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By Scouse 17, experience with rhinoplasty on Jun 6, 2016

Amazing Results. Loving Life Right Now! Came from Liverpool to Hammersmith to see Dr De Silva after being recommended by a friend. I had Septo-rhinoplasty performed where a hump was removed, the nose was de-projected a little bit and my deviated septum was fixed (to help my breathing). The breathing improved from 0% to about 50% which I'm pretty happy with, can certainly live with that. As far as aesthetics goes, the results are actually perfect in my opinion, Dr De Silva got what we discussed in the consultation right down to a T. I'm seriously happy and so grateful. Please PM me for before and after pictures if you thinking about a similar procedure. The catch here is that this is a lot more expensive than your average rhinoplasty surgeon, like big time! But you really do get what you pay for. So my advice to anyone would be to save up a little longer to get the best possible results. Big love x

By Neck lift with Blepharoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Jun 5, 2016

I had upper Blepharoplasty and neck lift, one year on I am very happy with the results Dr De Silva is very knowledgeable caring and calm and he has and excellent team, the procedure was straight forward and pain free, the after care was excellent. I highly recommend Dr De Silva.

By ZM Revision Facelift & Neck lift surgery on May 20, 2016

When, after much research, I chose Dr De Silva for my face and neck lift, I certainly made the right choice. I like that he has given me a natural, fresh and youthful look – so much so that I am determined to maintain it for as long as possible with a good skin care regime. My experience with him and his excellent team was wonderful from start to finish, making the elective surgery a much less fraught affair than I could have expected. Everyone was kind, considerate and helpful. Dr De Silva is a charming man, patient and reassuring, with a gentle touch. He was generous with his time pre- and post-procedure. He answered all my questions with great care. All in all I cannot fault him or his team. So, thank you Dr De Silva and thank you, everyone at The Centre.

By Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr De Silva on May 15, 2016

A year ago I was hesitantly considering rhinoplasty, and having had the procedure I am now happy to share my experience with those who are facing the same dilemmas. Firstly, I had serious reservations as regards sedation (to which I ultimately consented on the basis that it carries less health risks than general anaesthesia), however all my worries proved to be unfounded. I fell asleep as soon as I was taken to the operation theatre and I woke up after what seemed to be a 20-minute nap; I did not feel or hear anything at all during the 3-hour surgery and I have no recollection of it. In practice, it felt exactly as general anaesthesia, except I was sufficiently alert 30 minutes after the surgery to take a cab home and make conversation. The second misconception I had regarded the open surgery technique, although I accepted it insofar as it offers better precision for a more symmetrical result, especially in revision cases. Again, my concerns were unjustified; even during the first post-op days, the incision line was not prominent, and 4 months after the surgery the scar is barely perceptible upon very close inspection. The convalescence was brief (under a week) and not unpleasant (a flu definitely causes more discomfort). I will be able to appreciate the final result in several months, but so far I have been very pleased with the changes, and the entire process was extremely smooth. I would most certainly recommend Dr De Silva and his team.

By Sue Petzold on May 12, 2016

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty on both eyes in February this year and I am so pleased with the results. I should have had it done a couple of years ago. I was really impressed with Dr De Silva's care and attention to detail. He was ready to answer all my questions and gave me all the time I needed to make sure that I understood what the operation and after care involved. I have had a number of surgical procedures in the past, and I have to say this procedure was the least stressful of them all. I felt no ill effects from the anaesthetic whatsoever, and was on my way home within 20 minutes of the end of the operation, with no pain whatsoever. I followed Dr De Silva's instructions to the letter, and now three months after the operation it is really difficult to see that I have had anything done to my eyes - apart from the fact that they look so much better and I no longer look tired all the time. I did have some initial concerns about swelling and consulted Dr De Silva by email on a Sunday afternoon. He responded to my email the same day and shortly after prescribed some medication to reduce the swelling which disappeared very rapidly. All in all a very stress free experience. I would thoroughly recommend Dr De Silva to anyone who is considering facial cosmetic surgery.

By Upper and lower eyelid surgery experience with Dr De Silva on May 8, 2016

I chose Dr De Silva to do my upper and lower eyelid surgery, even though I live 150 miles away from London, because he specialises in facial surgery. I was extremely impressed with the whole experience from the initial consultation through to the end result. I was very nervous about having the operation but I had no need to be worried. Everything was explained fully and the local anaesthetic with sedation was a great alternative to a general anaesthetic. The time during the operation seems to pass really quickly and what seemed like 30 minutes was actually a couple of hours and the operation was finished! I would not hesitate to recommend this. After the operation the swelling was quite minor. The healing process was very quick and I returned to work after two and a half weeks. I am absolutely delighted with my results and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr De Silva and his team of lovely staff.

By Upper eyelid surgery testimonial on May 8, 2016

I had upper eyelid surgery with Dr Julian De Silva in December 2015 and feel absolutely happy with the outcome. My eyes used to look tired because of the droopy eyelids. Dr J De Silva did an amazing job by removing saggy skin and tightening the muscles. My eyes look so much younger and natural. His team - nurse and Anesthetist have been so attentive and caring during the surgery which was done under sedation. I definitely felt that I was in safe hands. The whole experience has been wonderful and I would recommend Dr Julian De Silva to anyone without any hesitation.

By Mak on Apr 16, 2016

Lower Blepharoplasty, Laser Skin Resurfacing and Fat Transfer. Worth It Cost: $5,500 Julian De Silva, MD, London, GB The dark circles under the eyes was my main concern. After reviews from this site, i booked a consultation to see Mr Julian De Silva and i am glad i did. I chose Mr Julian De Silva because he is an Oculo-Facial plastic surgery. They have an in depth knowledge of the anatomy and function of the eyes and eyelids. So if anything went wrong, i knew i was in the hands of a qualified surgeon who also has excellent reviews. After 3 months, the results are great and keep getting better. My eyes look fresh and have given me confidence in work, travel or performing activities. No more dark circles, no more bags just a new youthful, fresh look. After a good workout at the gym, my eyes would develop a dark ring that made me look tired and old. I am glad to say now they look fresh and youthful, no more dark circles, no more lowering my head and walking out the gym. I am so grateful i came across this site and chose Mr Julian De Silva. I almost booked my surgery with another plastic surgeon to save money and time. Again, so glad i trusted my eyes to a specialist. What made this whole experience even better was the amazing staff from the receptionists, nurses, Sedationist, the entire team were amazing, friendly, warm and welcoming. Everyone was knowledgeable and made this a pleasant procedure. Thank you.

By AliciaJee Rhinoplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Apr 13, 2016

Dr De Silva took great time when it came to my consultation, he gave me great advice on how he thought I should change the appearance of my nose, not just that he also listened to how I wanted my overall appearance to be, we negotiated about it and came to a decision, but he reassured me if I had second thoughts about how I wanted my appearance to be to let him know straight away, Dr De Silva and all the people who work for him are absolutely fab! couldn't thank them all enough for looking after me.

By Mort, Facelift experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Apr 6, 2016

I am 46 but after a few difficult years the stress took its toll on my face at a fairly early age and it showed . I had read a lot about Dr Silva being a highly celebrated and respected facial surgeon in both the U.S and the UK , which was why I chose him and his practice. My very supportive husband came with me for the consultation in London and Dr De Silva spent a very thorough session examining my face and neck, taking photos, measurements offering information and answering all my questions. Dr De Silva has a lovely manner about him and the initial meeting was very reassuring . He was very straightforward and realistic about what improvemnts I could expect and I never felt any pressure. The entire team that helped with my surgery on the day were outstanding . ( Thank you Jennifer and Stephanie for everything. You are top nurses.) I felt incredibly well looked after by everyone ,from the anesthetist to the private nurse who spent the night looking after me in my room. Pain relief that was offered was superb and despite how much I had done I felt relatively little discomfort. 3 months later I am already absolutely delighted with the results ! I'd do it all again in a minute and so thank you so so much to all the team at The Centre !

By Reggiocalabria, After 20years of waiting lower blepharoplasty experience on Apr 4, 2016

I made the decision to have lower bleph at the age of 48 after more than 20 years of criticising myself in the mirror and feeling that I always looked tired and or sad because of the bulges that protruded underneath my eyes. In order to find a surgeon that I trusted I obviously scoured the Internet ( about a year!) and researched all options but every time I looked at different options I was always magnetised back to Dr De Silva - he seemed to have the right qualifications,

By Anonymous Patient experience on Apr 3, 2016

I have recently had a Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr De Silva and would like to share my experience with you. I am in my thirties and for the longest time did not like the overall appearance of my nose. Given the large bump on the bridge and droopy tip, I found my profile to be unflattering and this always played on my mind affecting my confidence. In addition to this, I had incurred a number of sporting injuries to my nose which had led to a misalignment of the nose which was noticeable on my front profile. This had also caused me difficulty in breathing, especially at night. I had often thought about the possibility of correcting my nose but it had always seemed such a drastic measure and one that looked painful and uncomfortable. This apprehension kept me from doing anything about the situation for many years, nonetheless, I would often peruse the internet searching for people's experiences and the surgeons that had performed the procedures. Finally, in 2015, I noticed that Dr Julian De Silva's name kept popping up as a world-renowned plastic surgeon and that he had performed countless procedures successfully and with seemingly great results. I decided to look into his record further and noticed that he had won awards and was actively involved in academic side of the profession, writing numerous papers about his techniques, teaching and actively researching to push the field further. This gave me a great deal of confidence in the ability of Dr De Silva and prompted me to take action by getting in touch with his practice in London. From the very first contact of arranging the consultation over the phone, I found the staff at the practice to be very welcoming and friendly, and soon I was on my way to meet Dr De Silva for the first time. I was nervous about the initial consultation as I didn't know what to expect but I was soon feeling much more relaxed as I realised Dr De Silva was a very amiable person with a lot of empathy and time to listen to my story. His polite and calm manner alleviated any anxiety I had and he was able to talk me through the ins and outs of the potential procedure, the management of expectations and his views on creating a natural balance to the face. He was able to show me what could be achievable through some advanced imaging techniques and this also helped me to understand any potential final results. I didn't feel pressured at all and at all times the doctor was clear, honest, yet warm and friendly. I then spent some time with Dr De Silva's Practice Manger, who is also wonderfully friendly and helpful. She explained everything to me and was from that point on always available to me for any questions I had. I left feeling excited about going ahead with the procedure which was to take place a few weeks later. I underwent a double procedure of Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty whilst under 'Twilight Sedation' - an advanced method utilised that avoids the negatives associated with a General Anaesthetic. At first, I was quite apprehensive about the technique but I was assured that it would be fine. Dr De Silva's whole team on the day of surgery were just amazing - so reassuring, so kind and so friendly. The anaesthetist took the time to explain the process of sedation and made me feel very comfortable as everyone else in the team. I felt sleepy once the sedation was administered and before I knew it I was up and awake after the procedure had been completed. It felt as though I had had a high-quality power nap and I actually felt pretty good. I was able to go home shortly after the completion of the procedure. I felt no pain at any point post-procedure, just a little tired on the first evening and the second day. I had been provided full printed guidance on how to manage my recovery and Dr De Silva called me several times to see how I was doing. I felt looked after even after the surgery was complete! The results of the surgery are fantastic and surpass my expectations going in. My nose looks and feels great, and this has had a pronounced effect on my general confidence in everyday life. Getting in touch with Dr De Silva has turned out to be a great decision on my part and I cannot thank him and his team enough for the positive impact they have had on my life. In my mind, this is the definition of the highest quality of surgery and care available. Dr De Silva is a great professional and a true master of his art.

