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By Sagging neck treatment with lower face and neck lift experience with Dr De Silva on Jul 23, 2021

"It was important to me to understand the options for improving my sagging neck and Dr. De Silva carefully explained the alternatives. When a plan was agreed, I felt that I had a lot of support from the team, both before and after the procedure. I had a lower face and neck lift and am very pleased with the result. The twilight sedation is impressive; there was no grogginess or other after effects. The drains which were left in were a bit awkward but helped reduce swelling. Recovery has been boosted by LED treatments at the clinic and lymphatic drainage massages. I would encourage anyone considering surgery to have a discussion with Dr. De Silva about expectations and courses of action. His experience in the field coupled with an empathetic approach ensure that you are in good hands"

By Lower facelift and neck lift with Dr. De Silva on Jul 20, 2021

It was important to me to understand the options for improving my sagging neck and Dr. De Silva carefully explained the alternatives. When a plan was agreed, I felt that I had a lot of support from the team, both before and after the procedure. I had a lower face and neck lift and am very pleased with the result. The twilight sedation is impressive; there was no grogginess or other after effects. The drains which were left in were a bit awkward but helped reduce swelling. Recovery has been boosted by LED treatments at the clinic and lymphatic drainage massages. I would encourage anyone considering surgery to have a discussion with Dr. De Silva about expectations and courses of action. His experience in the field coupled with an empathetic approach ensure that you are in good hands.

By Eyelid surgery experience with Dr De Silva under sedation anaesthesia on Jul 17, 2021

I underwent upper eyelid blepharoplasty with Dr De Silva in 2020. I received an excellent service and would highly recommend him for this procedure. My eyelids weren’t symmetrical and he helped make them look symmetrical. He is very pleasant and precise. The twilight sedation meant I could go home an hour after the procedure and the aftercare was excellent. I’m really happy with the outcome one year on. The staff were all very welcoming and helpful and the clinic was really nice and clean. It’s all very slick!

By Blepharoplasty and facelift experience with Dr De Silva on Jul 15, 2021

After undergoing blepharoplasty and facelift with Dr De Silva, I cannot recommend him highly enough. From beginning to end nothing was too much trouble for him and his team. I was very anxious about having the surgery under twilight anaesthesia but would not hesitate to have this again. The anaesthetists explained everything clearly beforehand and I was totally unaware thereafter with no after effects of nausea etc post surgery. Dr De Silva is very calm, precise and caring, taking time to answer all questions. The nursing staff and admin team were also quick to answer any queries or problems Nothing was too much trouble. I am very pleased with the results of my facelift as it is very natural and just makes me look refreshed.

By Septoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation performed by Dr Julian De Silva on Jul 4, 2021

"I had a septoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation performed by Julian. I was a fairly nervous and emotional patient, but I found Julian to be kind, patient, empathetic and respectful. This really put me at ease through the whole process. I felt like I had time to really discuss exactly what I wanted and, for Julian to provide his expert opinion. I felt as though I was in good hands the whole way through the surgery and the aftercare. I am absolutely delighted with the results, it has really changed my life and my self confidence for the better. I can't thank Julian enough, for his expert results and his authentic kindness. I would (and already have) thoroughly recommend Julian for rhinoplasty and chin augmentation and also for his personable skills.

By Patient Facial cosmetic surgery experience with Dr Julian de Silva on Jun 19, 2021

"My experience with Dr De Silva was excellent from start to finish. I felt calm and well-informed at each stage of the surgery process and the results are excellent. Not to mention he is a very kind man and has a very personable nature. Couldn't recommend a plastic surgeon more highly than Dr De Silva."

By Paul A, Facial cosmetic surgery experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Jun 18, 2021

Amazing experience, could not be happier. Dr. De Silva is a true professional backed up by a warm and welcoming team. Thank you for everything

By Lower facelift and chin lift experience with Dr De Silva on Jun 17, 2021

"I visited Dr De Silva’s clinic in London to have a lower face and chin lift after nearly a year researching different surgeons and I am so glad I came across Dr De Silva. I was constantly asking questions before my surgery and either Dr De Silva or a member of his staff gave me the information I wanted every time. Everything was explained to me in detail, I was made to feel very comfortable and relaxed. The anaesthetist came to see me before the operation and explained what would happen and how I would feel during and after the procedure. The whole experience was exactly as Dr DecSilva described and the results of my operation are life changing for me. He has quite literally changed my life, I would recommend anyone considering this type of procedure to go to Dr DecSilva, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Also the aftercare I have received is excellent and nothing is too much trouble. Once again I’d like to thank Dr De Silva and his team for the care I received before, during and after my visit. If you want the best look no further than this man, he’s changed my life snd I will be forever grateful to him. My only regret is I wish I’d done it sooner.

By Katchu, Rhinoplasty and septoplasty review of Dr Julian De Silva on Jun 15, 2021

Fabulous surgeon with an artistic flare! I highly recommended Dr Julian De Silva for rhinoplasty and septoplasty. I have recently undergone surgery and at day 17 am very pleased with the results so far. Besides him being an incredibly qualified surgeon the artist in him was what made my decision even easier. To have an understanding of dimensions and the artistic acumen he possesses brought me a lot of comfort. I didn’t have a particular nose I wanted rather just provided Dr De Silva with the directive to keep me looking natural and soften my profile. That’s what you want in a surgeon someone who knows what they are doing and be trustworthy enough to be able execute it wonderfully. In terms of healing I am very pleased; having seen photos of what I should expect around swelling and bruising I was AMAZED at just how quickly I healed. This is no doubt down to the surgeon skill and guidance. I would have no hesitation to recommend this surgeon for these procedures.

By Review of rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr De Silva on May 28, 2021

"Fantastic surgeon. I had a rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr De Silva and I could not be happier. Dr De Silva did exactly what we discussed beforehand and my nose is now cute but naturally looking. My breathing has improved a lot too. Dr De Silva listened to all my expectations and concerns and was explaining everything every step of the way. All the staff in the clinic were also very nice and helpful! I wanted to have a rhinoplasty done since I remember and I’m happy that I’ve chosen Dr De Silva."

By An, Lower eyelids experience with Dr De Silva on May 25, 2021

I had lower blepharoplasty surgery with Dr De Silva. I have wanted it done for such a long time but was a big decision to make. I decided to go for it and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I finally look fresh and not constantly tired. The whole experience was amazing I can not fault anything. The recovery was only a week and two weeks for the swelling to completely go. I am so pleased with the results thank you so much

By Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on May 9, 2021

I had a rhinoplasty and chin implant with Dr De Silva about 7 weeks ago. If you are looking for a plastic surgeon, i'd highly recommend him. An extremely competent surgeon with artistic flair that delivers very natural results that are still you... but an improved you. He's probably a bit too modest about the results he delivers and will promise a good improvement and more than likely deliver an excellent one ! As a man looking for a nose job, you don't see many examples on websites or literature of male rhinoplasty. He had a good range of before and afters including guys which made a difference to my choosing him for a consultation. The staff are very welcoming and organised and made a great first impression. The first consultation was a few hundred pounds but deductible from the surgery. I filled out a pre questionnaire which covered medical stuff but also the psychology, goals and motivation behind the desire for surgery which we then explored in detail in the consultation. He will only commit to taking on the job if he feels your expectations match what he can deliver. He mocked up a side profile shot in photoshop of what the surgery could look like on the spot in the room which really helped with the choice to go ahead. The front view you have to take on trust but he's done an awesome job for me. I also got sent home with a book he's written all about cosmetic surgery which answers 99% of the questions you may have but couldn't ask in the consultation time. The surgery itself I wasn't too scared of, and just put myself in the hands of a very professional team. They used "shadow anasthesia" which meant I could leave 30 mins after the 3hr operation which is a plus. I fell asleep and woke up 3 hrs later with it all done. Post surgery, the pain was mainly a bit of a headache sporadically for a few days after and then its all about swelling reduction over time both inside and outside the nose. You'll need to sleep at an angle for that first week, and use ice packs 10 mins an hour for 3 to 4 days to help it go down. Everything heals with time though and i was able to work after 1 week, felt close to normal after 2 weeks in terms of external appearance and then its all about swelling reduction over time after that. I had to tape my nose at night for 5 weeks post op and could exercise from 6 weeks. In these first few weeks post op especially it can be quite an emotional time as you come to terms with the new you and as you wait for swelling to ease and your smile to become more mobile again but time is a great healer so just have faith in the healing process. 7 weeks post op, it looks almost like the final result. I've got a bit more swelling to go down inside the nose and i expect subtle refinement of the nose and the tip over time for another year or so. I hope this helps some readers with what to expect with the operation and would definitely recommend Dr De Silva as the best man for the job!

By Neck & Chin implant review of Dr De Silva on May 8, 2021

Couldn’t recommend highly enough. After a lot of research I decided to go with Dr De Silva for my chin implant surgery. Dr De Silva and his team were absolutely brilliant all the way through the process. I am extremely happy with my experience and would definitely trust Dr De Silva to carry out any further surgeries.

By Blepharoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on May 1, 2021

I live in Liverpool and travelled to Dr De Silva for my blepharoplasty after a lot of research. I am so happy I did! I can’t recommend him & his team enough. They are the most professional, caring and reassuring team. The clinic is very clean, organised and welcoming. I was really nervous beforehand but there was absolutely no need to be, as it was the best experience it could have been- I wasn’t aware of anything happening under the sedation, I felt like I just had a nap, woke up and it was done. The sedation doctor was also lovely. The whole thing was (unbelievably) totally pain-free and the aftercare was second to none. I am delighted with the results! 2 months on and there is no scarring at all and the result keeps on getting better and better. So if you’re considering blepharoplasty - do not go to anyone else. It’s your face!

By Marianne, Facelift surgery with eyelid surgery and fat transfer with Dr De Silva on Apr 30, 2021

"FACIAL SURGERY? STOP LOOKING ANY WHERE ELSE ! THIS IS GUY (Dr De Silva) IS THE BEST !!! The moment I walked into the building , I was made to feel at ease -from reception to surgery the staff were amazing - at every stage I was informed of what was going to happen next . I’m delighted with my new look -natural and fresh ! - I’m having so many compliments And the best thing about my procedure was that I had sedation anaesthesia - so I wasn’t groggy or sickly afterwards, and I recovered much quicker than I would have if I had general anaesthesia I can honestly say that I never felt one bit of pain Post - Op My recovery plan was simple and after a few days I could see the changes -amazing!!!!!"

By Upper and lower blepharoplasty performed by Dr Julian De Silva on Apr 20, 2021

"I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty performed by Dr Julian De Silva. I am extremely pleased with the result I had a very positive, enjoyable experience and the whole staff were very friendly and polite. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr De Silva for any work you may be considering."

By Natural facelift surgery with Dr De Silva on Apr 19, 2021

"From start to finish, Dr De Silva and his team provided first class care. I chose Dr De Silva for his expertise and the fact that he only deals with facial surgery. Whilst researching my procedure, I did look at other surgeons but after my consultation with Julian , I instantly knew and felt that I could confidently trust him to work on my face. He was clear and concise with his explanation of what was needed and what benefits I would see. He explained any potential risks and didn't try to sell me anything. On the day of my surgery, I was understandably nervous, but as soon as I arrived at the centre and was greeted by Julian and his team, I felt relaxed and happy, they fill you with confidence. My surgery lasted for about six hours. Dr DeSilva used the conscious sedation method for my operation, so even after my six hour procedure I was able to get up and walk back to my room assisted. I also did not experience any feelings of sickness or pain. Nothing is too much trouble, regardless of what it is and the team can be reached at anytime post surgery. 9 weeks on, my face is looking fresh and rejuvenated. I didn't want the tight look that some people have after a facelift. Dr DeSilva specialises in the natural look and his procedure has delivered this for me. I am so pleased with my results and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who was thinking about having facial surgery. His attention to detail and skill are second to none."

By Deep plane facelift review of Dr De Silva on Apr 18, 2021

The most meticulous, gifted, gentle and artist in his field. No one comes close to the skill and artistic eye of Dr De Silva. His attentive and caring team made the whole process feel so relaxed and I would even say enjoyable. The results from my Deep Plan Face Lift & Lower Bleph surgery are excellent and more than I could have hoped for. Thank you to you all.

By Anon, Neck lift procedure with Dr De Silva on Apr 15, 2021

I had an absolutely top class experience. A very personal experience and the results of my surgery surpassed my expectations. I had a neck lift, which I had been contemplating for a few years and now i feel amazing. So glad i put myself in the hands of Dr De Silva and his great team. The personal touch from beginning to the end of the whole process. The results have really boosted my confidence. Thank you so much.

By Kelsie Silva-Neto experience with Dr De Silva on Apr 11, 2021

Had a procedure with this team in Jan 2021 and was so pleased. From inquiry through to follow ups, the entire process was handled by a team of dedicated medical, surgical, and administrative professionals. Dr De Silva is an excellent surgeon with attention to detail and a subtle aesthetic. You would never be able to tell I've had anything done, but the results have made such an improvement, well beyond my expectations. I've healed beautifully and I'm thrilled. His nursing staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable (especially once the needles came out). I would do another procedure with this team in a heartbeat and I trust them 100%.

By Yasmin Abell, experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Apr 10, 2021

Dr Julian De Silva and his team did a fantastic job on my Chin implant. The entire process was an absolute dream from consultation, to surgery all the way to the after care support. I couldn't have asked for a better clinic and result. For someone who has never been admitted into hospital, I was quite nervous about the concept of sedation. However, the clinics technique known was 'twilight sedation' couldn't have been any more seamless - I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has doubts. Thank you again to all at the clinic!

By Facial surgery with Dr Julian on Apr 5, 2021

From the initial meeting with him and his staff I was guided through what I imagined to be an intimidating experience. Not so! From the moment I committed myself I felt I was in safe hands. I can honestly say it was one of the most pleasurable and memoriable experiences I`ve ever hand and money well spent. He refuses to give you false hope. He`ll spend as long as you want discussing your hopes and dreams and you`ll have an honest opinion of what to expect. No Wnd Tunnels here! Yes, there will be some anxious moments at first as you heal but he and his team are always on hand to talk you through it and the outcome will be so worth it. As for the stay-over at the Clinic, I only wish I could book in and do it all over again. The care and support is second to none. I have given Dr Julian permission to show you my Before and After photographs. I think you`ll be impressed.

By Ophthalmologist and GP review of Dr De Silva on Apr 1, 2021

I am trained ophthalmologist and GP myself and took a very long time to research the best and famous surgeons available in London. Knowing how many things potentially could go wrong stopped me from having done blepharoplasty earlier, so I opted for eyebrow lift to start with. However it didn’t completely resolved my problems of heavy and Asian eyelids. After keeping a track of Dr De Silva’s reviews for a few years (yes, years - not months!) I was reassured that he is The Surgeon to go to. The whole process was like a dream: safe, very straightforward, very professional, most accommodating- I have little children and busy professional life, and caring. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic in the country there was not a moment that I didn’t feel safe and protected. After meeting Dr De Silva face to face for the first time I knew I made a right choice. His second to none expertise, experience and very pleasant manner gave me confidence and trust I needed to make the final step. The surgery went perfectly smooth as expected of course and results are spectacular. Not only 10 years were wiped of my face, but it looks natural! I guess the best compliment to the doctor is when the happy patient comes back for more and I am definitely coming back.

By Anonymous, Facial cosmetic surgery with Dr De Silva and team. on Mar 27, 2021

Excellent experience good initial explanation of options, procedure quite relaxing although first few days post op very sore and follow up really good. Amazingly friendly staff.

By Nose job with Dr De Silva on Mar 25, 2021

Seven months ago I underwent rhinoplasty and septoplasty. My nose is something I had been very self conscious about from a very young age. I have wanted a rhinoplasty since I can remember, and I am beyond happy with my results. The whole process with Dr De Silva and the team was amazing, from the consultation, to the weeks following the surgery. Everyone in the team was just lovely, and made me feel at ease as I was able to contact them if i ever had any questions - before and after the procedure. Following the surgery I received calls from the nurse as well as Dr De Silva, to check up on my recovery, which was very reassuring. The surgery went very smoothly, and the team really helped calm any nerves I had on the day. The pain during recovery was minimal, and I personally, had very minimal bruising. The final results of a rhinoplasty show after 12-18 months, and just seven months post surgery my nose already looks much different than it did just a month after the surgery. The swelling has gone down, and it just has been looking better and better as time has gone on. I now feel more confident than I ever have, and I genuinely couldn’t have asked for a better experience. If anyone is considering a rhinoplasty I couldn’t recommend Dr De Silva enough.

By Emily Thomas, rhinoplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Mar 24, 2021

I had rhinoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva in December 2020, The whole experience from start to finish went smoothly and i had no issues. The Clinic is immaculate and they provide an excellent service. The morning of the surgery i was extremely nervous but as soon as i arrived at the clinic and got settled in and met Dr Julian Se Silva / the anaesthetist i was immediately reassured and felt safe. The anaesthetist was great. the recovery was tough but if i had any questions the nurse at the surgery was there to provide advise. i am still seeing my results as it has only been 3/4 months since my surgery but so far i am happy with the results and glad i had rhinoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva.

By Bags under eyes, Facial plastic surgery with Dr De Silva on Mar 21, 2021

Dr De Silva is highly professional and empathetic as well as being an outstanding surgeon. At 63 years old I was frequently told that I look much younger than my age, which was very flattering. However, when I looked in the mirror to shave, or saw a photo of myself, all I could see were the bags under my eyes making me look drawn and downcast, which did not reflect my personality or positive outlook on life. Nearing retirement and able to afford the surgery I'd wanted for over ten years, I came across Dr De Silva. Within minutes of my first consultation I trusted him and felt sure he was the right doctor for me. Six weeks ago I underwent upper and lower blepharoplasty and I could not be happier with the results. The friendly professional team and the extraordinary attention to detail in the helpful and informative phone app, the medication regime, the in-person, online and telephone consultations are as impressive as they are comforting. I experienced no pain at all, not even needing to take the pain killers provided! Dr De Silva is not just a surgeon, but also possesses a creative and artistic element that he applies to his work to produce the best possible results for each client. I could not be happier!

