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Stem Cell use in Cosmetic Surgery

Stem Cells, What are they?

Stem cells are the body’s cellular building blocks or raw materials. These cells have not yet developed a specialised function,  termed “undifferentiated” cells, and are the cells from which all other cells in the body will generate.” The “mother” stem cell will divide into “daughter” cells which will then become differentiated (transformed) into new specialised cells that carry out specific functions (e.g.generating the proteins of the skin). Stem cells are the only cells in the body that can perform this job.

Why are Stem cells important?

Stem cell technology has become one of the most innovational and ground breaking research in medicine in recent times. Aging is universal and the desire for ways in which youth and function can be restored are in increasing demand. Why do stem cells offer so much hope. Stem cells technology forms part of a wider branch of medicine referred to as regnerative medicine or “anti-aging”. The nature of leading edge innovation often means that the scientifc testing for the technology and its effectiveness lags behind its use.
Where are Stem Cells being used in cosmetic industry?

One of the commonest uses of stem cells is in the marketing of cosmetic products, anti-aging creams. Most of the cosmetic products use plant stems cells. In addition stem-cells are being used in isolated or combined fat augmentation techniques to rejuvenate an ageing face, using a person’s own stem cells.

Plant stem cells, Are they effective?

Plant stem cells are cells that can be rapidly produced in large numbers by advances in technology (High Technology Nature biotechnology).These stem cells are in a high concentration, however they are from plants. Are they relevant to us as human beings? This question has not yet been answered by the scientific community. The plant stem cells are widely used in the latest creams and anti-aging effects.

Use of stem cells on skin?

The principle question is whether these stem cell creams and lotions can benefit the skin? To penetrate the skin in itself is a major challenge. The skin is a barrier that protects the body from outside elements, infections and foreign substances. Such that stem cells of any kind are NOT able to penetrate the skin, any effects of the cells at the most can be superficial to the skin.

Use of stem cells in Cosmetic Surgery?

Stem cells are unique in the body in that they are specialized and have the potential to become a particular cell type and replace worn and damage cells. A large proportion of stem cells exist in fat. Stem cells are transplanted with fat to a different parts of their body, some of these cells then live in these new areas helping to form new tissue at the transplanted site. The regenerative properties of the stem cells along with transplanted fat provide a marked improvement of survival of these tissues. When the transfer is combined with other cosmetic surgery such as facelifts, the effect of the surgery can be enhanced. The use of stem cell technology is at the forefront of anti-aging medicine. There is good subjective evidence of improvement in results however some of the claims made are yet to be substantiated.

Sometimes the terms used can be made confusing as “stem cell facelift” may be used to describe the injection of concentrated stem cells into the face, without surgical lifting of the face. This procedure would avoid any incisions in the face however is not going to correct soft tissue laxity and band formation in the neck.

The use of stem cell technology as a method of rejuvenating the face remains at the forefront of scientific innovation and is increasingly been a central discussion in medical conferences and research.

Stem cell technology is a technological innovation that is at the frontier for anti-Aging Medicine and is presented at International Conferences all over the World. Dr. De Silva commonly uses Stem Cell Technology in the form of fat grafting to support facial surgery. The use of fat stem cells technology enhances the result of eyelid, mid-face and face lifts by working at a macro and microscopic level. The macroscopic effect restores volume that is often a cardinal sign of facial ageing. Microscopically the stem cells are thought to produce growth factors that promote healthy revitalized and rejuvenated tissues.


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