By Pixie595 Revision Rhinoplasty experience on Apr 1, 2016

Leading up to my surgery, I was pretty much glued to this site. I wanted to wait until the third month after surgery so I could submit an honest review and to help those who are looking for a decent rhinoplasty surgeon. A little bit about me first. I'm 30 and mixed with multiple ethnicities. I had one rhinoplasty 10+ years ago to narrow nostrils which I realize now was a complete disaster. This time round I was looking to narrow nostrils/ improve shape, refine tip and straighten nose. I decided to go with Dr De Silva for a number of reasons, he: 1. specialized in performing surgery on the face. 2. has been featured in the media and his results are on YouTube 3. has been trained and done work in the U.S as well as UK 4. Specializes in latest technology 5. Sculpts for a hobby I have to admit, the last one sealed the deal for me, as I wanted an artist. Not just a doctor ( like my last surgeon) who had no vision :) Anyway, I was lucky enough to book a consultation with his office at pretty short notice. I wanted the surgery done ASAP. When I met him I realized all reviews about his manner and personality were accurate. Very calming and he knew what he was talking about. He said because I had a slight deviation I wouldn't be able to get it perfectly straight as it's quite complex. However everyhing else he could do. He said he could offer me an 60-70% improvement but not perfection ( totally undersold it). In my head I was thinking what's perfection anyway. Improvement sounds good to me! Sold! I booked Dr de silva that day and surgery was scheduled 2 weeks later. I had to do a bunch of tests which came to about £250 ( private hospital) or something and had to buy a bunch of meds from the list they provided me, which i think came to another £70. Id say in total it came to near £9000 Day of surgery. I was booked into the Welbeck Hospital. I had my own big room with private bathroom. i can't remember time of surgery but we were running behind schedule due to another surgery. No big deal at all. All I remember was feeling extremely nervous until dr de silva came in. We spoke a little bit, recapped on previous discussions and he drew marks on my nose. I instantly felt calm. I just felt like he knew what he was doing. After surgery, I woke up and I felt drowsy as I had general anesthesia , yet no pain at all. Dr De Silva was there briefly to see if I was ok. I was then taken up to my room to recover. I was in surgery for 3 hours. Recovery period kind of sucked!! Best part, there was zero pain and minimal swelling except a little tiny bruise under my left eye. Worst part, not being able to leave house, breathing through mouth due to blocked nostrils, not being able to wash hair or sleep lying flat for 7 days until caste came off. ALOT of TV was watched during that period. Caste off day!! I went in to have sutures and caste taken off. It wasn't completely pain free. My collumella was super sensitive so I teared up a bit. When caste came off, my nose looked super tiny. I honestly didn't know what to make of it. I was overwhelmed that I dont even remember what dr was saying. I remember seeing that it didn't look symmetrical and tip didn't look as small as I hoped ( due to swelling). All things that I expected from reading forums and talking to the doctor pre surgery. Dr de silva injected a steroid injection into my nose to help with swelling and I was instructed to tape my nose. The following days after that my nose was so swollen with bluish, yellowish bruising on the bridge ( I never had my bridge touched). This didn't worry me as my nose is sensitive and it was probably just the pressure from the caste. I also saw that although swollen, my nose was now becoming more symmetrical (still with a little swelling on one side) and the angles of my nostrils looked a lot better. Tip was still big but no biggie. I think it was just squished after being in caste for so long. Ok, so honestly when I first saw my nose after caste was taken off I was like hmmm, as I heard many people say when caste comes off then what you see will be the final result. For me this wasn't the case. For me, as the weeks have passed my nose has settled more and more. I think from the 1st week after removal I saw changes to the nostrils and the straightness and at the 6 week mark that's when I really started to see some changes to the tip. I'm 11 weeks post op now and it looks different than it did even 2 weeks ago. The swelling on one side has also completely gone down now too. I heard 3 months post op is when 60-70% of swelling subsides. So I'm looking forward to the final result! I hope this helps somebody and I am happy to show pictures though personal email Thanks

By Male Rhinoplasty & Lip lift patient experience on Mar 28, 2016

I am a Male aged 61 Like many others, I chose carefully before deciding upon Dr De Silva. My rhinoplasty involved not just a thinning down of my nose, but a lengthening of the tip (I also combined the procedure with a lip lift). I knew that in my case the procedure would be a difficult one, but Dr De Silva discussed my rhinoplasty with me and assured me that he could do much to improve my appearance. However, the outcome has been way, way beyond what I could ever have expected, yet still very natural looking. Even after removing the dressing for the first time, I could notice an immediate improvement - which has only gotten better as the days and weeks have passed. I only wish now that this was something I had proceeded with years ago. This is especially true as I have never liked the idea of a general anaesthetic which, I believe, is used by most surgeons in the UK for rhinoplasty. However, Dr De Silva offers a conscious sedation method, which to me was very attractive prospect. On the day of the procedure, I met with the anaesthetist, who took the time to calmly and carefully explain a few more details of what would be involved in, and expected of, this type of sedation. These were more than just comforting words, as I found the whole experience to be very relaxing, and stress - and pain - free, with no recollection of the procedure itself. Immediately following the surgery I was up and on my feet with absolutely no nausea or light-headedness - amazing. What’s just as amazing to me was the lack of swelling and bruising experienced – a real plus which meant I got out and about and back to normal very quickly. Finally, just a word about Dr De Silva and the care and consideration he has shown throughout. From the very first time we met to discuss my problem and procedure, to the day of the surgery itself, and the following check-ups, I always felt that I was speaking with someone who really cared and was actively listening to my hopes and concerns. Similarly, the nurses and the reception staff at the Centre could not have been kinder or more considerate throughout - which really added immeasurably to the reassuring and relaxing atmosphere of the clinic. I was travelling and staying on my own in London for the procedure, and their professionalism and kindness just made everything so much easier for me during my stay. It has all been one experience I will never forget, or ever regret - with a result I didn't ever think possible.

By Pommie18, Upper eyelid surgery with laser resurfacing experience on Mar 24, 2016

Catching myself in the mirror had become increasingly depressing - I just didn't recognise myself. My eyes had become very hooded to the extent that my field of vision was reduced and I had to hold my eyebrows up just to see properly. This was not helping the lines on my forehead. The bags under my eyes had also developed a life of their own - the puffiness was such that they extended to my cheekbones. Dr de Silva recommended upper blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing, a chemical peel and light botox on my forehead and around the eyes. He was very sensitive to my desire for a 'light touch' and that is in any case what he would advocate. With regard to the satchels under my eyes, he had a hunch that I might have had a bad reaction to hyaluronic acid fillers I'd had in the past (by another doctor) and he was hopeful he could reverse the effect. The actual surgery was very straightforward and I need not have worried. In fact it turned out to be quite a pleasant experience, if that's possible. The team is so experienced and calming - so much so that I queried at one point if one of the nurses was administering a little gentle Reiki before and during the procedure. Apparently it was indeed a form of healing and she certainly has that gift. I felt cared for and cosseted at every stage. The result? Well I now recognise myself in the mirror. Dr de Silva has captured the shape of my eyes from about 10 years ago and no-one has realised that I've had any work done at all. When I told a friend, she remarked, "Well I thought you're looking more awake". And the swelling under the eyes? It disappeared immediately. I'm overwhelmingly relieved. I also believe the improvement has extended my working life by about 10 years.

By Abigail, non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct previous surgery by Dr Julian De Silva on Mar 20, 2016

When I was 12 years old, I broke my nose and was left with a deviated septum and visibly crooked nose. After 7 years of constant sinusitis and hearing problems I had an NHS septoplasty. This procedure was only to correct the deviation in my septum and therefore improve my breathing however post-op day 4, I started noticing signs of an infection. 2 A&E visits later and extremely bad handling of my infection, I left hospital with nothing but a saddled and deformed nose. Functionally, my nose was majorly improved however it looked nothing like MY nose. For 5 months I refused to have any photos taken of me and I lost a lot of confidence. It was an alien structure on my face and I started looking at surgeons for a rhinoplasty to fix the mess. I came across Dr De Silva and tried to book a consultation but he wanted me to wait until I was 1 year post-op. I was booked in for a consultation on the 1 year anniversary of my original surgery and the day couldn't come any sooner. After an informative and thorough consultation with Dr De Silva, it was concluded that due to the damage my trauma had sustained, it would be best to avoid surgery at this point in time. He suggested an alternative that I had only briefly heard about before- a non-surgical rhinoplasty. He explained that due to the condition my nose was in, the risks of damage from an ordinary needle would be too high so we discussed the safest method of putting the filler in. I came in a month later into a sterile environment and Dr De Silva was very comforting and put me at ease straight away. He numbed my nose with local anaesthetic and used a blunt needle to inject the filler (Restylane) to make sure he did not hit any important blood vessels. The procedure was quick and painless and the results were incredible; I was nearly in tears from the joy! I finally had my old nose back (but straighter and without the breathing difficulty!). I was so so incredibly ecstatic and the healing was quick and almost painless- slight sensitivity at the sight of injection. I came back for a follow-up appointment the week after for aftercare and naturally my body had absorbed some of the filler and Dr De Silva was more than happy to top it up. Overall, Dr De Silva exceeded my expectations and I never thought my nose would ever look so good. I felt listened to and well-informed throughout and would not change a thing. I completely respect and agree with Dr De Silva's recommendations against surgery and appreciate his integrity and honesty. You absolutely get what you pay for and I will definitely be back. (NOTE: cost is in USD conversion- £1500 GBP)

By Dr. Stephen Cornish, Rhinoplasty and chin implant experience on Mar 17, 2016

Having played contact sports over many years my nose had received a large number of knocks and it had become badly disfigured; a more recent accident at home was one collision too many and breathing out of one nostril was also becoming an issue. It was never a small nose but it was originally straight and suited my face. Dr De Silva took a great deal of time and care in explaining how he could return my nose to its original shape and the process involved. I was very impressed in how Dr De Silva set expectations from the very beginning and instill calm and confidence before surgery. I have a busy professional life and the sedation, as opposed to general anaesthesia, ensured that my recovery was fast and without any after effects. Although I was conscious during surgery, I was relaxed and did not experience any pain; surgery took two and half hours but the sedation made it seem like five minutes. I would strongly recommend Dr De Silva to anyone thinking in having Rhinoplasty. Dr Stephen Cornish

By Willow, Life Changing Under Eye Surgery :) - Hammersmith, GB on Mar 5, 2016

I had lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with fat transfer and laser with Dr Julian De Silva. I just wanted to write this review as a way of saying thank you for everything that he and his staff at the clinic have done, I'm extremely happy with the outcome. My experience at his clinic in Hammersmith was perfect in every way and Dr De Silva and his staff are all really great people. I have always had dark circles/puffy eyes that I believe are genetic and finally decided that I was a good candidate to have surgery. I am 31 currently and 6 weeks post op. Thanks for everything.

By Oscar Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Feb 27, 2016

I decided after many years of not really be happy with my nose to have a rhino procedure. Like most I was concerned with who I would find to do the procedure competently and the concern of after surgery dis-comfort involved in all this. After looking around, on the net basically I found 'The London Centre' and their specialist Dr Julian De Silva. I had an initial consultation with him and he was very informative and importantly the ability to listen to what I had to say and ask ! After the consultation I decided to take the brave step and actually book the procedure for early January 2016. You are lightly sedated and I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort during the Op. All their was, was a small cast on my nose. I left their central London clinic headed off home and planned to take 3 weeks off work. The reality was that under a week later I returned and the cast was removed and I was fine. The results on my nose were very good - I could see the difference and no one has spotted this not even my long term GF ! The side profile is nice and straight and the tip raised by a mm or two. The bulbous element at on the tip has reduced too. It is only 6 weeks since the Op and these results will further strengthen as I have been told I have 'thick skin' the final result will not be visible for at least a year to 18 months. But so far very pleased. Also great about this place is that you have consultations with Julian every say Quarter, after the first 6 week one. There are no additional charges and its good to know you can have these check ups over a period of say a year with Julian so you are always monitoring the results too ! Anyway as I said after the cast was removed I need not have planned 3 weeks off work - and started work as soon as the cast was removed, after less than 1 week ! Anyway all good so far and look forward to another consultation check-up in a few months. Oscar.

