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Nose Job Transformation: Before and After

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | November 29th, 2021

A nose job transformation can make you look more attractive.

The golden ratio, the universal measurement for beauty, has been widely used for centuries. With cosmetic treatments popping in and out of the market, nose job transformation remains popular.

Why is this so? One main reason is the nose job’s compliance with the golden ratio.

But how exactly does a nose job do this?

Well, seeing is believing.

That’s why in this article, I will talk about the golden ratio, its relation to facial symmetry, and how a nose job helps you achieve your aesthetic goals. I will also show you before and after nose job transformation photos.

The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio can be followed through a surgical nose job transformation.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there’s a mathematical principle behind it.

This important mathematical principle is called the golden ratio. The golden ratio is the universal measurement for beauty. Hence, anything that follows this principle is considered beautiful.

Actresses, actors, and models often have features that people instantly like after the first glance. Photos, paintings, and even sculptures also have features that people consider beautiful after the first look.

So what makes these people and objects special?

They have the golden ratio.

Beauty, it seems, is not simply a random thing. Observed in nature, all beautiful things seem to show a repeated pattern characterised by symmetry.

At first, the world was wondering why things and people with the said feature look beautiful. So, early mathematicians searched for the pattern. Eventually, they translated the said pattern to a measurable principle, the golden ratio.

The golden ratio, also known as Phi or the Fibonacci number is a number that underlies the perception of beauty.

Leonardo Da Vinci, an Italian polymath, used the golden ratio to prove that the closer a face or object gets to this number, the more beautiful they look. In fact, he used the golden ratio when painting his famous piece, the Mona Lisa.

As you may well know, the Mona Lisa is undoubtedly beautiful.

In addition, studies involving the most beautiful women in the world prove the effectiveness of the golden ratio. These women have faces close to the golden ratio. As a result, they became the most beautiful faces on the planet.

The golden ratio does not just apply to women though. It applies to men as well. In fact, I used the golden ratio to determine the world’s most attractive man― Robert Pattinson. My findings have been widely recognized by the media (e.g. CNN, People Magazine, Elle).

The Golden Ratio and Facial Beauty

Your face’s appearance can be improved through a nose job transformation.

As I mentioned, the golden ratio plays a significant role in determining beauty. But how does it exactly relate to facial beauty?

Well, we have to start with a little bit of history.

Some 2,500 years ago in Ancient Greece, people believed that a line divided into two parts with a ratio of 1: 1.618 creates an appealing proportion.

As you may have guessed, this ratio is now called the golden ratio. Back then, people believed it to be the ultimate proportion or Phi.

The term Phi was named after Phidias, a Greek mathematician and artist who used the golden ratio when making his sculptures.

As the golden ratio spread, famous artists and architects used it during the European Renaissance. In particular, they used it to make their masterpieces.

Centuries later, scientists used the golden ratio to explain why some people look so attractive.

In addition, some scientists believe that humans in general, see proportional bodies as healthier. Likewise, if a face is proportional, we most likely find it beautiful.

Others also think that we likely consider a face more beautiful when it follows the golden ratio. This is in comparison to faces that do not follow the golden ratio at all.

Interestingly, a face following the golden ratio causes the brain to feel pleased, as the human eye can process it quickly.

Nose Symmetry

You can achieve nose symmetry through a nose job transformation.

The golden ratio can be followed through a surgical nose job transformation. Many humans are born with asymmetrical noses. For some, this feature looks charming. Others consider it to contribute to their natural beauty.

However, some people get dissatisfied with their noses. As a result, they become less confident about themselves. For some, nasal symmetry affects work performance.

An attractive face looks balanced and proportionate. However, a proportionate face with an asymmetrical nose may look unsightly.

In addition, since the nose occupies the central part of the face, others likely notice its asymmetry.

Given this, your nose plays a huge role in your facial balance and proportion. More often than not, even a slightly asymmetrical nose can ruin your facial harmony.

Fortunately, surgery can reshape your nose to fine-tune it to the rest of your face. This process, called rhinoplasty, can change your life for the better.

Golden Ratio, Nose Symmetry, and Facial Beauty

A nose job transformation can produce nose symmetry and facial attractiveness.

We have discussed the golden ratio, facial beauty, and nose symmetry. Now, it’s time to discuss their connection.

Nose symmetry plays a crucial role in facial symmetry. It’s because a symmetrical nose, being the central point of the face, greatly contributes to facial symmetry.

As you may well know, people see a symmetrical face as beautiful. Hence, nose symmetry plays a huge role in facial beauty.

We have also established that the golden ratio measures facial symmetry. When a face has features that fit the golden ratio, that face becomes attractive. Hence, the golden ratio also plays a crucial role in determining the beauty of one’s face.

