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Blepharoplasty Surgery: Causes, Treatment, and Costs in the UK

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | March 1st, 2022

Blepharoplasty Surgery: female model

Knowing how much does an eye bag surgery cost lets you think wisely about the treatment.

Blepharoplasty or eye bag removal surgery is one of the most popular surgical cosmetic procedures in the UK. Knowing eye bag surgery cost helps you make an informed decision whether about the treatment.

If you’ve been planning to enhance your appearance, you probably heard about blepharoplasty. You also likely wondered why people get it, how it goes, and how much does an eye bag surgery cost.

I am here to address all of your questions. In this article, we will talk about the reasons why patients have blepharoplasty. I will also walk you through the procedure and discuss eye bag removal cost.

Reasons Why People Get Blepharoplasty

Reasons Why People Get Blepharoplasty: female model

There are several reasons why patients go through blepharoplasty.

1. Eye Bags

Popular belief says that lack of sleep causes eye bags. However, it’s not always the case. Most of the time, it’s not lack of sleep that causes eye bags.

It’s the lower eyelid fat prolapse that usually causes eye bags. To put it simply, lower eyelid fat prolapse is a condition that occurs when the fat around the eye socket comes forward.

This results in the fat protruding. This also makes the fat appear in the lower part of your eyelids. Your eye bags become bigger and more prominent when this happens.

Thus, getting lifting eyelids will help reduce the appearance of your eye bags. Just make sure you’re a good candidate for eyelid surgery first.

You can remove the excess fat under your eyes through surgery, making your eye bags become smaller and less visible as a result. In fact, surgery is the only way men can permanently remove bags under their eyes.

2. Dark Circles

Just like its name, the dark circles describe the condition where dark skin appears under your eyes. Usually, they are linked with a lack of sleep. Sometimes, with bruising. However, neither of these situations mainly causes dark circles.

Typically, the shadows cast by hollows under your eyes cause dark circles. As blood pools under your eyes, they become even more visible.

Additionally, dark circles are also linked with eye bags. The tissue around your eyes becomes weak as you age.
Because of this, fat moves further into the front part of your under-eye. Also, fluid can also accumulate under your eyes. Together, these make your eyes puffier. They can also cause aggravation or dark circles under the eyes.

The shadows cast by the hollows under your eyes can be reduced through surgery eye bags. The dark circles under your eyes will become less visible as a result.

3. Crow’s Feet

Blepharoplasty Surgery. Crow’s Feet: female model

An eye bag surgery cost involves getting rid of crow’s feet.

Another common issue that patients cosmetically solve through blepharoplasty is crow’s feet.

Crow’s feet can be described as the fine lines and wrinkles spreading from the outer corners of your eyes. A lot of old people suffer from crow’s feet as a sign of aging.

Additionally, crow’s feet can be caused by repeated facial movements. Repeated facial movements make crow’s feet inevitable along with the other signs of aging.

Moreover, the skin becomes thinner over time. It could also become less elastic, and weaker. Hence, crow’s feet develop. Thus, crow’s feet are a common problem among older people.

Your doctor can make your skin tighter and stronger through blepharoplasty. This will result in your crow’s feet becoming less visible.

4. Hooded Eyelids

Hooded eyes are a common condition of the eyes due to aging. This condition involves tiny flaps of excess skin. These tiny flaps of skin can be found beneath each eyebrow.

The flap of skin conceals the natural crease of the eyelid. Therefore, the eye looks like it’s hooded. Hooded eyes can be a disturbance to one’s line of sight.

Furthermore, hooded eyes can possibly block your vision. The excess skin hangs on your eyelids. Therefore, it causes issues with your vision.

Hooded eyes can also affect your appearance. They cover the natural crease of your eyelid. Thus, they make your eyes appear smaller. Hooded eyes make you look tired and grumpy as well.

While non-surgical eyelift sounds promising, it cannot treat all types of hooded eyes cases. The only treatment that can permanently fix the problem would be blepharoplasty or hooded eye surgery.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty can treat all cases that involve hooded eyes. A cosmetic surgeon can manipulate your skin and the underlying muscles on your skin to get rid of your hooded eyes.

Blepharoplasty also produces results permanent results. The results of blepharoplasty can last up to a lifetime compared with its non-surgical counterparts.

5. Tired and Grumpy Appearance

How people see you can be affected because of a tired appearance. Some people had their jobs compromised because their subordinates thought that they were unapproachable.

Conditions such as eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet can make you look tired and grumpy. In order to make yourself appear alert, you have to get rid of them. Eye surgery can help you restore your appearance.

You can reverse the signs of aging through eye surgery. As a result, you will look more alert, approachable, and cheerful.

6. Vision Obstruction

Blepharoplasty Surgery. Vision Obstruction: male model

An eye bag surgery cost involves solving vision obstruction.

One of the most common medical issues patients solves through eyelid surgery is the obstruction of their vision.

Usually, eye problems cause vision problems. These include the likes of astigmatism. However, eye problems can also be aggravated sometimes by excess skin on the upper eyelids.