By AW Experience of ethnic rhinoplasty on Feb 20, 2016

Firstly, I wanted to say a massive thanks for your fine work. From 5 years of reading patient stories and looking at before and afters, I know how nasal surgery can leave people happy or very dissatisfied. Therefore, it gives me even greater joy to say that I am over the moon with the result and that stems purely from your fine work in particular the tip work really impressed me. My only question was, its been 10 weeks now, and was wondering if/when you would say i could return to a sport like football?

By Phi Lift Review (Signature non-surgical facelift technique) & Eyelid surgery on Feb 19, 2016

I had eye lid surgery and fillers with Dr De-Silva in November and I'm extremely pleased with the results. I was nervous about the anaesthetic as I am allergic but Dr De-Silva assured me this wouldn't be a problem as he would sedate me with twilight sedation , which was brilliant. People have not noticed I've had anything done but have commented on how much fresh faced I look, which is what I wanted, I didn't want to look different or younger just less tired which Dr De silva has achieved brilliantly

By Abbie Leigh experience on Feb 17, 2016

On 15/02/2016 I had my first consultation with Dr De Silva, I was not disappointed if anything the whole experience exceeded my expectations, he was very professional, very reassuring and very calming. He answered all of my questions and completely made me feel at ease about the whole procedure. I have wanted to have surgery now for four years now and after searching and finding Dr De Silva I was so convinced he was the surgeon for me, this is because he specializes in just the face, his skills and knowledge, and of course his excellent reviews. All staff were very welcoming, friendly and very attentive. I must mention how great Jennifer was too! I have booked my surgery and after feeling very apprehensive and nervous I now feel very relaxed and excited. I would rate my experience so far 10/10, if anyone is considering surgery I would highly recommend having a consultation with Dr De Silva.

By Tina, Rhinoplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Feb 10, 2016

I had hated my nose for as long as I can remember! In January 2015 I Suddenly decided to do something about it!I had seen my 50th Birthday photographs from the previous year and was obsessed with how my nose looked. This was a huge decision and journey I was about to undertake. Friends and family offered a variety of positive and negative opinions on plastic surgery! All, were however, United in their advice; "Do as much research as possible on your surgeon," I spent weeks reading up on procedures, looking at different surgeons, reading reviews/ patient testimonials. I even booked a consultation with another surgeon. Which, I cancelled. I just didn't have a positive feeling about him. I then came across, Dr De Silva. I, again read absolutely everything I could find about him, and knew instantly, he was my surgeon! I made my appointment immediately, sadly with a short waiting list for an appointment. Rightly so, I took this to be a positive sign of his popularity! My first visit to the clinic, had me extremely apprehensive, and I thought several times about cancelling, but, I was at the same time excited to finally be dealing with my life long hate. I half expected Dr De Silva to try and discourage me, or question my visit, as I realise surgery is a big step. However, I was met by the most wonderfully, calm, understanding and warm person, who understood exactly my dislikes, and for the first time in 50 years gave me hope that I could change it! I had taken pictures of the most gorgeous noses I had collected over time, knowing this was an unrealistic wish, but nevertheless , it helped me show him what I saw as perfection. He listened with enthusiasm and empathy, and talked me through a realistic expectation of my new nose,given what he had to work with. He recommended a double procedure, Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty. I, no longer felt any anxiety, just extreme excitement and relief, and a sense of gratitude, that he was going to perform my surgery and change my feelings towards my appearance! My second appointment at the clinic was for my pre-op consultation. The staff at the clinic, were again so warm, welcoming and professional. I spent a thorough question and answer time with one of Dr De Silvas team, before I met with him for my final chat. Again, he made me feel so at ease, answered my questions, talked in depth about my procedure and introduced me to his Anaesthetist. I must confess, the description of the" sedation technique"on the website, was the only thing I was really apprehensive about. However, once again, all was explained to me, and my worries disappeared! I was given an extensive sheet of questions/answers, things to expect with pre and post op, and given my list of drugs needed to obtain with my prescription. It was all so informative. Over the next few weeks, pre surgery I read and re-read this sheet. I took the prescribed drugs exactly as instructed and surgery day arrived. I had slept quite well, as I was both calm and excited, not worried , just mildly apprehensive! I was met at the clinic by the most calm and friendly nurse, who prepared me for my op. At this time I had my first "wobble" I started to question what I was doing! She was so friendly and reassuring that it soon passed. Next came the anaesthetist. There was a wonderfully calm and relaxed feel to the clinic, I could hear quiet music in the background, and the anaesthetist seemed to prepare me for surgery in a matter of minutes, calmly with good humour and a lovely friendly manner. I briefly remember a sedation line into my hand, but totally pain free! I walked into the operating room, which was an informal friendly looking room, unlike any theatre type rooms I had seen on the TV, and met by Dr De Silva, in his usual welcoming way. I lay down, could hear the radio playing softly, and I have no idea how or when I fell into the most wonderful relaxing sleep ever. I was aware that someone was gently telling me to wake up! Not my usual horrible alarm clock! Apparently it was all over! Surely not! I went to the recovery room, feeling fantastically chilled out and no pain at all. Dr De Silva came and had a chat , checked me over and 20 minutes later my husband was taking me home! It was surreal. No pain, worry or fear! I rested for the remainder of the day, and was waiting for the sedation to properly wear off, and some pain to arrive. When Dr De Silva called me that evening to see how I was feeling, it was once again so surreal. I felt great, no pain at all, and I couldn't quite believe that in one day I had been through such a lot, and yet had the most simple and stress free time! I had watched a previous patient video diary of her rhinoplasty surgery on Dr De Silvas website, so felt quite informed what to expect over the next week. I had a reasonable night sleep, the sleeping upright was the most difficult. Still absolutely no pain what so ever! I rested quite a bit during day 1 after surgery and referred several times to my fact sheet I had been given. I rigidly stuck to the instruction; ice for my eyes, arnica tablets and drink lots of water. As the days went by of my week recovery,each day became different and easier. The bruising had come out very quickly, (greatly helped by the arnica I think) I gently cleaned my nose as instructed. I was absolutely amazed that it was the easiest recovery ever. A testament I feel, to, a wonderful surgeon, and extremely informative team. I totally did everything instructed to do and on day 7 went back to the clinic for my stitch removal. Weirdly, this was the first time that I felt apprehensive. I had nurtured my new nose, and I felt very vulnerable that I was going to have the cast removed and reveal all! Dr De Silva soon put me at ease, with his usual calm professionalism he removed the cast and stitches with minimal fuss and pain! Realising that it would still be swollen I took a look at my new nose! It was an emotional experience,even with very black eyes I loved my new look. I could see an instant difference despite the swelling. To be honest, through out the journey,even though I had 100% confidence in my surgeon, nothing can prepare you for the final look! I felt an overwhelming urge to kiss him! I thought better of it though!!! Wow! In one week so much had changed. I left the clinic with still a lot of healing and subtle change expected to take place over the next few months. I went back to work on the 8th day after surgery, If I'm honest it was a little soon. I am a hairdresser, not only were my eyes quite bruised still, but it was a little too physical. I had absolutely no pain, but felt a bit fragile. However, I got through it. Friends and clients could not believe what I had achieved in just one week! During the pat six months I have had two follow up appointments, and I absolutely love my new nose. All credit to Dr De Silva and his fantastic team. Thank you!

By Ethnic Rhinoplasty review on Jan 29, 2016

Had my surgery with Dr De Silva, he is a very caring and very professional. I had to do a revision due to the NHS messing up my nose plus i'm from latin america so I had a thicker skin however Dr De Silva did what i wanted and my nose came out great, it suits my face and isnt to small which i was worried about. It looks very natural. All the staff were caring as well, the experience was good. I would recommend to anyone looking to get rhinoplasty.

By 22years old experience of Rhinoplasty on Jan 27, 2016

I was very excited to have my rhinoplasty and septoplasty with dr de silva after reading fantastic reviews about him. During my consultation I felt at complete ease, and both my parents and I felt comfortable and knew we were in good hands with dr de silva. Everything was mentioned clearly before the procedure, and questions answered from the concerns I had. The receptionists were always friendly when I visited for me consultation, pre-op and surgery day. On the day of my surgery I was very nervous, especially nervous for having sedation. The nurses were all warm and friendly and put me at complete ease. Another reason why I wanted to go ahead with dr de silva was because I read fantastic reviews about having sedation as opposed to the scary general anaesthetic. I do not remember a thing from my surgery, and surprisingly it was all pain free! It really felt like a walk in the park. I am ecstatic with the results. I was able to go back to work after 2 weeks. I could have gone back after a week, but it was just a personal preference choice to go back after 2 weeks. Now I feel so much more happier and confident on the inside and out. My results look 100% natural, and all my friends, family and work colleagues can't even remember what my old nose looked like. Thank you dr de silva and all the team for making my experience enjoyable :).

By Nose job experience with Dr De Silva on Jan 23, 2016

I felt comfortable with Dr De Silva from the outset; in a professional, relaxed environment. I had long considered rhinoplasty but often contemplated whether the risk outweighed my desire for change. Dr De Silva's vast experience and thorough, considered consultation soon put my mind at ease. He carefully listened to my requirements and showed me images of various 'before and after' shots, while also emphasizing that these would not be an accurate reflection of the outcome. He was honest and realistic and did not give false promises. If there was one word I would use to sum up Dr De Silva's procedures it would be 'natural', something that was of utmost importance to myself. Perhaps in retrospect I was too concerned about achieving a false, 'hollywood' type look, which was never going to be an issue. Very few people have even noticed a change, yet my personal insecurities have disappeared, which is perhaps the biggest compliment of all. I had initial concerns about the sedation process, but in my experience it was a painless, stress-free process. Recovery was also pain-free, just slightly uncomfortable. I would recommend anyone to Dr De Silva's services.

By G Holding, Blepharoplasty experience with fat transfer andlLaser on Jan 17, 2016

I had a lower blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing and canthoplasty (eye bags) in November 2015. The biggest concern is how safe are you in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon. With Dr De Silva the worry is taken away. The step by step consultation puts you at ease from the friendly reception, the consultation secretary and nurse attending the procedure. Dr De Silva's skills are second to none. I have no hesitation to recommend anyone going to him. He is very reassuring and makes the whole procedure pleasant. I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedure.

By Julhughes, Rhinoplasty experience on Jan 7, 2016

Dr Julian de Silva delivered the exact results I was hoping for. I had a great experience with the sedation which I highly recommend; I slept throughout the whole procedure and my recovery was great. The result is very natural and matches the features in my face. I am very happy and grateful he was my surgeon.

By Emma B, Mother of 4 ... Waited 25 Years for the Procedure. Finally Went Ahead Age 40!, Rhinoplasty on Jan 6, 2016

A teenage fixation became an obsession which I ultimately had to act on. Very relieved I did, but even happier I found the right surgeon. J de Silva was worth the wait. Delighted with the results of the Rhinoplasty and chin implant. All explained in advance and there were no suprises. Considering the life changing event it was all very straightforward!

