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Plastic Surgery in the United States vs. Overseas

Medical tourism is one of the most booming sectors and due to the uprising demands of medical care while traveling abroad, a number of medical tourism centers have risen. When it comes to the medical tourism sector, United States in the best option you have. Compared to the medical tourism services in Overseas, United States is a much better and convenient option due to a number of factors. First and foremost reason for which one should opt for medical tourism in USA is because of the latest and advanced technologies. Plastic surgery is a rapid-growing sector in medical tourism and attaining plastic surgery treatment is more advantageous compared to the plastic surgery services in the Overseas. The usage of latest technologies and well-experienced doctors is one of the most important aspects for which you should always look for performing a plastic surgery in the United States. Nevertheless, medical tourism can also be extremely dangerous, if you do not take care of the important aspects. Each and every country’s laws regarding regulations on surgical safety as well as aftercare, differ from one another. It is not easy to keep up with all the differences ensuring that you get proper care before your surgery, during your surgery and after your surgery. What will happen if you encounter complications during a facial plastic surgery in a foreign country?

When you think about it, there are too many possible bad scenarios and there is not enough predictability. Visiting a board certified and specialist surgeon will not only decrease the chances of complications post surgery, but will also help you get the most outstanding and optimum results. Plastic surgeons across USA are more qualified than others because of the advanced uses of technologies while surgery and extensive training program, which the doctors need to go through before obtaining a specialization on the specific plastic surgery niche. Due to the increasing demands of several plastic surgery procedures, USA boasts of renowned plastic surgeons like Dr. Babak Dadvand, Dr. Litner, Dr. Solieman as well as many others. Many complications are commonly associated with medical tourism that one must consider before making decision. One of these complications is Hematoma. It can be recognized as pooling of blood underneath the skin, which might lead to potential dangers in the future. If you do end up having any complication while abroad, your surgery could cost you a great deal more than it would have in the United States. Revision surgery is a lot more expensive than the original surgery. The best plastic surgeons in the United States have revision rates of 5 – 15 percent. Just imagine what the rates would be in the country that you are thinking of getting your surgery in. hence, United States surgeons are more advanced and much better option to get your plastic surgery done with optimum results.

Patients are traveling to the United States in large numbers to see doctors like Dr. Babak Dadvand who is a breast specialist. Breast surgery and Revision breast surgery are his specializations. His practice is based in Los Angeles and Dr. Dadvand is a board certified plastic surgeon and is renowned in performing breast augmentation and other surgical procedures. “No other procedure best defines a woman’s sense of femininity than breast surgery. As all of my patients know, my approach to breast surgery is really very straightforward. I place the utmost emphasis on developing a trust with my patients, and understanding what their goals are and how we can achieve them.” – Dr. Babak Dadvand.

Rhinoplasty is also the most sought after plastic surgery in USA. Doctors like Dr. Litner and Dr. Solieman are renowned rhinoplasty specialists operating in Los Angeles, CA. Rhinoplasty, face and neck lift, chin as well as cheek augmentation and ear surgery are their passions. Their goal is only: to restore harmony and youthfulness to your face. The practice called Profiles is based in Beverley Hills. Profiles Beverly Hills brings you the most advanced, minimally invasive plastic surgical procedures to enhance your looks.

Even though it is true that plastic surgery is cheaper in developing countries, the quality of safety procedures is too often compromised. Finding the right surgeon overseas, with the necessary qualifications for your specific surgery can be like finding a needle in a haystack. United States plastic surgery services are proud to have doctors like Dr. Bryan Forley, who performs a wide range of procedures in New York. He specializes in aesthetic facial, breast and body contouring surgery. Dr. Forley had this to say about one of his procedures called ultherapy. “In a single visit, this non-invasive treatment is able to achieve a visible lift to your appearance with minimal downtime. There is both an immediate tightening effect and the gradual onset of a more refreshed, youthful look that emerges over a 3-6 month period of improvement.” – Dr. Bryan Forley.

Dr. Anh Nguyen is a highly qualified, Australian trained and registered plastic surgeon that performs a wide range of surgeries including breast, face and body procedures. Her practice is in Nedlands and implies the most advanced plastic surgical procedures to bring optimum results. Dr. Nguyen is the most sought after plastic surgeon for which people visit USA medical tourism services.

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