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By Craig’s experience with brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty with Dr. Julian De Silva on Mar 26, 2017

Natural Results from a Facial Specialist I am a 46 year old male who had upper and lower blepharoplasty (eye lid surgery), brow lift and laser resurfacing. I wanted to address some mild occlusion of the upper eye lids and also big bags under the eyes which meant people were constantly asking if I was tired, even when I was not. It was very important to me to have a natural looking outcome, particularly with the brow lift. Julian uses advanced techniques with are minimally invasive - for example lower eye lid work is done from the inside rather than through incisions, and brow lift was done with 4 minor incisions above the hairline rather than a lateral incision across - and he was very subtle with his adjustments. I'm extremely happy with the result. The look is natural (not obvious) yet fully addressed what I sought. Julian and his staff were thoroughly professional throughout and always available with no hidden extra charges.

By LuoKe, Facelift & neck lift experience with chin implant and blepharoplasty with Dr. Julian De Silva on Mar 20, 2017

Impeccable if I had to sum it all up in a single word. I went "macro" - blepharoplasty, chin implant and face/neck lifts - deciding to correct one or two things that I'd been unhappy with all my life and some unwelcome souvenirs of late middle age. If I have a regret now that it's all over, it would be not getting it done sooner. My experience throughout was first class. Dr Julian combines the highest level of professional expertise with a delightful manner and genuine concern for your well-being. What was striking was that Julian gave me both ownership of the entire patient journey and informed but unobtrusive counselling throughout. Come the day of surgery, I felt as if my portrait was to be painted by a renowned artist or a banquet to be prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. A bond of trust had been established that made me entirely relaxed and happy to leave execution and detail in the hands of a consummate professional. If you are reading this and are thinking of cosmetic surgery for yourself, I would commend you to ask the question "am I doing this for me?" If you are, then I'd say that there are few greater gifts you can give yourself. Long after a holiday suntan has faded or the thrill of your first drive in a new car has passed, you can look in the mirror and think "yes!". Just one small tip - be kind to yourself and if, like me, you have a big surgery, give yourself a couple of weeks' downtime afterwards. It's not elegant going to work with drainage tubes on display and the rest helps the bruising and swelling subside much quicker.

By Zoe -Experience one year after rhinoplasty with Dr. De Silva on Mar 18, 2017

It's been almost a year since my rhinoplasty. I feel that now is a good time to look back on my experience and share it with everyone. Reviews really played a huge part in helping me to make my decision. So I feel I owe it to everyone out there to pay it back and write my story, so I can help you too. Ever since secondary school I hated my nose. I got called names and people made comments. I knew everyone talked about it behind my back. As I got older my nose became crooked and felt like it was getting worse, but I just wasn't in a position to be able to afford a rhinoplasty. So out of depression I began to save up the money over a few years. I also studied my nose and figured out exactly what I didn't like about it and what I wanted to change. Whilst researching surgeons and trying to choose someone to go to, I was very anxious about the whole process, and the outcome. What if it goes wrong? What if I don't like it? What if I choose the wrong person? It can be quite a daunting process. I browsed surgeons on this site numerous times. I read all the reviews and looked at their websites. I also looked at the clinic locations and where they perform their surgeries. Some use hospitals and some don't. After all of this research I was drawn to one particular surgeon. To be honest I just went with my gut instinct. I didn't rush anything or put pressure on choosing one. I then made an enquiry via email, and booked a consultation with Dr Julian de Silva. I was drawn to him due to his really good reviews, and the fact that he specialises in facial surgery. Some surgeons work on the whole body, and I felt that someone that specialises in the face would be more skilled and would better understand exactly what I wanted. Everyone has different noses, you can't just choose one from a magazine and have it made. I think this is an important point to understand before you go into this. You have to work with what you have, and fix the problems on YOUR nose. They can only really make slight changes, but ones that will improve the appearance of your nose. So the day of my first consultation came with Dr Julian de Silva. His practice is a short, few minutes walk from Hammersmith tube station. Easy to get to and not located in busy central London. Which to me was a bonus. His clinic is small, but welcoming. It has two floors, one for consultations, and downstairs for surgery and procedures. Everything is done under one roof. Dr de Silva is a very warm, friendly man. He is very calm, placid and attentive. He listens to everything you have to say and really cares about you as a person and what you want. He also really wants you to have a pleasant experience. At the first consultation he discussed what I was looking for and I explained exactly what I didn't like about my nose using photographs. There was a lot I didn't like and wanted to fix, but he took all my points on board and drew out a plan of what he could do to help. He described to me what he could change against images of my nose on his computer. He then went on to explain what would happen during the surgery. He explained that he used sedation in the majority of cases and not general anaesthetic. This was the only worry for me, and made me anxious, but I was still keen to go ahead. I received a cost for the surgery, and information pack and details to request blood tests from my doctor if I was to go ahead. You also have to do a pregnancy test. I took about a week to make my decision, and I also did some research on sedation. I then went ahead and booked my surgery and paid for it. I waited around a month or two, and that gave me time to complete the tests required. Before I knew it I was back at the clinic, but this time for the surgery. I wasn't overly nervous when I arrived, but I was anxious about the sedation. I had watched YouTube videos about conscious sedation and didn't really know what to think. I had also been given the direct contact details of the Doctor that administers the sedation, so if I had any worries or questions I was able to ask, but I didn't. I went downstairs dressed in loose, comfortable and warm clothing and I was shown to a small room with a large chair in. Dr de silva came in and went through everything again and I signed some papers. Another doctor then put a cannula in my arm with a line to a drip to begin the sedation. I was nervous and felt sick, but the sedation made me feel really calm and relaxed. I then walked into the theatre next door where there were a few other nurses/doctors helping and I led down on the bed. The sedation doctor was right next to me the whole time monitoring me and adjusting the rate accordingly. I don't remember much after that. It was just like falling into a deep sleep. You are aware that time is passing if that makes sense, sometimes you can hear people talking like when you fall asleep with the tv on in the background, but then you drift straight back to sleep. At no point could I feel anything. There were a few times I was so relaxed I forgot to breathe, but I heard the doctors telling me to breathe and reminding me and I kept on taking deep breathes. Before I knew it I was being washed and woken up with lots of reassurance from the doctors and I was encourages to gently wake when I was ready. I then walked back to the first room where I was taken off the sedation and had my cannula taken out. I then had a sip of water, and within 15minutes or so I was ready to leave and my parents drove me home. I felt fine. It was literally just like a deep afternoon nap. I felt great when I woke up, no heavy head or drowsiness, no sickness or vomiting, and no pain. I'd say the hardest part of the whole experience is the recovery the week after. You have quite a gruelling regime of painkillers, antibiotics, arnica, vitamin c and cleaning to do. You really have to take all the right tablets at the right times and clean the stitches and underneath the nose. You also change the dressing underneath regularly. The healing process is hard, mainly because you have to sit at home and avoid everyone seeing your face. I did have quite a lot of bruising but it didn't hurt at all, it's more uncomfortable and strange. Sleeping upright was also hard but you do get used to it. You go back into his clinic a week later to have the cast taken off. It's quite sticky so it does take a while but dr de silva was really patient and caring whilst doing this. He also gives you an injection to help reduce the swelling. When I first saw my nose it was very strange. I knew it was swollen and that was not going to be the final result, but I was happy with it instantly. It was nice and straight and I could feel where some of the bone had been taken away. I felt really glad. It instantly felt more comfortable than it was before so I knew it was a good result. I then realised that the hard part was all over with and now I just had to wait for the swelling to go down. I was instructed to tape my nose each night to encourage the shape and to reduce swelling. This method really worked for me. Even now if it feels a bit swollen I will tape it before bed, and it will always feel more defined by the morning. About a month later I was still getting a runny nose and a funny smell. Although there were no immediate signs of infection, dr de silva saw me anyway and wrote me a prescription for a course of antibiotics and nasal drops. After this treatment my nose was fine and it really worked to clear everything out. I had two more check ups after that and each time everything was fine and healing well. I found the whole thing a very positive experience. I think dr de silva 's warm, welcoming and friendly approach made it all very pleasant. He really is a very calming person, and his energy has a great affect on people, and everyone at his practice. Everyone there seemed very nice and friendly, and always willing to help. I would definitely recommend Dr De Silva. I am over the moon with my nose, and I realise even more when I look back at old photos just how far I have come and how much it has changed my happiness in all aspects of life. I am certainly a lot more bubbly, happy and confident now, and it now feels so much more comfortable. It really has changed my life for the better and I'm very thankful for his help. I'm sure all his other patients feel the same. I don't think I can fault any of it. I really have had a very happy experience and I am very glad I chose him.

By Laura251 Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr. De Silva on Mar 12, 2017

Best decision ever! I've wanted to get My nose fixed since I was 14, 10 years later I made up my mind and started my research. Dr de Silva had fantastic reviews , so I booked a Skype consultation as I do not live in the UK. He explained everything in detail, was very informative, our first consultation took about an hour. I had a lot of questions about the procedure itself and of course the sedation. I still had some questions and fears about the sedation but decided to go ahead with the procedure. Sedation was the best decision ever, some people say you hear the doctors talk during the procedure, in my case I remember laying on the operating table, looking at doctors around me and falling asleep in 5seconds. I woke up and was fully responsive, went home afterwards and Watched tv all day, didn't feel sleepy at all. The only uncomfortable thing during the recovery time was breathing through your mouth. I had no bruising, no pain at all, no swelling. I would highly recommend dr de Silva, he is a true professional, very innovative, caring and listens to the patient's needs.

By CO 6months after upper blepharoplasty with Dr. De Silva on Mar 11, 2017

I chose Dr De Silva to perform an upper blepharoplasty 6 months ago after extensively researching cosmetic surgeons in London. Dr de Silva's medical credentials and customer satisfaction rates are outstanding. I chose the W6 clinic as it was close to my house, and the clinic atmosphere felt intimate, professional and not too "clinic-like". From the first appointment, I felt I was in good hands. Dr De Silva listened to my needs carefully, and quickly drew a personal plan I was happy with. I was anxious the procedure would change the shape of my eyes but Dr De Silva reassured me he would not allow this to happen. I was provided with many useful documents about the procedure and I felt the whole staff was there to support me and answer my queries. On the day of the procedure, the anaesthetist performed a sedation, where you are sleeping (and not feeling the surgery) but the procedure is "lighter" than a general anaesthetics and you don't come out of surgery feeling groggy and unwell. I followed the after-care recommendations to the letter and after a few uncomfortable days (nothing major), I recovered quickly. Nearly 6 months on, I am delighted with Dr De Silva's work. I still look the same but a little younger and definitely more "peppy". My friends and family have all commented positively on my new eyes. Putting make-up on is now a pleasure and I look much better on photographs. I would recommend Dr De Silva 100%. He's a fantastic doctor and a lovely person. I felt valued and looked after the whole time.

By Manutd11 Rhinoplasty & Blepharoplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Mar 10, 2017

I came across Dr De Silva by chance, I was about to have the hump removed from my nose with another surgeon but pulled out after seeing some celebrity noses this surgeon had done. From the moment you meet Dr De Silva it's so obvious that he is so confident in what he does and knows with his calm manner, if anything he was more conservative than other surgeons I had met which again proves that he knows what suits people's faces and isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear. My whole operation with nose and blephoplasty was a walk in the park but mainly because of the guidance you are given by dr Silva and his team, it has changed my life and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

By LS Lower Blepharoplasty With Dr. De Silva on Mar 7, 2017

Choosing Dr De Silva for my lower blepharoplasty was the best decision I could have made! He is a lovely gentlemen, easy to talk to and very patient. In addition to being the best at what he does. The procedure itself was a very relaxed and easy experience, mainly because of the comfortable environment provided and my confidence in Dr Julian as a surgeon. The recovery was extremely quick and way better than I expected! I was good for public outings within 5-7 days. For anyone thats nervous or worried and considering blepharoplasty, I would recommend you just go for it as in actuality its such a minor procedure, and no where as scary as your probably think.

By Manutd11, Rhinoplasty & Blepharoplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva. on Mar 1, 2017

I came across Dr De Silva by chance, I was about to have the hump removed from my nose with another surgeon but pulled out after seeing some celebrity noses this surgeon had done. From the moment you meet Dr De Silva it's so obvious that he is so confident in what he does and knows with his calm manner, if anything he was more conservative than other surgeons I had met which again proves that he knows what suits people's faces and isn't afraid to tell you what you need to hear. My whole operation with nose and blephoplasty was a walk in the park but mainly because of the guidance you are given by dr Silva and his team, it has changed my life and I cannot recommend him highly enough

By iwtd999 Ethnic rhinoplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Feb 27, 2017

I underwent rhinoplasty and septoplasty a couple of months ago and the results are improved, natural and realistic. I am definitely pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr Julian De Silva! During the consultation and pre-op appointments; I was informed of the procedure, we reached a mutual understanding and I was provided information about sedation and things to do before and after surgery for healing and self-care. During the operation; the nurse helped to clarify any concerns and demonstrated a warm and friendly approach. The sedationist is super cool, well experienced and is present during the operation to make sure that the sedation is well maintained. Even though I was sedated for the whole operation, it felt like I was only asleep for 10 seconds and before I knew it, the operation was over (brilliant experience!). Dr Julian De Silva and his team are understanding, patient, supportive and caring. They are there to answer any queries/issues that may arise prior to surgery, during recovery and take pride in their care for their clients. Thank you everyone that was involved!