By Improveurself, Upper blepharoplasty & Laser Resurfacing on Jan 5, 2016

I had an upper bleph with laser resurfacing in December with Dr de Silva. It's still early days and the final result will not be evident for a while but so far I'm very happy with how my eyes look and I've healed extremely well. The procedure was carried out using local anaesthetic but without sedation and I have to say that it was completely painless. Of course it's normal to be anxious before any kind of surgery but I can honestly say that there was no need for extra sedation. The team at the Hammersmith Clinic put me at ease, explained everything clearly and by the time I was lying on operating table I was feeling quite relaxed.....especially when the Christmas music was changed for something a bit more fabulous ! I didn't feel any pain prior to, during or even after surgery. The only slight discomfort I felt during the procedure was the sensation of pressure when the fatty part of the upper eye was being 're-arranged'. I have to say I was very impressed with how quickly I healed but I did follow all Dr de Silva's post surgery instructions religiously. My eyes looked tired and sad before and I felt they really aged me - now I feel more awake and am really pleased I had them done.

By Clare Revision Rhinoplasty on Jan 4, 2016

I had revision rhinoplasty with Dr De Silva in October 2015 after having my first rhinoplasty with a different surgeon in 2010. My first surgery was to correct my bulbous tip - at first everything seemed fine however a couple of years after my nose appeared lop-sided and a bump appeared on the left hand side of my tip. I chose Dr De Silva from the numerous fantastic reviews and he didn't disappoint - I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr De Silva and his team were excellent and made me at ease straight away, the sedation was painless and I recovered almost straight away (I felt well enough to work from home for the week I had the splint on), I had very minimal bruising which was 90% gone by the time the splint came off and my scar has almost disappeared. My nose now looks so natural and no one seems to have noticed - not even my mum who saw me the evening after the splint came off! He is expensive but when you are talking about your face money should not be a factor - if you cant afford Dr De Silva my strong advice would be not to have surgery or you may have to end up having a revision. I would highly recommend Dr De Silva.

By AnnaLisa Nose job experience on Jan 3, 2016

I am 35, looking to have a very minor rhinoplasty adjustment. I was nervous but had good reassurance. I had the sedation which was worrying me. How much would I remember? Would it be painful? I can honestly say it was very comfortable considering, I was happy, in no pain and the recovery was very quick. I am not 3 months on and I have no scar really its all perfect and I am very very happy with the results. If you are looking to get this done, I would thoroughly recommend my surgeon, the whole experience was better than I expected. I did a lot of research to find the best surges I could. I found him. The rest of the team who worked there all get 5* from me

By Face & Neck Review on Jan 1, 2016

I am a 41 year old male , who wanted to have the above carried out for over 20 years, , with a mixture of fear , uncertainty , and what you find on google when you search for plastic surgery , I never had the courage to follow through. When I spoke to Dr De Silva, this all changed. He managed my expectations very well and explained the process extremely well. I am happy to say Dr De Silva treated me in October and it could not have gone any better. I am very pleased, I feel when i look in the mirror or at a photo , the real me is looking back The beauty of his art is that people comment that you look much better but have no idea that you had an operation. I highly recommend this talented surgeon.

By Rhinoplasty review with Julian De Silva on Dec 20, 2015

I have undergone a septorhinoplasty around 2 months ago under sedation and i am so happy with my results! i would recommend sedation experience over general anesthesia any day and for me to say that is definitely something new as even a little needle prick would hurt me! But honestly the best experience ever and so glad i picked the right surgeon after three years of researching! I feel so much more confident within myself and love my side profile! Cost me aprox £8000. I am still in my healing process so will need to wait for final results but so far so good!

By Happy Customer, Rhinoplasty and septoplasty on Dec 7, 2015

Absolutely amazing from the first day until now! I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty and I already love the results even though the swelling still needs to subside. The staff is the nicest and the most professional staff I have ever encounter. Dr De Silva is nothing like the Plastic Surgeons of LA who all suffer from a superiority complex and he is far more talented than most of them! I just loved the experience, no pain, great support, patience, great advice, stuck to the plan, overall perfection. In a few decades, I will definitely be going back for whatever my face will need help with.

By Neck Lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Dec 6, 2015

Highly recommended. Dr De Silva performed a neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty on me two weeks ago. Already the effects are noticeable and I'm so pleased. Apart from being a highly skilled surgeon, Dr De Silva is gentle, kind and honest about the results one can expect. His backup team are cheerful and efficient. I cannot rate the London Centre highly enough

By Revision Rhinoplasty, patient testimonial on Nov 30, 2015

I can honestly say that my entire experience of Rhinoplasty was flawless. Everything from consultation to the actual procedure, to the follow-ups was done in a professional yet warm manner. My end result is exactly what I had hoped for. The whole team were professional & caring and I highly recommend them to anyone.

By Sophie M, Rhinoplasty and mole removal on Nov 29, 2015

I had open rhinoplasty with Dr De Silva 3 months ago. I choose him for the procedure based on before and after photos on his website, his specialization on facial procedures, recent awards he has won, and patient testimonies. During the consultation phase, I found him to be very patient and welcoming of questions. You can also email him or the clinic's consultation assistant with questions at any stage. For my own anxiety, I wish that I had asked more, especially during the consultation phase. The procedure itself went smoothly. The whole surgical team was calming and explained what was happening and what was going to happen very well. The clinic provided information and instruction sheets beforehand so I was prepared for the recovery phase. This said, the recovery phase was much slower than I expected, even though it is exactly as described by Dr De Silva and on the clinic website. I live in the Southwest of England, and travelled to London for consultations and for the surgery and initial recovery until my cast was removed. My mother came to take care of me, and I am really glad I didn't have to take care of myself. I travelled back by train the day after my cast removal, but I would recommend staying 1-2 days longer if you can, as I was really nervous in the crowded train station (and actually about going to any crowded place, even a street, for about 2 weeks after). I went back to work 5 days after cast removal (12 days after surgery) but the nose was still rather swollen. The main thing that I think others noticed was that I could not control a slow but steady watery drip out of my nostrils, and you just have to keep dabbing because you can't feel it at all (this still happens a tiny bit now). I still have a fair amount of swelling in my nose tip and about midway down the ridge, so for the moment it looks like a have a little bump and a little dip in between that and the tip. At my checkup 3 weeks ago, Dr De Silva gave me an anti-inflammatory injection and reassured me that everything is healing normally. Already, I am pleased with the result and I can't wait to see the final result in another few months. It looks very natural and I still recognize myself. I don't think anyone has even noticed except for very close friends and family, who already knew about the procedure. I was a bit on the fence about doing it, but felt so reassured and trusting of Dr De Silva's opinion, experience, and technique. I already feel more confident when meeting new people. I also had a mole on my cheek removed at the same time as the rhinoplasty. I am so glad I did this. I've hated that mole for as long as I can remember. Before the procedure, I was actually looking forward to this much more than the nose! Dermatologists who had removed moles elsewhere (not for cosmetic reasons) had always advised me not to remove this one for fear of leaving a large crater where it had been. Dr De Silva removed it and left only a very small, straight incision line. He removed the stitches at the same time as my nose cast, so 8 days after the surgery. The scar is already fading, and now fading fast after applying a gel recommended at my check up. It's very easy to cover with a dab of concealer, and I have stopped doing this regularly. Very happy.

By Face & Neck Lift Review on Nov 1, 2015

From the very first time I met Dr De Silva he had the most calming manner I felt so relaxed after our first meeting. I followed the procedure to the letter which helped my recovery. I had a face lift and a neck lift. I had local anaesthetic , I was mostly sleeping but the team were so kind that the whole experience wasn't as frightening as I thought. It isn't painful just a little discomfort. They took good care of me , I had my own nurse all through the night keeping her eye on me. I'v been several times since so he does keep a cheque on you. Most importantly I love what he's done and I feel on top of the world Dear Dr De Silva

By Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr De Silva on Oct 24, 2015

I went to see Dr De Silva for a rhinoplasty. I was slightly nervous about the whole thing beforehand, but after sitting down with him at the initial consultation he and his staff immediately put me at ease. He explained everything to me in meticulous detail and he and his team were available and extremely responsive to any questions I had, even outside office hours. After a second consultation the rhinoplasty operation took place, just over a month after my initial consultation meeting. The procedure went extremely smoothly as Dr De Silva, his assisting staff and the anaesthetist were highly professional and the whole thing was a pain-free experience. Within a few minutes of the operation I felt back to normal and was surprised that I didn't feel drowsy or tired. I was prescribed pain medication but didn't need to use any of it. The aftercare I received was impeccable too - I've had two follow-up appointments so far and on both occasions I've been examined thoroughly. It's now nearly six weeks since the rhinoplasty operation and I'm extremely pleased with the results. Overall I'm impressed with Dr De Silva and would strongly recommend him to anyone considering a rhinoplasty. He's very approachable and friendly as well as clearly being an expert in his field. His team are highly professional and together they made my experience a thoroughly positive one.

By Upper Eyelid Surgery & Laser Patient Review on Oct 2, 2015

I had an upper bleph with laser resurfacing, and what a difference it has made. I'm thrilled with the results. The results are so natural people couldn't quite place what I'd done until I told EVERYONE. I got comments like "have you had a facial/or a spa", "your skin looks great, you look younger what is it?" Dr De Silva and his team were great. Everything was explained well right from the first appointment. I felt very reassured and comfortable on the day of the op. The actual procedure is rather relaxed. I did get a little panicky at one stage I cant lie, but the very lovely Irish nurse held my hand and we were soon chatting away about movies we'd seen, and so it took my mind off what was happening. I had not been awake before and I think it just took me a wee while to realise its actually ok. I had arranged for my partner to pick me, thank goodness, as you do feel (and look) a little squiffy. I agree with other reviews: over the next few days stay away from the mirror ;0) I spent the next week staring at my face in great detail, and as I didn't know that each eye can heal at different rates I got myself in a right flap! So, when I went for my first check up I burst into tears (apparently this is not unusual, phew) and Dr De Silva told me it was completely normal and not to worry, what a relief. As I suffer from a bad back, I wasn't sleeping well propped up, so I did sleep with just one pillow. But otherwise followed the instructions to the letter and I was up and about in no time. I did heal slowly (its just the way I am), and I had itchy eyes for a time, and also dry eyes, which I rang and Dr De Silva for advice about. He spoke to me directly and sent me a prescription to help. He was an absolute star and nothing was too much trouble. Both issues passed quickly, and didn't hold up me returning to normal activities. They were just part of my healing process. On my last check up, I think we were both pleased with the results! The scars were virtually gone and there was very little swelling. I cannot believe what a difference it has made. I look younger and feel much more confident. I would recommend Dr De Silva and his team without hesitation. Their care before, during, and all importantly after is second to none. Thanks very much to you all.

By Tina Edwards, Rhinoplasty Experience on Sep 25, 2015

I had hated my nose from as early as I can remember ! However, a"nose job" as we non medical people know it,had previously been out of my reach financially and logistically. It was only celebrities who had them done in my world. However with the media etc I started to research methods and surgeons. Previously I had booked two consultations with other surgeons, and cancelled them, fear taking over. However,in February 2015 I stumbled on Dr Julian De Silva,read absolutely everything possible about his skills and experience, and knew for sure that this was my time to go ahead with my dream! I arrived for my first consultation very nervous.The staff instantly put me at ease. Dr De Silva met me with a thorough,informative and positive consultation. At no time did I feel rushed. He totally understood my worries and hopes for my New Nose! His parting words were,that "he would take good care of me" and I absolutely knew that he would. I left ,making my follow up consultation appointment. I had no worries for this appointment,instead,I was excited,and anxious to get the operation booked.He had told me that I needed two proceedures,and exactly how he would achieve it and in detail all about pre and post surgery, and all about sedation! Again I felt calm and excited. He really was so informative and professional. I had also read all the paperwork he had given to me,which covered every question and worry that I may have had. His web site also covered absolutely everything! My proceedure was at 7.15 am two months later.I was slightly apprehensive,but once again this disappeared instantly once greeted by his team. 15 minutes later my sedation process had started,and what seemed minutes later I was gently awoken by Dr De Silva and his team. I could not believe it was all over.I didn't want to wake up.I felt that I was having the most amazing sleep.Very rested and calm.There was music playing and friendly faces around me. Less than half an hour later, after being checked I was on my way home!Amazing! I had my prescription of allocated drugs, previously obtained.My husband nagged me to take the pain killers in preparation for all the drugs wearing off. I, however thought I Would wait! My pain killers remained un opened! I still can't believe that I had undergone quite invasive surgery and experienced no pain atall! I followed my recovery instructions exactly,and I would say that I had the most amazing text book recovery.Black eyes being the only negative ! One week later I had the stitches removed,and returned to work the next day! My eyes were quite black, but although swollen,I could already start to see my fantastic "new nose"!Love it, and it's going to get even better as the swelling totally subsides!

