Professional Testimonials

Anonymous Comments (GMC Revalidation)

“A superb doctor – I have referred several patient to Dr de Silva from my non-surgical cosmetic practice and they have all come back very satisfied. I have also heard him speak at several conferences and have used him for advice when stuck with difficult cases and always found his knowledge and advice excellent.”

“Dr Julian De Silva is the best doctor I have ever met in my life. All his patients are happy and they are recommending him to his family and friends.”

“Dr Julian De Silva has above outstanding communication skills with patients. This is because he listens to their concerns.”

“I am rargely unable to comment on the skills of Dr de Silva, as I am not a surgeon, and have been sedating his patients. However, from what I perceive, the results that I have witnessed, and the feedback that we obtain from the patients after their procedure – they have been unanimous in their appreciation to the care and consideration that they have received from Dr de Silva. I personally have witnessed the effort that he takes during the consultation, always making sure that all aspects and concerns are dealt with.

Dr De Silva invited our practice to sedate his patients, and have been very accommodating to see that our protocols and practice management gets integrated into the work-flow that the sedation patients require. In this regards I have personally gained huge respect for his ability to function as a team worker.

Our practices have subsequently managed to get a reciprical system whereby we share patient experiences post surgery (not often that the anaesthetic side has this opportunity).

In terms of his staff management he is patient, curteous and professional, however, he maintains high standards, and should errors arise – they are promptly addressed. As a professional colleague I have a lot of respect for Dr de Silva.”

“Dr De Silva is always very professional, friendly and approachable. His clinical skills seem to be of the highest standard.”

“Dr De-Silva is a very conscientious, competent and caring practitioner and i regularly recommend him to my patients.”

“Dr De Silva is a very caring andconcientious doctor. He js totally focused on doing his very best for each of his patients. He is thorough and meticulous in organising his operating list and communicates with all staff members.”

Anonymous Comments (GMC Revalidation)

“He is professional, well-knowledged and trained, and extremely pleasant to work with. I strongly believe that he will contribute greatly to our field”

– CZ (Consultant Surgeon, Los Angeles)

“I am writing this letter to recommend Dr De Silva as an ASOPRS member. He his professional, knowledgeable and Oculo-Facial Plastic trained. I believe he will contribute to our field of facial cosmetic surgery”

– JH (Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Los Angeles)

“I understand from my colleagues that they all feel that he is a very competent Oculo-Facial Plastic surgeon and a very caring and responsible physician”

– DF (Medical Director of Hospital)

“Great meeting you, learning lots of pearls of wisdom, thanks for your help in the clinic, all the best in the future, you were the only person to take the time to explain things.”

– MC & MC

“Excellent, Excellent presentation, very useful practical points”, “Really excellent presentation”, “All very useful”

– Central London Teaching Seminar on eyelids to over 30 General Doctors

“I learnt a lot from you. You were an excellent teacher”

– ST (Surgical Trainee)

“An excellent overview of surgery taught by extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic surgeon”

– FT (Surgical Trainee)

“You are greatly missed and this really says it all. Your role as a communication link between the Hospital and DLH was crucial and done very well. Your assessment and feedback regarding the Optometrists was always fair and accurate. Over some difficult discussions around the table, you were constructive and not adversarial. You understood the need to balance governance and quality of care given to patients with the financial pressures that we faced.”

– TJ (General Practitioner)

“I am very sorry this is to be your last meeting. Your involvement has (quite frankly) been a breath of fresh air. I would not want to lose your input.”

– RH (Past President, Royal College)

“With the introduction of your new teaching program I felt that things were hugely improved. Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed them and learnt a lot.”

– LL

“Thank you for your email. I learnt a lot at St. George’s and certainly developed my multi-tasking skills! Thank you for all your teaching.”

– NH

“Team building and involving individuals in other disciplines very good. Demonstrated in new community clinic developments”

– DF (Medical Director, Chief Surgeon)

“Julian has been an excellent. He is extremely hard working as well as possessing competent clinical and surgical skills”

– SK (Consultant Surgeon)

“An excellent surgeon”

– MS (Consultant Surgeon)

“Overall a very competent surgeon”

– MW (Consultant Surgeon)

“An excellent surgeon with well above average surgical skills”

– DP (Consultant Surgeon)

“A very competent surgeon”

– SR (Consultant Surgeon)

“A conscientious doctor who has shown enthusiasm to learn and has achieved a lot. Is already a very competent surgeon”

– RC (Past President of BOPSS & ESOPRS)

“Exceptionally reliable and hard working. Good surgical skills. Extremely self-motivated in research ability and presentations”

– JB (Consultant Surgeon)

“Mr. De Silva is highly motivated conscientious and able clinician and skilled surgeon”

– JB (Consultant Surgeon)

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