How Do I Choose a Rhinoplasty Surgeon?

Posted by Dr. Julian De Silva | December 1st, 2014

Female patient after Nose Re-Shaping - photo

Rhinoplasty is the most challenging cosmetic surgery and a good result is dependent on both technical excellence and artistry.

To find the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you does require taking time and researching your surgeon. At the end of the day this is your face and you need to put some time into this, these are a few aspects to consider:

  • A plastic surgeon that specializes in the entire body is used to surgery of centimeters of the breast and body. Rhinoplasty requires fine millimeter precision work for a great result, find a surgeon who specializes in facial cosmetic and plastic surgery and who performs cosmetic rhinoplasty on a weekly basis.
  • Artistic ability of the surgeon to sculpt a nose in both proportion and harmony to a persons’ face and body-type can be evaluated with before and after photographs. Ask to look at ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples of the procedure you’re looking into.
  • Request to be put in touch with past clients. Most surgeons are more than happy to direct potential new clients to past clients to help build confidence and trust. Dr. De Silva suggests “this is a relativity new approach which I strongly encourage! If they don’t want you to speak to anyone, ask yourself why.”
  • Look for a surgeon who specialises in cosmetic surgery compared to reconstructive surgery. Cosmetic surgery is an art form where millimeters will make the difference, reconstructive surgery places more importance on function and less on the aesthetic result.
  • At least 20% of the treatments Dr. De Silva performs are revision cases from patients who have had surgery elsewhere and outside of the UK, including Asia and Africa. Ask your surgeon what their revision rate is. Every surgeon will have a revision rate, this should be a relativity low number in comparison to the number of treatments which they carry out.
  • Read reviews and see how recent the reviews are. Check online review sites, read magazines which cover aesthetic treatments and check to see if your surgeon has the right credentials for you. Dr. De Silva recommends looking out for surgeons who are members of British, European and American organisations.
  • Revision surgery can required more complex surgical techniques, look for an expert who specialises in complex revision surgery.

Take your time. Your face is important; do your research and come to your own decision. You are invited to set up a consultation with Dr. De Silva in his London private practice and discuss your needs. Out of town patients often send photos via email and interact with him on Skype prior to face-to-face meeting.

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