Upcoming Rhinoplasty Techniques

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | July 24th, 2017

Over the past few decades, rhinoplasty surgery has become increasingly sophisticated. The introduction of new technologies, novel techniques, and complementary minimally-invasive procedures have made it possible to effectively address complex cases. To help refine the nose-sculpting process, as well as reduce recovery time facial plastic surgeons have developed some new approaches. Here are some rhinoplasty techniques that are on the horizon.

Four Specialized Rhinoplasty Techniques

Tip Grafting: Patients frequently visit a plastic surgeon with questions about making changes to the tip of their nose. A special grafting technique that uses nostril-arch grafts can support the tip can help ensure a natural appearance. With the help of internal stitches and cartilage grafts, the tip of the nose can be sculpted and lift to give a flattering appearance from all perspectives.

Cartilage Support grafts: In the past, cartilage reshaping could be imprecise, leading to misshapen results. During your nose job procedure, your surgeon will create support grafts composed of your very own cartilage to support your nose long term. By utilizing pieces of your own cartilage to assess and correct internal contour irregularities, Dr. De Silva can create more symmetrical results.

Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty: Now, your surgeon can slice through bone with extreme and unparallelled precision. This new osteotomy technique is the most advanced and successful to date. It allows your surgeon the ability to cut bone while keeping surrounding tissue and blood vessels safe. This effective and subtle procedure leads to less swelling and bruising following surgery and a quicker healing time.

Cartilage Suturing: Previously, lower nose cartilage was trimmed to correct bulbous features. Now, we know that the nose must be properly approached with a combination of trimming and specialised suturing. This dual technique creates better proportion and a more uniform appearance.

The current changes in rhinoplasty reflect the new potential that scientific advancements and technology can bring to bear on surgical techniques. By staying abreast of the latest advances, Dr. De Silva can develop a more customized approach, improve healing time, and optimize patient results.

Why choose Dr. De Silva for your Rhinoplasty Procedure

At his London office, rhinoplasty specialist Dr. Julian De Silva brings state-of-the-art techniques to his patients. As a cosmetic plastic surgeon who specializes in nasal reconstructive surgery, Dr. De Silva understands the subtleties of nasal anatomy. His years of experience, training and access to the latest equipment have earned him a reputation of being a top London surgeon. Dr. De Silva understands patients are looking to achieve a balanced appearance and is here to help with the newest techniques. If you would like to learn more about our advanced rhinoplasty techniques, please contact our office today.

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