Written by Dr. Julian De Silva

Ethnic rhinoplasty is the terminology given to patients who are not Caucasian who require specialist rhinoplasty techniques to achieve a natural result. Ethnic rhinoplasty can vary widely, every ethnicity ranging from Asian, South-East Asian, Middle Eastern, Afro-Caribbean and Mediterranean presents a unique set of challenges and typical cosmetic concerns. There is no “one surgery fits all” approach with ethnic rhinoplasties, as what looks beautiful and natural for one ethnicity may look less complimentary to another. Rhinoplasty requires tailoring each procedure to the ethnicity of the patient and requires a different set of techniques and skills for each patient.

As the nose is the centre of your face, and an undefined nose can detract from overall beauty and facial harmony. As a consequence of an underlying difference in the nasal anatomy, standard Caucasian rhinoplasty techniques are less effective.

Rhinoplasty is a surgery of finesse and detail, even 1mm change can be seen. Dr De Silva believes that nose reshaping requires special techniques to improving definition and shape and keeping a natural appearance.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty, female photo model

Ethnic Rhinoplasty includes:

Dr De Silva specialises in the face only; he is known for natural looking results and uses the most innovative and contemporary techniques from Beverley Hills and New York. Rhinoplasty is one the most common cosmetic surgery he performs, ethnic rhinoplasty is considered to be technically a difficult procedure, which is why some cosmetic and plastic surgeons do not perform the procedure.

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Patient Experience of Asian Rhinoplasty & Septoplasty

What is refinement rhinoplasty?

Refinement rhinoplasty is a term that applies to rhinoplasty techniques used to fine tune and perfect a result. Kim Kardashian has had phenomenal success as a television and social media personality, actress and model. With her career almost unperturbed by the plastic surgery speculations that have followed her life for a long time. She is a distinguished celebrity who knows her way around fame and fortune. The shape of Kim Kardashian’s nose has been the subject of speculations around rhinoplasty although her nose appeared droopier and less defined. Relatively few celebrities are willingly to openly discuss what procedures they have undergone. Kim Kardashian’s current appearance shows an attractive and well-balanced nose with more definition and suggestions of lifting of her tip. From Dr De Silva’s experience many well-known celebrities have undergone rhinoplasty which he terms “Rhinoplasty Refinement” although publicly they chose not to discuss this. Most celebrities are not looking to look different; they are just looking to give themselves an edge, a small improvement in the elegance and balance of their face. Many celebrities have already been dealt a great genetics card with natural beauty and a nose job may be a way of taking that just a little further.

Kim Kardashian’s nose before and after rhinoplasty, front view

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