By CoolCat1234, Chin Implant experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Feb 25, 2017

I had my chin implant in October 2016, so it's been around four months now and I'm very happy with my results. It was my first surgery with Dr. De Silva but not my first cosmetic surgery, so I went in knowing what to expect and had done quite a bit of research before booking a consultation. My chin was very small from the side and kind of joined into my neck with no definition and so I thought a chin implant would balance my profile out more. Dr. De Silva was very calm and friendly during the consultation, kept asking me if I had any questions and explaining in detail what the procedure would involve and what the recovery would be like after. He took plenty of pictures of my chin from different angles, showed me what was achievable on his computer and then told me I would benefit from either a small or a medium implant and that he would alter the implant to fit my face. I also liked that the consultation cost was deducted from the surgery cost which wasn't the case with my last surgeon. I can't remember much of the surgery day but staff were very nice and comforting. There was a small incision under my chin which was visible at first as swelling had pushed it forward but now the scar sits underneath my chin and is smooth and barely visible. For the first two weeks, I was very worried that how my chin looked was my final result and I started to panic. My mom, who I hadn't told about the procedure, took one look at me and asked me what had I done to my face. She couldn't even see the incision but just by looking at me she said I'd done something to my mouth area and that I looked really scary, which made me think I'd made a huge mistake because I hadn't thought anyone would notice. From the front, my chin looked long and and square like and for some reason, the implant made my lips look really thin and tiny. Thankfully, the swelling started to subside pretty quickly and after two weeks, my chin went back to normal as the majority of swelling died down. Now, my chin pretty much looks the same as it did before surgery from the front, which I'm so happy about because I didn't want my face to change from the front at all. Dr. De Silva told me that he went with a medium implant but cut and changed the implant to fit me so only ended up using a bit of the implant. I'm also happy with the implant from the side and there is a difference from before, but it is only a slight, subtle change. I think if I could go back, I probably would have asked for a large implant to give me even more projection but I'm happy with it the way it is and I'm glad I decided to go with Dr. De Silva.

By Amy, Septo-Rhinoplasty with Dr. De Silva on Feb 21, 2017

Having Septorhinoplasty with Dr De Silva has changed my life. I had thought about having surgery for about 10 years from the age of 14 however I seriously started looking at the age of 20 and booked surgery at 24 years old. Dr De Silva and his team were extremely professional and very understanding. He listened to everything I had to say and how I felt about having the surgery and how it affected my confidence. I cannot recommend Dr De Silva and his team enough. Stephanie and the receptionists were lovely.

By Nick M. Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Feb 9, 2017

A class act Three months ago I underwent septorhinoplasty with Dr De Silva. The whole experience was excellent. Before the operation he was thoroughly reassuring, explaining each step in plenty of detail and carefully answering my various questions. The operation went exactly as planned: I wasn't aware of anything and certainly don't think I experienced any pain; it all took a couple of hours and I was back home straight afterwards. Dr De Silva is a persuasive advocate for the use of sedation rather than general anaesthesia where possible, and based on my experience I can see why he favours it. In the days that followed my nose felt numb and tender, but again I wasn't in any pain. The operation was on a Tuesday, so I took the rest of the week off, worked from home the following week, got my cast off (also very straightforward) and was back in the office after that. The recovery process has been surprisingly easy, and the initial swelling was almost all gone after a few weeks. The result by now is a distinct improvement, at least as much as I'd hoped for, and I would highly recommend Dr De Silva to anyone considering a similar operation.

By BeBeCa Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty Experience with Dr. De Silva on Jan 29, 2017

Dr De Silva was highly recommended by friends and I decided to go ahead with the operation. My experience was excellent; Dr De Silva spent a lot of time to address my questions, calm any fears I had, present me with pictures of how I would look after the operation, explained the whole procedure in detail. The procedure itself was nothing to fear about. With sedation (which Dr De Silva uses) I was in and out in a couple of hours and went home an hour after the operation was completed. The healing process was as had been described by Dr De Silva; I knew exactly what to expect in terms of bruising (which was minimal) and swelling and I knew already what I had to do in order to treat it. With a deviated septum and the shape of my nose that was not to my satisfaction, I decided to have a rhinoplasty - septoplasty operation in London. My experience was excellent. The procedure itself was nothing to fear about. With sedation I was in and out in a couple of hours and went home an hour after the operation was completed. The healing process was very smooth and relatively quick. Six months post-operation, I am very happy to have done it and... I just love the new me!!

By A Review of blepharoplasty, laser skin resurfacing, Phi-Lift (Non-Surgical facelift) by Dr. Julian De Silva on Jan 22, 2017

I had quite a number of facial procedures at the same time for my treatment (eye bag removal, laser skin resurfacing, fat transfer, Phi Lift) so that I could get it all out of the way in one go! I was quite nervous before the procedures, mostly about whether something would go wrong and I’d be walking around for the rest of my life with scars or something else equally horrible. But I had done my research beforehand and decided that I could trust Dr De Silva as much as I could trust anyone, so I went for it. On the day of the procedures all the staff were very professional friendly and reassuring with me and the surgery facilities were smart and clean. After I woke up from sedation I was quite tired, my face felt like someone had applied a blow torch to it and my eyes were very swollen. To be honest I felt really uncomfortable for 3 or 4 days after the surgery and definitely needed someone there to help me with all the medication and help me with the children. The first few days were worse than I expected. Within a week though I felt absolutely fine although I did have swelling and bruising on my cheeks, I assume from the eye bag removal. It took between 2 and 3 weeks before I could totally cover this up with makeup. But I probably am to blame for this as I did not take arnica or apply ice packs following the procedure, as instructed by Dr De Silva . Now that it is all behind me I am say that I am 100% satisfied with my results. The dark circles and eye bags have now totally disappeared and I have received lots of compliments about my appearance which I wasn't really expecting. What is really good as well is that the results are so subtle that there's no sign at all that I had any procedures. Overall, my facial appearance is younger, fresher, more relaxed and less tired whilst still looking natural, which is exactly what I wanted to achieve.

By m00467 Rhinoplasty Review & natural experience with Dr. De Silva on Jan 16, 2017

Great experience I was initially very apprehensive about the procedure, however as soon as I met Dr De Silva, I was immediately at ease. He answered all of my questions and by the end of the first consultation, I was eager to proceed. Dr De Silva and his team were all very compassionate and put my worries aside at all times. It only took a few weeks until I saw the results come through and I began to love the new slimmer shape my nose had. My nose finally looked in proportion to the rest of my face and it enhanced my other features. It's been over 6 months since my procedure now and I am a lot more confident and comfortable with my image and I am still noticing small improvements as the swelling continues to lessen. Although I can notice a huge difference in my appearance, the results are natural enough for no one else who didn't know about the procedure in advance to have noticed. I would highly recommend him as a surgeon if you are looking to achieve natural looking results.

By Tracy, Chin Implant experience with Dr. De Silva on Jan 15, 2017

Very happy with the treatments and the end result.I had a great experience. Dr De Silva was kind and attentive and very careful to ensure I fully understood what the procedure would and wouldn't give me so I had realistic expectations. He wouldn't proceed until he was happy I would be pleased with the end result and he explained carefully potential complications and the precautions he takes to avoid them, the clinic was smart but relaxed and I felt well taken care of by the nurses there.

By KD Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Jan 9, 2017

Its taken me 20 years to actually go and have rhinoplasty surgery. Reason why its taken so long is that I didn't have much confidence in the surgeons. But after meeting Dr Julian De Silva who I found to be very understanding on how I felt about having my nose surgery and he explained to me what to expect. His knowledge about nose reshaping is amazing and his advise on what would suit my features was very reassuring. Dr Julian De Silva staff were so caring and who knew I was very nervous with sedation and aesthetic helped me through all the way and didn't leave my side - even when I woke up they made sure I was comfortable . The recovery was quick and the aftercare is really fabulous . Overall my experience was amazing thank you Dr Julian De Silva and his team for my new nose. People think I've had a face lift :)

By Birose, Facelift & Neck Lift with Chin Implant experience with Dr. De Silva on Dec 30, 2016

Fantastic Plastic Surgeon.I had my first consultation with Dr De Silva in 2014, but it took me another two years to pluck up the courage and have the procedure. I had originally only wanted a face and neck lift, but eventually had in addition a chin implant. I was internally very nervous, as I constantly questioned myself - was this right for me, was it worth it, can I go through the procedure itself, how painful was it going to be, how quickly would I recover, and how safe was I. Up to the last day I was apprehensive, but was determined to go ahead. All my fears were self inflicted and had nothing to do with Dr De Silva and him team, who I trusted whole heartedly. All his team, including the anaesthetist, were extremely caring and professional. Although the first two weeks were hard, as there is a lot of discomfort, the recovery time overall was quick and the end results were fantastic. I now have a chin, which I never really had, a perfect neck and a facelift that looks so natural that no one even notice I had such any form of procedure. Dr De Silva is greatly talented surgeon and I would highly reckon him to anyone who is considering having any form of facial plastic surgery as the end result will be worth it.

By Amber Eaton on Dec 26, 2016

I had a Cheek Augmentation and a Mini Face Lift with Dr Julian De Silva's innovative treatments to accelerate the healing process. I am so happy with the results he is simply an amazing surgeon. The procedures has given me back the volume that I had lost and taken away the saggy skin and my face looks perfectly natural. After much research and appointments with various surgeons I was lucky enough to find Dr Julian De Silva and I am delighted I did. Not only is his consultations so honest in what he can achieve, he is so talented with creating fabulous results with minimal scaring. He accomplishes all this without the use of a General Anesthetic, which may seem a little scary at first but I have had several adverse reactions to General Anesthetic in the past so I welcomed this with open arms. And let me tell you...... You would not know the difference.... The experience for the patient is just the same BUT with no after affects. I slept through the whole procedure and was gently brought back to conciseness when his work was complete. Believe me.... you will not feel a thing and recovery is so much better without having to deal with the grogginess of the General Anesthetic. I will not grow old gracefully and I am just so happy that I have found a surgeon who is innovative in his methods that I will only ever use him in the future.

By Lip lift experience with Dr De Silva on Dec 23, 2016

Great results and Excellent experience. I had my first surgery with Dr De Silva in September. He is professional yet friendly and very calm and knows exactly what he is talking about. He doesn’t just operate a surgery because you want him to do so but he examines your face, considering your ethnicity and facial features what best suits your face. He is well established and from the several appointments I have had with him I can see that he cares about his reputation and does his best to deliver the best results. He is expensive in comparison to other surgeons but worth it if you are to have a facial surgery. I am so pleased with my results. I had searched intensively about Dr De Silva and I believe he operates on celebrities as well (he never mentioned but he also operates in LA and I have seen his interviews on the internet). Having a lip lift has been on mind for some time yet finding the right surgeon wasn’t’ easy as there are numerous places and surgeons that offer the procedure with competitive prices. Cost wasn’t an issue for me and being in London, experience also not an issue as all the top surgeons operate in London- hence many options. Lip Lift is relatively a simple surgery and although simple it is imperative to get it right because it is on the centre of the face- risks can include loss of symmetry. I was nervous and hence wanted the best surgeon as I did not want any risks with my face. I searched the internet and came across Dr Julian De Silva’s profile. He stood out from the rest; what captured my attention was Dr De Silva’s facial-surgery expertise, the mode of procedure he operates under (i.e. conscious sedation) and how he focuses on reducing scars using the advanced technology and treatments (again having a facial surgery and particularly a lip-lift I would not want obvious scars on a centre of my face). In fact, I did not want anybody to know I had a facial surgery. So that was it, he ticked all the boxes. The fact that Dr De Silva is solely a facial surgeon reassured me as most plastic surgeons operate on the entire body and I didn’t want a generalist surgeon to operate on my facet but an expert facial surgeon. The promise of scar reduction was a certainly wining factor for me to choose Dr De Silva.....and I have not regretted it. I have had the surgery in September and the results are exactly what I had hoped and asked for even though results cannot be guaranteed with any surgery in general. I am so pleased. A big bonus with the surgery was the conscious sedation I was operated under. No other clinics seemed to offer this procedure and I didn’t know much about it. Dr De Silva was the most expensive of all surgeons in my search for this surgery (and worth it of course), though the conscious sedation procedure made a difference to the overall costs as I did not need an overnight hospital stay. Plus, it is not necessary to undergo general anaesthetics for such a simple, short procedure. The conscious sedation was a very pleasant experience and I would do it again. I was consulted with a lovely and friendly anaesthetist just before the surgery who explained how the procedure works so I knew what to expect. I was accompanied to the operating theatre with the Anaesthetic doctor and the very friendly practice manager. They helped me to get comfortable as Dr De Silva was preparing and music was on. The last thing I remember was taking with the dr and then I fell into a deep euphoric, relaxation phase where I was not fully asleep and could hear the music and everyone speaking yet no feeling of any pain or any sensation whatsoever. Soon after the completion of the surgery I was almost fully conscious yet didn’t want to get up as I was extremely relaxed. Within a few minutes I was dressed and was out of the door of the clinic. I experienced no pain no bruising and no other complication whatsoever- which was too good to be true for someone who had a surgery! I had seen pictures of people who have had this procedure who’s faces are bruised all over. Dr De Silva had prescribed me some medication and topical creams and I was back at work the week after. My friends and colleagues look me in an intrigued manner and say I look different (better of course) yet no one knows about surgery. It is worth to mention that my overall experience was pleasant; right from the consultation to the end and with every single member of Dr De Silva’s team being professional helpful and friendly. The whole process was so organised and smooth; on-time, organised regular pre-procedure and follow up appointments and great communication by everyone overall. I highly recommend Dr De Silva and his team.

By Graham, Brow lift and blepharoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Dec 22, 2016

I had a brow lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty at the beginning of October. This was because I looked constantly tired. Being a man I was nervous that the effect would look too drastic but I have nothing but positive comments about my experience from start to finish. Dr De Silva was the perfect choice for me - he knew exactly what I needed to get the most effective and most natural looking results from my surgery. He and his whole team were consummately professional both before and after the procedure and three months on everything is perfect. I was actually taken aback at how quickly I recovered and how good the results were. I would highly recommend him.