By Nose reshaping with Dr De Silva on Mar 18, 2021

I had always been self-conscious about my nose and how large, strong and masculine it looked. I had put off having a rhinoplasty for years but kept coming back to the idea as I felt so unhappy with it. I’m only sorry I waited until I was 50; had I had this done thirty years ago I might have had more confidence in my social and working life, as I was always shy and shunned the spotlight. Having said that, I would never have had the expertise of Dr De Silva, so there is a silver-lining! I was incredibly well looked after pre and post op by Dr De Silva and his team. Any concerns I raised were responded to quickly and with understanding. I am now seven weeks on from my operation and my nose has recovered from the op really well given my age. My nose now has the feminine curve I had always been hoping for. I am still a little self-conscious about the end of my nose but it is early days and I know that it will improve over time and Dr De Silva has reassured me if I need to get in touch again that his door is always open. I can highly recommend Dr De Silva. His years of cosmetic surgery experience, his artistic eye for detail and his understanding of what works well for every individual means that as the patient you know you know you are in safe hands.

By CH, Facelift & blepharoplasty with Dr De Silva on Mar 15, 2021

I decided in my late 40's to have, across a period of four or so years, an upper and lower blepharoplasty, lower face lift and chin implant. My thinking was to slow down the ageing process in these areas, and the end result is now approaching my mid-50's, I am told I look twenty years younger. I am extremely grateful to Dr De Silva for his expert ability to mould and sculpt the human face - he is an artist of the highest degree.

By Rhinoplasty with Dr De Silva on Mar 9, 2021

I have always been self conscious of my nose and was recommended Dr De Silva by a family member who had also undergone rhinoplasty surgery. During the first consultation process Dr De Silva answered any questions I had thoroughly and put me at ease. I felt even more certain that the rhinoplasty I longed for would be perfectly executed by Dr De Silva and this made me feel even more at ease and ready for the operation. After the operation I followed all of the clinics care advice and it helped me have a speedy recovery. It has been just under two months since my surgery and my nose has pretty much healed. Dr De Silva and his staff have been nothing but helpful and supporting throughout and after the surgery.

By Anonymous on Mar 6, 2021

I have been very happy with the care that I have received from Dr DeSilva and the clinic staff. My emails and queries have always been answered straight away and with kindness. My surgery was last August and I was very nervous but I couldn’t have received better care and support from the wonderful team. I was very happy with the sedation as for the first time in my life I was able to have surgery without the awful side effects of anaesthetic. Even 6 months after my procedure, Dr DeSilva makes time to see me and checks on my healing and progress.

By Niclas on Feb 27, 2021

Super professional and great team and exceptional Results . Highly recommended

By Patient experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Feb 23, 2021

For such a long time I have been self conscious of my nose and have considered rhinoplasty. My initial consultation with Dr de Silva put me at ease straightaway and we were on the same page on exactly what I was looking to achieve. I wanted to make sure that the outcome was subtle and bought harmony and balance to my face. This is exactly what was achieved. I had every faith in Dr de Silva and felt confident in putting my trust in him. The whole process was incredibly smooth, the nursing staff were supportive and reassuring. I felt supported through the process with lots of information on aftercare. I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience and I’m thrilled with the results!

By Patient experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Feb 14, 2021

after meeting Dr Julian De Silva and team it made my decision so much easier ... beautiful calm surroundings and the almost effortless skill and understanding of facial aesthetics of Dr Julian De Silva .... he is the best and would highly recommend him to anyone - just wish I had found out about him years ago. Thank you Dr De Silva and your superstar team !

By Rhys, Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Feb 13, 2021

I don't know where to begin with this review but I will start by saying the entire experience has been amazing. I had an open rhinoplasty just over 12 weeks ago and I have never been happier. Day by day I am noticing my nose taking its final shape and my self confidence has sky rocketed. I will admit, after dealing with a surgeon prior to Dr De Silva, I was very much put off having the surgery due to a bad consultation. In this case, my first appointment with Dr De Silva was extremely comforting. Immediately I felt super welcome and in safe hands. The way he listens and takes in all you have to say is really comforting for someone who was previously put off before. I really felt like he was listening to understand exactly what my issue was. The issue with my nose was that is had been traumatised/broken from an accident before. This resulted in my nose having a slanted/crooked shape from the front view and also partially the side left view. I didn't realise that this was also effecting my breathing, not until Dr De Silva showed me my nasal passages were completely different. My overall aim was too have a symmetrical nose to balance my facial features and also a smaller more appealing profile view. Everything from the initial consultation, to my second follow up appointment and even then day of surgery was perfect. I was incredibly nervous going into my first ever surgery as anyone would however, it is really over and done with quickly. One minute I was talking to the nurses, the next I woke up talking about coffee and cupcakes. It is finished in the blink of an eye. The sedation allowed me to wake up with no side effects and get back on my feet within 15 minutes. After some final checks I was on my way home within an hour of getting up from the surgery table. Completely pain free, a little dazed to say the least but no pain or discomfort at all. - - - - My recovery was interesting, for me I have never had any type of surgery so I didn't know what to expect. Dr De Silva's advise was to do almost nothing in your first week or two, this will allow for the best recovery. I would definitely follow every bit of advise he tells you. It really helps. It is also nice that the nurses do follow up calls to check in on you and see how you are feeling. After 1 week I got my cast off and that was the first time I saw my new nose, it is very swollen but right away I was happy with the almost perfect symmetry that was achieved. I sat in bed for around 2 weeks and done minimal moving activity. This really gave me a great kickstart to recovery. The less you can do, the better. If you are thinking of getting a rhinoplasty, I could not recommend Dr De Silva enough. He and his team are more than perfect and I am extremely happy I decided to go with him. Thank-you for going above and beyond, I am eternally grateful for the result you have given me.

By Claire, Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Feb 8, 2021

"Best decision I ever made! I always felt conscious of my nose and for a long time wanted a rhinoplasty but I was very nervous (as I don’t know anyone who’s done one and watching tv shows like Botched did not help!). However when I found Dr De Silva, from the first meeting at my consultation I could tell I made the right decision to meet with him. He was very honest and realistic about my results and he advised me with what was best for my desired outcome. At the end of my consultation I was provided with a quote and documents with more details of my procedure. I already decided to go ahead and was very pleased to see that the nurses ensured I had enough days to think about it, and that I was not making any haste decisions. Which goes to show they want the best for you! After that all the steps were clear and the procedure was explained to me with enough guidance provided. The team emphasised a numerous amount of times that I was always welcome to call/email any questions I had (before and after my procedure). I met with Dr De Silva a week before the procedure and the day of my procedure. He was very clear and answered any concerns I had. The night before the procedure I was very nervous as I’ve never had an operation before; however once I met with Dr De Silva I was at ease and confident he was going to provide me the results I desired. My procedure lasted two hours and the nurses were with me at all times whilst waiting for my ride home. I could not fault the level of care shown from the whole team as they really did look after me through out! The night of my surgery Dr De Silva called me to ensure everything was okay and if I had any questions. The next day I had a call from the nurse as well, which just shows how much they pride themselves in aftercare. A week after I had my cast removed and then 6 weeks after to see the progress of my swelling. My bruising was very minimal and I recovered very quick that many people couldn’t tell I had a surgery! It’s now been almost 5 months and my nose is much smaller yet I still look like me, which is what I wanted! I’m much more confident and happier with my nose and I only wished that I did it earlier. Anyone who is looking to get a rhinoplasty Dr De Silva should be your go to! He was very kind, softly spoken and listened to everything I was concerned about. If I have any other cosmetic procedures it’ll be with Dr De Silva and his wonderful team without a doubt, thank you so much!!

By Anonymous on Feb 4, 2021

I had dark circles under my eyes my whole life and wrinkles around my eyes as I have aged. I recently has lower blepharoplasty and laser with Dr De Silva, and am very pleased with the result. I got comfort from all the good reviews, and have now myself had a good experience. The procedure was explained well. Face to face meetings were Covid safe. On the day I felt comfortable (no awareness of the actual procedure). Recovery was as expected. Very happy now.

By Anonymous on Feb 4, 2021

All the staff including Dr Julian De Silva were very professional and caring. I felt informed throughout the whole process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr De Silva for any facial surgery you maybe considering

By An, Rhinoplasty with Dr De Silva on Jan 18, 2021

Did a small rhinoplasty, very happy with the result!

