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What Are the 10 Biggest Mistakes Made When Choosing a Facelift Surgeon?

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | December 9th, 2020

If you are considering having a facelift in London, it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement of having an improved look, and feeling confident and beautiful. However, aside from deciding to undergo surgery, choosing your surgeon is the most important decision you will make – and one that could mean the difference between a successful surgery and a painful or disappointing experience.

Many of Dr Julian De Silva’s patients have come to him at his Harley Street clinic having had surgeries elsewhere that need to be revised or completely re-done.

Here are the things to avoid when choosing a facelift surgeon:

1. Choosing a surgeon who isn’t certified or registered with any industry bodies
Not all surgeons are created equal. Check or ask which certifications, memberships, and affiliations your surgeon has. Doctors and surgeons often need to have high standards, up-to-date industry knowledge, and training or pass other stringent requirements to be part of these groups.

2. Choosing someone who isn’t a specialist in facial surgery
A general plastic surgeon or a surgeon who has specialties in other surgeries will not have the experience or knowledge to effectively perform intricate facelift surgery.

3. Ensure the surgeon you consult with will be the surgeon doing your surgery
When it comes to facial plastic surgery, it is crucial that you and your chosen surgeon are on the same page from the start. If your consultation is with someone who hands you off for surgery by whoever happens to be working that day, details can be missed or miscommunications made that may undermine the desired outcome of your surgery.

4. Choosing a surgeon who does not take your face into account
Facelift surgery is highly personal, and your surgeon should be selecting their techniques and optimizing for the best results with your unique facial characteristics in mind, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

5. Not doing your due diligence
Don’t forget to take the time to research your surgeon – look at their website, their experience, press or awards they have received, any before and after photos, and reviews from past patients. Ask around for recommendations.

6. Not asking questions – you or the surgeon
During the consultation, both you and your surgeon should be asking questions. Amongst other things, your surgeon should be taking a comprehensive medical history from you, and discuss your goals and expectations. You should ask about your surgeon’s experience, how the day of the surgery will go, and what side effects and recovery you can expect.

7. The surgeon is rushing your consultation
Aside from causing you to feel rushed, uninformed, or disappointed, a consultation that is over too quickly can leave a lot of room for error on the operating table. Your surgery consultation should take as much time as needed to ensure both you and your surgeon are on the same page.

8. The surgeon seems more like a salesman than a physician
If during your consultation, the surgeon is overtly trying to persuade you to undergo surgery or is adding in other surgeries on top, this can be a major red flag. A good surgeon understands that the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is one only you can make, and should also only offer additional or alternative surgery options if it is in your best interest.

9. The surgeon sets unrealistic expectations
Even if it means you choose not to have surgery, or you choose a different procedure, your surgeon should take the time and care to set and manage expectations when it comes to the results of your surgery, rather than making unachievable promises.

10. You don’t trust your gut
If something does not feel right, it’s probably not right. Experience, specialty, reviews, and more should all play a part in which surgeon you choose, but you should also feel a positive rapport with them. After all, you are entrusting them with an extremely intricate and prominent part of your body and should remain in contact with them throughout your recovery and any follow-up appointments.

Dr De Silva is a leading specialist facial plastic surgeon with over 10 years of surgical experience, professional journal publications, best-selling books, awards, and industry memberships. If you are considering having a facelift, or wish to explore your options, contact London Facial Plastic Surgery to book a consultation.

About the Author: Dr. De Silva

About the Author

Finding the most reputable facelift expert is never easy. Therefore, you should always research the best surgeons in your area and ask plenty of questions. Dr. De Silva is a facial cosmetic and plastic surgeon, author, global educator, with a track record of doing procedures for top celebrities. He is based at world-renowned Harley Street in Central London and specializes in three main procedures: Face and Neck lifts, Blepharoplasty, and Rhinoplasty.

Come witness a custom-built surgical centre that is not your average hospital. You are guaranteed to experience natural-looking results and fast healing thanks to regenerative technology, growth factors, regenerative cells, stem cell, oxygen therapy, and state of the art technology.

By specialising in only the face, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting premier results. Dr. De Silva achieves natural-looking results for his patients using the latest regenerative technology, so they can heal quickly and look their absolute best. No matter what your reason for wanting a cosmetic treatment is, Dr. De Silva and his team are here to help. To find out more information about Dr. Julian De Silva and his work, check out our website.

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