By HB, Wonderful, caring doctor, Chin implant and rhinoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Dec 17, 2016

Wonderful, caring doctor. This year I had a rhinoplasty and chin implant with Dr De Silva under local anesthetic with sedation. Dr De Silva really cares about ensuring his patients have a relaxed and comfortable experience. From the first time I met him I knew I was in good hands as he spent a lot of time with me and didn't try to rush me, as other surgeons had done. He was very patient with all my questions and requests. The surgery itself and recovery was very comfortable. Pain was maximum 3/10 and I have headaches and period pains frequently which are much worse. Within one week I had my cast off and was out to dinner- I had no bruising left and you couldn't tell I had surgery. The results are natural and Dr De Silva takes care to give you results that will last a lifetime. He has been very responsive with the aftercare and always willing to see me at short notice and answer any of my questions. The months after your rhinoplasty are a difficult time as your nose changes shape, and so it is very important to choose a surgeon you can trust. Also I would mention that I was very worried about the anesthetic but I can assure anyone else who is worried that it is absolutely fine- the whole thing was so minimal I wouldn't hesitate to do it again tomorrow if I needed. In fact I'm planning on going back to Dr De Silva next year for some more work!

By Phi-Lift Non-Surgical facelift by Dr. De Silva on Dec 14, 2016

Natural looking, amazing results. I am in my early 40's and was looking for an overall improvement to my facial contours including tightening of the neck area. I wasn't prepared to undergo a procedure such as lifting or minilift and was concerned about achieving a natural look. After meeting Dr. De Silva and obtaining his assessment and recommendation regarding the Phi-lift, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. I must say I am both delighted and nicely surprised with the results. The laxity issue on my neck has been significantly improved (I would say a 90% improvement) and the overall result is natural looking, enhancing the natural angles and shape of my face. Without any doubt I would recommend the Phi-Lift to anyone who is not yet prepared for a more invasive procedure yet would like to achieve fantastic results. Thank you Dr. De Silva for a nicely done job.

By Anonymous12300 Blepharoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Dec 12, 2016

Amazing experience. I had upper eyelid surgery. From the first meeting with DR De Silva I felt that I had chosen the right doctor, he put me at ease straight away. I didn't feel any pain afterwards just a little discomfort, the aftercare was amazing. The overall experience was great, the results are outstanding. Dr De Silva and his team are amazing, I am so happy that I found him. If your thinking about having upper eyelid surgery I would say go for it because it will make such a big difference to your appearance.

By CH Revision Rhinoplasty with Julian De Silva on Dec 6, 2016

Just over a year ago I had a revision rhinoplasty with Julian de Silva.. actually it was a second revision surgery.. My first surgery over 15 years ago didn't really achieve any if the changes I was hoping for in my nose and so the same surgeon agreed to do a revision for me.. In my opinion this second surgery made things worse as scar tissue had formed and I think I ended up with a larger more bulbous nose than I had started out with. Part of me just wanted to accept my new nose and learn to live with it.. but 15 years later I decided to do some research on finding the best rhinoplasty revision surgeons who could help me. Also someone that understands thicker skin in patients and the extra special procedures that this requires.. Having had previous surgery on other areas of my face with Julian de Silva.. I was naturally drawn to him. All his reviews and patient testimonials were so encouraging.. especially with the huge number of revision patients that he is able to help. Well I think I made the best choice ever. De Silva has such a good eye and expertise in achieving the best possible results in rhinoplasty. He listened to all my concern but also guided me in helping me to express the changes that I wanted to see through my revision surgery. For example something that I didn't realise was that my nostrils were a bit wide and the type of refinement I wanted to achieve were not achievable unless my nostrils were brought in a little bit. I was so grateful to Julian for pointing this out to me. As for the actual surgery.. it was completely pain free. The surgery was a bit complicated as Julian said I had quite tough scar tissue that had built up and he needed special tools to remove and mold it. But from my perspective it was a breeze. No pain during or after surgery. The only downside in revision rhinoplasty is the longer healing time and prolonged swelling. It takes a while for things to settle but all the helpful advice from Julian and his team really helped me and gradually I can see everything getting to exactly how I wanted my nose to look like. But it does take time. I would highly recommend anyone seeking the best surgeon for any sort of revision surgery.. especially rhinoplasty.. to go with Julian De Silva. He has a great eye for what is aesthetically pleasing. A huge amount of experience in all types of noses. . ethnic.. thick skinned.. previously damaged.. and the results he achieves are so natural. Anyone that chooses to have surgery with Julian De Silva and his team is definitely in good hands. He really turned this daunting and quite nerve wracking experience of revision surgery into a complete success for me !!!!!!!!!!

By Sky Maiden Facelift experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Dec 5, 2016

The one to go with. So you are having an operation on your face. The part of you that you present to life on a daily basis, the primary defining element. Of course you are nervous! But you are not happy. Haven't been for some time. Try to ignore it but it won't go away, lingers in the background like a pressing errand you know you should be fulfilling. You have become either obsessed with the elements that no longer align themselves with your self-image, try to find the best light to disguise them, fool yourself, even though you know. Or avoid mirrors altogether, as they have become a source of disappointment and pain. Spoil your day. Your outside does not match your inside any more. And so much of your energy is dedicated to overcoming these shortcomings with inner confidence, even when you don't feel it. When it used to be effortless. And it has become a self-defeating loop. The more stress you feel about the issue the more the stress ages you and makes it worse. A vicious circle. You need to lose this weight that you drag along for the ride. Well know this. You have made the best decision possible. Come to the right place. Aligned with the stars and the planets to find the best surgeon/artist in the business. One who specialises solely in faces, a sculptor of clay and flesh. And one who unlike others I won't mention, treats you holistically from the moment you meet, wants to know you, your story, to connect with the person not just the face. His warmth and empathy, appropriately accompanied by sparkling eyes and smile that connects and a soft gentle voice that would be perfect for reading bedtime stories and lulling children into a deep and relaxed slumber, makes you feel instantly at ease and confirms your choice as the right one. You just know it. Just like the impressive and beautiful portrait art he paints and adorns his clinic with this wonderful man, passionate about his work, will treat your face as art, will listen to your every word and translate it into the best possible result. And whilst using the very latest, least intrusive, scar-optimising, cutting edge techniques. As a bit of a health freak I was personally concerned about taking any form of pharmaceutical during the 'twilight state' induction which accompanies the procedure. I chatted at length with the anesthetist who couldn't have been more friendly and approachable, phoning me and making himself available for long question filled chats whilst actually on holiday! I ended up having the absolute minimum possible and least ever in terms of drugs and pain killers to accompany the local anesthetic and yet the operation was wonderfully painless and not a trauma in the slightest. I drifted into a relaxed state and stayed there until before I could blink it was all done and I was coming to and having it dressed. Far more preferable and superior to the risk and recovery time associated with general anesthesia. I can honestly say the only real pain and discomfort I felt was the first 24 hours when everything wore off a few hours after the op. It was difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep and there was a fairly intense ache. But then I took no pain killers at all. By the second evening it was just sore and numb and was sore for a few weeks after but definitely manageable and no longer a distraction. The numbness took a few months to wear off completely, little by little and is still there subtly after 6 months. My guess is that between 9 and 12 months it will have gone completely judging by the rate at which it has faded. The advice I have been given confirms this. And the result. Amazing. Everything I had hoped for. But always natural looking with Julian, even when asked to push to the maximum he still knows the balancing point, the fine line between just enough and too much. A master of his craft. A true artist. I have myself back. And all of his staff are just as friendly and competent, genuinely caring and empathetic so you end up as one of the family not just a paying customer. There are plenty of follow ups at every stage and it almost feels like you should pop in on a regular basis just to say hello you become that close. Well not almost even. So okay yes there is always a risk. Every reward includes one. But when there is more chance of being run over crossing the road to the clinic, when you know you are in the safest, most competent hands, when most problems whilst rare if they should occur are recoverable, then you cannot help come to the conclusion: The reward outweighs the risk a thousandfold. Take a deep breath. And just do it!

By AMLondon Chin Implant with Dr. De Silva on Dec 1, 2016

I had a chin augmentation revision and new implant with Dr. De Silva and found it an easy experience. The results are exactly what I was looking for and I found him to be a well-informed and thoughtful clinician.

By Mrsarmtrough My Facelift, upper eyelid, fat transfer and laser experience with Dr. De Silva on Nov 30, 2016

I was very nervous about having the upper eyelid surgery because it is such a delicate and visible part of ones face and my skin tends to scar quite badly. However the results are really good - after 9 months there are no visible scars at all and Dr De Silva paid particular attention to my request for the change to be subtle and natural looking. I wanted to look refreshed and youthful but not dramatically different and the procedure has given me exactly the result I was looking for. The other procedures he recommended were a face and neck lift, fat augmentation, and laser skin resurfacing, all of which have worked really well for me. The operation itself was done under 'twilight' sedation rather than a full anaesthetic, though it felt like I was unconscious throughout. The aftercare, which included staying the night in a comfortable hotel in Kensington under the care of a very kind and competent nurse, followed by a visit the next day by Dr De Silva, could not have been better. Over the next few weeks and months as my face recovered I had numerous follow-up visits, plus emails and phone calls from dr De Silva's fantastic team of nurses and assistants all of whom were friendly and helpful, always doing their best to answer questions and follow up on any requests. Having face, neck and eyelid surgery as I did is not something to take lightly - the immediate afteraffects are alarming and though I was able to go back to work after a week, as advised, the swelling and lumpiness under my chin, though barely visible, did bother me and has taken several months to settle down. However, 9 months on the final results are remarkable - I look younger and fresher, my skin tone is fantastic and and throughout it all I felt completely supported by Dr De Silva and his team. Dr Julian De Silva has a very calm and reassuring manner. He really listens and took all my concerns seriously, explaining the procedures in detail, including the options for anaesthesia. The procedures included a face and neck lift, upper belpharoplasty, fat augmentation, and laser skin resurfacing all of which were described clearly to me beforehand. I had the sense that Dr De Silva saw me as a whole person, an individual and understood my desire not to dramatically change the way I looked, but to rejuvenate and subtly improve my looks. He has achieved this with the skill of a real artist - in spite of my anxiety about scarring there are no obvious signs that I have had any work done at all. I am very glad I chose Dr De Silva and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a surgeon with skill, sensitivity and a real appreciation and understanding of human beauty.

By cv2283 Rhinoplasty experience with Julian De Silva on Nov 29, 2016

I highly recommend Julian De Silva. I have had a very positive experience with a good natural looking result with him doing my rhinoplasty. The whole procedure and recovery was so much quicker and straight forward than what I was expecting. His after care service is also second to none.

By Casinoroyale Chin Implant experience with Dr De Silva on Nov 28, 2016

I had a chin implant at Dr Dr Silva's clinic. I was apprehensive at the beginning but his professionalism and highly trained staff soon put me at ease. I went through the surgery with absolutely minimal discomfort and have to say one month on, I am very satisfied with the results. If you are ever thinking of having a chin implant, it's probably the most natural enhancement you can have and so far, no one except me has noticed it. I am glad that Dr De Silva have his honest opinion and dissuade me from choosing a larger implant that would have made it disproportional to the rest of my face. I am also considering a revised rhinoplasty surgery and facelift in the future and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to Dr De Silva when the time comes.

By Rhinoplasty experience with Julian De Silva on Nov 27, 2016

I highly recommend Julian De Silva. I have had a very positive experience with a good natural looking result with him doing my rhinoplasty. His after care service is also second to none.

By Bowen, Phi-Lift non-surgical facelift, laser resurfacing and eyelid surgery on Nov 22, 2016

Awesome result I'm so happy. I felt so nervous and wasn't sure I was doing too much at once but I listened to Dr.Silva and my mother and I really do look 10 years younger but with no bags!! The surgery went well I was really nervous and a bit shocked after that I went through with it and a bit shocked but all the staff really helped me relax. It was uncomfortable and a bit painful but so worth it. I went straight home the same day to the comfort of my own home to recover and repair and put on the box sets 'S*x and The City!! I will be back to see Dr.Julian but hopefully not for another few years for filler! It really does look so natural...

By Facelift experience with Dr. De Silva, Sheena on Nov 21, 2016

Dr De Silva was so informative and supportive at the consultation. The experience I had from start to finish was exemplary. I could not believe the procedure under sedation, was so easy. To be truthful I was so wary as I had been through this procedure before and had to spend time in hospital. I am a nurse and was aware how sedation worked but was a bit sceptical about sedation for such a procedure. The experience I had was amazing. The results are phenomenal. Dr De Silvas expertise is second to none, his attention to detail is exceptional and I cannot thank him enough. No one knows I have had this procedure, everyone says I look fresher, what have I done with my hair, have I been on holiday? Dr De Silva is an exceptional surgeon. His attention to detail is second to none. His care and attention with stitching and removal of stitches is so caring and detailed he is a true professional.

By S Fisher on Nov 17, 2016

Dear Dr De Silva and your brilliant team, I just want to say a really big warm thank you to you and everyone at the Centre for making my rhinoplasty experience such a positive one. From my pre op and post op appointments, and the actual surgery itself, everything was first class and I'm eternally grateful for everyone's hard work and professionalism. I prepared myself for the worse knowing that I’m going to be under the knife but that surgery experience and recovery process was painless. Most of my swelling and bruising have gone and I’m enjoying life with a very confident appearance. I cant ascertain how mesmerise I am with the natural looking result, you did more than I was expected, I was just expecting an improvement but what you’ve done is perfection – and my nose tip is flawless. I still can’t get over what you’ve done. For those that didn’t know I’ve undertaken surgery – no one has noticed any change but to those that knew about my surgery – they are speechless. Without any doubt I’ve certainly made the right choice of surgeon, so Thank You Dr De Silva and everyone else (Stefanie, Dr Andre, Jenifer, Laura, Joanna) Thank You!!!

By KB Male Upper and Lower blepharoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Nov 7, 2016

Having had an upper and lower blepharoplasty with Dr. De Silva back in February this year I'm delighted with the natural looking result. Basically my eyes ten years ago. Be prepared to wait several months for the finished result, but I was out and about within a few weeks from surgery which was quick and painless. The notes that I was provided were extremely useful and a comfort to read whilst I was healing in those first few weeks. A very professional surgeon that put me at rest throughout the process from the initial consultation, operation, and through to post-operative consultation.