By Barbara, Facelift & neck lift review with Dr De Silva on Jan 11, 2021

Following years of research, (endless self-questioning) and attending a few consultations in London, I finally met with Dr de Silva. I had in fact identified his clinic several years ago and thought that his price would be out of my range but if I was going to do cosmetic surgery, nothing but the very best would do. Before writing about my own experience with Dr de Silva and his team, I wanted to read reviews from past patients : It’s quite easy: Everything you read, is 1000% true. Dr de Silva, a softly spoken, humble, reassuring and sincere man, blessed with endless patience, will give you all the time to explain your procedure. He is always seeking ways of perfecting, fine tuning his craft, a perfect mélange of science and art but also a psychologist. I had a neck and lower face lift, which produced an exemplary natural, healthy, rested appearance. I am 100% thrilled with the results. The keyword, for me was natural. The procedure was painless, and having had a very early morning operation,(06.30 am), I was allowed to go home in the afternoon. (I coils have stayed overnight but felt totally fine and went home to rest). The recovery was equally painless and, as for the bruising, I was completely clear within weeks. The Clinic App with its testimonies and step by step advice was hugely helpful. I can never speak highly enough of his handpicked super professional team. Platinum all the way. They are so devoted to their patients and will always make themselves available with a warm, reassuring smile and sound advice for several weeks afterwards. The hardest part of this journey is the act decision process. Then comes the ‘easy’ part: you could not be in better, safer hands and better cared for than by Dr. De Silva. He and his team are the absolute best. Barbara

By A, Upper blepharoplasty experience with Dr Julian on Jan 3, 2021

after doing my own significant research and reading reviews, i decided to opt for upper blepharoplasty with Dr Julian. I had an extremely positive, enjoyable experience and the end result is great.

By Facelift, neck lift, brow lift and eyelid surgery with Dr Julian De Silva on Dec 10, 2020

I has a truly 1st rate experience with Dr Julian De Silva and his team. I had upper and lower eyelid surgery, a brow lift and lower face + neck lift. I am a 60 year old man and I was not a believer in cosmetic surgery at all though I had a very droopy eyelid that really started to bother me and I researched what could possibly be done. I found the reference video's, the video and in person consultations with Dr Julian helpful, insightful and reassuring. I realised what the art of the possible could be for me and Dr Julian and his team gave me the confidence to proceed. Although the operation was quite lengthy, the levels of skill and expertise coupled with the care and accuracy of information was spot on and I had nothing to worry about. My family and friends think I look amazing. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Julian and his team to anyone.

By S, Revision rhinoplasty & blepharoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Dec 7, 2020

Prior to meeting Dr De Silva I had many consultations over the years with the best doctors in NYC, LA and Paris... I was determined to look into fixing a botched Rhinoplasty I had when I was much younger...however I felt discouraged and disheartened and subsequently overtime I became increasingly dissatisfied with my face.. I met with Dr De Silva and I felt that he understood the complexity of my case, my goals and my expectations... I finally had my much anticipated surgery ( revision rhinoplasty combined with upper eyelid blepharoplasty and skin laser resurfacing to upper eyelids) in the privacy and comfort of Dr De Silva's operating room which is in his practice..for this I am thankful that I did not have to endure the dreaded 'medical' experience that comes with having surgery in any hospital.. I wholeheartedly want to thank the entire De Silva team for their kindness , patience and support throughout my journey.. the pre and post op care I received was exceeding by the highest standards.. the anaesthetist is calm, informative and reassuring... Twilight sedation is blissful sleep!.. Dr De Silva is a meticulous, highly skilled doctor.. he will not overpromise, as so many doctors are keen to do ( from my experience) , but he will deliver I am approaching my eighth week of recovery and I am very pleased with my results, which will only get bette as the swelling subsides over time.. My deep gratitude and thanks to Dr de Silva and his fantastic team

By CN, Chin, neck tightening and liposuction experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Dec 5, 2020

I cannot thank Dr De Silva and his amazing team enough. 5 months ago I had a chin implant, neck tightening and chin liposuction. The procedure was absolutely stress free. From the moment I contacted the clinic, I felt Dr De Silva and his team went above and beyond to ensure everything ran so smoothly - I wasn’t the easiest patient as I live far from London but they couldn’t have made it any easier. The procedure itself, under twilight sedation, was totally pain free and I had absolutely minimal downtime. The final result exceeded my expectations - I am so delighted with my natural looking chin. Confidence has been restored! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr De Silva in fact I absolutely wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face!

By SS, Revision facelift, neck lift and chin implant by Dr De Silva on Dec 1, 2020

Dr. Julian De Silva is an exceptionally talented surgeon whose attention to detail is incredible. He repositioned a chin implant I had inserted 30 years ago. At the same time I had a neck and lower face lift and some laser treatment around the eyes an mouth. At 65 I was realistic in my expectations but can honestly say that Dr De Silva exceptional work on my face has exceeded anything I could have hoped for. I now have a beautiful jaw line, defined cheekbones, clear skin and a wide smile on my face. This surgeon really is one of the best there is. He and his staff offer an immaculately professional service from first consultation to follow ups. The procedure was painless carried out under local anesthesia and sedation. Apart from tightness in the neck area for just over a month and some to be expected post operative facial swelling, I experienced no pain for considerable gain. Dr Julian De Silva is not cheap but he is probably one of the very best surgeons in London.

By James L, Julian here’s my review of my facelift and neck lift with fat transfer. on Nov 22, 2020

You asked me on our 1st consultation what I hoped to achieve from the operation, and I said I just needed the face to be freshened up. I had a lot of loose skin under the neck which was the main problem. When I use a collar and tie and pull up the knot on the tie the dreaded turkey neck really showed up, and now after the op I can honestly say that it’s all now gone. I now have a tight and firm neck, more like a young mans’. The incision and stitching on and around the tragus Julian is in my opinion a little work of art. I am now 7 weeks in from the op and even under my magnifying glass I can’t see the incision or stitching remarkable job. You said I needed a fat transfer as I cost volume in my face. Now this is in my opinion a bonus. Because form the age of 18 I was then 64 kgs and to this day I am still 62 kgs and I am now 70 years old. My weight has been stable for 52 years. You take the fat from an incision on the belly button, which after the op I never needed a single stich to close it. It’s headed beautifully, but because I never had virtually any fat there anyway, you said it would bruise quite a bit, which it did. It took 5 weeks to go, but the bonus is I had a little ridge of fat what I would call puppy fat going from my belly button to both sides. Which would never seem to go and I keep myself pretty fit, but after the fat transfer it’s all gone. That’s the bonus, fantastic. I still have a small amount of numbness around my ears and under my chin but each week I can feel it’s going. My bruising lasted 4 weeks but everything is healing really well. Twilight anesthesia is absolutely fantastic. I was on the operating table at 7 am and I did not know anything until I woke up with the nurse bandaging my face with the clock in your operating theatre showing 12:35. That’s 5 hours and I got up and walked out straight away with no side effects at all. Twilight anesthesia is truly fantastic. Julian you have a young female staff which are totally professional and they are fun also, again fantastic. Julian, you as a professional are at the top of your game, an exceptional artist in your field. But on a personal side, I met you and the girls on a number of times and I feel I've known you for years. You are a very warm and caring person and that also goes for the girls. I very much look forward to seeing you before Christmas (If COVID allows). My very best wishes to you and the girls. James, PS. I never had any pain and never had to take any painkillers; they are still in the box opened.

By n_x0 Worth It, Ethnic Rhinoplasty -1 year post with Dr Julian De Silva on Nov 18, 2020

Ethnic Rhinoplasty - really happy with the result! 1 year post I had an amazing ethnic (South Asian) rhinoplasty result from Dr. Julian De Silva. I had my surgery in May 2019 and wanted to wait around 1-2 years before posting my review so I could give a completely honest review for others who are looking for a good surgeon. Prior to my surgery, I had a very large and crooked nose. I also have very thick skin so my expectations were not very high before my surgery and I was not expecting to achieve anything close to my dream nose. I explained in detail what I was hoping to achieve and Dr. De Silva was 100% honest with his responses and what could realistically be achieved given I have very thick skin. This reassured me that he was not making any false promises and was giving me realistic explanations of what I could expect. I booked my surgery for 7 weeks after my first consultation and the entire process went very smoothly. I was sedated using twilight anesthesia and did not experience any pain whatsoever during the surgery or after and did not regain consciousness until being awoken by the nurses. I believe the surgery was around 90 minutes in total. The entire process was SO smooth and I experienced no pain at all. The cast was then on for exactly a week (7 days) and I experienced some mild discomfort due to having a stuffy nose but nothing worse than a normal seasonal cold. I have also prescribed some medication to help with this which I didn’t actually feel I needed but took anyway. Once the cast was off - I won’t lie - I didn’t even recognize myself which was quite distressing at first. In my eyes, I looked like a completely different person and I felt distressed to think that I didn’t look like myself anymore and everyone would ask me what I have done !! I immediately regretted my decision and was in tears thinking there’s no way I could even undo the surgery. However Dr. De Silva and the practice manager Jennifer reassured me that this was far from the actual result and that my nose would look different over the next few weeks/months to come - which is true (I just wish I had believed them so I could’ve saved myself weeks of distress). I guess nothing can prepare you for that moment! For the first few weeks after my cast removal I was really down and unhappy with the way that my nose looked - largely because of the swelling which I kept thinking was a part of the permanent result. I felt that I looked completely different and I really regretted my decision. My family members kept reassuring me that everything would be fine but it was really upsetting to think that no one would recognize me. However, by week 4-5, I was slowly starting to notice a decrease in swelling and could start to appreciate the result. Around this time I started to visit other family members and friends (who weren’t aware of the fact I was having a rhinoplasty) and they didn’t even notice any change! Nobody to this day - 18 months later - has mentioned that my nose or face looks different (and I have VERY blunt/honest family members/friends who would openly tell me if they noticed something). But I can see a MASSIVE (positive) difference. Dr. De Silva has refined my previously bulbous nose tip and smoothed the bumps on the sides of my nose. The side profile of my nose is also really nice. Whilst I don’t have a perfect nose by Western standards, Dr. De Silva has given me a very nice natural result which is harmonious with the rest of my features but makes my nose look a lot smaller than before and much more feminine. My nose is now in balance with the rest of my features and does not stand out in any way on my face. It looks nice from pretty much all angles and does not appear as wide/bulbous when I smile as it did before. Whereas before I probably took 1 selfie in a blue moon as I hated the way my nose looked, my camera roll is now literally full of thousands of selfies/photos because I am so happy with the way it looks! It sounds vain but we live in a society obsessed with appearances and in which we are often judged because of them as well. I had my doubts before deciding to get a rhinoplasty but I am SO glad that I did and trusted Dr. De Silva as this result is far better than what I was expecting. My confidence has increased so much and other people have noticed this and said that I seem much happier. I am now no longer afraid to try new hairstyles, try different makeup styles, etc as before I was afraid that certain things wouldn’t look good on me and would emphasize my nose - sounds silly but I’m sure we all do/think something like this. To all those who are still reading - I honestly do recommend Dr. De Silva with an ethnic rhinoplasty as he has completely impressed me with his skill and given me the perfect nose for my face! I can’t thank him enough! Overall, advice to anyone reading is that if you are seriously insecure about something to the point where it is affecting your day-to-day life and you want to change it - look into your options and don’t be afraid to do it! Life is short, do whatever you can if it will make you happier! :)