By Karen, upper blepharoplasty, laser on Sep 20, 2015

I had upper eyelid Blepharolasty 10 weeks ago the results are outstanding Dr Julian De Silva is a very skilled and talented surgeon, everything about the procedure and healing time was exactly as he said it would be, I do not look look my any longer I look at least 15 years younger.

By Male Rhinoplasty, SN on Sep 19, 2015

I had a Rhinoplasty Procedure in April 2015 by Dr De Silva, I had made my Decision to go through with the surgery after probably a decade of being unsatisfied with my nose and decided a adjustment was needed and I feel that it was beginning to get me down as I was becoming conscious almost paranoid about it. I had a consultation with Dr De Silva in January 2015 and it was clear that I really could benefit from this procedure, The whole team was professional and it was just a natural progression to move forward with Surgery. On the day of surgery naturally I was nervous as I've never had any operation but it was quite surreal, the Nurses were on point specifically the Irish Nurse I never got to say thank you. There was never any pain just slight discomfort I suppose. The Recovery was quick looking back now and the initial days was minimal activity slowly increasing as bruising reduced. After the cast come off the skin cleared up over proceeding week and it was immediately clear of the improvements made. As I began work and began a normal routine the time quickly past and swelling reduced I realised that I had made the correct decision and I was impressed by the result. The whole experience was just simply plain sailing and generally very professional by Dr De Silva and the team and I feel having this done has made a significant improvement to my general well-being which I can say with 100% conviction that I'm satisfied with the surgery. Sterling Work.

By Yasmin, Ethnic Rhinoplasty on Sep 13, 2015

I had rhinoplasty done a couple months back with Dr Julian De Silva. I've always wanted to have my nose done since I could remember, however would always say I would wait until I was old enough to. I had quite a large bump and as a result hated my side profile. I did lots of research online until I came across Dr Silva and read so many positive and happy reviews about their experiences. It is truly difficult to find the words to fully express my happiness and excitement since my surgery a few months back. The outstanding care and kindness shown to me from my first consultation till aftercare is by far beyond my expectation. Never have I met such a remarkable doctor and team of professionals. Dr Silva has provided me with the confidence I once lacked and have enhanced the features on my face. The treatment I was provided with by Dr Silva and staff has helped me attain a fast recovery and has made this experience a pleasantly memorable one. It was not only the care that was shown but also the empathy of each staff at The Centre, which has completed my experience. I would highly recommend the whole experience, from my first consultation to aftercare. I don't think I could have found a better surgeon who understood exactly what I wanted, and for that I am eternally grateful.

By Ellen, Rhinoplasty following trauma on Sep 5, 2015

I broke my nose by being hit by a hockey ball to the face during a match at university. This caused my nose to deviated obviously to one side of my face and caused me to snore very loudly at night. I've always liked my nose to a degree but felt that it was quite masculine and undefined also. Therefore I came to Dr De Silva unhappy with my obviously wonky nose and relatively droopy and undefined tip. I explained all of this to him and he was very sympathetic and after an examination revealed I had a deviated septum also. I was nervous but new that I wanted this surgery so I scheduled the operation. I was always very excited and sure that I wanted the surgery. I fainted just before surgery as I hadn't eaten for too long and was a little nervous! I woke up to Dr De Silva and his amazing team who handled the situation perfectly. After seeing how talented and professional himself and his team were in this situation I felt very at ease and knew I was in good hands. The twighlight anaesthesia was amazing; I was asleep and awake before I knew it with no memory of anything. When the cast came off it was a very surreal experience seeing my nostrils and now lovely straight nose, however after 3 months I can see how amazing and talented Dr De Silva is. The swelling goes down more every day to reveal the excellent work of Dr De Silva. I feel like he really listened to what I wanted from the surgery and he has delivered and exceeded my expectations. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made and now can look in a mirror and feel happy with the reflection, I can't thank him enough!

By Revision Rhinoplasty & Chin Implant Review on Aug 23, 2015

Superb surgeon, performed a rhinoplasty and chin implant in one theatre session for me. Not an easy procedure as this was my third rhinoplasty after previous nasal trauma. The outcome was by far the best of all the surgeries I have had. My nose is now straight and the implant is subtle. Very happy with the result.

By Multiple consultations testimonial of Dr De Silva on Aug 14, 2015

I had 2 consultations with 2 different surgeons before proceeding with Dr De Silva. As soon as I met with Dr De Silva and his team, they made me feel at ease and comfortable with my decision through their ever so friendly and professional manner. I was apprehensive about the surgery, as this was my first procedure ever, but pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything went and how comfortable I was throughout. I was especially apprehensive in having sedation, but it was nothing like I had built it up to be in my head, I didn’t feel any discomfort and the actually surgery felt like it was over ever so quickly. Post-surgery, I had no bruising whatsoever and so recovery was quick too. I’m so happy with the results and so happy I chose Dr De Silva.

By MoRizwan Nose job Review on Aug 9, 2015

I have recently had a rhinoplasty done by Dr De Silva. It took a lot of researching before finally deciding that Dr De Silva was the best option for a rhinoplasty. The sedation procedure was extremely helpful as I was asleep the whole time. Dr De Silva and his team are friendly, professional and made me feel comfortable throughout the procedure ensuring I didn't feel any discomfort. The outcome was better than I expected and I am pleased that I chose Dr De Silva for this. I would highly recommend Dr De Silva as the best option for anyone.

By Dexy on Jul 26, 2015

I always had to use tons of make up to make my eyes look even vaguely attractive- it took hours and hours to get them to look symetrical and I was often unhappy with that over made up look. Some people might have called it 'Glamorous' but it often made me look tired and a bit, well, like a drag queen!!! Now I hardly need anything at all! I look so much fresher and it takes me no time to face the world!

By Ethnic rhinoplasty review on Jul 18, 2015

I had 2 consultations with 2 different surgeons before proceeding with Dr De Silva. As soon as I met with Dr De Silva and his team, they made me feel at ease and comfortable with my decision through their ever so friendly and professional manner. I was apprehensive about the surgery, as this was my first procedure ever, but pleasantly surprised by how quickly everything went and how comfortable I was throughout. I was especially apprehensive in having sedation, but it was nothing like I had built it up to be in my head, I didn’t feel any discomfort and the actually surgery felt like it was over ever so quickly. Post-surgery, I had no bruising whatsoever and so recovery was quick too. I’m so happy with the results and so happy I chose Dr De Silva.

By Eyelid surgery with laser and sedation review on Jul 14, 2015

I had upper & lower blepharoplasty with laser resurfacing, under sedation, in Feb 2015. I am so thrilled with the result, which is everything I had hoped it would be. I experienced no pain during or after the procedure and was amazed at how quickly my eyes healed - I was out socialising after 3 weeks - although it did take approx. 3 months for everything to fully settle down. Dr De Silva has a lovely caring, calming manner. He explains the procedure and recovery time in great detail and is more than happy to discuss any worries or concerns. The staff I met at the Hammersmith Clinic are so friendly, and put you at your ease the moment you walk though the door. I had a number of follow-up consultations to ensure I was happy and recovery was on track and can honestly say the aftercare was outstanding. I am one very happy patient who can highly recommend Dr De Silva and his excellent team at the Hammersmith Clinic.

By Natasha on Jul 11, 2015

I had rhinoplasty in January 2015 with the wonderful Dr De Silva. I had been considering surgery for quite some time, mainly due to the increase in social media, such as Instagram and taking 'selfies', which had sadly caused me to find fault with my nose. I wanted the bridge of my nose to be slimmed down and to have more definition in my tip, although at the same time I wanted to keep the look soft and feminine, and most importantly I wanted it to look natural. When researching for the right surgeon for me, I was pleased when I found Dr De Silva's website. The website alone made me feel that I had found the perfect surgeon, it was most informative and explained in great detail of all his procedures, including rhinoplasty. I would say another reason for my decision to choose Dr De Silva, was the fact he specialises in the face only. Upon reading nothing but positive reviews on several websites, I booked a consultation. When I arrived on the day of my consultation the staff were very friendly and welcoming. Upon meeting Dr De Silva, he immediately made me feel at ease. He is a lovely person, very genuine and most importantly professional. Dr De Silva took the time to listen and to understand my concerns and expectations. He answered all my questions, and I left the consultation feeling positive that if anyone was to perform my rhinoplasty, I wanted it to be him. On the day of my surgery I was very nervous, which is only normal. As soon as I arrived the staff made me feel relaxed, they were friendly and caring. I had my procedure performed under sedation, which for me was a surprisingly pleasant experience. All I remember after being given the sedation was a comforting and relaxed feeling spread throughout my entire body, and then I fell asleep, as the next thing I recall was waking up and the surgery was complete. At no point from the moment I woke up and throughout my entire healing process, did I feel any pain or discomfort whatsoever, which was such a relief. Although I bruised under my eyes, my bruising was minimal, and within a week or two my bruising had disappeared. Any bruising I did have, I was able to conceal easily with make up. After my first follow up appointment, I was absolutely thrilled when my cast was removed and I could immediately see a difference. I couldn't be happier with the result. Dr De Silva has stayed consistent whilst I have been under his care, pre op and post op, I cannot fault him. He genuinely cares about his patients and he is a superb surgeon. I fully recommend Dr De Silva to anyone who is looking to have rhinoplasty.

By Upper eyelid surgery & Laser resurfacing Testimonial on Jul 5, 2015

I had an upper bleph with laser resurfacing in December with Dr de Silva. The procedure was carried out using local anaesthetic but without sedation and I have to say that it was completely painless. Of course it's normal to be anxious before any kind of surgery but I can honestly say that there was no need for extra sedation. The team at the Hammersmith Clinic put me at ease, explained everything clearly and by the time I was lying on operating table I was feeling quite relaxed. I have to say I was very impressed with how quickly I healed but I did follow all Dr de Silva's post surgery instructions religiously. My eyes looked tired and sad before and I felt they really aged me - now I feel more awake and am really pleased I had them done.

By EL on Jun 29, 2015

It is now over six months that I had upper blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing with Dr Julian De Silva. There is still a thin white scar line on my eyelids, however, this is only visible with my eyes closed and falls within the natural creases of my eyes, and this may still reduce further. I am very pleased with the results which look natural and have refreshed my eyes, the fine wrinkles have gone. My eyes look like they did 10 to 15 years ago. I was worried beforehand about finding a good surgeon and did extensive work before having the operation. I choose Dr De Silva because of the reviews and also because he specialised in facial cosmetic surgery. I would highly recommend Dr De Silva, who is very professional and caring and has very good team working with him.

By Upper Eyelid Surgery on Jun 26, 2015

I am a 52 year old man, and had an upper blepharoplasty procedure in February 2015. From the first consultation with Dr De Silva I knew that I was in good hands. He was very clear reassuring, and explained to me exactly what was involved and what results I could expect. The procedure itself, under local anaesthetc, was painless and I was back at work a week later with only very slight swelling of the eyelids. I am extremely happy with the outcome, which is exactly as Dr De Silva had explained at the beginning. After one month there was no swelling or bruising or scarring. I cannot fault any part of the treatment I received from Dr De Silva and his team, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him.