By Liz P Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Oct 28, 2016

I turned 60 last September, and generally felt good about myself. I practice yoga regularly, eat well and live a very happy life. I did notice that my eyes looked droopy to me. I often thought I looked tired even when I was well-rested, and often felt that my upper eyelids were sitting on my lash line and that I had to raise my eyebrows to 'lift' the skin. After some research, I decided to investigate whether I could benefit from an upper and lower blepharoplasty. After more research, (including RealSelf), I decided to see Dr. Julian de Silva. I had another surgeon I would have visited had I not been comfortable with Dr. de Silva. I never went to see the other surgeon, because from the first visit, I knew I had selected someone who was competent, attentive and focused on the type of surgery I wanted. I honestly never felt nervous, and in fact, grew more confident as I went through the steps leading up to the procedure. All of the staff members I interacted with were well-informed and exuded both compassion and confidence. Everything was explained in advance, and everything went as expected, including my post-op recovery. I'm now more than six months post surgery, and am so very glad I did it! To me, I look better, not different. I look and feel more refreshed and less tired. When people tell me that I look well-rested or ask if I've just had a holiday, I know that they're seeing the results of this procedure.

By h_money Teenage Ethnic Rhinoplasty experience on Oct 11, 2016

Since the days of my youth, i have been rather dissatisfied with the visual aspect of my olfactory organ (nose) and furthermore, a deviated septum meant that breathing via my left nostril was particularly troublesome. After extensive research, i came to the conclusion that Dr De Silva was most suitable for my surgery. He was extremely assuasive, and at points of discombobulation, he would promptly respond to my emails. Additionally, he ensured that i was made cognizant of the risks associated with the procedure. Towards the end of April, early in the morning, i ventured to Dr De Silva's clinic in London, the sun was rising above the horizon, the frigidness of the cold England air pieced my skin as i journeyed from my mothers' car to The London Centre in Hammersmith. Admittedly, prior to my surgery i was frightfully nervous, the fear of damaging my appearance, or perhaps even dying almost overcame me. "Should i risk everything so that my self infatuation can develop even further?", "Should i turn around and go home?" Nay. I had come this far, and i had full confidence in the expertise of Dr De Silva. The surgery was excellent, and i was satisfied with the entire procedure, in which i felt no pain or discomfort. Wearing a nose cast for the week following the surgery was difficult, however i experienced little bleeding and no pain. Once the cast had been removed, my life was back to normal, and even though there was a great amount of swelling, i could already see that the shape of my nose had improved and i found that breathing was far easier through my left nostril. I would recommend Dr De Silva to anyone who is interested in having Rhinoplasty surgery, and if i had another nose i would go back to him.

By Amy, my experience of a Neck Lift with Dr Julian De Silva on Oct 8, 2016

Amy Neck Lift First off, I'll begin by saying I had wanted this since I knew it was possible. I remember something Dr. De Silva's staff member Jennifer told me when I first visited for my initial consultation: "It must have taken you a long time to make this decision to come in here; this is a big step". Which is so true! After years of mulling it, it took seeing myself in a widely-shared work video that made me cringe, and go to the next level of considering surgery. Despite the fact that Dr. De Silva and his team were FANTASTIC, I had a complete freak out and seriously considered pulling out (and losing my deposit) a couple of weeks before. This nervousness continued to a few days before (I was uncertain up until then - in fact, I was not 100% certain when I went in for surgery). I can only describe what happened to me as a complete attack of the nerves, combined with fear/guilt over not telling my mother I was going to have it done. Once I did tell her, however -- a few days before -- she was fine with it, and I relaxed. But I was still consumed by thoughts that I was risking having my face mutilated, and that what I was doing was silly and self-involved. In fact, with several back-and-forth emails to the staff at Dr. Silva's office, and a few phone conversations, I felt I was driving them a bit mad with my doubting. But the staff were great - they were extremely professional, and told me if I didn't really want it, I shouldn't go ahead with it. Ironically, this made me realise that of course I wanted it. Also - the fact that they didn't pressure me or go out of their way to try convince me - which I assumed the would do - made me realise that they are in the business of making people happier with their informed decisions, and not just out to make money. The staff were just great. Before, during and after the operation. Seriously. I'm so glad I did it -- I didn't regret it for one second afterwards. Not even during the post-op pain! I was just delighted I'd gone through it - it felt like a tremendous weight had lifted from my shoulders.

By Ethnic Rhinoplasty & Facial surgery experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Sep 28, 2016

Dr De Silva is an extremely professional surgeon. I consulted three others before him and he was by far and away the most professional and knowledgeable. Talked through the process, didn't try to sell and a very calm approach personal to the patient. Post care procedure was painstaking. My procedures were for face and nose.

By Diana's Facelift experience with Dr. De Silva on Sep 28, 2016

My surgery was only 2 months ago and although there is still some swelling, I can see the change in my face and I'm absolutely delighted. From the minute I walked into the clinic for my initial consultation, through the day of surgery and the after care, I felt I was in very capable and professional hands. I had sedation and I cannot recommend it highly enough - I woke up after the operation and felt completely alert and fresh with no sluggishness that you get from a general anaesthetic. I couldn't recommend Dr de Silva more highly.

By Fantastic Experience! overwhelmed with my results. Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Sep 25, 2016

Fantastic Experience! overwhelmed with my results. I had Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty with Dr De Silva on the 25/06/2016 and I cannot express how thrilled and overwhelmed I am with the results. The whole experience has been truly life changing and nothing but positive. Why did I decide to undergo rhinoplasty? I decided to have the procedure due to a large hook shape on my nose. This made me feel very uncomfortable and really effected my confidence, as it really didn’t suit my face. It also became apparent to me how much I struggled being assertive with other people or looking people in the eye while studying at university. With many reasons I decided it was something I needed, I was so fed up of feeling sad about my nose. Why Dr De Silva? I have wanted Rhinoplasty since I was 17 years old (5-years ago), because it’s such a technical procedure I spent three years searching for the right surgeon. After coming across Dr De Silva I was certain he was the Doctor for me as he specialises only in the face. I was so overjoyed when I read about his experience and fantastic customer reviews. With this decision I was committed to finishing my studies and then having my surgery. So after wanting to meet Dr De Silva for two years, the day finally came! And it exceeded my expectations, he was very professional, very reassuring and very calming. He answered all of my questions and completely made me feel at ease about the whole procedure. I must say the whole team are incredibly lovely and make you feel very comfortable and safe. After a great consultation and being overwhelmed with Dr De Silva I booked a day for my surgery. Surgery So on the day of my surgery I was overcome with nerves. I have the biggest needle phobia and the thought of the procedure made me so scared. However, after walking into the clinic I was made so calm and relaxed. The staff are incredible, I cannot express how grateful I am for the care and patience’s I received. The anaesthetist was also fantastic. Then I woke up. I can honestly say I just loved it! I’ve never had surgery before but I was so relaxed and came around so happy. I just remember waking up and being like it’s done and its pain free?? I decided to have sedation and I cannot express how amazing it was. I left surgery half an hour after my procedure and just felt incredible and completely normal, I was so surprised how quickly the effects of sedation wore off. I was very anxious about sedation as I thought I would hear/see stuff going on, I didn’t at all I can’t believe how much I enjoyed the experience. My experience I noticed a difference as soon as the cast came off, but I must say the 6-8week healing period I seen results virtually every week, I am still noticing smaller refinements now! I still cannot believe how virtually pain free my whole experience was, when I say pain free I mean I didn’t even take a paracetamol. I am so happy with my experience with Dr De Silva, from the very first consultation to the aftercare I have received. To look in the mirror every day and see my nose completely fitting with my other facial features is something I have dreamed about for years, and now that dream is a reality. It is exactly what I wanted. I am so happy Dr de Silva was my surgeon he is a credit to his field. Truly an artist! I would highly recommend Dr De Silva to anyone! He has made such a positive impact to my life. I will forever be thankful to him and his team.

By Eye Bags Treatment Experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Sep 21, 2016

Outstanding results. In March 2016 I underwent transconjunctual blepharoplasty, fat transfer and laser resurfacing to address the large bags, loose skin and wrinkles under my eyes. These had developed and grown steadily worse through my forties, making me look tired and dour (and which no amount of eye cream or smiling could counter!). Throughout this period, I deliberated about surgery and consulted a number of leading surgeons in the UK and US, before finally meeting Dr. De Silva (which is where I should have started). His professionalism, quite confidence, relaxed manner, and (importantly) willingness to listen, allied to his evident results (specializing only in facial cosmetics) and reviews, made the ultimate decision to proceed relatively easy. The procedure itself and recovery/review lasted around 2.5 hours and was smooth, relaxed and pain free, from beginning to end (the conscious sedation working exactly as described). The healing process was also very straightforward, with only mild bruising under the lower eye lids (which passed within a few days) and peeling (which was, of course, expected and passed within 7-10 days). There was no discomfort. And as for the results, simply stunning. At least an 80% reduction in my bags (which was the objective, though I confess to having been skeptical of this at the outset), a firming of the skin and a marked reduction in my winkles, but moreover, no tightness and completely natural in appearance. After 2 weeks, I felt confident enough to go out without dark glasses and after 3 weeks, confident enough to return to work - indeed, I could probably have ventured out sooner, but being male and working in a public capacity, I doubtless erred on the side of caution! From 4 weeks the swelling had almost gone and now, 6 months on, it really feels as if I never had bags, and never had surgery. It really does seem as if the clock has been turned back; I look fresher, more alert and undoubtedly more confident (which is not something I had dwelled on before). I have had a number of comments about how well and relaxed I look, but no one seems in the slightest bit suspicious. I would certainly not hesitate to recommend Dr. De Silva (who seemed to take as much pleasure in the outcome as I did). I should also give credit to his support staff, who were equally reassuring, quick to answer questions or refer and to return calls. The paperwork and care instructions were clear and easy to follow (if not a little daunting at first) and the follow-up appointments scheduled at the outset. This is an excellent practice. Well done and thank you.

By Blepharoplasty/ Eyelid surgery experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Sep 18, 2016

I did approach another clinic prior to meeting Dr De Silva. The procedure offered by this other clinic was noticeably cheaper but I was not convinced at all by the consultant or the before and after photographs shown to me. From the moment I met Dr De Silva I was thoroughly impressed by his calm professionalism and his caring, experienced approach. He listened closely to my requirements and my concerns and quickly put me at my ease. The whole procedure from sedation through recovery was, in my case, pain-free and I was astounded at how soon I felt confident and comfortable enough to go out in public. I attended a party only 10 days after the surgery which was beyond my wildest expectations. I am delighted with the results and would not hesitate to recommend Dr De Silva and his entire team.

By Rhinoplasty experience and review of Dr. De Silva on Sep 16, 2016

Made me able to move on in my mind when I was obsessing over my first op that was a disaster. My revision Rhinoplasty by DR Julian de Silva was amazing. Best thing I have done. Such a lovely surgeon.

By Blepharoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Sep 3, 2016

I'm a 54 year old lady, who for the last 3/4 years kept moaning about the way my eyelids drooped and also having excessive loose skin more so on my right eyelid,and as if that wasn't bad enough both eyes in the corners of my eyes had developed fatty puffiness which looked absolutely awful, whatever eye makeup I would wear did not improve the look. So enough was enough and at this point knew there was one thing to do, and that was surgery. After researching several plastic surgeons and 3 consultations later I finally met Dr Julian De Silva and was instantly connected by his gentle,professional manner, he was very honest about my expectations and what I would achieve from having upper blepharoplasty. As I left the Harley street clinic I felt optimistic and excited finally I was doing something about it, and in many ways I had delayed going ahead with the surgery as I knew finding the right surgeon was going to be an ordeal and trusting that person. But after meeting Julian de silva I just knew he was the right surgeon for me. As soon as I got home and thought things through I had booked a day to go ahead with the surgery. Day of the surgery I was absolutely petrified so nervous and anxious but I have to say from the moment I arrived at Hammersmith clinic to end of surgery went all so very well could not have had a better team of professional ,wonderful attentive clinicians the anesatis, nurses and of course the surgeon who were brilliant. After the surgery I was not in any pain had no swelling just a little dried blood on the eyelids only to be expected, I went home with my husband on the train the same day wearing sunglasses and I took 10 days holiday from work and did exactly as I was told and nursed myself it was actually nice having that time off work and just doing nothing for a change, and Dr De SIlva rang me at home the same evening to see how I was feeling and also got a call from the lovely nurse the next day to see how I was. I can honestly say I had no pain whatsoever, I did have a little swelling in the coming days but nothing like I imagined, but the bruising took the longest to clear which appeared under my eyes, but as time has gone on my eyes have looked better and better. I am absolutely thrilled to bits with the results here I am 5 months later writing this review and just want to thank Julian and all his wonderful staff that dealt with me I have never looked back since having this procedure done and in a few years if and when I feel I need another facial procedure doing I would not even hesitate to see Dr De Silva again a big thankyou to you all Antonia

By Consultation for rhinoplasty on Sep 1, 2016

Amazing MD actually advised me before any surgery & refused as he felt the changes would not be best for me, unfortunatly I didnt listen and had surgery else where where I was not listened to & the Dr Hesham Saleh made unnecessary scars & changes inside my nose I never asked for & completey over looked my requests. Choosing the right DR is very important. Ill be going back to Dr De Silva for help. I believe he will advise me the best.