Using this logic, an asymmetric nose, therefore, does not fit the golden ratio. As a result, an asymmetrical nose becomes unsightly, especially if it veers too far away from the golden ratio.

Remember, nose symmetry is and always will be an important aspect of facial symmetry. So, if you want your face to fit the principles of the golden ratio, you must treat your nose to make it symmetrical.

Fortunately, you have many options to fix your nose. From a nose job transformation to liquid rhinoplasty, you now have access to safe and effective treatments.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Transformation

Surgery is the most effective medium for a nose job transformation.

Also known as nose job and nose reshaping surgery, rhinoplasty enhances your facial balance and harmony. The procedure also corrects noses suffering from functional defects.

Cosmetic surgeons perform rhinoplasty for cosmetic or medical reasons. For instance, some people get surgery solely to change their noses’ appearance. Others get the surgery solely to enhance their noses’ function.

In addition, people get rhinoplasty after an accident. They might also do it to correct a birth defect or to deal with a condition that developed over time.

Depending on the severity of the problem, a nose job transformation can take weeks or months to fully take effect. This factor also affects how long a nose job takes to heal.

Since rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, it comes with some risks. The most common risks include swelling, bruising, and pain. However, these risks can be managed as long as you closely follow the instructions of your doctor.

Furthermore, rhinoplasty is a complex procedure. Hence, you must work with the top clinics in London or the best rhinoplasty surgeon in London.

While the cost of a nose job with an expert rhinoplasty surgeon is high, it is worth your hard-earned money. Consider it as an investment for yourself. It also ensures that the procedure produces effective and safe results.

Is Rhinoplasty Effective?

Rhinoplasty is a safe and effective way to transform your nose.

Nose surgery has evolved into a procedure with versatile applications.

For one, it improves the look of patients. This increases their confidence and improves their work performance.

Nasal surgery also improves one’s nasal function. Problems with nasal function occur due to birth defects, diseases, and physical trauma. Hence, patients must go through surgery to solve functional problems.

In a gist, the goal of rhinoplasty or nose job UK is to refine a nose’s patient to improve its appearance, functionality, or both.

To do this, the best cosmetic surgeons combine science and art to produce effective, long-lasting results. The science part involves using accurate techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. The art part involves matching the nose to the rest of the face, like a sculptor creating a masterpiece.

So, if you’re asking if rhinoplasty is effective, the answer is yes.

However, this depends on one main factor: your doctor. If you work with an experienced, skillful, and artistic rhinoplasty surgeon, your rhinoplasty will be effective.

In addition, today’s surgical procedures can become more effective using the right tools. Proper medication and aftercare contribute to the effectiveness of nose jobs, too.

How Does Rhinoplasty Help Patients Achieve Nose Symmetry?

Rhinoplasty helps achieve nose symmetry if done by a qualified surgeon.

As I mentioned, rhinoplasty only becomes effective when performed by a highly qualified surgeon. Not all surgeons can perform rhinoplasty though. Only cosmetic surgeons can.

Similarly, not all cosmetic surgeons must do rhinoplasty. Only ones with the right training and experience must.

Fortunately, I have a lot of experience. I performed many nose jobs and did extensive research in facial surgery. So, I can share my knowledge and experience with you about how rhinoplasty relates to nose symmetry.

When a patient wants rhinoplasty mainly to achieve nose symmetry, there are some concerns the nose surgeon must address.

These concerns include the size of the nose, the height of the nose, and how proportionate it is with the rest of the face. These factors influence one’s facial symmetry, so they must be addressed.

Adjusting the size of the nostrils, fixing the nasal tip, and straightening the nasal bridge can enhance your nose’s symmetry. In turn, this will enhance your facial symmetry and make you more attractive.

In a nutshell, an excellent rhinoplasty surgeon knows that the best nose jobs for different shapes and faces vary. Hence, a customised treatment plan helps you achieve nose symmetry.

Nose Job Transformation Before and After

As the famous saying goes, “Seeing is believing.” Hence, I compiled the before and after nose jobs pictures of my patients. These include men nose jobs and nose jobs before and after female.

In this section, you will see how my patients’ noses have changed. The picture on the left shows the patient before the surgery. The picture on the right shows the patient after the surgery.

Patient 1: As you can see on the left, the patient had a noticeable bump on his nose. He also had a large nasal tip. After the surgery, the noticeable bump was gone.

His nasal tip was also adjusted. By doing this, his nose became more symmetrical and proportionate with the rest of his face.