By Keith Donavon on Nov 10, 2020

Great Experience from to start to end, was worried about everything , sedation and outcome, but looking back all happened so fast and effortless, my only regret is i should have done this 20 years ago, this could have given me lots of confidence and added joy to my life .. just do it if you can afford it, you are in very good hands.. enough thinking

By SD, chin implant experience with Dr Julian De Silva & team on Nov 1, 2020

I recently had chin implant surgery and I could not have chosen a better doctor. During the whole process, Dr De Silva and his team were excellent and answered the multitude of questions I had. Dr De Silva was calm and took all my views into consideration which was very important to me. The surgery itself was completely painless and being sedated is absolutely nothing to worry about, it’s actually quite a pleasant experience! I was so impressed by the aftercare. Dr De Silva contacted me on the evening of my surgery to make sure everything was okay, then his team contacted me after that. You can really tell they care about their patients and they want you to have the best experience possible. I could not be happier with my results. My face now looks so much more balanced and the results are so natural and beautiful. All in all, Dr De Silva gave me the chin I was meant to have! He really is a true artist. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr De Silva and his team and I cannot recommend them highly enough. You really are in safe hands

By Anonymous, Rhinoplasty & septoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Oct 21, 2020

I had the best experience with Dr De Silva and his team; they gave me back my confidence after having a Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty! The results look completely natural like this has been my nose my whole life, they made me feel completely comfortable and confident in the outcome. As for the pain, afterwards it just felt like I had a bad cold as in a blocked nose which I was amazed by due to the amount of trauma it had gone through in just 2 hours! This was the best decision I have ever made and if anyone else is considering it I would recommend putting your full trust in Dr De Silva and his team - it’s something that you wouldn’t regret

By Mick, Revision Face & Neck lift experience with Dr De Silva on Oct 17, 2020

Before seeing Dr De Silva, I had already had two operations on my neck. The aim of those operations had been to reduce an extremely prominent platysma band on one side of it. Although the second of those operations had left the prominent platysma band much reduced in size and I was relatively happy with how it appeared, I was also left with several lumpy scars where cuts had been made in my neck. The scars was very noticeable to other people for a few years after the operations and I was very self-conscious about them. The scarring did fade somewhat over the years but could still be seen. Although I didn’t like how the scars still looked, I didn’t think that much could be done about them. Then about a year before seeing Dr De Silva, I became aware that the skin under my neck had become loose and when I lowered my head it would hang down – with a bulge of skin on one side. It was the asymmetry that I really didn’t like. This is what motivated me to consult Dr De Silva. Dr De Silva said he could remove the loose skin under my neck and the bulge - and also improve the remaining platysma banding. However, to do this he would have to make a cut in the skin under my neck that would basically run from under my chin to near my Adam’s apple. I was very concerned that it would leave me yet again with a very noticeable scar that other people could see. Dr. De Silva showed me a photograph to illustrate the result of a similar neck surgery he had carried out after it had healed - and the scar could hardly be seen, if at all. I was still worried that there may be a period of several weeks or months when it would be very noticeable. I didn’t want to go through the embarrassment I had gone through after the previous operations. However, I felt reassured after my consultation with Dr De Silva and decided to go ahead with the operation. I was also advised as to what separate medical tests I would have to take before the operation could take place e.g. blood tests and ECG Prior to the operation, I was emailed all the relevant information and instructions. There are things you should and shouldn’t do. It is very important to take time to read this information carefully. I was made aware of the importance of the measures to be taken during the first week of recovery – for instance taking the medication that stops the neck swelling up, keeping the head elevated when sleeping by use of additional pillows, taking care when bending over, not picking up heavy objects and no caffeinated drinks. The day of the operation went very smoothly. I arrived in the morning and was seen by a Nurse who took some further details and prepared me. The Anaesthetist then came to see me and explained how the anaesthesia he would be using would work. I then had to wait a short period of time before the operation took place. I experienced no problems with the anaesthetic during or after the operation. When I woke up after the operation the underside of my neck had a dressing affixed. I also had a headband on which was required to be worn for a week. The headband was removable and after a week it only needed to be worn for a further week when sleeping. A Nurse rang me during the first week of recovery to check everything was going well. Throughout the whole process, I was sent text messages to remind me of any appointments. When the stitches were taken out after a week it was immediately obvious that the result was better than I could have hoped for. The scar from the incision made by Dr De Silva was difficult to see – and what could be seen looked very smooth and neat. Two months after the operation the scar from the incision made by Dr De Silva could hardly be seen. The other scarring from my previous operations was also vastly improved and not really noticeable anymore. The loose skin and asymmetric bulge of skin which was the main thing I didn’t like was gone - if that alone had been done I would have been happy with the result. However, the remaining platysma banding was also gone. I am astonished at how good the result is. Throughout the whole process, the attitude and attention to detail by Dr De Silva and his Team was exceptional. I am delighted with the outcome.

By Lifelong puffy eyelids, Blepharoplasty review of Dr De Silva, on Sep 17, 2020

I am delighted with the results of my upper and lower lid blepharoplasty. I visited two other surgeons prior to Dr De Silva. His publications and hugely informative website gave me confidence, especially being able to see the before and after results that previous patients kindly shared. But it was Dr De Silva's enthusiasm and dedication to his craft that confirmed my decision to proceed. He said the magic words "I'm really excited by the difference I can make to your appearance". His practice was professional and efficient throughout and I think represents good value for money. The healing process was unexpectedly pain free. I had a little panic with some bleeding on day 5 but Dr De Silva got straight in touch on a weekend evening to reassure me. I was ready to face people by day 10. A hugely positive experience that has brought happiness after decades of ruing the bags beneath my eyes.

By Rhinoplasty and septoplasty experience with sedation anaesthesia on Sep 3, 2020

"The whole process was seamless from start to finish. Dr De Silva is has a warm and kind personality and always made me feel comfortable. I am thrilled with the result which is natural and as I had hoped, I had a chin implant to improve my side profile. It was something I considered for a years and I'm so glad I went through with it and chose this Dr De Silva. I was nervous on the day but was made to feel at ease by Dr De Silva the nurse and anaesthetist. For anyone considering facial surgery I highly recommend. I'm still surprised at just how straight forward it all was. Thank you so much!"

By Anonymous, rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Aug 30, 2020

I had primary rhinoplasty and septoplasty with Dr De Silva in May 2020. The staff were incredibly helpful and welcoming. I am so glad that I went with Dr Julian De Silva after years of researching different surgeons. I wanted a natural result, and i feel like this was achieved and I was listened to. I would recommend Dr De Silva and his team they have restored my confidence and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

By Anonymous on Aug 9, 2020

I am a 51 year old woman with an inherited really weak, receding chin. In fact - I am (was) chinless! As I've aged this became even more exaggerated - to the point that I really just lived in polo neck jumpers and wore my hair long and down to cover it as best I could. Profile pictures were really upsetting to me and actually for the last five years or so I totally lost all of my confidence. I researched procedures for a long time - and each search kept leading me back to Dr De Silva - who seemed to offer exactly what I was looking for. It was an absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish. The process was so easy and I felt totally listened to and cared for. I'd put this off for years as I was terrified of sedation - but it was absolutely nothing to worry about at all - in fact I'm already planning another procedure here. The staff are all amazing and Dr De Silva gave me a natural result that exceeded my expectations. I had no pain and the only discomfort was wearing the compression bandage and sleeping at a 45 degree angle. It's been 12 days since the operation - you cannot tell I have had any 'work' done - I just look better- the results are really natural - but I have a chin! I feel that I look from the side how I imagined I should look - and my family who were very much along the lines of 'why on earth do you want to have anything done?' all say how great it looks. Polo necks will now be at the back of the wardrobe and my confidence is coming back. Thank you Dr De Silva and your amazing team.

