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The Basics of a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | August 26th, 2021

The Basics of a Rhinoplasty Procedure - Female, photo model

A nose job can change your life if it is done by a highly qualified surgeon.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, can be a life-changing procedure. If you’ve been asking, “What is rhinoplasty?”, you likely want to get the procedure.

If this is your case, you should know exactly what is rhinoplasty and how the procedure goes. By doing these, you can decide whether a nose job procedure is worth pursuing or not.

In this article, I will talk about what is rhinoplasty, why people get it, and how it goes.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

What Is Rhinoplasty? - Male, photo model

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that changes the shape and size of the nose.

Your nose is crucial to your overall appearance. If your nose looks strange, people will notice it. Worse, they will point it out. This might hurt your feelings.

However, you can avoid all these by getting a rhinoplasty.

Commonly known as a nose job, a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure. It mainly aims to change your nose’s appearance.

In particular, rhinoplasty changes the shape and size of your nose. Whether it’s due to an injury or botched procedure, a rhinoplasty enhances your appearance.

Since rhinoplasty is a major surgical procedure, it has to be done by a well-skilled surgeon. This is crucial if you want to get long-term, high-quality results. While some clinics offer rhinoplasty for a low price, they are likely less safe and less effective.

Hence, you should be aware of the best nose jobs for different shapes and sizes. You should also know how to choose the best rhinoplasty surgeon. In addition, knowing how long a nose job takes to heal helps you properly schedule your surgery.

Reasons Why People Get Nose Jobs

Reasons Why People Get Nose Jobs - Female, photo model

From improving appearance to solving nasal issues, there are many reasons why people get nose jobs.

From medical to cosmetic, there are several reasons why people get nose jobs. Here they are:

1. A nose job improves your appearance.

Some people are not born with an ideal nose. Due to this, they want to improve their nose’ appearance.

If you are one of the people who want to improve your appearance, a nose job can help you. Since rhinoplasty changes your nose’s symmetry, shape, and size, it can help you.

Whether it’s a slimmer, smaller, or taller nose, a rhinoplasty lets you achieve your goals.

2. Rhinoplasty boosts your confidence.

A strange-looking nose can decrease your confidence. It can also affect how you treat others and how they treat you. In addition, when your career is based on your appearance, an unattractive nose can cost you your job.

Rhinoplasty can prevent these from happening. Since rhinoplasty changes your appearance, it can boost your confidence.

Moreover, rhinoplasty can help you do better at your job. It can help improve your relationships as well.

3. A nose job corrects a botched procedure.

A cheap nose job comes with many risks, including being botched. When your nose job gets botched, you need to correct it. It is because it will lead to complications.

Furthermore, as you may well know, a botched nose job makes your nose look worse.

A botched nose job can be corrected by revision rhinoplasty. Designed to correct botched nose jobs, revision rhinoplasty is more complex than regular rhinoplasty. Given this, you should have it done by an experienced surgeon.

4. Rhinoplasty fixes an injured nose.

An unattractive nose is not just congenital. It can also be caused by severe injuries.

Just like a botched nose job, severe injury can also lead to complications. In addition, severe injury can make your nose look worse.

Hence, you should address an injured nose as soon as possible. Aside from urgency, you must also consider getting it done by a highly qualified surgeon.

5. A nose job helps with many nasal issues.

Congenital issues such as a deviated septum can take a toll on you. The solution? Deviated septum surgery.

Also known as septoplasty, this is a kind of nose job designed to enhance nose function. It can correct several nasal issues, including ones you inherited.

Specifically, a nose job can fix the issues caused by congenital factors. These issues include difficulty breathing, nosebleed, and nasal infection.

How Rhinoplasty Works

How Rhinoplasty Works - Female, photo model

Rhinoplasty works by altering nasal bone and cartilage.

Now that you know what is rhinoplasty, you should know how it works as well.

Rhinoplasty is either performed on the inside or outside of your nose. Hence, there are two main types of rhinoplasty― closed and open.