Patient 2: As you can see on the left, the patient had a large nose. This was mainly due to her large nasal tip. Her nose was also asymmetrical mainly due to its tip.

After surgery, her nose became smaller. Her nasal tip was also adjusted to make her nose look symmetrical. As you can see on the right, her nose now matches her face. The patient’s self-confidence increased as well. After getting rhinoplasty, she became more confident in her looks and capabilities.

Patient 3: As you can see on the left, the patient had an undefined nasal tip. She also had a sizable bump on the bridge of her nose. To correct these issues, she asked for help from my clinic.

During the surgery, I adjusted her nasal tip. I also removed the bump on her nose. As you can see on the right, her nasal tip became more defined. The bump was also gone. Moreover, the patient was so glad that her nose became symmetrical and proportionate with the rest of her face.

Patient 4: As you can see on the left, the patient had an asymmetrical nose. Her nose looked asymmetrical mainly because of her nostrils. In an attempt to correct these issues, she had nose fillers. However, since the nose fillers are temporary, she looked for a permanent solution.

So, she went to my clinic for help. During the surgery, I adjusted her nostrils, tip, and bridge. She wanted natural and subtle results, so I laid out a customised plan for her.

As you can see on the right, her nose became more symmetrical after the surgery. The results look subtle and natural as well.

Patient 5: As you can see on the left, the patient had an asymmetrical nose. Her nose looked asymmetrical mainly because of her nasal tip. She also had a bump on her nasal bridge. In an attempt to correct these issues, she asked me for help.

During the surgery, I adjusted the parts of her nose that affected her nose symmetry. Just like many of my patients, she wanted natural and subtle results. So, I used customised techniques.

As you can see on the right, her overall appearance improved after the surgery. This is mainly because of her improved nose. Aside from that, the patient was also so happy for getting natural and subtle results.

Nose Job Transformation: The Whole Process

A nose job transformation involves having a consultation and taking care of yourself.

Now that you have seen and read what a nose job transformation can do for you, it’s time to know how the process goes.

In this section, I will walk you through the whole nose job transformation process. I will explain what you must do before the surgery, what to expect during the surgery, and what to do afterwards.

What to Do Before a Nose Job Transformation

A nose job transformation involves having a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty is a major surgical procedure, so you must consult a doctor before going through a nose job transformation. You can book a consultation with me here.

During the consultation, we will discuss your nasal issues. I will also ask about your goals and expectations.

After that, we must talk about your current health status, medical history, and medication routine (if any). I will also ask if you drink and smoke often.

Based on what we discussed, I will tell you whether you are an ideal candidate for a nose job transformation or not. If yes, you can set an appointment for the procedure.

Once you set an appointment, you need to look for someone to drive you home after the procedure. You might also want to apply for a leave so you can recover properly. Remember, you must schedule your nose job transformation at your most convenient time.

Moreover, I might ask you to stop taking certain medication before the surgery. This depends on your current condition though.

During Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery

A nose job transformation involves anaesthesia, stitches, and dressing.

My staff will first clean your face. After this, we will administer anaesthesia. As you may well know, you need this so you won’t feel extreme pain.

For full disclosure, my clinic uses sedation anaesthesia. Also known as twilight anaesthesia, this kind allows you to recover faster than general anaesthesia. It is also safer.

After this, I will make incisions on the necessary points. Depending on your goals, I might perform closed or open rhinoplasty. The techniques for these vary.

However, they generally involve making incisions. They also involve manipulating cartilage, bone, or both.

After adjusting what needs to be adjusted, I will stitch up the incisions. I use certain techniques to hide the stitches as much as possible. Lastly, I will put dressing on your nose.

What to Do After Surgery

A nose job transformation involves following your doctor’s aftercare instructions.

You can go home after the surgery. However, you must wait at my clinic until we clear you.
After the procedure, you have to let your body heal.

I will give you instructions for aftercare, so you must follow them closely. These include not doing intense activities, sleeping enough, taking medication, and not putting pressure on your nose.

Recovery time depends on several factors including the type of surgery (e.g. revision rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty) and the use of graft materials.

You might be able to return to work or school after one to two weeks. In addition, you can return to work a day after the surgery, given that your work does not involve intense physical activities.

However, during this time, you will experience common effects such as bruising and swelling. They will go away though, as long as you properly take care of yourself.


A nose job transformation may take time, but it is worth it. Doing something to make your nose look better helps increase your confidence and boost your career. A nose job transformation can also help improve your relationships.

In a nutshell, a nose job transformation can change your life for the better, as proven by the nose job transformation gallery featured above.

So, if you want to transform your life like my rhinoplasty patients did, book a consultation with me now!

About the Author: Dr. De Silva

About the Author

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