By Blepharoplasty & Fillers on Jun 19, 2015

I had my eyebags removed, skin around the eyes lasered, and facial filler. I had been looking very tired for a long time and had wanted to have my eyebags removed but was very frightened. I had the procedure performed by Dr Julian De Silva in London, with sedation only. This was great, as I remembered nothing afterwards, as if I had had a general anaesthetic, but without the risks. I was able to go home very soon after the procedure- another advantage of having sedation only. I am very pleased with the results, and have no scars due to the procedure that Dr De Silva uses to remove eyebags. He is extremely professional, answered all my questions, and was very thorough in the aftercare provided post operatively. I would definitely recommend him.

By Ethnic Rhinoplasty Review on Jun 12, 2015

My nasal bridge bump always bothered me. Was at a good age where all bones are fully formed and figured Id get the surgery. Now I cant regret it in the future. It was something Id look at/notice every single day, so it was a fairly straight forward decision. Went with sedation. Turned out to be amazing. 3 hour surgery felt like 10 mins. Didnt feel a thing. No pain

By Tim Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty, Fat Transfer, Laser on Jun 7, 2015

I am a 58 year old male, after extensively researching upper/lower Blepharoplasty. I finally had surgery with Dr De silva in February 2015. I had tried every lotion, potion & creams on the market for my baggy eyes and drooping eye lids " believe me none of them work". After working long hard hours for over forty years I was beginning to look old and unattractive, my confidence was low and I just hated looking in the mirror at myself. Now three months later not only do I look ten years younger but feel it as well. From the moment I met Dr De silva I felt very confident I had chosen the right Surgeon, he listened very carefully to all my concerns and reassured me that there would be no visible scars, which I was very worried about. My wife coincided the surgery with a long overdue holiday, I was very surprised at being able to fly after just ten days, this meant that know I knew would see me for six weeks!. By this time all the bruising and swelling " not that there was much " had completely disappeared. The results are absolutely unbelievable not even my own children and close family have any idea I had surgery. The procedure it self was totally pain free with just a little discomfort after the laser treatment. The choice of having local anaesthetic was totally relaxing this was made more so by Dr De silva very professional team who looked after me so well, the three hour procedure seemed to last only minutes , all side affects disappeared the following day. I cannot thank Dr De silva enough, he has changed my whole outlook to life, this man was born to be Facial plastic surgeon.

By DS Upper Blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing on Jun 5, 2015

I had it in my head if I was going to have surgery I needed a doctor with good eyesight and steady hands. I saw two surgeons and stopped looking after meeting Dr De Silva. I found his manner very calming and he was informative as well as me feeling I had his undivided attention. I found his staff very friendly and helpful at the pre-op appointments and I had no fears until the actual day of the operation. I was prepped then taken in to the operating room. I felt nothing the whole 2.5 hrs, I was wide awake throughout and nothing but the smell was unpleasant. I had no idea what to expect but I was not ready for how quick and easy it was. I could see minutes after surgery and was ready to go home. The first evening was fine, I did exactly as the instruction pamphlet told me. Lots of tablets and creams to administer but no pain or discomfort. The next morning I woke with a huge amount of swelling distorting my face badly and at this point I did wonder what I had done. I got through the next day with lots of ice and tried not to look in a mirror. By the next and subsequent days the swelling rapidly decreased and I could see my new eyes for the first time. One week from surgery I went back to have my stitches taken out then on that same day I went back to work. My eyes looked normal for the first time in 15 years, they were round again instead of little hooded slits – and they let in so much light! There was a feint discolouration under my eyes so I applied foundation. In the passing weeks everything seemed to tighten up, the last little bit of swelling disappeared and my skin colour around my eyes went back to normal. The scars are practically invisible and I am very pleased with the results – it was worth every penny. A big thanks to Dr De Silva and his team! DS

By EvaMDS Rhinoplasty on May 22, 2015

When I was considering having surgery I was of course concerned about the procedure itself, but what was a real struggle was the idea of having general anesthesia. Dr De Silva gave me the option of the conscious sedation. I would be pain free, anxiety free and able to communicate and breathe for myself during the surgery. That made the difference for me. I don't remember my surgery at all (I slept comfortably all way through) and the recovery took just a few hours. Having I know about the conscious sedation before I would have gotten the surgery done sooner

By JP Revision Chin Implant after Genioplasty on May 15, 2015

I came to Dr De Silva after previous genioplasty that had not gone to plan resulting in another operation to correct it before having a consultation with Dr De Silva in 2014. At this point I was feeling very distressed and unhappy, I was immediately reassured by Dr De Silva's knowledge, professionalism and compassion. Coming round from the Sedation was a euphoric experience and recovery from surgery was short compared to previous experiences of local anaesthesia.

By CB Cheek Implants on May 11, 2015

I had a cheek augmentation (implants) operation with Dr. Dr Silva several months ago. I have been pleased with the result and I found Dr De Silva polite, professional and knowledgeable at all times. He was not pushy at the consultation and his prices seem in line with what other surgeons in London charge, so given the quality of his work I would be happy to recommend him to others considering a similar procedure.

By DC Neck Lift & Blepharoplasty Review on May 9, 2015

My wife and I spent some time considering various consultants and finally chose to meet with Dr De Silva. From the moment we met with Dr de Silva and his team we felt comfortable, confident and very pleased with all aspects of the process. From the outset Dr De Silva understood my requirements and gave good advice on both the approach and extent of the procedures. In addition I was concerned about having a general anaesthetic. He recommended sedation for my procedure, which proved to be fantastic for me as there was no lasting effect post operation and a much quicker recovery! I would highly recommend sedation as an alternative to a general anaesthetic for these specific reasons! Post operative care has been great and most importantly the outcome of the operative treatment has far exceeded my expectation. Thank you Dr De Silva and your team for all your care and attention.

By Blepharoplasty Review on May 9, 2015

I did extensive research prior to selecting Dr De Silva for my Upper Blepharoplasty surgery and am totally convinced that I have the best possible results from the operation. My initial consultation not only provided me with all the information I required but, in addition, it put to rest any reservations I may have had at that time. The recovery time was much shorter than I expected and the post-op service and staff empathy were exceptional throughout. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr De Silva and his Clinic to anyone considering similar cosmetic surgery.

By JH Male Blepharoplasty on May 8, 2015

My recent upper eyelid blepharoplasty with Dr De Silva was a great success and I'm extremely pleased with the result. He is a truly talented surgeon and his attention to detail is inspiring. The post operative care was reassuring and commendable. I would highly recommend him.

By LJ Blepharoplasty on May 1, 2015

The only surgeon I would recommend to carry out anything to ones face.. I researched for months and saved up for three years to have the ugly skin removed from my eye lids and the result is so brilliant I feel like Dr De Dilva has given me my life back and my confidence !!! I cannnot praise him and his staff highly enough Lenka and Chanti were very helpful at all times and everyone was so helpful and reassuring .... I would never let anyone else touch my face as Dr De Silva is an exceptional surgeon and artist and considers you as the patient whilst keeping everything very realistic and ensuring that you understand every step of the way what is going to happen .... Thank you all so much I cannot tell you what a huge difference you have made to my confidence and now I may actually participate in the family photos!

By MK on Apr 26, 2015

Turning 35 has made me think much more seriously about my skin care needs. When I first consulted Dr De Silva I was looking really tired and strung out after lots of late nights and a busy work schedule. Living a London life was definitely taking it's toll. Initially I wasn't sure I needed a lower blepharoplasty - I had hoped a cabinet of expensive creams would do the trick. However I totally trusted Dr De Silva's unbiased advice and booked the surgery. Now I'm so glad I had it done! And I finally know why all those celebs look so youthful in magazines...I look healthier and my eye area is fresh and natural looking. I don't worry about what I look like in the morning and even go out without make up. I will go back for advice and surgery without a hesitation. Glad I've started to look after myself now, so that I can maintain a healthy and happy face into the future.

By AP Blepharoplasty & Sedation on Apr 25, 2015

I had been considering having lower blepharoplasty for almost 5 years but was so very worried and concerned about the pain, the procedure, finding the right surgeon and long recovery time. My under eye bags were so visible and I was constantly getting told how tired I looked. Over a period of time I started to lose my confidence and felt very conscious of how my eyes and face appeared to others. I had been seriously researching for the last 2 years for the right surgeon, but no one seemed to fit the bill or instill me with confidence till I met Dr De Silva. From the moment he walked into the consulting room, his easy manner and soft gentle voice allowed me to put total faith in his approach to my specific needs. He gave me as much time as I needed, answered all my questions honestly and setting my expectations so I knew exactly what to expect over the whole experience. I was very anxious before surgery, but Dr De Silva and his lovely team allayed my fears and before I knew it the surgery was over and I was on my way home! I followed the after care instructions stringently and as a consequence found there was minimum pain, more discomfort than pain, but nothing that couldn't be handled. In fact I didn't take any pain relief medication at all, which was a surprise to me! Having had this experience and knowing what I know now, I wish I had had it done years ago! Dr De Silva provides a total package from start to finish, with him and his team been available night or day to alleviate any worries or concerns, before or after surgery. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr De Silva for any facial surgery and he is the only person I would go to for anything relating to my face. I am 55 years of age. My surgery was on 19th February 2015, now 8 weeks on, apart from some slight swelling and little bruising, I have the eyes I had in my 30's. Dr De Silva's expertise & skillmanship is so fantastic that no one has suspected I've had surgery, as it looks so natural and no visible scars of any kind. I feel as if I have been given a new lease of life, my confidence is back and even admit to taking double glances at myself in the mirror!!

By Yasemin, Ethnic Rhinoplasty & Chin Implant on Apr 12, 2015

Dear Dr Julian De Silva, It is truly difficult to find the words to fully express my happiness and excitement since my surgery last week. The outstanding care and kindness shown to me from my first consultation till aftercare is by far beyond my expectation. Never have I met such a remarkable doctor and team of professionals. It is evident that you all enjoy what you do and I cannot thank or praise you all enough. You have provided me with the confidence I once lacked and have enhanced the features on my face. The treatment I was provided with by yourself and your staff has helped me attain fast recovery and has made this experience a pleasantly memorable one. It was not only the care that was shown but also the empathy of each staff at The Centre, which has completed my experience. I would highly recommend the whole experience, from my first consultation to aftercare. I don't think I could have found a better surgeon who understood exactly what I wanted, and for that I am eternally grateful. Kind regards, Yasemin

By Stephanie, Rhinoplasty on Mar 22, 2015

I had rhinoplasty in January 2015 and I had a very good experience under the care of Dr de Silva and his team. My result is the natural look I wanted and for the first time in my life I have stopped obsessing about my nose! I felt from the first consultation that Dr de Silva understood what I wanted to change and he made me feel very confident in his ability to achieve this result. The recovery time was minimal, the majority of the swelling had disappeared after 10 days and I had very minimal bruising. I also experienced absolutely no pain! I was nervous about being sedated rather than having general anaesthetic but I am so glad I did it. It is the same 'going under' experience as general anaesthetic so you have no knowledge of the procedure. The difference is the recovery! I felt normal the same evening as surgery. After my surgery I was posting about my surgery on Instagram and chatting to other people who had had surgery around the same time. I have to say that I realised quickly that my recovery was happening much faster than other people and that I had no complaints when other people were worried about how the result would turn out or saying that they were in a lot of discomfort. You can see all the Instagram posts on rhinoplastydiary_britgirl. Finding the right surgeon is very important and I cannot stress enough that I think all my research paid off. It was actually the combination of reading Google reviews and watching his YouTube channel that made up my mind. I also chose Dr de Silva as I now have a year of aftercare to look forward to included in the cost of surgery. 

