after surgery to result in a natural looking rhinoplasty.

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