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Written by Dr Julian De Silva

Dr De Silva is a recognised expert on the latest advances in facial plastic surgery techniques and has worked in three cosmetic capitals of the world, Los Angeles, New York and London.

Dr De Silva’s patients’ include high profile clients including CEOs, directors, Hollywood actors, Bollywood actresses, models, doctors and lawyers.

Celebrities, models and other professionals who are dependent on their appearance for their career have similar concerns.

  • Natural-looking results that achieve an enhancement, not a complete change. Facial cosmetic surgery is a blend of fine facial plastic surgery and artistic skills.
  • Fast recovery enables them to be seen in the public as soon as possible. Using innovation in techniques and equipment recovery can be halved for some procedures.
  • Complete anonymity and discretion from the public and media.
  • Avoiding visible scars and other signs of surgery is of high importance.
  • State-of-the-art equipment and surgical innovations to achieve natural-looking results and fast recovery.
Celebrity Surgery

Miss California and Natural Looking Rhinoplasty

Miss California, Natalie Ann Pack, had a nose job to correct a broken nose from when she was a kid. Following rhinoplasty, Natalie’s nose was narrower with a more refined and shaped tip.

The art of rhinoplasty is a natural-looking appearance, where the person maintains their character and ethnicity, and their appearance looks more refined with their nose in harmony with their facial characteristics.


Natalie has a beautiful nose, she has an elegant and narrow bridge and defined tip, there is no pinching of the tip and it looks natural. Importantly her nose fits her physique, at 6 feet tall she needed a nose that was proportional to her size, a small nose would have looked artificial.

Natalie is not unusual in that she had a beautiful face, to begin with, having rhinoplasty has given her an edge, and she looks that better and natural.

Before & After

Celebrity Surgery: Zooey Deschanel - before and after treatment photos

Some people think that Zooey Deschanel looks different than she used to. Is it plastic surgery or just aging?

*Results May Vary

Courtney Cox

48-year old Courtney Cox recently filed for divorce. She has said that she uses anti-wrinkle injections, but some fans think she may be going overboard, as she is looking a little Joker-ish in the mouth area. What causes this and how could her look be improved?

The appearance of joker lips is usually caused by an excessive volume of filler placed into the upper and lower lips. Why did excessive filler in the face may a person look like a joker?

There is a normal harmony in the lips, the upper lip is usually smaller than the lower lip. Why has this happened? The commonest reason is too much volume of filler has been placed on the lips.

An increased volume of filler injected into the lips will smooth out the wrinkles and lines that surround the lips. However the increased volume of filler disrupts the normal shape and curvature of the lips, the top of the upper lid is usually defined by the presence of a sharp cupid’s bow and the precise border with the surrounding skin.

The other reason is the type of filler used, some types of hyaluronic acid attract water into the lips resulting in swelling and enlarged lips. What can be done about it?

An antidote can be used to reverse the enlargement however is dependent on what has been used to enlarge the lips. Most commonly a hyaluronic acid is used as the filler, in which case the antidote can be injected into the lip that will cause the filler to disperse into the water.

Offering celebrity plastic surgery, Dr De Silva is a recognized expert on the latest advances in facial plastic surgery techniques he is known for natural results and is frequently asked to comment on complex cosmetic surgery.

Dr Julian de Silva is a London plastic surgeon specializing in only the face. He received fellowship training in the cosmetic centres of Los Angeles and New York, before bringing his skills and expertise to London.

After winning numerous awards including the gold medal research award and Masters in distinction, he has presented new innovations and trends at international meetings all over the world.

He is an accomplished artist having exhibited works of art and is known for natural-looking results. He currently practices in a boutique office in London and is the director of facial cosmetic surgery at www.londonfacialplasticsurgery.co.uk.

Celebrity Surgery: 48-year old Courtney Cox, photo

Anne Hathaway and anti-wrinkle injections in her 20s

Anne Hathaway turned down anti-wrinkle injections when she was 23. Is 23 about the age to start using anti-wrinkle injections? Or does “heavy cream” work at that age? With her recent extreme weight loss will she have wrinkles that need anti-wrinkle injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections are a great treatment for wrinkles, it is used by millions of people on various locations on the face to reduce or soften wrinkles.

Anti-wrinkle injections is generally used to treat patients from their mid-30s onwards. However increasingly younger patients are seeking treatment, I would only advocate the use of anti-wrinkle injections in very specific cases to soften atypical facial expressions.

Anti-wrinkle injections works for about 4-6 months, is a long term investment and when it is given on repetitive occasions over many months it does result in a weakening of the facial muscles as a result of atrophy of the muscles so fewer treatments are necessary.

Although anti-wrinkle injections is a safe medication with few side effects it will not stop the ageing of the skin, this occurs as a combination of genetic and environmental factors, chiefly sun exposure.

The key advice I give my patients on stopping new wrinkle formation, dark spots and fine lines, is staying out of the sun, using sunscreen on a daily basis, that includes a protection factor of at least 30 that includes titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Dr De Silva is a recognized expert on the latest advances in facial plastic surgery techniques he is known for natural results and is frequently asked to comment on complex cosmetic surgery.

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The Beauty Expert - ALLURE - Anne Hathaway

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