Lip Lift

Written by Dr. Julian De Silva

A Lip Lift is a procedure that elevates the position of the lip to giving a more youthful and relaxed smile. The Lip Lift procedure has become more popular as it creates a more attractive upper lip shape and thereby giving improved facial balance and proportions. The distance between your nose and upper lip may have always been long or can lengthen with facial ageing.

A lip lift can help improve

  • Long distance between your nose and your upper lip
  • Thin upper lip
  • Teeth don’t show when smiling
Watch Video: Ethnic Rhinoplasty & Lip Lift Review & Testimonial
Ethnic Rhinoplasty & Lip Lift Review & Testimonial

*Results May Vary

How does Dr. De Silva’s technique differ?

Dr. De Silva customizes each Lip Lift procedure for each patient to give them the result they are looking for. The techniques used by Dr. De Silva includes 3-layer closure (ie three levels of stitches )to give the finest possible scar. Dr. De Silva is able to rotate your upper lip during the surgery to give you a fuller upper lip in conjunction with the lift lip procedure. In addition Dr. De Silva uses techniques that encourage faster healing and reduced scar formation. Dr. De Silva offers patients a choice between local anaesthesia or sedation “twilight” anaesthesia, both giving patients fast recovery from surgery.

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Does a Lip Lift Plastic Surgery require a general anaesthetic?

Dr. De Silva can utilise general anaesthesia, however is able to offer patients a faster recovery with local or sedation anaesthesia, avoiding the risks and hang over of general anaesthesia. Dr. De Silva would expect you be able to go home 30minutes after the Lip Lift surgery.

What does the procedure involve?

A precise amount of soft tissue (excess skin and muscle) are removed from above the upper lip just beneath the nose. The incision is hidden in the curvature of the lower part of the nose which gives rise a “bull horn” appearance. Meticulous technique is required to make the scar as hidden as possible

The Lip Lift Surgery takes approximately one hour to perform.

What is the recovery after lip lift surgery?

There may be mild discomfort for the first 24-hours, most patients have minimal or no bruising with meticulous techniques. The superficial stitches are removed at one week, the deeper stitches dissolve over 3 to 6months. The scar will be pink in colour initially at which time it can be covered with concealer and will fade to a normal colour over a period of weeks to months to a fine line.

When will the results of the Lip Lift be seen?

The results can be seen as early as a few days after surgery. Swelling is a normal part of healing and the majority resolves over the first 1-2 weeks. The final result from the surgery will be some months after the surgery

Are there different types of Lip Lift?

Lip lifts include Bullorn lip lifts, Gullwing Lip Lifts, Corner lip lifts and the Italian Lip Lift. The different techniques depends on the desired outcome and location of incisions around the lips. Dr. De Silva is able to advise you on the preferred technique to achieve the result you are looking for.

What are the risks with Lip Lifts?

Care is required with this surgery to hide the incisions and scars with Lip Lift surgery. Meticulous technique is required to hide the scars under the nose. Caution would be advised if you have an active cold sore and anti-viral medication may be required to treat cold sores at the time of surgery. Caution would be required with patients who have keloid scarring. Complications from lip lift surgery are rare, include: scarring, asymmetry, numbness, distorted lips and lengthened lips.

Can the procedure be combined with other procedures:

Dr. De Silva often combines Lip Lift procedure with other facial surgery to improve a patient’s appearance. Lip Lift can be combined with Lip Augmentation to give a fuller and more youthful aesthetically larger lip. The procedure can be combined with face and neck lift surgery to rejuvenate your face and improve facial balance.

Scars - female model

Lip Lift Photo

This patient had been concerned for some time about the long distance from the base of her nose to her upper lip (termed philtrum). She searched for some time to find a facial specialist to advise her on treatment options to reduce the length of her philtrum and improve the position of her upper lip. She made an appointment at The Centre to see Dr. Julian De Silva, who discussed with her both management options and expectations from surgery.

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