Additionally, your vision might be affected by the excess skin obstructing it. Your vision might be obscured due to loose or sagging skin in the upper eyelid. It can droop so much and can interfere with your vision.

Doing daily activities may become difficult for you once this happens. An everyday activity such as driving can become dangerous for you, as your sight gets blocked by the excess skin.

Your surgeon can remove excess skin through eyelid surgery. Whether it obstructs your vision or aggravates vision impairment, eyelid surgery can fix your problem. Your vision will become clear as a result of the treatment.

7. Irritation

Other than obstructing your vision, excess skin on the eyelids can also cause your eyes to be itchy. If you experience this, you will rub your eyes together when they become itchy.

Irritation can occur when you rub your eyes with excess skin. Sometimes red, dry, and even puffy eyelids characterise this condition.

Excess skin irritates your skin further if you wear glasses or contact lenses. Wearing your glasses or contact lenses for long periods of time can become difficult as well.

Eyelid suregry can remove excess skin that causes irritation. You can avoid irritating your eyes as a result of the procedure. Therefore, will become easier for you to wear glasses or contact lenses becomes as well.

Before Blepharoplasty

Before Blepharoplasty: female model

An eye bag surgery cost typically involves an extensive pre-surgery consultation with Dr. Julian De Silva.

You need to talk to a cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Julian De Silva who specialises in eyelid surgery before you undergo the procedure. You can book a consultation with him here.

During the consultation, your medical history and current state will be discussed.

Specifically, I will ask you about any previous surgeries you received, if there were any. Also, I will ask about your current health condition. This includes any medications that you take.

We will also talk about your lifestyle during the consultation. If applicable, I will ask you to disclose your alcohol and cigarette usage.

After the discussion of your medical history, your goals and expectation will also be discussed. You have to openly discuss your goals and expectations.

I will then explain whether blepharoplasty surgery treatment suits you or not. This depends on your medical history. Also, I might suggest complementary procedures along with your blepharoplasty. This includes facelift and brow & forehead lift.

If you agree with what we discussed, you can set an appointment for your blepharoplasty. You need to make sure that the appointment you set suits your schedule best.

During Blepharoplasty

During Blepharoplasty: female model

An eye bag surgery cost involves the use of my tools, facility, and sedation anesthesia.

The points of the incision will be marked prior to the hooded eye surgery. I will also administer sedation anesthesia during eyelid surgery. I use this type of anaesthesia because it’s safer and lets you recover quickly compared to general anesthesia.

The excess skin or fat will be removed by the doctor during the procedure. Once done, your incisions will be stitched up.

After Blepharoplasty

After Blepharoplasty: female model

An eye bag surgery cost involves the aftercare support of my team.

You have to stay for some time in the facility after the surgery. The staff has to monitor you for any complications.

Usually, hooded eye surgery does not require an overnight stay. This means that you can go home after you’re cleared from any complications.

Also, you need to make sure someone will take you home after the surgery. After the eyelid surgery, your vision won’t be normal. Thus, you must not drive.

You may also temporarily experience blurred vision after the surgery. Other side effects might include sensitivity, numbing of eyelids, swelling, and bruising. However, the side effects are just temporary and will soon subside.

The following post-operative care guidelines need to be followed:

  • Iced gauze pads should be applied to the eyes for the first 48 hours. This also needs to be applied to the cheek. In order to minimize swelling and discoloration, the gauze pads must be dipped in ice water and wrung out before applying it to the areas of concern.
  • In order to minimize swelling, you need to keep your head elevated. A recliner will work well. However, adding an extra pillow to your bed should be adequate.
  • Two to three weeks after the hooded eye surgery, you may resume wearing contact lenses.
  • You should refrain from doing any extreme physical activity. This includes athletic activities. However, activities like light walking may be resumed three days after the surgery. Other activities like aerobic exercise, weight training, heavy lifting, and straining can be resumed gradually, three weeks after the surgery.
  • Sun exposure, sun lamps, or tanning beds should be avoided for at least six weeks after surgery. This is because heat can cause your face to swell. I recommend you to use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.
  • If your eyes show some swelling, do not be concerned. Usually, this will be resolved within two weeks after the surgery.
  • Only take the medications prescribed for you.
  • Wearing of makeup may be resumed seven to ten days post-surgery.

Eye Bag Surgery Cost

Eye Bag Surgery Cost: female model

An eye bag surgery cost involves many factors.

You must take note that several factors contribute to the cost of your surgery.

For one, you should factor in the cost of any test, pre-surgery consultation, and follow-up consultation.

Since every surgery eye bags is unique, eye lift cost UK varies. Also, the eye lift cost UK will be determined by the surgeon’s fee.

In the UK, eye bag surgery cost can range between £2,000 and £6,000. Depending on the factors mentioned above, eye lift cost UK can either increase or decrease.


Blepharoplasty or eye bag surgery can change your life for the better― whether by enhancing your look or solving some medical issues with your eyes.

If you want to know how much does an eye bag surgery cost for you, contact us now!

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