By Anonymous on Jul 29, 2020

Amazing results and informative consultation. The sedation is very helpful as it really made the whole process a lot easier

By Anonymous on Jun 7, 2020

I am a 48 yo woman who had rhinoplasty, upper blepharoplasty and a mini-facelift and fat transfer by Dr De Silva in Dec 2019. Firstly, I have to say that the entire experience was virtually painless and more than this, I felt incredibly cared for and in the safest of hands with both Dr De Silva, his sedation parter, his surgery and recovery methodologies and all of his lovely, wonderful staff. To look at the pictures of me after surgery, this seems unbelievable but it really was an experience that surpassed all expectation. Indeed the only concern I had during recovery was the swelling that persisted from the facelift after I returned to work 3.5 weeks later - my eyes and nose were absolutely fine by then. As for results, my eyes have NEVER looked so good, the droopy lids that were genetic to begin with and getting worse with age completely fixed. My nose is still settling down at the tip and this will take some time, but already I am delighted with the refined, more feminine results. My face is freshened up and no longer looks 'sad'. The lift didn't resolve all concerns I have around my jawline and this will require additional work, and I will again trust Dr De Silva to once again perform his magic. Dr De Silva explained that it is difficult to both lift up for the mini-facelift and pull back for the jawline, and given the natural results he has achieved for me so far, and that I was already doing a lot of things at once (5.5 hours of surgery) I do trust his 'less is more' approach. The scars on my eyelids are already virtually gone and around my ears are healing well. In the meantime, I'm not concerned enough to bother with make-up (do remember to lather on sunscreen). When I have caught up with friends, none of them have noticed I've had surgery, only that I look refreshed and happy. In addition to the truly 5* personal experience and actual results of surgery, the practice is well run, incredibly professional, in a beautiful setting and with excellent scheduling to appointment times. I highly recommend Dr De Silva and will myself be checking in again and again to keep myself in the best, natural-looking shape possible over the coming years and decades.

By Simonelgoodman on Jun 3, 2020

Brilliant Natural Looking Results - 48 yo woman who had rhinoplasty, upper blepharoplasty and a mini-facelift and fat transfer I am a 48 yo woman who had rhinoplasty, upper blepharoplasty and a mini-facelift and fat transfer by Dr De Silva in Dec 2019. Firstly, I have to say that the entire experience was virtually painless and more than this, I felt incredibly cared for and in the safest of hands with both Dr De Silva, his sedation parter, his surgery and recovery methodologies and all of his lovely, wonderful staff...

By EL, Lower Blepharoplasty with fat transfer, laser and milia removal by Dr de Silva on May 19, 2020

I had lower eye blepharoplasty, with fat transfer, laser resurfacing and milia removal. I had researched and wanted the surgery for about 2 years before deciding to have some consultations I had two consultations with a well known surgery group but did not feel confident. I then met with Dr. De Silva and knew as soon as the consultation was over that I felt confident enough to go ahead and am so glad that I did. My pre treatment appointments and advice were so thorough, and any questions that I had were answered so quickly by the clinics staff. The day of my surgery was seamless, and I felt in completely safe hands the entire time from the nurse Ellie, to the Dr performing sedation and Dr De Silva. The follow up appointments were really thorough and no question too small. I am really pleased with the results and am so glad I had the surgery with Dr De Silva. If you are considering surgery I would highly recommend visiting Dr De Silva. Thank you so much.

By Anonymous on May 19, 2020

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Julian De Silva. He is both extremely knowledgable and experienced, and also has a lovely manner when communicating with you. I felt in very safe hands and was confident in his care. I had a Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty under sedation anaesthesia and found this to be a pleasant experience. I remembered absolutely nothing of the procedure. I found my recovery to be reasonably fast and without issues. I think as such a fine job had been done both in the operating room and in setting out the requirements for optimum after care. I am very pleased with the choice I made in attending Dr De Silva’s clinic.

By Cal, facelift experience with Dr De Silva on May 16, 2020

"I can not fault the experience I had at The Centre. From the beginning, the service I received was phenomenal, everyone was highly professional and extremely welcoming. The staff at the centre went above and beyond to ensure that my experience was as good as possible and guided me through the whole treatment process from start to finish, providing multiple pre and post treatment calls to check up on me. They also accommodated me without hesitation as and when appointments needed to be rescheduled or additional arrangements made. As for the treatment itself, the initial consultations with Dr De Silva allowed for the opportunity to discuss all the options available to me in depth. Everything was explained and I was provided with a comprehensive information pack describing everything that was going to happen. The treatment was conducted smoothly and I was offered a private room in the centre to recover following this. My overall experience with Dr De Silva and all of the nursing and front of house staff was professional and friendly throughout. I couldnt recommend them highly enough and if I decide to have any further treatments in the future, The Centre will be my first point of call."

By By Laser resurfacing on May 2, 2020

If I could rate more than 5 stars I definitely would. What an awesome team. I underwent full face laser resurfacing and the results are amazing! Procedure was carried out under sedation, which was very easy and straight forward. Dr De Silva is a highly professional and extremely skilled gentleman. I cannot recommend him enough. Such enthusiasm from the whole team from start to finish. After lots of research I 100% made the right decision to go with Dr De Silva.

By An, Facelift surgery with Dr. De Silva on Mar 28, 2020

From start to finish I found the whole experience absolute first class. The consultation was informative and reassuring and after surgery the aftercare and subsequent follow ups showed great care and interest in my well being. The surgery itself has been a great success and I wish to praise very highly Dr. De Silva for his patience , care, advice and attention to detail. I would certainly strongly recommend Dr. DeSilva and all the team.

By Any, Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty surgery with Dr De Silva on Mar 22, 2020

I had rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery with Dr. De Silva in December 2019. My experience with Dr. De Silva and his team could not have been better. I did not at any point feel pushed or rushed to make a decision. Dr. De Silva is very calm, patient and attentive. He has a keen eye for detail and a focus on natural looking results, which is exactly what I wanted. The procedure itself (performed under sedation) was completely pain-free. I was able to leave the surgery about 30 minutes after it concluded. The first few days following the procedure were a little uncomfortable (entirely as expected), but pain-free and easily manageable given the high level of aftercare Dr. De Silva and his team provide. I had quite a lot of bruising around my eyes immediately after the procedure, but this was entirely gone within 2 weeks. I am writing this review 3 months after my procedure and I am extremely happy with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. De Silva to anyone considering rhinoplasty

By Facelift surgery with Dr Julian De Silva on Mar 16, 2020

Having this surgery was always something I thought about however was nervous on the results. From the very minute we met Dr Julian De Silva I knew he, and the practice, was the right choice. Through the entire process I was made to feel at ease, and the procedure (date I say) was actually enjoyable! The results have been nothing short of lifechanging, and my only regret was not doing it years ago. I wonderful surgeon and a wonderful set of staff - highly recommended

By Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty with Dr De Silva on Mar 15, 2020

I had Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty with Dr De Silva in January of this year and am delighted with the result. I did lots of research on potential surgeons and chose Dr De Silva because he achieves natural looking results, is also an artist and has a deep understanding of facial balance, and because we were both on the same page regarding what we wanted to achieve . My confidence has improved and my nose is now in balance with the rest of my face. My breathing has improved significantly. I was anxious the week before because it was my first surgery, but the whole team were so supportive. Sedation went very well and I was able to go home around 30 minutes after the procedure. Following surgery I had zero pain and minimal bruising or swelling. I would recommend Dr De Silva to anyone considering surgery and couldn’t be happier

By Creative Activist on Mar 10, 2020

Wow - From One Happy Bright-eyed Black Man. I wanted to mention my race to help and encourage people of colour who might, understandably be hesitatn. Black people tend to avoid this kind of procedure. We don't trust surgeons with our faces and we scar easily and visibly. Dr De Silva is very aware of this and gives great and specific guidance. Whatever your race or ethnicity I can recommend this wonderful calm man and his lovely staff....

By Anonymous, facial surgery with Dr De Silva on Mar 8, 2020

Absolutely incredible experience with Dr De Silva. I’d spent 10 years considering my treatment and surgery and had met with numerous consultants but hadn’t found the “right” person for me. Dr De Silva was calm, patient, understanding of my wishes, explained the boundaries of what was or wasn’t possible and why and supported me throughout. I am over the moon with my new nose, it was everything I had expected and hoped for. I found the recovery relatively straight forward but have been able to contact the surgery for further questions since I was formally discharged. Nothing is too much for them. It was worth every penny and De Silva is the master of his craft.