By Sue E, Facelift Review on Mar 21, 2015

Dear Dr De Silva, I had my procedure at the beginning of December, and now almost completely healed after three months. I am delighted with the final result. My skin looks fresher with less wrinkles, and some people say that I look 20 yrs younger. I have not told anyone about what I have had done, except my immediate family. When friends asked me why I looked so good, I told them I had had a Laser Skin Resurfacing, which they were all happy to accept and no more was said. I didn’t want my face to look any different, only fresher and younger. You have succeeded with flying colours, so a great big THANK YOU to you and your staff. I feel wonderful and have a lot more confidence. I can’t thank you enough Kind regards Sue E

By Bobster on Mar 13, 2015

I was a 53 year old male and had developed large bags under my eyes which made me look old and tired. The skin was loose and I had purple/blue discolouration in the tear ducts. Under IV seduction, I had the fat removed and the skin under the eye tightened, along with laser resurfacing which was recommended by Dr De Silva. A few months later I look 10 years younger and I am much more confident. I'm really glad I had this done and I'd recommend Dr De Silva and his staff and surgery.

By Face and Neck Lift Review on Mar 5, 2015

Dear Dr De Silva, I had my procedure at the beginning of December, and now almost completely healed after three months. I am delighted with the final result. My skin looks fresher with less wrinkles, and some people say that I look 20 yrs younger. I have not told anyone about what I have had done, except my immediate family. When friends asked me why I looked so good, I told them I had had a Laser Skin Resurfacing, which they were all happy to accept and no more was said. I didn’t want my face to look any different, only fresher and younger. You have succeeded with flying colours, so a great big THANK YOU to you and your staff. I feel wonderful and have a lot more confidence. I can’t thank you enough. Kind regards SE

By Brooke on Feb 27, 2015

I had Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty with Dr De Silva almost 2 weeks ago and I am over the moon with the results. I would highly recommend the whole experience, from my first consultation to aftercare. I don't think I could have found a better surgeon who understood exactly what I wanted.

By Upper bleph on Feb 22, 2015

I had an upper bleph with laser resurfacing in December with Dr De Silva. It's still early days and the final result will not be evident for a while but so far I'm very happy with how my eyes look and I've healed extremely well. The procedure was carried out using local anaesthetic but without sedation and I have to say that it was completely painless. Of course it's normal to be anxious before any kind of surgery but I can honestly say that there was no need for extra sedation. The team at the Hammersmith Clinic put me at ease, explained everything clearly and by the time I was lying on operating table I was feeling quite relaxed.....especially when the Christmas music was changed for something a bit more fabulous ! I didn't feel any pain prior to, during or even after surgery. The only slight discomfort I felt during the procedure was the sensation of pressure when the fatty part of the upper eye was being 're-arranged'. I have to say I was very impressed with how quickly I healed but I did follow all Dr De Silva's post surgery instructions religiously. My eyes looked tired and sad before and I felt they really aged me - now I feel more awake and am really pleased I had them done.

By Ronnie K on Feb 21, 2015

If your looking for the ultimate surgeon who listens,cares,understands your needs and has the skill,talent and passion to give you the most natural look after surgery,Then my recommendation for Dr De Silva and his highly professional team at The London Centre cannot come highly enough. After many months of doing my homework on under eyelid blepharoplasty and London surgeons,my choice of choosing Dr Julian De Silva to perform the surgery could not have been better,my results have been flawless. It has been 4 months since my surgery and the whole procedure from start to finish has been a fantastic experience,my first visit with Dr De Silva was back in early september 2014,I am a 40 year old male who has suffered with under eye circles/bags for years, My first meeting with Dr De Silva was spent discussing what was achievable to give me the most natural look possible without anyone knowing i had cosmetic surgery,i was very much at ease discussing the problems i had with my under eye circles,I found Dr De Silva to be very professional,approachable,down to earth,friendly and really listened to me and my goals. Dr De Silva explained everything to me in very fine detail,his technique/procedure he would use so i had no scarring,the surgery,recovery and aftercare. My surgery date was October 2014 and if im honest,i was actually looking forward to it, My previous visits,discussions and advise from Dr De Silva and his remarkable team had me so at ease,comfortable and ready for my procedure,i knew i was in very safe hands. My surgery was complete,being sedated was an excellent choice,i felt no pain at all,very minor swelling around my eyes and probably just had the best hours sleep i had in years.Dr De Silva even called me at home that evening to make sure i was comfortable and doing well, a real gentleman. My recovery could not have gone any better,the team called me on numerous occasions over the next week to see how i was, i could not believe i still felt no pain,the minor swelling around my eyes had disappeared and for my under eyes, well, i must say looked awesome,I followed Dr De Silvas advise on recovery to the letter and believe me it works,.only my family and close friends knew i had the surgery,.everyone else now comments on how fresh and revitalised i now look,and thats all down to the skill and talent of Dr De Silva. From the very first consultation to the last,Dr De Silva and his team made me feel like i was no 1,there support,attention to detail,care and level of professionalism has been outstanding. Im so extremely happy with my results,i feel better in myself and so much more confident, I would recommend Dr De Silva to anyone who is looking for that natural look. I'm just very grateful i found him ! Ronnie K

By CM on Feb 9, 2015

I had rhinoplasty with Dr De Silva just before Christmas 2014. The whole process has been incredibly smooth and surprisingly pain free. After only seven weeks, despite a little remaining swelling which is normal, I am fully recovered and love the results. Dr De Silva listened to what my issues were and more than delivered in fixing my nose, which trust me had many issues including over projection, being bent and also bumpy along the bridge. All of these have been resolved and I have a nose that is now in keeping with my face and other features. I highly recommend Dr De Silva if you are considering rhinoplasty - subtle and natural are truly the operative words for his work.

By RS Lower Blepharoplasty on Feb 8, 2015

I'm a 53 y/o male and I had lower eyelid blepharoplasty with Dr De Silva, in December 2014. From the start the whole process was very professional and I had full confidence in him, his team and the clinic. The bags under my eyes were pretty bad, the skin was loose and full of fat, which made me look older and tired. Plus the blue/purple skin discolouration. I went with Dr De Silva's recommendation and had the laser resurfacing along with the surgery, I would say the result is a 80-90% improvement which I'm very happy about. The follow up consultations are very reassuring and all part of the service. I'm far less self conscious, and much more confident now about the way I look. I'm so glad I had this done

By SM on Feb 7, 2015

I did a lot of research and had several consultations with different surgeons before choosing Dr De Silva. During the consultations with Dr DS there was never any pressure to have the procedures I was consulting about, all my questions were answered fully and confidently, and Dr DS's easy manner made me immediately comfortable. Dr DS was very clear as to what he could and couldn't achieve and I really appreciated that. The fact that Dr DS specialises in facial surgery was a big factor in making my decision, too. While all cosmetic surgery results are important, the face is just too important to hand over to a surgeon that maybe doesn't have quite as much experience/knowledge/interest as does Dr DS. I had two procedures: upper and lower blepharoplasty and a revision rhinoplasty. I am totally delighted with the results of both. While the change was subtle, friends comment on how terrific I look and want to know my secret! This is exactly the end result I wanted. I feel good about myself and no one would know I'd had surgery to get these results. Dr DS's staff are all brilliant, too. Alberta, Dr DS's theatre nurse, was just wonderful. I was quite nervous going in for the operation and she really helped to keep me calm. After the operation, I came round and was able to go home. My recovery was easy and uneventful and I could go out in public without worry after about two weeks (albeit with dark glasses...). I had my operation in April 2014, so at the time of writing it's now been nine months. As I say, I am delighted with the results of both procedures. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Julian De Silva. I honestly don't think there's a better facial surgeon out there. If you are contemplating facial cosmetic surgery, you want the best - and that's Dr De Silva.

By Ethnic Rhinoplasty on Feb 1, 2015

I underwent ethnic rhinoplasty with Dr De Silva in September last year after attending a consultation. During the consultation, I felt comfortable with Dr De Silva's relaxed, professional and knowledgeable attitude and rang up the very next day to book my rhinoplasty operation. I opted for sedation hence can’t remember anything about the operation since I was asleep throughout. I was able to go home almost straightaway after the operation and only felt slightly woozy. There was surprisingly no pain and I returned to the clinic a week later to get the cast removed. There was quite a lot of swelling but this was expected since Dr De Silva had explained during the consultation stage that this would happen due to the thickness of my skin. It is five months since the operation and most of the swelling has disappeared. I still have a little swelling in the tip of my nose but I am happy with the new shape and feel a lot more confident with my side profile. There has been little change in my nose otherwise which is what I wanted because I wanted it to look as natural as possible and this has definitely been achieved by Dr De Silva. I am also pleased that I can breathe better since the operation. Overall, I was impressed with Dr De Silva and his team during the whole process and continue to be impressed with the aftercare. Dr De Silva is a very talented professional with an outstanding bedside manner which I personally found reassuring since I am an anxious patient. I would definitely recommend Dr De Silva to anybody considering facial surgery since I had a very positive experience at his clinic.

By Rhino on Jan 24, 2015

I underwent for rhynoplasty with dr Julian in October 2014 and since the beginning he was very helpful with all the explanations, how the surgery works, pre and post operation and etc. His confidence made me relax and now I am very happy with the results. No one could notice the change and the recover was not painful at all. Dr de Silva is a great professional and his work is very valuable.

By Swirl on Jan 17, 2015

I underwent Ethnic Rhinoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva in 2014. More than a year on, I am pleased with the overall result. I had wanted Rhinoplasty from a very young age and was always on the look out for the right surgeon and for the right opportunity in my life. I timed my surgery in between jobs, which certainly helped alleviate the pressure of getting myself back to normality. Dr De Silva and his team were very supportive, non-judgemental and accommodating. I certainly did not feel pushed or coerced into making quick decisions. Lucky for me, I was also able to schedule my surgery appointment fairly soon after my consultations. I would definitely go back to Dr De Silva in the future as he is very mindful of creating a natural looking result. Thank you Dr De Silva!

By Mateus on Dec 21, 2014

I had a rhinoplasty at end of October with Dr Julian de Silva and everything went better than I could imagine. Since the first appointment I could see Dr de Silva was trustworthy and confident about his job. He was able to make me understand the procedure and everything could happen after the surgery in a easy way. The week after the rhinoplasty I didn't feel any pain, and the recover was quick. No one really noticed my nose changed and I am completely glad with the results. Dr de Silva and his team are extremely professionals and friendly. I would definitely recommend him.

By PL on Dec 5, 2014

I had Blepharoplasty and Ptosis surgery in February and I am extremely happy with the results. Dr De Silva has been amazing throughout the whole experience! The very first consultation with Dr De Silva was very professional and he listened to my concerns, answered all of my queries and was very realistic with the requested surgery. During the surgery I felt very safe and trusted Dr De Silva completely. I also cannot fault the after care I have received from Dr De Silva, the whole entire process has been incredible! I definitely recommend Dr De Silva to everyone considering surgery.