By Chin Implant & Lip Reduction Experience with Dr. De Silva on Aug 15, 2016

I had lip reduction and a chin implant done with Dr De Silva. Overall, I was very happy with my treatment and also with the results. I went to have the procedure done very early in the morning and it was over very, very quickly. The recovery was quick and the pain was very minor. It was difficult to eat for about a week or so afterwards but Dr De Silva gave me good advice about the sort of foods to consume and stock up on. I received phone calls after the surgery to check up on me and was very well looked after. In terms of the result, the lip has reduced in size so that it is more proportional with my face. I hope that it will still reduce further, as it can take up to a year to see the full result. The scar on my bottom lip is minimal and I am not aware of it at all. The chin implant has also brought more balance to my face and I am very happy with that. Overall, I would recommend Dr De Silva to anyone thinking about cosmetic surgery. I searched around for appropriate doctors prior to the surgery and felt the most comfortable with Dr De Silva due to his sensitivity and knowledge. I never felt that I was taking a risk due to the reassurance I felt when meeting him. I cannot fault the result and treatment I received so would have no hesitation in going to him again.

By mijngrootmoeder6, Blepharoplasty/ eyelid lift review and experience. on Aug 13, 2016

My upper eyelid was dropping down and it was difficult to put my make up on. After the procedure I am now looking refreshed, younger and I can put my make up on again. Safety is paramount with this and Dr De Silva took every precaution before and after the procedure. Antibiotics, antiviral, eye drops/creams . I needed to have an ECG done and blood tests . This is not included in the £5,000 . Recovery time was very quick some bruising and swelling but all gone after 1 week. No pain at all not during procedure and not after. I can definitely recommend Dr De Silva, not the cheapest option but well worth it.

By Lower eyelid surgery review of experience and team on Aug 10, 2016

Hi everyone Just dropping in for two quick things. Firstly if it's not too much trouble or time could you email me over my before and after photos so I can share them on realself and also just stare in amazement at them myself. Secondly I basically just wanted to say a big warm thank you to everyone of you for making my experience a positive one. From day one at the consultation, to my pre op and post op appointments, and the actual surgery itself, everything was first class and I'm eternally grateful for everyone's hard work and professionalism. From the bubbly, delightful, Jennifer dealing with the majority of my early emails and always putting a smile on my face since meeting at the consultation, to the really cool and very thorough Stephanie, putting me at ease from the off with the before and aftercare advice and also that laid back Aussie style (the people in New Zealand were wrong, you're not all bad I suppose). To the lovely Laura on reception, always a welcoming and friendly face to put me at ease, to the Filipino nurse - whose name I unfortunately can't remember, Patawad - for the care and conversation during surgery. And last but not least Dr De Silva for everything, the results are exactly as I hoped for and then some, you're a wizard in your field and you're a gent at the same time, and my god you have the most calming voice ever, I honestly could sleep in a bed made of your voice. So yeah basically kudos to all of you for making such a great team and also making a massive mark on my life. Take Care & signing off Eamon

By Ethnic Rhinoplasty experience and recovery on Aug 6, 2016

Dear Dr De Silva Thank you so much for looking after me. The recovery and bruising/swelling was minimal and so far I am very happy with the natural results you have given me...I still look like me but with a nicer nose :) which is exactly what I wanted. I know I still have a long way to go but I see an improvement already and so far I am very happy. Your team are amazing (Jennifer, Stephanie and Laura who I think is the receptionist there today) they all looked after me from the start, so please say thank you to them as well. I am glad I did my surgery with you :) Kindest Regards Rina

By Facelift & Neck Lift experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Aug 3, 2016

When, after much research, I chose Dr De Silva for my face and neck lift, I certainly made the right choice. I like that he has given me a natural, fresh and youthful look – so much so that I am determined to maintain it for as long as possible with a good skin care regime. My experience with him and his excellent team was wonderful from start to finish. Dr De Silva is a charming man, patient and reassuring, with a gentle touch. He was generous with his time pre- and post-procedure. He answered all my questions with great care. All in all I cannot fault him or his team. So, thank you Dr De Silva and thank you, everyone at The Centre. 5 out of 5 stars Overall rating 5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner 5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions 5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up 5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me 5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness 5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy 5 out of 5 stars Payment process 5 out of 5 stars Wait times

By Nose Job experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Jul 31, 2016

I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva. The whole experience of having surgery with Dr De Silva was honestly faultless and enjoyable. As I have never had surgery before, I was particularly nervous and anxious to get this surgery done, however, Dr De Silva and his team made me feel so incredibly relaxed and completely at ease in the lead up and morning of the surgery itself. Dr De Silva talked me through the whole procedure and it went exactly as he said. The day of the surgery, the whole team made me feel very calm and were very patient as I was expectantly feeling very nervous. There was significantly minimal - if any - pain associated with having the surgery, which was also something I was worried about. Dr De Silva was also very patient and took on board how I wanted my nose to look like in terms of its shape, and I could not be any happier with the results. Further to this, Dr De Silva answered all the questions I had about having the surgery done and reassured me. After the surgery, his team made sure I was recovering ok by calling and checking up on me regularly which was lovely and again answered any questions I had in terms of recovering. The recovery itself was so quick and after a week, once I had my cast removed, no one could tell I had surgery the week before! I would recommend Dr De Silva to anyone as the whole experience of having surgery for the first time could truthfully not have gone any better.

By Neck lift experience with Chin Implant, review of Dr. De Silva on Jul 17, 2016

Dr De silva is A excellent doctor i had A neck lift and a chin implant. I was a bit nervous about not having the procedure done in a hospital, but I need of NOT worry, the staff were excellent at reassuring me that everything would be okay, Dr De Silva did an excellent job, my chin looks very so natural I couldn't be more happier.

By Rhinoplasty experience and review of Dr. De Silva on Jul 16, 2016

Since the days of my youth, i have been rather dissatisfied with the visual aspect of my olfactory organ (nose) and furthermore, a deviated septum meant that breathing via my left nostril was particularly troublesome. After extensive research, i came to the conclusion that Dr De Silva was most suitable for my surgery. He was extremely assuasive, and at points of discombobulation, he would promptly respond to my emails. Additionally, he ensured that i was made cognizant of the risks associated with the procedure. Towards the end of April, early in the morning, i ventured to Dr De Silva's clinic in London, the sun was rising above the horizon, the frigidness of the cold England air pieced my skin as i journeyed from my mothers' car to The London Centre in Hammersmith. Admittedly, prior to my surgery i was frightfully nervous, the fear of damaging my appearance, or perhaps even dying almost overcame me. "Should i risk everything so that my self infatuation can develop even further?", "Should i turn around and go home?" Nay. I had come this far, and i had full confidence in the expertise of Dr De Silva. The surgery was excellent, and i was satisfied with the entire procedure, in which i felt no pain or discomfort. Wearing a nose cast for the week following the surgery was difficult, however i experienced little bleeding and no pain. Once the cast had been removed, my life was back to normal, and even though there was a great amount of swelling, i could already see that the shape of my nose had improved and i found that breathing was far easier through my left nostril. I would recommend Dr De Silva to anyone who is interested in having Rhinoplasty surgery, and if i had another nose i would go back to him. p.s. The most emotionally damaging part of the procedure was when a young boy looked through the window of my car as we were driving back home, post operation. He noticed that i had a cast and tape on my nose. It was at this point that he giggled and then shouted "Look it's voldemort." This was unnecessary, degrading and emotionally draining. I debated on whether or not i should exit my vehicle so that i could assault this child for his unthoughtful comment, however due to the fact that i had just undergone surgery and was still under the influence of the medication used, i did not think that i would win. p.p.s the nurses were also extremely professional and kind during the whole procedure.

By Ms Demetri Rhinoplasty & sepotplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Jul 12, 2016

I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva. The whole experience of having surgery with Dr De Silva was honestly faultless and enjoyable. As I have never had surgery before, I was particularly nervous and anxious to get this surgery done, however, Dr De Silva and his team made me feel so incredibly relaxed and completely at ease in the lead up and morning of the surgery itself. Dr De Silva talked me through the whole procedure and it went exactly as he said. The day of the surgery, the whole team made me feel very calm and were very patient as I was expectantly feeling very nervous. There was significantly minimal - if any - pain associated with having the surgery, which was also something I was worried about. Dr De Silva was also very patient and took on board how I wanted my nose to look like in terms of its shape, and I could not be any happier with the results. Further to this, Dr De Silva answered all the questions I had about having the surgery done and reassured me. After the surgery, his team made sure I was recovering ok by calling and checking up on me regularly which was lovely and again answered any questions I had in terms of recovering. The recovery itself was so quick and after a week, once I had my cast removed, no one could tell I had surgery the week before! I would recommend Dr De Silva to anyone as the whole experience of having surgery for the first time could truthfully not have gone any better.

By Waited 20 years because of Keloid scarring....Review of Dr. De Silva's lower eyelid surgery on Jul 10, 2016

I waited 20 years for the scar-less technique which Dr De Silva employs perfectly for the removal of eye bags. So 8 weeks ago at the age of 72 , I underwent a lower blepharoplasty. The procedure went smoothly and was painless. The result is fabulous. The change to my face is so natural that no one suspected what has made me look" so well". This is a testament to Dr De Silva's skill and artistic flair. He is also supported by a good team.

By NZDave, Lower Blepharoplasty in 20s, experience with Julian De Silva on Jun 29, 2016

I was going through hell for years with the site of the bags under my eyes, they would be ok if was 59, not 29. They got me down all the time and it started to become an obsession, afraid to look people in the eye always keeping my head down, wearing sunglasses even on cloudy days and countless other things that made me realise it was completely taking over my life. I researched like crazy for years and always flirted with the idea of Blepharoplasty and often found myself imagining "what if"? What if I could make them go away and what if it makes me look and feel happier again - because they didn't just make me look tired, they made me look like I was sad as well - but I also wondered and worried "what if" it goes wrong, what if I come out looking worse, what if I destroy my face with one of those botched jobs and what if I look like some celebrities you see who have had plastic surgery and look stupid. Well it got to the stage where I could take no more and didn't care, the pros outweighed the cons and I went ahead with the man who's name kept coming up, Dr De Silva and well frankly, everthing was easier than I could have hoped for, pretty much all my bruising and swelling had gone by day 11 so much so that friends and family were not able to tell. Also in that time I had absolutely no pain or discomfort and most importantly I'm delighted with the results. I look and feel so much fresher and healthier and definitely wouldn't hesitate to consider further treatment from him in the future if need be. Overall the whole experience was a positive one and because of the massive difference it's made to my life, it was definitely a great decision and money well spent and would recommend anyone who's reading this and going through the same mental merry-go-round I was, to not waste anymore time and go and change your life for the better. You won't regret it. I don't.

By sher321 Ethnic Rhinoplasty experience with Julian De Silva on Jun 26, 2016

I have always kind of disliked my nose and felt it was a bit too big for my face. I wasn't too keen on my side profile and thought the tip was slightly bulbous so I one day randomly and spontaneously decided to book a consultation with Dr De Silva. I didn't want anything drastic, just a subtle change. Upon meeting, we had discussed what I wanted and he told me his opinion and what would realistically be the outcome... He was very clear, concise and understanding of what I wanted. Anyway long story short it was the best thing I've ever done. He did such a good job and it was literally PAINLESS.. As in I didn't feel a second of pain throughout the whole experience (maybe I was just incredibly fortunate). Honestly I cannot stress enough how easy this procedure is, I have had more discomfort going to the dentist. I had twilight anaesthesia and it just felt like I had had the best nap in the world and when I woke up, it was all done. If you're planning on doing this please do not worry or stress about the procedure there is nothing to worry about I promise you! Also, just a side note.. If you dislike something about yourself to the point that it starts to make you insecure and dominates your thoughts and you just cannot accept it, change it. Life is too short to overthink and let something silly ruin your standard of living. Looks are not everything and I understand that but I couldn't help the way I felt and now I have no regrets. I feel so much better and at peace with myself :)

By Scouse 17, experience with rhinoplasty on Jun 6, 2016

Amazing Results. Loving Life Right Now! Came from Liverpool to Hammersmith to see Dr De Silva after being recommended by a friend. I had Septo-rhinoplasty performed where a hump was removed, the nose was de-projected a little bit and my deviated septum was fixed (to help my breathing). The breathing improved from 0% to about 50% which I'm pretty happy with, can certainly live with that. As far as aesthetics goes, the results are actually perfect in my opinion, Dr De Silva got what we discussed in the consultation right down to a T. I'm seriously happy and so grateful. Please PM me for before and after pictures if you thinking about a similar procedure. The catch here is that this is a lot more expensive than your average rhinoplasty surgeon, like big time! But you really do get what you pay for. So my advice to anyone would be to save up a little longer to get the best possible results. Big love x

By Neck lift with Blepharoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Jun 5, 2016

I had upper Blepharoplasty and neck lift, one year on I am very happy with the results Dr. De Silva is very knowledgeable caring and calm and he has and excellent team, the procedure was straight forward and pain free, the after care was excellent. I highly recommend Dr De Silva.

By ZM Revision Facelift & Neck lift surgery on May 20, 2016

When, after much research, I chose Dr De Silva for my face and neck lift, I certainly made the right choice. I like that he has given me a natural, fresh and youthful look – so much so that I am determined to maintain it for as long as possible with a good skin care regime. My experience with him and his excellent team was wonderful from start to finish, making the elective surgery a much less fraught affair than I could have expected. Everyone was kind, considerate and helpful. Dr De Silva is a charming man, patient and reassuring, with a gentle touch. He was generous with his time pre- and post-procedure. He answered all my questions with great care. All in all I cannot fault him or his team. So, thank you Dr De Silva and thank you, everyone at The Centre.

By Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr. De Silva on May 15, 2016

A year ago I was hesitantly considering rhinoplasty, and having had the procedure I am now happy to share my experience with those who are facing the same dilemmas. Firstly, I had serious reservations as regards sedation (to which I ultimately consented on the basis that it carries less health risks than general anaesthesia), however all my worries proved to be unfounded. I fell asleep as soon as I was taken to the operation theatre and I woke up after what seemed to be a 20-minute nap; I did not feel or hear anything at all during the 3-hour surgery and I have no recollection of it. In practice, it felt exactly as general anaesthesia, except I was sufficiently alert 30 minutes after the surgery to take a cab home and make conversation. The second misconception I had regarded the open surgery technique, although I accepted it insofar as it offers better precision for a more symmetrical result, especially in revision cases. Again, my concerns were unjustified; even during the first post-op days, the incision line was not prominent, and 4 months after the surgery the scar is barely perceptible upon very close inspection. The convalescence was brief (under a week) and not unpleasant (a flu definitely causes more discomfort). I will be able to appreciate the final result in several months, but so far I have been very pleased with the changes, and the entire process was extremely smooth. I would most certainly recommend Dr. De Silva and his team.

By Sue Petzold on May 12, 2016

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty on both eyes in February this year and I am so pleased with the results. I should have had it done a couple of years ago. I was really impressed with Dr De Silva's care and attention to detail. He was ready to answer all my questions and gave me all the time I needed to make sure that I understood what the operation and after care involved. I have had a number of surgical procedures in the past, and I have to say this procedure was the least stressful of them all. I felt no ill effects from the anaesthetic whatsoever, and was on my way home within 20 minutes of the end of the operation, with no pain whatsoever. I followed Dr De Silva's instructions to the letter, and now three months after the operation it is really difficult to see that I have had anything done to my eyes - apart from the fact that they look so much better and I no longer look tired all the time. I did have some initial concerns about swelling and consulted Dr De Silva by email on a Sunday afternoon. He responded to my email the same day and shortly after prescribed some medication to reduce the swelling which disappeared very rapidly. All in all a very stress free experience. I would thoroughly recommend Dr De Silva to anyone who is considering facial cosmetic surgery.

By Upper and lower eyelid surgery experience with Dr De Silva on May 8, 2016

I chose Dr De Silva to do my upper and lower eyelid surgery, even though I live 150 miles away from London, because he specialises in facial surgery. I was extremely impressed with the whole experience from the initial consultation through to the end result. I was very nervous about having the operation but I had no need to be worried. Everything was explained fully and the local anaesthetic with sedation was a great alternative to a general anaesthetic. The time during the operation seems to pass really quickly and what seemed like 30 minutes was actually a couple of hours and the operation was finished! I would not hesitate to recommend this. After the operation the swelling was quite minor. The healing process was very quick and I returned to work after two and a half weeks. I am absolutely delighted with my results and I would not hesitate to recommend Dr De Silva and his team of lovely staff.

By Upper eyelid surgery testimonial on May 8, 2016

I had upper eyelid surgery with Dr Julian De Silva in December 2015 and feel absolutely happy with the outcome. My eyes used to look tired because of the droopy eyelids. Dr J De Silva did an amazing job by removing saggy skin and tightening the muscles. My eyes look so much younger and natural. His team - nurse and Anesthetist have been so attentive and caring during the surgery which was done under sedation. I definitely felt that I was in safe hands. The whole experience has been wonderful and I would recommend Dr Julian De Silva to anyone without any hesitation.

By Mak on Apr 16, 2016

Lower Blepharoplasty, Laser Skin Resurfacing and Fat Transfer. Worth It Cost: $5,500 Julian De Silva, MD, London, GB The dark circles under the eyes was my main concern. After reviews from this site, i booked a consultation to see Mr Julian De Silva and i am glad i did. I chose Mr Julian De Silva because he is an Oculo-Facial plastic surgery. They have an in depth knowledge of the anatomy and function of the eyes and eyelids. So if anything went wrong, i knew i was in the hands of a qualified surgeon who also has excellent reviews. After 3 months, the results are great and keep getting better. My eyes look fresh and have given me confidence in work, travel or performing activities. No more dark circles, no more bags just a new youthful, fresh look. After a good workout at the gym, my eyes would develop a dark ring that made me look tired and old. I am glad to say now they look fresh and youthful, no more dark circles, no more lowering my head and walking out the gym. I am so grateful i came across this site and chose Mr Julian De Silva. I almost booked my surgery with another plastic surgeon to save money and time. Again, so glad i trusted my eyes to a specialist. What made this whole experience even better was the amazing staff from the receptionists, nurses, Sedationist, the entire team were amazing, friendly, warm and welcoming. Everyone was knowledgeable and made this a pleasant procedure. Thank you.

By AliciaJee Rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Apr 13, 2016

Dr De Silva took great time when it came to my consultation, he gave me great advice on how he thought I should change the appearance of my nose, not just that he also listened to how I wanted my overall appearance to be, we negotiated about it and came to a decision, but he reassured me if I had second thoughts about how I wanted my appearance to be to let him know straight away, Dr De Silva and all the people who work for him are absolutely fab! couldn't thank them all enough for looking after me.

By Mort, Facelift experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Apr 6, 2016

I am 46 but after a few difficult years the stress took its toll on my face at a fairly early age and it showed . I had read a lot about Dr Silva being a highly celebrated and respected facial surgeon in both the U.S and the UK , which was why I chose him and his practice. My very supportive husband came with me for the consultation in London and Dr De Silva spent a very thorough session examining my face and neck, taking photos, measurements offering information and answering all my questions. Dr De Silva has a lovely manner about him and the initial meeting was very reassuring . He was very straightforward and realistic about what improvemnts I could expect and I never felt any pressure. The entire team that helped with my surgery on the day were outstanding . ( Thank you Jennifer and Stephanie for everything. You are top nurses.) I felt incredibly well looked after by everyone ,from the anesthetist to the private nurse who spent the night looking after me in my room. Pain relief that was offered was superb and despite how much I had done I felt relatively little discomfort. 3 months later I am already absolutely delighted with the results ! I'd do it all again in a minute and so thank you so so much to all the team at The Centre !

By Reggiocalabria, After 20years of waiting lower blepharoplasty experience on Apr 4, 2016

I made the decision to have lower bleph at the age of 48 after more than 20 years of criticising myself in the mirror and feeling that I always looked tired and or sad because of the bulges that protruded underneath my eyes. In order to find a surgeon that I trusted I obviously scoured the Internet ( about a year!) and researched all options but every time I looked at different options I was always magnetised back to Dr De Silva - he seemed to have the right qualifications,

By Anonymous Patient experience on Apr 3, 2016

I have recently had a Septoplasty and Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr De Silva and would like to share my experience with you. I am in my thirties and for the longest time did not like the overall appearance of my nose. Given the large bump on the bridge and droopy tip, I found my profile to be unflattering and this always played on my mind affecting my confidence. In addition to this, I had incurred a number of sporting injuries to my nose which had led to a misalignment of the nose which was noticeable on my front profile. This had also caused me difficulty in breathing, especially at night. I had often thought about the possibility of correcting my nose but it had always seemed such a drastic measure and one that looked painful and uncomfortable. This apprehension kept me from doing anything about the situation for many years, nonetheless, I would often peruse the internet searching for people's experiences and the surgeons that had performed the procedures. Finally, in 2015, I noticed that Dr Julian De Silva's name kept popping up as a world-renowned plastic surgeon and that he had performed countless procedures successfully and with seemingly great results. I decided to look into his record further and noticed that he had won awards and was actively involved in academic side of the profession, writing numerous papers about his techniques, teaching and actively researching to push the field further. This gave me a great deal of confidence in the ability of Dr De Silva and prompted me to take action by getting in touch with his practice in London. From the very first contact of arranging the consultation over the phone, I found the staff at the practice to be very welcoming and friendly, and soon I was on my way to meet Dr De Silva for the first time. I was nervous about the initial consultation as I didn't know what to expect but I was soon feeling much more relaxed as I realised Dr De Silva was a very amiable person with a lot of empathy and time to listen to my story. His polite and calm manner alleviated any anxiety I had and he was able to talk me through the ins and outs of the potential procedure, the management of expectations and his views on creating a natural balance to the face. He was able to show me what could be achievable through some advanced imaging techniques and this also helped me to understand any potential final results. I didn't feel pressured at all and at all times the doctor was clear, honest, yet warm and friendly. I then spent some time with Dr De Silva's Practice Manger, who is also wonderfully friendly and helpful. She explained everything to me and was from that point on always available to me for any questions I had. I left feeling excited about going ahead with the procedure which was to take place a few weeks later. I underwent a double procedure of Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty whilst under 'Twilight Sedation' - an advanced method utilised that avoids the negatives associated with a General Anaesthetic. At first, I was quite apprehensive about the technique but I was assured that it would be fine. Dr De Silva's whole team on the day of surgery were just amazing - so reassuring, so kind and so friendly. The anaesthetist took the time to explain the process of sedation and made me feel very comfortable as everyone else in the team. I felt sleepy once the sedation was administered and before I knew it I was up and awake after the procedure had been completed. It felt as though I had had a high-quality power nap and I actually felt pretty good. I was able to go home shortly after the completion of the procedure. I felt no pain at any point post-procedure, just a little tired on the first evening and the second day. I had been provided full printed guidance on how to manage my recovery and Dr De Silva called me several times to see how I was doing. I felt looked after even after the surgery was complete! The results of the surgery are fantastic and surpass my expectations going in. My nose looks and feels great, and this has had a pronounced effect on my general confidence in everyday life. Getting in touch with Dr De Silva has turned out to be a great decision on my part and I cannot thank him and his team enough for the positive impact they have had on my life. In my mind, this is the definition of the highest quality of surgery and care available. Dr De Silva is a great professional and a true master of his art.

By Pixie595 Revision Rhinoplasty experience on Apr 1, 2016

Leading up to my surgery, I was pretty much glued to this site. I wanted to wait until the third month after surgery so I could submit an honest review and to help those who are looking for a decent rhinoplasty surgeon. A little bit about me first. I'm 30 and mixed with multiple ethnicities. I had one rhinoplasty 10+ years ago to narrow nostrils which I realize now was a complete disaster. This time round I was looking to narrow nostrils/ improve shape, refine tip and straighten nose. I decided to go with Dr De Silva for a number of reasons, he: 1. specialized in performing surgery on the face. 2. has been featured in the media and his results are on YouTube 3. has been trained and done work in the U.S as well as UK 4. Specializes in latest technology 5. Sculpts for a hobby I have to admit, the last one sealed the deal for me, as I wanted an artist. Not just a doctor ( like my last surgeon) who had no vision :) Anyway, I was lucky enough to book a consultation with his office at pretty short notice. I wanted the surgery done ASAP. When I met him I realized all reviews about his manner and personality were accurate. Very calming and he knew what he was talking about. He said because I had a slight deviation I wouldn't be able to get it perfectly straight as it's quite complex. However everyhing else he could do. He said he could offer me an 60-70% improvement but not perfection ( totally undersold it). In my head I was thinking what's perfection anyway. Improvement sounds good to me! Sold! I booked Dr de silva that day and surgery was scheduled 2 weeks later. I had to do a bunch of tests which came to about £250 ( private hospital) or something and had to buy a bunch of meds from the list they provided me, which i think came to another £70. Id say in total it came to near £9000 Day of surgery. I was booked into the Welbeck Hospital. I had my own big room with private bathroom. i can't remember time of surgery but we were running behind schedule due to another surgery. No big deal at all. All I remember was feeling extremely nervous until dr de silva came in. We spoke a little bit, recapped on previous discussions and he drew marks on my nose. I instantly felt calm. I just felt like he knew what he was doing. After surgery, I woke up and I felt drowsy as I had general anesthesia , yet no pain at all. Dr De Silva was there briefly to see if I was ok. I was then taken up to my room to recover. I was in surgery for 3 hours. Recovery period kind of sucked!! Best part, there was zero pain and minimal swelling except a little tiny bruise under my left eye. Worst part, not being able to leave house, breathing through mouth due to blocked nostrils, not being able to wash hair or sleep lying flat for 7 days until caste came off. ALOT of TV was watched during that period. Caste off day!! I went in to have sutures and caste taken off. It wasn't completely pain free. My collumella was super sensitive so I teared up a bit. When caste came off, my nose looked super tiny. I honestly didn't know what to make of it. I was overwhelmed that I dont even remember what dr was saying. I remember seeing that it didn't look symmetrical and tip didn't look as small as I hoped ( due to swelling). All things that I expected from reading forums and talking to the doctor pre surgery. Dr de silva injected a steroid injection into my nose to help with swelling and I was instructed to tape my nose. The following days after that my nose was so swollen with bluish, yellowish bruising on the bridge ( I never had my bridge touched). This didn't worry me as my nose is sensitive and it was probably just the pressure from the caste. I also saw that although swollen, my nose was now becoming more symmetrical (still with a little swelling on one side) and the angles of my nostrils looked a lot better. Tip was still big but no biggie. I think it was just squished after being in caste for so long. Ok, so honestly when I first saw my nose after caste was taken off I was like hmmm, as I heard many people say when caste comes off then what you see will be the final result. For me this wasn't the case. For me, as the weeks have passed my nose has settled more and more. I think from the 1st week after removal I saw changes to the nostrils and the straightness and at the 6 week mark that's when I really started to see some changes to the tip. I'm 11 weeks post op now and it looks different than it did even 2 weeks ago. The swelling on one side has also completely gone down now too. I heard 3 months post op is when 60-70% of swelling subsides. So I'm looking forward to the final result! I hope this helps somebody and I am happy to show pictures though personal email Thanks

By Male Rhinoplasty & Lip lift patient experience on Mar 28, 2016

I am a Male aged 61 Like many others, I chose carefully before deciding upon Dr De Silva. My rhinoplasty involved not just a thinning down of my nose, but a lengthening of the tip (I also combined the procedure with a lip lift). I knew that in my case the procedure would be a difficult one, but Dr De Silva discussed my rhinoplasty with me and assured me that he could do much to improve my appearance. However, the outcome has been way, way beyond what I could ever have expected, yet still very natural looking. Even after removing the dressing for the first time, I could notice an immediate improvement - which has only gotten better as the days and weeks have passed. I only wish now that this was something I had proceeded with years ago. This is especially true as I have never liked the idea of a general anaesthetic which, I believe, is used by most surgeons in the UK for rhinoplasty. However, Dr De Silva offers a conscious sedation method, which to me was very attractive prospect. On the day of the procedure, I met with the anaesthetist, who took the time to calmly and carefully explain a few more details of what would be involved in, and expected of, this type of sedation. These were more than just comforting words, as I found the whole experience to be very relaxing, and stress - and pain - free, with no recollection of the procedure itself. Immediately following the surgery I was up and on my feet with absolutely no nausea or light-headedness - amazing. What’s just as amazing to me was the lack of swelling and bruising experienced – a real plus which meant I got out and about and back to normal very quickly. Finally, just a word about Dr De Silva and the care and consideration he has shown throughout. From the very first time we met to discuss my problem and procedure, to the day of the surgery itself, and the following check-ups, I always felt that I was speaking with someone who really cared and was actively listening to my hopes and concerns. Similarly, the nurses and the reception staff at the Centre could not have been kinder or more considerate throughout - which really added immeasurably to the reassuring and relaxing atmosphere of the clinic. I was travelling and staying on my own in London for the procedure, and their professionalism and kindness just made everything so much easier for me during my stay. It has all been one experience I will never forget, or ever regret - with a result I didn't ever think possible.

