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Signature Phi-Lift

Written by Dr. Julian De Silva

Why have a Signature Phi-Lift?

A Signature Phi-Lift is a non-surgical technique developed by Dr. De Silva that used a combination of HA-fillers to augment facial beauty enhancing the Phi lines of the Golden Ratio to enhance beauty and rejuvenate the face.

Attractive facial characteristics are characterised with natural curves and arcs across the cheek bone and a smooth and regular jaw line. An attractive face is wider at the level of the cheekbones and then narrows towards the chin, this is sometimes referred to as the “Ogee” facial curve. With facial ageing there is a combination of the effects of gravity in a downward direction coupled with loss of facial volume and skin laxity. The ageing process results in loss of the volume around the upper cheeks leading to a less youthful appearance. The skin that was once relatively taught and elastics becomes misshapen with more wrinkles and lines. The Phi-Lift technique enhances facial beauty by augmenting these artistic natural lines that favour facial beauty and attractiveness. Filler injections to the cheeks can restore lost volume, correct volume loss and can create a fuller, more youthful appearance. In addition fillers can be used to enhance natural curves and empahsies feminine parts of the female face and masculine parts of the male face.

Developed by a Facial Plastic Surgeon after more than a decade of specializing in facial surgery, combines our understanding of boney anatomy, state-of-the art innovation and artistry to facilitate the Phi-Lift techniques, a process of facial rejuvenation that:

  • Lunchtime procedure with fast recovery and no surgery
  • Minimally invasive (i.e. non-surgical technique)
  • No need for general anaesthetic
  • Natural looking result
  • SFV Systematic Framework Volumisation: this technology combines our understanding of natural boney anatomy, use of state-of-the art innovation in technology. Utilise FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler to rejuvenate your face, the type of filler is dependent on location in face (Only FDA approved products are utilised, (U.S.A regulation approved, the Gold Standard for quality and medical safety).
  • Phi-LIFT technology: Patented device is used to structurally augment along natural bone lines and curves along the lines of the Golden Ratio, this technology reduces the chance of bruising and swelling by 3x to conventional methods.
  • Artistic Natural Lines, every persons face is unique and treatment must be customised for each individual based on Phi Golden Ratio and individual facial shape. The Phi-Lift does not use a set number of injections or treatments as each treatment is customised to the individual patient.
  • Sculpted facial contouring favour highlight cheek bone area, jaw lines and area around the eyes. Contouring the areas of the middle and lower third of the face to favour a hear face shape
  • The Phi-Lift PLUS technique incorporates skin rejuvenation to improve the quality of your skin by reducing fine lines, pigmentation and dark spots. The Plus technique does require 1-week of downtime.
  • All treatments are completed by an accredited specialist registered with General Medical Council in the UK.
  • Please note the Phi-Lift technology may not be suitable for all patients, please notify your doctor if you are currently pregnant or breast feeding

Will I look natural after a Signature Phi-Lift?

At The Centre we have pioneered research and understanding into the aesthetics of the face. What makes a beautiful face shape?

Will I look natural after a Signature Phi-Lift?

Research completed at The Centre analysed the most beautiful human faces and developed an algorithm based on the Phi Golden Ratio. This can be applied to the human face to improve facial balance and enhance attractive qualities. Eyebrows Kim Kardashian had the most beautiful eyebrows with a score of 94.85% proportioned to the Phi Golden Ratio.

Patient Case:
Patients Comments: “After the Phi-Lift, I feel I look refreshed and more beautiful. My results are unbelievable, I’ve got my youth back!”

Female face, before and after Signature Phi-Lift treatment, cheek, right side oblique view

This woman in her early 40s had been concerned about changes in her face with age including the sagginess of the middle and lower third of her face and general deterioration in skin quality.
The Phi-Lift techniques offer a customised a non-surgical rejuvenation that avoid surgery or the recovery associated with more invasive procedures. On review of the ‘after’ photograph there is a marked improved in the smoothness of her cheeks, the quality of her skin, softening of her facial lines and improvement in her skin quality. The patient was very happy with the result as she had avoided a surgical intervention and had a natural looking rejuvenation of her appearance.

Watch Video: Phi-Lift Plus, Non-Surgical and Skin Resurfacing (patient tesimonials)

Patient experience of Signature Phi-Lift beautification. No Surgery, No Stitches & No Scars

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Consultations with our surgeons and specialists are from £250 and are required prior to surgical treatment.

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