Closed rhinoplasty involves making incisions within the nostrils. During closed rhinoplasty, the right and left nostrils are separately operated.

Since closed rhinoplasty is done within the nostrils, it does not produce visible scars. Closed rhinoplasty also produces less swelling. Recovery becomes faster as well.

Due to these, the closed method is usually used for regular rhinoplasty― one that changes a nose without prior damage.

On the other hand, open rhinoplasty involves making small incisions on the columella. The columella is the tissue found between your nostrils.

Since open rhinoplasty is done this way, it provides higher accuracy for altering the nose’s appearance. This lets the cosmetic surgeon achieve your goals easily.

The open technique is usually used for revision rhinoplasty. Since revision rhinoplasty is for noses with severely changed structures, an open technique needs to be used.

Now that you know the main types of rhinoplasty and how they work, it’s time to understand that the process varies depending on the target area.


When the bridge of the nose is the target area, the bone and cartilage causing the irregularity are removed. The bone and cartilage will then be moved closer so the bridge changes.


When the tip of the nose is the target area, the cartilage that supports it needs to be reshaped. This is done by making a small cut on the columella.


When the length of the nose has to be changed, the septum and tip cartilage need to be adjusted. Doing this helps reduce nose length and shrink the tip.


When the width of the nose has to be changed, the side nasal bone needs to be adjusted. Doing this decreases the width of the nose, resulting in a narrow look.

What to Expect During Rhinoplasty Procedure

What to Expect During Rhinoplasty Procedure - Male, photo model

Rhinoplasty involves repositioning, removing, or adding cartilage.

Before plastic surgery nose, anaesthesia needs to be administered. In my clinic, we use sedation anaesthesia.

I prefer sedation anaesthesia because it is safer and requires a shorter recovery time.

After administering the anaesthesia, I will manipulate your nasal bones and/or cartilage. Depending on your goals, I will remove, add, or reposition them.

The duration of your nose job depends on the techniques best suited for you. It can go longer if there are complementary procedures involved.

Once the nose job is done, the incisions will be closed. I will then hide the resulting scars as much as possible.

Risks Linked to Rhinoplasty

Risks Linked to Rhinoplasty - Smiling female, photo model

Nose jobs are associated with risks like swelling and bruising.

Just like any major procedure, plastic surgery on the nose carries some risks. Here they are:


Your nose will swell after the procedure. Depending on certain factors, swelling decreases within days. It can fully heal within weeks.


Your nose will also bruise after the surgery. Just like swelling, bruising decreases within days. Bruising can also heal within weeks.


Your nose might bleed after rhinoplasty as well. While bleeding does not happen often, you have to consult your doctor if it persists for days.

Reaction to Anaesthesia

Some patients have a reaction to general anaesthesia. Hence, I use sedation anaesthesia, which is a safer alternative.

Recovering From a Nose Job Procedure

Recovering From a Nose Job Procedure - Male, photo model

It will take time to recover from a nose job, but you can take certain steps to recover faster.

A nose job does not require an overnight stay. Hence, you can go home on the same day as your rhinoplasty procedure.

My team and I will give you recovery guidelines. You will also be able to call us anytime for any surgery-related concerns.

Your nasal dressing may make it hard for you to breathe the day after your surgery. Swelling can also contribute to this.

It will take time for you to recover, but there are some steps you can take to heal faster.

For one, you must keep your head raised when sleeping. You can use extra pillows for this. You also must avoid blowing your nose.

In addition, you should take things easy. You cannot do heavy lifting, exercise, or anything of the sort. If you are ultimately bothered by the swelling, you can put an ice pack on the area for approximately 10 minutes.


So what is rhinoplasty?

It is a major surgery that requires a skilled, experienced surgeon. Fortunately, I am one of those surgeons. Using my skills, experience, research, and artistic techniques, I will help you achieve your goals.

If you are ready to know more about rhinoplasty including how much for a nose job, contact us today!

About the Author: Dr. De Silva

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