By Aony, Mini-Facelift experience with Dr De Silva on Feb 27, 2020

Brilliant doctor always makes you feel at ease, I’m always pleased with my results, would recommend this Dr De Silva.

By Rhinoplasty on Feb 17, 2020

The best results I could have hoped for from the nicest surgeon and team Dr Julian De Silva is an absolutely incredible surgeon with the most wonderful bedside manner. His whole team couldn't have been more lovely and helpful throughout the whole process, with no question too small or silly to ask. From the very first consultation, right through to the operation and the follow up appointments, it was such a smooth and lovely experience. I was very nervous about...

By Vanessa Threadgold on Jan 21, 2020

I couldn't recommend Dr. De Silva more highly as plastic surgeon. From my first interaction with Dr. De Silva he's been consideration, compassionate, honest and professional. His skills are second to none, I wouldn't have trusted anyone else with my nose. He doesn't sell false hope in what can or can't be achieved safely which was definitely what I wanted. I had consultations with other surgeons but knew upon meeting Dr. De Silva he was the right person for me. I had my initial surgery in April 2016, and a slight revision in March 2019, (for which I only paid the clinic fees and for the anaesthetist which I thought was exceptionally reasonable). Dr. De Silva was extremely committed to giving me the results I wanted throughout the whole process. I am so pleased with the results of my nose which are subtle but have made a huge difference to me and my life. All the team were extremely kind, patient, and responsive. I looked forward to every clinic visit as the team, lead by the lovely Jennifer, are so pleasant.

By Suisse, Facelift surgery patient experience with Dr De Silva on Jan 19, 2020

The procedure that I had with Dr De Silva went very well and I am happy with the results. Dr De Silva and his team spent a lot of time with me: they were good listeners and their answers gave me a lot of reassurance. The procedure itself was relatively pain-free. Post-procedure there is some pain and swelling but it is worth it in my opinion. I recommend Dr De Silva highly.

By C, Chin implants, signature liposuction and neck stitches by Dr De Silva on Jan 18, 2020

I had chin implant + neck liposuction 9 months ago with Dr De Silva and confess I could not have done a better choice. First time I did any kind of surgery and confess I was very scared in doing it, especially doing something in my face. Since the start Dr. De Silva was very calm and patient which made me very comfortable. The staff are very helpful and amazing. The whole procedure was carried out under sedation and local anesthetic. The anesthesiologist was perfect explaining all the stages (especially for me who is very afraid of needles). I would fully recommend 100% Dr. De Silva. After the procedure I became much more confident person and my life got so much better. Didnt have any pos-operation problems and the result couldnt be better. It looks so natural. The whole experience was perfect

By Rach, Facial Cosmetci Surgery experience with Dr De Silva on Jan 3, 2020

Dear Dr de Silva, I just wanted to wish you a very happy new year and hope that 2020 is your best year yet!!! I am always so grateful to you for changing my life in such a positive way and can’t thank you enough. The best personal decision I ever made was to step into your office! Wishing the whole team a fantastic year and even more success ❤️❤️❤️

By Upper & lower blepharoplasty with Dr DeSilva on Jan 1, 2020

I recently underwent an upper & lower Blepharoplasty with Dr DeSilva and the results are outstanding! From my very first consultation and after lots of research, I knew that I had made the right decision to go with Dr DeSilva. Naturally I was nervous but his amazing team were all very kind, extremely friendly and totally relaxed. The procedure was carried out under sedation and that too was fantastic. I can honestly say I felt no pain during and after the procedure and within 1 hour afterwards I was on my way home. I would 100% fully recommend Dr DeSilva to anybody considering a procedure such as mine. Thank you Dr DeSilva, you have instilled a new found confidence in me.

By Lower Blepharoplasty with Dr Julian De Silva on Dec 25, 2019

I had lower blepharoplasty surgery as I had a lot of wrinkles in my lower eyelids. I have big eyes so the wrinkles were very obvious and only being in my mid-thirty’s I felt it aged me. The surgery was only an hour long and Dr Julian and his team were all really nice and caring. I am extremely happy with the results and my eyes look so much better! The wrinkles are hardly there and I actually like how my eyes look in photos now! I definitely recommend Dr Julian and his team.

By Castleskye, Multiple revision blepharoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Oct 26, 2019

The surgery I had with Dr De Silva was a second revision lower blepharoplasty. I had previously had a lower blepharoplasty and revision surgery with another surgeon which was a disaster and I was left with my eyes looking unnatural. I searched the internet exhaustively, desperate to find a top eye surgeon and I came across Dr De Silva. After reading reviews and the fact he did facial surgery I chose him. I am very thankful I did. I went for my consultation and Dr De Silva made me feel very positive and calm after being very nervous and apprehensive about the risk of more surgery. He was very honest about the challenge that faced him but I felt he came across confident he could improve my eyes. I somehow just knew I had found the right surgeon, I went ahead with my surgery which was absolutely pain free and I was very happy with the results. I could see myself again and the smile was back in my eyes ! I appreciate the skill it must have taken to achieve the result I got and I will be forever grateful. I cannot praise and thank Dr De Silva enough.

By Irina, Facelift and neck lift experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Oct 24, 2019

Face and neck lift, very satisfied! I feel more confident and younger!

By Pl, Blepharoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Oct 20, 2019

Took a long time researching a surgeon to perform Blepharoplasty A’s was very nervous. I chose Dr De Silva and its the best decision I’ve made. Results far exceeded my expectations and knowbody has commented that I’ve had something done but do comment I look great. The surgery has given me more confidence and I feel great now in myself. The team were fantastic and the healing time despite having undergone 4 plus hours surgery was truely amazing. No pain or discomfort ,just a small amount of bruising which after following Dr De Silva pre and post operative plan to the letter was gone within a fortnight. Everyone involved acted professionally and with kindness and Dr De Silva is calm and empathetic ..I felt totally reassured in his hands. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending. By no means the cheapest but with surgery on your face you need the best . I am so glad I made the decision to have my surgery and choosing Dr De Silva to guide ,advise and perform it.

By paul0501, Male eyelid surgery experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Oct 17, 2019

Cannot rate my experience high enough. Having this type of surgery was scary as I didn’t want to look like I’d had plastic surgery. I My drooping eyelids did make me feel upset and I was losing confidence in myself. Whilst nobody had commented on them I knew myself. Choosing a surgeon was proving to take as long as plucking up the courage to do something about it. I finally chose to have a consultation with Dr De Silva and instantly knew on meeting him that I had made the right choice. He listened and we agreed on upper and lower blepharoplasty, eyebrow lift and laser treatment. This was a lot more than I had planned but to get the best results this is what he recommended. After thinking it through I chose to follow his advice and I am so glad I did. The whole process was amazing. I opted for twilight anaesthesia which was unbelievable. Within an hour of the four hour operation I was well enough to return to my hotel. I had no ill effects and by following the pre and post operative recovery plan with a fortnight virtually all the bruising had gone. At no time was there any pain or problems. The whole team are totally professional yet very kind and personable. Yes it was expensive and more than I had planned but ultimately with the results I have worth every penny. Nobody has commented that I’ve had something done but I get many comments on how well I look. More importantly I now feel so much happier in how I look. I cannot recommend Dr Julian De Silva and his team highly enough and if you are considering any surgery of this kind talk to him first. I believe with delicate surgery of this kind you go for the best.

By Shaheen Sayed, Ethnic Rhinoplasty on Oct 15, 2019

Dear Dr De Silva First of all thank you - I honestly thought the experience was brilliant. Have already fed back one thing on setting expectations a tad more clearly when cast comes off as it is quite a shock. Other than that twilight sedation and quality of care was superb. My nose is still settling hence the reason I have not submitted a review. Tip feels numb and Swollen still & we are a year in early December. Was waiting to see - overall happy with the profile of bridge being less curved and straight but tip and V shape still quite dominant - as I said maybe down to swelling

By David Lacey, Blepharoplasty & Rhinoplasty & Fat transfer experience with Dr De Silva on Oct 4, 2019

I would highly recommend Dr De Silva. Extremely happy with my eye and nose surgery. A very professional experience from start to finish. David Lacey London

By Paula 55, Brow lift and blepharoplasty with Dr De Silva on Sep 30, 2019

So Pleased with my Results. I had an upper and lower blepharoplasty and a brow lift in March 2019 and I am so pleased with the results. I had lost quite bit of weight so had lots of sagging skin. This op has made a huge difference to my appearance. Paula 55

By Jennifer, revision facelift & neck lift with fat transfer experience with Dr. De Silva on Sep 28, 2019

I had a revision of neck and face lift and am very happy with the subtle, natural result . I would highly recommend Dr DeSilva and his team. From the initial consultation right through to the final follow up I felt well informed, supported and was a 100% certain I had made the right decision. The 6 hour procedure was done under deep sedation rather than a general anaesthetic. At first I was a little anxious as I was concerned I would be aware during the operation. Dr DeSilva explained everything in detail and I felt reassured and had total confidence in him. Sedation is definitely the way forward as my recovery was seamless, no pain, nausea or that heavy feeling experienced after a GA. One thing for me that really made a difference was the professional and personal care and attention I received from Dr DeSilva and his team.. Any future work would definitely be done by Dr DeSilva. Thank you, you're a genius. Jennifer

By Anon, Rhinoplasty experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Sep 20, 2019

I always felt well looked after and I'm very happy with the results. The entire experience was premium from initial consultation to follow ups. I would recommend paying more to be confident in the safety of your procedure.

