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Differences in Male and Female Rhinoplasty

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | October 13th, 2014

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Rhinoplasty is a common procedure performed on both men and women for a variety of reasons. As a cosmetic procedure, rhinoplasty is often administered as an aesthetic enhancement, shaping the nose to best suit the patient’s face. Many rhinoplasty surgeries are performed for health reasons, such as a deviated septum, a saddle nose, or to repair nasal trauma. No matter what the reason, the aesthetic result is always important, and any experienced facial cosmetic surgeon will ensure that both the aesthetic and functional quality of the nose is improved.

Men and women require different approaches to reshaping their noses due to their differing facial structures. Men’s faces are typically longer and larger than those of women. Their features in areas such as the jaw and cranium can have more square, sharp edges. Women, on the other hand, tend to have smaller faces with softer, rounder edges. Since every face is so vastly different, these categories all come into consideration when crafting the perfect nose for a patient, woman or man.

So how do experienced plastic surgeons properly approach these differences? A very important consideration is the fact that a nose shape and figure that might look good on a man will sometimes not look good on a woman, and vice versa. For instance, a large nose on a woman’s face can look normal on a man’s face because of the differences in facial structure. A good surgeon knows this and understands this as second nature. The best plastic surgeons acknowledge ways of shaping the nose that enhance the overall appearance of the face. If a woman has a face with soft and delicate features, a good surgeon will know how to reshape the nose to match those features. Likewise, if a man has rugged, masculine features with a square jaw, an experienced surgeon will have the ability to either maintain or enhance those masculine aspects in the reshaped nose.

Men often fear receiving overly feminized noses as a result of rhinoplasty. They imagine a surgery might give them a soft and delicate nose that may be an attractive nose, but too feminine in the context of a man’s strong, masculine features. Thus, a good surgeon will know that a man with chiseled features should have a chiseled nose to enhance his face as a whole.

Dr Julian De Silva has vast experience performing rhinopolasty and understands how to combine the characteristics of an attractive nose with the rest of the patient’s features. An attractive nose should flow in harmony with the contours of the face. For women, a narrower bridge for woman and an unobtrusive tip angled slightly up is deemed most attractive. For men, a slightly broader width and a tip situated at a right angle is deemed most attractive. These key features are understood by any plastic surgeon. The best plastic surgeons are the one who can integrate these ideas and cater them to form the ideal nose for the patient’s face.

About the Author: Dr. De Silva

About the Author

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