By CT on Nov 7, 2014

I underwent an upper eye blepharoplasty and open rhinoplasty this summer. I am absolutely delighted with the outcome of both surgeries. Dr Julian De Silva's technical ability and bedside manner even exceeded the excellent reviews I had read throughout the 18 months of intensive research I carried out prior to surgery. I am a Dental Surgeon with over 20 years experience, specialising in cosmetic dental reconstructions, often on demanding and anxious patients. I therefore appreciate more than most the absolute importance of choosing the correct surgeon. My reasons for recommending Dr De Silva are: 1.His surgical excellence. Knowing the anatomical complexities of this area I wanted a surgeon who specialised only in facial procedures. I felt completely confident in my choice of surgeon, and this confidence was justified by the fact that I had absolutely no post-operative pain and a remarkably swift recovery. I know that this could only be achieved by Dr De Silva's use of the very latest techniques and a gentle and extremely skilled hand. 2.Dr De Silva's patient management was exemplary. He was calm and reassuring throughout, carefully explaining the procedure and took time to thoroughly discuss my pre-operative concerns. I know at first hand how difficult it can be to manage patients' expectations and Dr De Silva discussed at length realistic surgical outcomes. 3.Dr De Silva's aesthetic appreciation. Whilst many surgeons are excellent technicians, I feel very few could match Dr De Silva's appreciation of balance and harmony. My results whilst making a definite improvement to the way I look are perfectly natural and even my doubting teenaged sons are impressed! My surgery has left me looking younger, refreshed and more relaxed but most importantly to me, more confident. I can't thank Dr De Silva and his team enough , especially the lovely Alberta. I have spent my professional career changing the way people look and feel about themselves. I would be absolutely delighted if any one of my patients felt as grateful to me as I do to Dr Julian De Silva. I would unreservedly recommend Dr De Silva .

By Edward. N. on Oct 31, 2014

I recently,( September 2014,) had my second surgery with Dr Julian De Silva having previously had upper & lower blepharoplasty surgery, in March 2014. I am 58 years old and a regular attender to my gym and was becoming increasingly concerned about by facial appearance. My wife undertook detailed research and was extremely impressed with Dr De Silva's experience and specialism working only in cosmetic and plastic facial surgery . We met Dr De Silva and were both extremely impressed with his approach and professionalism. He understood precisely my objectives, which were to create a healthier look reflecting my personality. I did not wish friends and family to realise I had this work undertaken but would be able to see I looked less tired and healthier. Dr De Silva immediately supported my requirements and under sedation performed the operation with brilliant results. As a consequence of my absolute satisfaction and having previously broken my nose, having had rhinoplasty under the national health, the operation to straighten it, had not been successful, however this operation did take place some 30 years ago and my biggest concern was that over this period of time due to the significant amount of cartilage which had been removed during surgery, my nose had begun to collapse. Dr De Silva proposed revision rhinoplasty. The surgery required Dr De Silva to remove cartilage from behind one of my ears to restructure and straighten my nose. This operation has now been completed and I am equally delighted with this surgery . I have been amazed with the immediate improvements with both operations. On every occasion I have phoned the centre I have found the Receptionist and support team helpful, friendly and professional. They very quickly get to know you as an individual, appreciating your travelling times and taking this into consideration when making appointments. I am delighted to recommend Dr Julian De Silva and his team to anyone. Edward. N.

By Ever Young on Oct 31, 2014

I had upper blepharoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva and I am very happy with the results. He created a very natural look so that nobody has noticed I have had surgery but I look refreshed and my eye lids are no longer sagging heavily. The simple fact is that Julian is an excellent surgeon and to create such a natural look takes real mastery. Most of all, it was a real pleasure to go through the whole process with him as he is such a kind person. He has a very gentle, caring manner and will listen fully to all your needs. His team are fantastic and you can relax and know you are in safe hands. He is very trustworthy and he is realistic in his explanation of what is possible.You cannot fault him on any level, from bedside manner, to people skills, to completing the job with precision, he is a 10 out of 10 on all accounts. I would highly recommend him, and I am very grateful I found him!

By 6500anon on Oct 28, 2014

It was definitely worth doing this procedure. I had upper blepharoplasty. My eyes look fresher and I don't have a heavy saggy look on my eye lids. The laser resurfacing gets rid of the crepe effect on the upper eye lids, so the skin looks a lot tighter now. The whole recovery process was quicker than I expected. The first few days after the surgery it looks pretty dramatic, you look bruised and red. It looks bad but it doesn't feel that bad. It is not painful, it is just inconvenient that you have to stay out of sight until the swelling goes down. The trick is to not look in the mirror for the first few days. You are out of action and hiding for a week, but after that you can go out with make up and at the most you might have slightly swollen eyes, but nothing very dramatic. You look to most people totally normal after 2 weeks and after one month there is no swelling or redness at all. It takes 6 months to see the full effect though because collagen grows from the laser resurfacing over many months and this tightens the whole eye lid area. I would recommend this procedure without hesitation. The trick is to get a good surgeon who goes for natural results. I had my surgery done with Dr Julian De Silva in London, and he was superb. I highly recommend him. You are in very safe hands with him.

By MartinW on Oct 27, 2014

I had a Rhinoplasty procedure carried out by Dr De Silva in March this year and I'm extremely happy with the results. From the initial consultation through to the surgery and on to the aftercare I was made to feel really comfortable and at ease. I had slight bruising under the eyes after the procedure for around a week as explained and was never in any pain at all. I would definitely recommend Dr De Silva to anybody considering having any facial surgery done.

By Tamara on Oct 24, 2014

I am one month out of surgery for upper eyelid blepharoplasty with Dr Julian de Silva. The reviews that I read about him and his work were critical in making my decision so its only appropriate that I add to the great reviews now. I was very uncertain about who to choose to perform this work for me but now that I am healed and applying eye make-up once again, I am so pleased with my decision! Dr de Silva has an excellent consulting manner and the operation and after care were exceptional. Dr de Silva suggested under eye laser resurfacing to add to the fresher eyed look that I wanted and I'm so pleased with the result of that too. I don't look tired and lined anymore! I don't usually heal quickly but I was back at work in 10 days looking refreshed. I'm delighted with what can only be described as a great experience all around. Thanks go to him and also to his kind and understanding staff.

By MusN on Sep 30, 2014

I recently had my eye bags removal surgery done from Dr.Julian De Silva. I am a 41 years old lady. Being a doctor myself I was very much cautious and did lot of research. I met Dr De Silva and decided that he is the right surgeon for me. Plastic surgery is an art and you need to choose the best artist for your face. Your wrong decision can ruin your life. I found Dr De Silva the most professional, the most forthright. He did my surgery and the results are incredible. I am very happy with the results. I look alot younger and fresh. My experience right from the first call to the centre and my first appontment including my suregery and post surgery appontments have been very satisfactory. All of the team is very professional. I would highly recommend Dr Julian De Silva to anyone who is thinking about any sort of face plastic surgery.

By JM on Sep 24, 2014

Dr De Silva performed an upper blepharoplasty in early July and by the end of the month, I was looking like my old self, only better. By now, the scars are mostly invisible and I'm very pleased with the result. The downtime was as described and after the first day, the surgery site was relatively pain free. Thanks, Dr De Silva.

By Mrs J on Sep 21, 2014

Dr De Silva is an outstanding, talented and skilful surgeon who knows how to deliver a natural, rejuvenated and a more youthful appearance. I now look 10 years younger, following my upper and lower eyelid surgery and cheek implants in May. Dr De Silva’s excellent surgical precision and advanced surgical technique using medical glue has meant that no one has noticed that I have had any work done...not even my husband of 20 years! Instead, my friends and family have just commented on how amazing I look. Naturally, I am thrilled and delighted with my experience and successful surgical outcome. I love my new look and I highly recommend Dr De Silva for any facial surgery. In short, Dr De Silva is the complete package. Not only is Dr De Silver an expert in his field and passionate about his work, he is also calm, charming and highly professional which translates into an excellent bed side manner too. Dr De Silva scores an A* and 10/10 on all levels. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mrs J.

By LC on Sep 20, 2014

Many years ago i had chin implant surgery to correct a receding chin. And even though at the time the surgeon declared the surgery a complete success and was happy with the results, i didn't feel like the surgery had achieved what i was hoping for, and basically i felt unhappy with the new shape of my chin and also the massive scar that was left under my chin where the surgeon had inserted the implant. As the years went by i tried to convince myself that maybe the surgeon was right and the result was acceptable. But every time i would see a photo of myself my eyes were immediately drawn to the red raised scar that i now had under my chin and also the strange shape of my jawline due to the new implant. Towards the end of 2013 i finally decided that instead of letting this bother me forever, i was finally going to do something about it. After much research online, i finally decided on booking a consultation to see Julian de Silva and see what suggestions he would have about improving the look of my chin. What initially drew me to him was not only the countless very positive reviews that i found from his former patients, but also the fact that Julian de Silva specializes only on the face and therefore an expert in all types of facial surgery. From my very first visit to Julian de Silva i was convinced i had made the right choice. Everyone at The Center in Hammersmith made me feel comfortable and relaxed but most of all i felt that i had found the best surgeon possible to to carry out my surgery. During the consultation he listened to me very carefully and i could see that he understood exactly what i was unhappy with concerning my chin and also what i was hoping to achieve. He agreed that the original implant could be removed and replaced and also the old scar revised to make it near invisible. But it was at this time that Juilian de Silva also pointed out that together with liposuction under under my chin and neck the results would be even better. And i can't thank him enough for that!! It just goes to show how much of a genius de Silva is in his field and the great artist he is when it comes to the features and angles of the face. Needless to say, i readily agreed to go ahead with the surgery. And a date was set a few weeks from then. Of course i was a little nervous when the day came but from the very start i was made to feel relaxed and calm by all the staff. Everyone from the lovely girls at the front desk to the friendly chatty nurses as well as the nice anaesthetist Botha, all made me feel that i was in the best possible care. Julian de silva had a final chat with me before the surgery and that was it. I really cant say much about what happened next once the anaesthetic took effect. I just felt very calm and relaxed and contented and safe throughout. Next thing i knew it was over !!! I felt strangely wide awake and not sick or groggy at all. I was given last minute instructions on caring for myself and i left with a friend that had come to pick me up. Of course there was swelling and a tiny bit of soreness over the next few days but nothing too bad. When i came back in a week to have the stitches taken out, i could already see the new shape of my chin an also the new contour of my neck even though i was still swollen. I was already delighted with the results. Well its been three months now and i still can't believe how lucky i was to find Julian de Silva. Im so happy with the new shape of my chin. Friends and family tell me how great i look now and how much younger i look too. Yet because of the natural result of my surgery no one can spot that its a new chin implant and liposuction that i've had. De Silva gave me the best chin possible for my face. Not too small, not too large. Just perfect i would say. During our initial consultation Julian de Silva said that his aim in all surgeries was to create improvements and natural results. Well in my experience its been as close to perfection as possible. I would recommend Julian de Silva to anyone thats looking for the best in facial plastic surgery.

By OB12345678 on Sep 18, 2014

I have just had my cast removed from my nose 7 days after rhinoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva and I am thrilled by the outcome. The whole experience has exceeded my expectations. Dr Julian de Silva has a deep understanding of aesthetics and has achieved exactly what we had discussed in our meetings. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have Rhinoplasty.

By CL on Sep 12, 2014

I underwent cheek implants performed by Dr De Silva and I am amazed with the results. At the beginning I didn't know where to start in deciding where or with whom i would choose to go with for the opp. I inquired with a couple of surgeons then I stumbled across Dr De Silvas website. I was impressed with his qualifications and felt reassured by the fact that he performs surgery from the neck upwards. I booked a consultation and we discussed all aspects of the procedure, realistic expectations, what i wanted to achieve etc, Dr De Silva put me at ease, he was very professional and i could tell very passionate about what he does. He was caring and gentle and I felt complete confidence in him. So i booked the operation. I was nervous about the results and just had to hope the results came out as i wanted. After the initial swelling went down I can truly say I am amazed with the results, Dr De Silva has achieved exactly what i wanted, in fact has exceeded my expectations. Each time I have visited Dr De Silva and his staff it has been an entirely positive experience and I wold most definitely recommend him.

By DG on Aug 28, 2014

For years I have had issues following a broken nose. I underwent surgery and can now breathe properly! It is wonderful and it looks terrific too. A difficult operation, undertaken so professionally. Absolutely no regrets and i will never hesitate to recommend this talented, wonderful surgeon to my closest friends.

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