By Pommie18, Upper eyelid surgery with laser resurfacing experience on Mar 24, 2016

Catching myself in the mirror had become increasingly depressing - I just didn't recognise myself. My eyes had become very hooded to the extent that my field of vision was reduced and I had to hold my eyebrows up just to see properly. This was not helping the lines on my forehead. The bags under my eyes had also developed a life of their own - the puffiness was such that they extended to my cheekbones. Dr de Silva recommended upper blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing, a chemical peel and light botox on my forehead and around the eyes. He was very sensitive to my desire for a 'light touch' and that is in any case what he would advocate. With regard to the satchels under my eyes, he had a hunch that I might have had a bad reaction to hyaluronic acid fillers I'd had in the past (by another doctor) and he was hopeful he could reverse the effect. The actual surgery was very straightforward and I need not have worried. In fact it turned out to be quite a pleasant experience, if that's possible. The team is so experienced and calming - so much so that I queried at one point if one of the nurses was administering a little gentle Reiki before and during the procedure. Apparently it was indeed a form of healing and she certainly has that gift. I felt cared for and cosseted at every stage. The result? Well I now recognise myself in the mirror. Dr de Silva has captured the shape of my eyes from about 10 years ago and no-one has realised that I've had any work done at all. When I told a friend, she remarked, "Well I thought you're looking more awake". And the swelling under the eyes? It disappeared immediately. I'm overwhelmingly relieved. I also believe the improvement has extended my working life by about 10 years.

By Abigail, non-surgical rhinoplasty to correct previous surgery by Dr. Julian De Silva on Mar 20, 2016

When I was 12 years old, I broke my nose and was left with a deviated septum and visibly crooked nose. After 7 years of constant sinusitis and hearing problems I had an NHS septoplasty. This procedure was only to correct the deviation in my septum and therefore improve my breathing however post-op day 4, I started noticing signs of an infection. 2 A&E visits later and extremely bad handling of my infection, I left hospital with nothing but a saddled and deformed nose. Functionally, my nose was majorly improved however it looked nothing like MY nose. For 5 months I refused to have any photos taken of me and I lost a lot of confidence. It was an alien structure on my face and I started looking at surgeons for a rhinoplasty to fix the mess. I came across Dr De Silva and tried to book a consultation but he wanted me to wait until I was 1 year post-op. I was booked in for a consultation on the 1 year anniversary of my original surgery and the day couldn't come any sooner. After an informative and thorough consultation with Dr De Silva, it was concluded that due to the damage my trauma had sustained, it would be best to avoid surgery at this point in time. He suggested an alternative that I had only briefly heard about before- a non-surgical rhinoplasty. He explained that due to the condition my nose was in, the risks of damage from an ordinary needle would be too high so we discussed the safest method of putting the filler in. I came in a month later into a sterile environment and Dr De Silva was very comforting and put me at ease straight away. He numbed my nose with local anaesthetic and used a blunt needle to inject the filler (Restylane) to make sure he did not hit any important blood vessels. The procedure was quick and painless and the results were incredible; I was nearly in tears from the joy! I finally had my old nose back (but straighter and without the breathing difficulty!). I was so so incredibly ecstatic and the healing was quick and almost painless- slight sensitivity at the sight of injection. I came back for a follow-up appointment the week after for aftercare and naturally my body had absorbed some of the filler and Dr De Silva was more than happy to top it up. Overall, Dr De Silva exceeded my expectations and I never thought my nose would ever look so good. I felt listened to and well-informed throughout and would not change a thing. I completely respect and agree with Dr De Silva's recommendations against surgery and appreciate his integrity and honesty. You absolutely get what you pay for and I will definitely be back. (NOTE: cost is in USD conversion- £1500 GBP)

By Dr. Stephen Cornish, Rhinoplasty and chin implant experience on Mar 17, 2016

Having played contact sports over many years my nose had received a large number of knocks and it had become badly disfigured; a more recent accident at home was one collision too many and breathing out of one nostril was also becoming an issue. It was never a small nose but it was originally straight and suited my face. Dr De Silva took a great deal of time and care in explaining how he could return my nose to its original shape and the process involved. I was very impressed in how Dr De Silva set expectations from the very beginning and instill calm and confidence before surgery. I have a busy professional life and the sedation, as opposed to general anaesthesia, ensured that my recovery was fast and without any after effects. Although I was conscious during surgery, I was relaxed and did not experience any pain; surgery took two and half hours but the sedation made it seem like five minutes. I would strongly recommend Dr De Silva to anyone thinking in having Rhinoplasty. Dr Stephen Cornish

By Willow, Life Changing Under Eye Surgery :) - Hammersmith, GB on Mar 5, 2016

I had lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) with fat transfer and laser with Dr Julian De Silva. I just wanted to write this review as a way of saying thank you for everything that he and his staff at the clinic have done, I'm extremely happy with the outcome. My experience at his clinic in Hammersmith was perfect in every way and Dr De Silva and his staff are all really great people. I have always had dark circles/puffy eyes that I believe are genetic and finally decided that I was a good candidate to have surgery. I am 31 currently and 6 weeks post op. Thanks for everything.

By Oscar Rhinoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Feb 27, 2016

I decided after many years of not really be happy with my nose to have a rhino procedure. Like most I was concerned with who I would find to do the procedure competently and the concern of after surgery dis-comfort involved in all this. After looking around, on the net basically I found 'The London Centre' and their specialist Dr Julian De Silva. I had an initial consultation with him and he was very informative and importantly the ability to listen to what I had to say and ask ! After the consultation I decided to take the brave step and actually book the procedure for early January 2016. You are lightly sedated and I felt absolutely no pain or discomfort during the Op. All their was, was a small cast on my nose. I left their central London clinic headed off home and planned to take 3 weeks off work. The reality was that under a week later I returned and the cast was removed and I was fine. The results on my nose were very good - I could see the difference and no one has spotted this not even my long term GF ! The side profile is nice and straight and the tip raised by a mm or two. The bulbous element at on the tip has reduced too. It is only 6 weeks since the Op and these results will further strengthen as I have been told I have 'thick skin' the final result will not be visible for at least a year to 18 months. But so far very pleased. Also great about this place is that you have consultations with Julian every say Quarter, after the first 6 week one. There are no additional charges and its good to know you can have these check ups over a period of say a year with Julian so you are always monitoring the results too ! Anyway as I said after the cast was removed I need not have planned 3 weeks off work - and started work as soon as the cast was removed, after less than 1 week ! Anyway all good so far and look forward to another consultation check-up in a few months. Oscar.

By AW Experience of ethnic rhinoplasty on Feb 20, 2016

Firstly, I wanted to say a massive thanks for your fine work. From 5 years of reading patient stories and looking at before and afters, I know how nasal surgery can leave people happy or very dissatisfied. Therefore, it gives me even greater joy to say that I am over the moon with the result and that stems purely from your fine work in particular the tip work really impressed me. My only question was, its been 10 weeks now, and was wondering if/when you would say i could return to a sport like football?

By Phi Lift Review (Signature non-surgical facelift technique) & Eyelid surgery on Feb 19, 2016

I had eye lid surgery and fillers with Dr De-Silva in November and I'm extremely pleased with the results. I was nervous about the anaesthetic as I am allergic but Dr De-Silva assured me this wouldn't be a problem as he would sedate me with twilight sedation , which was brilliant. People have not noticed I've had anything done but have commented on how much fresh faced I look, which is what I wanted, I didn't want to look different or younger just less tired which Dr De silva has achieved brilliantly

By Abbie Leigh experience on Feb 17, 2016

On 15/02/2016 I had my first consultation with Dr De Silva, I was not disappointed if anything the whole experience exceeded my expectations, he was very professional, very reassuring and very calming. He answered all of my questions and completely made me feel at ease about the whole procedure. I have wanted to have surgery now for four years now and after searching and finding Dr De Silva I was so convinced he was the surgeon for me, this is because he specializes in just the face, his skills and knowledge, and of course his excellent reviews. All staff were very welcoming, friendly and very attentive. I must mention how great Jennifer was too! I have booked my surgery and after feeling very apprehensive and nervous I now feel very relaxed and excited. I would rate my experience so far 10/10, if anyone is considering surgery I would highly recommend having a consultation with Dr De Silva.

By Tina, Rhinoplasty experience with Dr. Julian De Silva on Feb 10, 2016

I had hated my nose for as long as I can remember! In January 2015 I Suddenly decided to do something about it!I had seen my 50th Birthday photographs from the previous year and was obsessed with how my nose looked. This was a huge decision and journey I was about to undertake. Friends and family offered a variety of positive and negative opinions on plastic surgery! All, were however, United in their advice; "Do as much research as possible on your surgeon," I spent weeks reading up on procedures, looking at different surgeons, reading reviews/ patient testimonials. I even booked a consultation with another surgeon. Which, I cancelled. I just didn't have a positive feeling about him. I then came across, Dr De Silva. I, again read absolutely everything I could find about him, and knew instantly, he was my surgeon! I made my appointment immediately, sadly with a short waiting list for an appointment. Rightly so, I took this to be a positive sign of his popularity! My first visit to the clinic, had me extremely apprehensive, and I thought several times about cancelling, but, I was at the same time excited to finally be dealing with my life long hate. I half expected Dr De Silva to try and discourage me, or question my visit, as I realise surgery is a big step. However, I was met by the most wonderfully, calm, understanding and warm person, who understood exactly my dislikes, and for the first time in 50 years gave me hope that I could change it! I had taken pictures of the most gorgeous noses I had collected over time, knowing this was an unrealistic wish, but nevertheless , it helped me show him what I saw as perfection. He listened with enthusiasm and empathy, and talked me through a realistic expectation of my new nose,given what he had to work with. He recommended a double procedure, Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty. I, no longer felt any anxiety, just extreme excitement and relief, and a sense of gratitude, that he was going to perform my surgery and change my feelings towards my appearance! My second appointment at the clinic was for my pre-op consultation. The staff at the clinic, were again so warm, welcoming and professional. I spent a thorough question and answer time with one of Dr De Silvas team, before I met with him for my final chat. Again, he made me feel so at ease, answered my questions, talked in depth about my procedure and introduced me to his Anaesthetist. I must confess, the description of the" sedation technique"on the website, was the only thing I was really apprehensive about. However, once again, all was explained to me, and my worries disappeared! I was given an extensive sheet of questions/answers, things to expect with pre and post op, and given my list of drugs needed to obtain with my prescription. It was all so informative. Over the next few weeks, pre surgery I read and re-read this sheet. I took the prescribed drugs exactly as instructed and surgery day arrived. I had slept quite well, as I was both calm and excited, not worried , just mildly apprehensive! I was met at the clinic by the most calm and friendly nurse, who prepared me for my op. At this time I had my first "wobble" I started to question what I was doing! She was so friendly and reassuring that it soon passed. Next came the anaesthetist. There was a wonderfully calm and relaxed feel to the clinic, I could hear quiet music in the background, and the anaesthetist seemed to prepare me for surgery in a matter of minutes, calmly with good humour and a lovely friendly manner. I briefly remember a sedation line into my hand, but totally pain free! I walked into the operating room, which was an informal friendly looking room, unlike any theatre type rooms I had seen on the TV, and met by Dr De Silva, in his usual welcoming way. I lay down, could hear the radio playing softly, and I have no idea how or when I fell into the most wonderful relaxing sleep ever. I was aware that someone was gently telling me to wake up! Not my usual horrible alarm clock! Apparently it was all over! Surely not! I went to the recovery room, feeling fantastically chilled out and no pain at all. Dr De Silva came and had a chat , checked me over and 20 minutes later my husband was taking me home! It was surreal. No pain, worry or fear! I rested for the remainder of the day, and was waiting for the sedation to properly wear off, and some pain to arrive. When Dr De Silva called me that evening to see how I was feeling, it was once again so surreal. I felt great, no pain at all, and I couldn't quite believe that in one day I had been through such a lot, and yet had the most simple and stress free time! I had watched a previous patient video diary of her rhinoplasty surgery on Dr De Silvas website, so felt quite informed what to expect over the next week. I had a reasonable night sleep, the sleeping upright was the most difficult. Still absolutely no pain what so ever! I rested quite a bit during day 1 after surgery and referred several times to my fact sheet I had been given. I rigidly stuck to the instruction; ice for my eyes, arnica tablets and drink lots of water. As the days went by of my week recovery,each day became different and easier. The bruising had come out very quickly, (greatly helped by the arnica I think) I gently cleaned my nose as instructed. I was absolutely amazed that it was the easiest recovery ever. A testament I feel, to, a wonderful surgeon, and extremely informative team. I totally did everything instructed to do and on day 7 went back to the clinic for my stitch removal. Weirdly, this was the first time that I felt apprehensive. I had nurtured my new nose, and I felt very vulnerable that I was going to have the cast removed and reveal all! Dr De Silva soon put me at ease, with his usual calm professionalism he removed the cast and stitches with minimal fuss and pain! Realising that it would still be swollen I took a look at my new nose! It was an emotional experience,even with very black eyes I loved my new look. I could see an instant difference despite the swelling. To be honest, through out the journey,even though I had 100% confidence in my surgeon, nothing can prepare you for the final look! I felt an overwhelming urge to kiss him! I thought better of it though!!! Wow! In one week so much had changed. I left the clinic with still a lot of healing and subtle change expected to take place over the next few months. I went back to work on the 8th day after surgery, If I'm honest it was a little soon. I am a hairdresser, not only were my eyes quite bruised still, but it was a little too physical. I had absolutely no pain, but felt a bit fragile. However, I got through it. Friends and clients could not believe what I had achieved in just one week! During the pat six months I have had two follow up appointments, and I absolutely love my new nose. All credit to Dr De Silva and his fantastic team. Thank you!

