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Ear Lobe Repair (Stretched, Split & Scarred Ears)

The earlobe is the lower, fleshy part of the ear that is sometimes pierced. The area consists of a delicate piece of skin that is made up of fat and skin. A split earlobe may occur with prolonged earring use over a period of years. An enlarged earlobe may occur with natural ageing as a consequence of growth of the ear.

Elongation of the hole or complete splitting of the earlobe can occur either over time through the thin wire of an earing being pulled by the weight of an earring or through trauma such as the jewellery being pulled or snagged. It is natural for the hole which the jewellery hangs through to stretch slightly over time if the earrings worn are heavy but would only be described as a split earlobe if the jewellery pulls right through the skin of the lobe causing the tissue to be in two pieces.

Dr. De Silva reduces the size of large earlobes in conjunction with facelift surgery, hiding the scars along the natural curvature of the ear. The procedure is tailored to the individual and may require subsequent ear piercing after surgery.  The surgery generally takes 45-60 minutes depending on the extent of the reshaping of the ear lobe.


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