By AM, Neck lift experience with twilight anaesthesia with Dr Julian De Silva on Sep 20, 2019

Pleased with the results of my neck lift operation. The sedation process was used with anaesthesia which worked great. 30 minutes after the operation I was allowed to go home. Didn't require any pain killers and had no after effects. After care has been brilliant. Highly recommend.

By John H, Facelift & Neck lift with fat transfer, customised fast recovery treatment with Dr De Silva on Sep 19, 2019

I am a 64 year old male who came to Dr De Silva for a consultation for a dreadful family heirloom, turkey neck. He recommended a face and neck lift plus fat transfer. The procedure was painless and the staff consummate professionals. The recovery was no problem at all, I experienced no pain what so ever. One month after the procedure I was back in the gym training as normal. It’s been over two months since the procedure and apart from some numbness, which is to be expected, the result is fantastic. If you a looking for a cosmetic surgeon, look no further than Dr. De Silva. John H. Cardiff

By JPR 1985, Rhinoplasty Review with Dr Julian De Silva on Sep 15, 2019

Julian was the 3rd Professional I consulted with and I was immediately able to make my decision to proceed with him directly after our meeting. He was able to carefully and professionally make his own recommendations and educate me on what is and what may not necessarily be possible. I felt very confident Julian was not only capable of achieving my desired look, but also implement his own ideas as to what would enhance the rest of my face. 9 days post op my face was more or less healed, and 11 days post op, I already love my new nose and cant wait to see the end result. De Silva's office team were literally perfect and answered all my questions on the day of asking, and the website's FAQ is a great guide for pre and post op preperation. I'd recommend that people go and see 1 or 2 other surgeons first, then go see Julian to understand the difference.

By Anony, Upper and Lower blepharoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Sep 14, 2019

I had upper and lower blepharopsty. Dr De Sillva is an extremely competent and skilled physician as well as being very courteous and pleasant. The results of my surgery were beyond my expectations. If you are considering similar surgery I cannot recommend Dr De Silva and his team highly enough.

By Joanne Louise, Facial surgery experience with Dr Julian De Silva on Sep 14, 2019

Dr Julian De Silva was very receptive and listened very carefully my concerns and objectives. My journey through the surgery was explained throughly all the steps involved in the process, Dr Julian De Silva and his whole team were outstanding and looked after me exceptionally. I was very supportive I am very happy with overall experience!

By Bella, Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Sep 12, 2019

Amazing surgeon and team. Surgery was like a breeze, the team put me at ease instantly, and the recovery was amazing - no pain whatsoever and very minimal bruising. I am absolutely thrilled with my rhinoplasty results and this isn’t even the end result! Dr De Silva has given me the result I wanted plus more, my new nose is so so natural and I know it will look even better once the swelling has subsided. Look no further when choosing a surgeon, the reviews don’t lie and I believe he is the very best in the industry! Thank you so much Dr De Silva and team!

By Jacqueline Hay, Revision blepharoplasty with Dr. De Silva on Sep 11, 2019

I went to dr de silva to Have corrective surgery after two blepharoplasty ops previously with someone else nearer to My home ,which I was unhappy with .After dr de silva Took me into his care My eyes now look truly amazing , my confidence has changed and I’m now smiling again .Im so truly grateful for the outstanding work and the great care , patience and kindness I received whilst in London as I was very anxious and upset .I’m so glad I came to see you dr de silva .Thank-you so much.

By Satpal Sagoo, Ethnic rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva on Sep 11, 2019

Good and pleasant experience, felt comfortable when in the hands of a surgeon with such a good track record.

By Fiona, Blepharoplasty with fat transfer & Laser with Dr Julian De Silva on Sep 9, 2019

Without hesitation I highly recommend Dr Julian De Silva for outstanding natural results. I immediately felt at ease in Dr De Silva’s presence and extremely confident with his ability. Dr De Silva and his highly professional team make you feel comfortable from that first port of call when you’re making your first appointment. I found Dr de Silva calming, patient, attentive, extremely knowledgeable and he made me feel that if I was going to take this step it is Dr de Silva whom I would trust. His professional knowledge and expertise, along with a very modern approach is evident when he runs through with you what he will do and how he will operate. He looked at me as individual patient, tailoring my procedure to achieve the best possible outcome for my features and individual needs. Before making my decision I had researched many consultants & techniques, I read so many reviews and had previously met with another consultant. However, once I met Dr De Silva I felt like what everyone had said in their reviews and immediately knew that it was Dr De Silva whom I wished to have as my consultant. I had lower blepharoplasty under sedation. I was quite nervous that morning but everyone helps you feel comfortable and puts your mind at rest. I felt I was actually listened to and heard, which I believe is quite important. For over a 1 1/2 years I had on going baggy, saggy , crepey skin and festoons under my eyes from various outbreaks of swelling that gave me a very tired look. Age (52) and sun damage did not help, along with scar tissue found in the problem area. All of this was corrected during my lower blepharoplasty operation, which also included laser and fat transfer to help with the volume under the eye. My recovery was not painful and I did not have any complications. The sedation helps with this. Dr De Silva rang me that evening and his staff phoned me the next day. My recovery was as expected with all the information I was given. This comprehensive information pack helps you greatly with what to expect and how best to help with the healing process, which I followed religiously!! I rang once or twice to ask questions and the reception and nursing staff guide you through anything you need to know. My whole lower eye area is now smooth & rejuvenated and I am so extremely happy and pleased to say that I no longer look tired and ‘aged’ and have a wonderful fresh, natural look. A few friends that have been with me through every step and seen the before and after results have simply said, “He’s a genius”. A-MAZ-ING results. Thank you! Fiona

By Esther Hawcroft, Blepharoplasty procedure with Julian De Silva on Aug 23, 2019

There was only one choice when it came to my Blepharoplasty procedure (Eyelid Reduction) and that was Julian De Silva. His advanced technique around natural aesthetics and precision surgery with modern healing, delivered an excellent result. The whole process was simple, effective and the quick healing enabled me to return to work within two weeks.The biggest surprise was that neither my family or friends noticed I had undergone surgery. Dr De Silva is professional, personal and passionate about his speciality and I would definitely recommend his work and his expertise to others.

By An, Rhinoplasty under sedation anaesthesia on Jul 30, 2019

Simply amazing great job happy with results! Would definitely comeback!I had it under concious sedation -didnt feel a thing and had a quick recovery too that os much better than GA!

By Chin Implant experience with Dr. Julian de Silva on Jul 20, 2019

I recently underwent a chin implant procedure with Dr. Julian De Silva. The surgery lasted about an hour under twilight anesthetiser. The sedative anesthetiser offers compromised local and general anesthetiser which was a very pleasant experience where I woke up to feel rested and was able to go home after 30mins. Six weeks later the results are startling I’m delighted with the results. I would highly recommend Dr. De Silva and I would definitely use him for any facial surgery in the future.

By CI, Chin Implant with jaw line fillers, experience with Dr. De Silva on Jul 6, 2019

"I recently underwent a chin implant with jaw fillers with Dr. Julian De Silva, I have had such a wonderful experience and was very well looked after right from my very first consultation. All of his team are super friendly and always available for any questions that I had. The surgery lasted about an hour under sedation which was a pleasant experience where I woke up to feel rested and was able to go home after 30mins. 5 weeks after the surgery I am so happy with my result, looking very natural but for me a great improvement. I highly recommend Dr. De Silva and I would definitely use him for any facial surgery in the future."

By Facelift with cheek implants and fat transfer, Review of Dr Julian De Silva on Jul 5, 2019

I had been looking for a long time for a surgeon who was experienced in cheek implants. I came across his clinics website and even then,before meeting him I felt some kind of confidence in him! I was not disappointed. My first consultation was very informative and I knew there and then that this was the surgeon I would choose. I had cheek implants,facelift and fat transfer all under sedation. I was slightly apprehensive about this but the sedationist went thro everything with me and put my mind at rest. I recall little of my time under sedation except for a few times when I think I was singing along to the music in the background! I felt no pain whatsoever. My procedure took 5hours-best sleep I’ve ever had! All the staff were warm and caring but above all,very professional. It’s been 11days since my op and I can see the difference already and as each day goes by I know I made the right choice in Dr deSilva. I would recommend this guy to anyone contemplating facial surgery.

By Hollyh145, Rhinoplasty experience with Dr De Silva, "Amazing surgeon" on Jul 2, 2019

Absolutely amazing surgeon. Very much convinced that he’s the best of the best. My end result was fantastic, couldn’t imagine anyone else to do a better job than he did. I’m so very happy with my new nose!

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