By Ethnic Rhinoplasty review on Jan 29, 2016

Had my surgery with Dr De Silva, he is a very caring and very professional. I had to do a revision due to the NHS messing up my nose plus i'm from latin america so I had a thicker skin however Dr De Silva did what i wanted and my nose came out great, it suits my face and isnt to small which i was worried about. It looks very natural. All the staff were caring as well, the experience was good. I would recommend to anyone looking to get rhinoplasty.

By 22years old experience of Rhinoplasty on Jan 27, 2016

I was very excited to have my rhinoplasty and septoplasty with dr de silva after reading fantastic reviews about him. During my consultation I felt at complete ease, and both my parents and I felt comfortable and knew we were in good hands with dr de silva. Everything was mentioned clearly before the procedure, and questions answered from the concerns I had. The receptionists were always friendly when I visited for me consultation, pre-op and surgery day. On the day of my surgery I was very nervous, especially nervous for having sedation. The nurses were all warm and friendly and put me at complete ease. Another reason why I wanted to go ahead with dr de silva was because I read fantastic reviews about having sedation as opposed to the scary general anaesthetic. I do not remember a thing from my surgery, and surprisingly it was all pain free! It really felt like a walk in the park. I am ecstatic with the results. I was able to go back to work after 2 weeks. I could have gone back after a week, but it was just a personal preference choice to go back after 2 weeks. Now I feel so much more happier and confident on the inside and out. My results look 100% natural, and all my friends, family and work colleagues can't even remember what my old nose looked like. Thank you dr de silva and all the team for making my experience enjoyable :).

By Nose job experience with Dr. De Silva on Jan 23, 2016

I felt comfortable with Dr De Silva from the outset; in a professional, relaxed environment. I had long considered rhinoplasty but often contemplated whether the risk outweighed my desire for change. Dr De Silva's vast experience and thorough, considered consultation soon put my mind at ease. He carefully listened to my requirements and showed me images of various 'before and after' shots, while also emphasizing that these would not be an accurate reflection of the outcome. He was honest and realistic and did not give false promises. If there was one word I would use to sum up Dr De Silva's procedures it would be 'natural', something that was of utmost importance to myself. Perhaps in retrospect I was too concerned about achieving a false, 'hollywood' type look, which was never going to be an issue. Very few people have even noticed a change, yet my personal insecurities have disappeared, which is perhaps the biggest compliment of all. I had initial concerns about the sedation process, but in my experience it was a painless, stress-free process. Recovery was also pain-free, just slightly uncomfortable. I would recommend anyone to Dr De Silva's services.

By G Holding, Blepharoplasty experience with fat transfer andlLaser on Jan 17, 2016

I had a lower blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing and canthoplasty (eye bags) in November 2015. The biggest concern is how safe are you in the hands of a cosmetic surgeon. With Dr De Silva the worry is taken away. The step by step consultation puts you at ease from the friendly reception, the consultation secretary and nurse attending the procedure. Dr De Silva's skills are second to none. I have no hesitation to recommend anyone going to him. He is very reassuring and makes the whole procedure pleasant. I am very pleased with the outcome of my procedure.

By Julhughes, Rhinoplasty experience on Jan 7, 2016

Dr Julian de Silva delivered the exact results I was hoping for. I had a great experience with the sedation which I highly recommend; I slept throughout the whole procedure and my recovery was great. The result is very natural and matches the features in my face. I am very happy and grateful he was my surgeon.

By Emma B, Mother of 4 ... Waited 25 Years for the Procedure. Finally Went Ahead Age 40!, Rhinoplasty on Jan 6, 2016

A teenage fixation became an obsession which I ultimately had to act on. Very relieved I did, but even happier I found the right surgeon. J de Silva was worth the wait. Delighted with the results of the Rhinoplasty and chin implant. All explained in advance and there were no suprises. Considering the life changing event it was all very straightforward!

By Improveurself, Upper blepharoplasty & Laser Resurfacing on Jan 5, 2016

I had an upper bleph with laser resurfacing in December with Dr de Silva. It's still early days and the final result will not be evident for a while but so far I'm very happy with how my eyes look and I've healed extremely well. The procedure was carried out using local anaesthetic but without sedation and I have to say that it was completely painless. Of course it's normal to be anxious before any kind of surgery but I can honestly say that there was no need for extra sedation. The team at the Hammersmith Clinic put me at ease, explained everything clearly and by the time I was lying on operating table I was feeling quite relaxed.....especially when the Christmas music was changed for something a bit more fabulous ! I didn't feel any pain prior to, during or even after surgery. The only slight discomfort I felt during the procedure was the sensation of pressure when the fatty part of the upper eye was being 're-arranged'. I have to say I was very impressed with how quickly I healed but I did follow all Dr de Silva's post surgery instructions religiously. My eyes looked tired and sad before and I felt they really aged me - now I feel more awake and am really pleased I had them done.

By Clare Revision Rhinoplasty on Jan 4, 2016

I had revision rhinoplasty with Dr. De Silva in October 2015 after having my first rhinoplasty with a different surgeon in 2010. My first surgery was to correct my bulbous tip - at first everything seemed fine however a couple of years after my nose appeared lop-sided and a bump appeared on the left hand side of my tip. I chose Dr. De Silva from the numerous fantastic reviews and he didn't disappoint - I couldn't be happier with the results. Dr De Silva and his team were excellent and made me at ease straight away, the sedation was painless and I recovered almost straight away (I felt well enough to work from home for the week I had the splint on), I had very minimal bruising which was 90% gone by the time the splint came off and my scar has almost disappeared. My nose now looks so natural and no one seems to have noticed - not even my mum who saw me the evening after the splint came off! He is expensive but when you are talking about your face money should not be a factor - if you cant afford Dr De Silva my strong advice would be not to have surgery or you may have to end up having a revision. I would highly recommend Dr De Silva.

By AnnaLisa Nose job experience on Jan 3, 2016

I am 35, looking to have a very minor rhinoplasty adjustment. I was nervous but had good reassurance. I had the sedation which was worrying me. How much would I remember? Would it be painful? I can honestly say it was very comfortable considering, I was happy, in no pain and the recovery was very quick. I am not 3 months on and I have no scar really its all perfect and I am very very happy with the results. If you are looking to get this done, I would thoroughly recommend my surgeon, the whole experience was better than I expected. I did a lot of research to find the best surges I could. I found him. The rest of the team who worked there all get 5* from me

By Face & Neck Review on Jan 1, 2016

I am a 41 year old male , who wanted to have the above carried out for over 20 years, , with a mixture of fear , uncertainty , and what you find on google when you search for plastic surgery , I never had the courage to follow through. When I spoke to Dr De Silva, this all changed. He managed my expectations very well and explained the process extremely well. I am happy to say Dr De Silva treated me in October and it could not have gone any better. I am very pleased, I feel when i look in the mirror or at a photo , the real me is looking back The beauty of his art is that people comment that you look much better but have no idea that you had an operation. I highly recommend this talented surgeon.

By Rhinoplasty review with Julian De Silva on Dec 20, 2015

I have undergone a septorhinoplasty around 2 months ago under sedation and i am so happy with my results! i would recommend sedation experience over general anesthesia any day and for me to say that is definitely something new as even a little needle prick would hurt me! But honestly the best experience ever and so glad i picked the right surgeon after three years of researching! I feel so much more confident within myself and love my side profile! Cost me aprox £8000. I am still in my healing process so will need to wait for final results but so far so good!

By Happy Customer, Rhinoplasty and septoplasty on Dec 7, 2015

Absolutely amazing from the first day until now! I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty and I already love the results even though the swelling still needs to subside. The staff is the nicest and the most professional staff I have ever encounter. Dr. De Silva is nothing like the Plastic Surgeons of LA who all suffer from a superiority complex and he is far more talented than most of them! I just loved the experience, no pain, great support, patience, great advice, stuck to the plan, overall perfection. In a few decades, I will definitely be going back for whatever my face will need help with.

By Neck Lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty experience with Dr. De Silva on Dec 6, 2015

Highly recommended. Dr De Silva performed a neck lift and upper and lower blepharoplasty on me two weeks ago. Already the effects are noticeable and I'm so pleased. Apart from being a highly skilled surgeon, Dr De Silva is gentle, kind and honest about the results one can expect. His backup team are cheerful and efficient. I cannot rate the London Centre highly enough

By Revision Rhinoplasty, patient testimonial on Nov 30, 2015

I can honestly say that my entire experience of Rhinoplasty was flawless. Everything from consultation to the actual procedure, to the follow-ups was done in a professional yet warm manner. My end result is exactly what I had hoped for. The whole team were professional & caring and I highly recommend them to anyone.

By Sophie M, Rhinoplasty and mole removal on Nov 29, 2015

I had open rhinoplasty with Dr. De Silva 3 months ago. I choose him for the procedure based on before and after photos on his website, his specialization on facial procedures, recent awards he has won, and patient testimonies. During the consultation phase, I found him to be very patient and welcoming of questions. You can also email him or the clinic's consultation assistant with questions at any stage. For my own anxiety, I wish that I had asked more, especially during the consultation phase. The procedure itself went smoothly. The whole surgical team was calming and explained what was happening and what was going to happen very well. The clinic provided information and instruction sheets beforehand so I was prepared for the recovery phase. This said, the recovery phase was much slower than I expected, even though it is exactly as described by Dr. De Silva and on the clinic website. I live in the Southwest of England, and travelled to London for consultations and for the surgery and initial recovery until my cast was removed. My mother came to take care of me, and I am really glad I didn't have to take care of myself. I travelled back by train the day after my cast removal, but I would recommend staying 1-2 days longer if you can, as I was really nervous in the crowded train station (and actually about going to any crowded place, even a street, for about 2 weeks after). I went back to work 5 days after cast removal (12 days after surgery) but the nose was still rather swollen. The main thing that I think others noticed was that I could not control a slow but steady watery drip out of my nostrils, and you just have to keep dabbing because you can't feel it at all (this still happens a tiny bit now). I still have a fair amount of swelling in my nose tip and about midway down the ridge, so for the moment it looks like a have a little bump and a little dip in between that and the tip. At my checkup 3 weeks ago, Dr. De Silva gave me an anti-inflammatory injection and reassured me that everything is healing normally. Already, I am pleased with the result and I can't wait to see the final result in another few months. It looks very natural and I still recognize myself. I don't think anyone has even noticed except for very close friends and family, who already knew about the procedure. I was a bit on the fence about doing it, but felt so reassured and trusting of Dr. De Silva's opinion, experience, and technique. I already feel more confident when meeting new people. I also had a mole on my cheek removed at the same time as the rhinoplasty. I am so glad I did this. I've hated that mole for as long as I can remember. Before the procedure, I was actually looking forward to this much more than the nose! Dermatologists who had removed moles elsewhere (not for cosmetic reasons) had always advised me not to remove this one for fear of leaving a large crater where it had been. Dr. De Silva removed it and left only a very small, straight incision line. He removed the stitches at the same time as my nose cast, so 8 days after the surgery. The scar is already fading, and now fading fast after applying a gel recommended at my check up. It's very easy to cover with a dab of concealer, and I have stopped doing this regularly. Very happy.

By Face & Neck Lift Review on Nov 1, 2015

From the very first time I met Dr De Silva he had the most calming manner I felt so relaxed after our first meeting. I followed the procedure to the letter which helped my recovery. I had a face lift and a neck lift. I had local anaesthetic , I was mostly sleeping but the team were so kind that the whole experience wasn't as frightening as I thought. It isn't painful just a little discomfort. They took good care of me , I had my own nurse all through the night keeping her eye on me. I'v been several times since so he does keep a cheque on you. Most importantly I love what he's done and I feel on top of the world Dear Dr. De Silva

By Rhinoplasty Experience with Dr. De Silva on Oct 24, 2015

I went to see Dr De Silva for a rhinoplasty. I was slightly nervous about the whole thing beforehand, but after sitting down with him at the initial consultation he and his staff immediately put me at ease. He explained everything to me in meticulous detail and he and his team were available and extremely responsive to any questions I had, even outside office hours. After a second consultation the rhinoplasty operation took place, just over a month after my initial consultation meeting. The procedure went extremely smoothly as Dr De Silva, his assisting staff and the anaesthetist were highly professional and the whole thing was a pain-free experience. Within a few minutes of the operation I felt back to normal and was surprised that I didn't feel drowsy or tired. I was prescribed pain medication but didn't need to use any of it. The aftercare I received was impeccable too - I've had two follow-up appointments so far and on both occasions I've been examined thoroughly. It's now nearly six weeks since the rhinoplasty operation and I'm extremely pleased with the results. Overall I'm impressed with Dr De Silva and would strongly recommend him to anyone considering a rhinoplasty. He's very approachable and friendly as well as clearly being an expert in his field. His team are highly professional and together they made my experience a thoroughly positive one.

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