Virtual Consultation

Virtual Consultation

Written by Dr Julian De Silva

As an alternative for patients travelling to 23 Harley Street for their consultations, the London Centre of Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery offers Virtual consultations. Below are instructions on how you complete this, if you have any questions please speak to one of our team.

Step 1. Click on this link to download and complete our Registration Form. Once completed, save the registration form on your computer so you can attach it to the email you will send along with your photos to

Step 2. Take the following 5 photos of yourself. It is best to use a white or light coloured background with good lighting. Please ensure that the photograph is focused on your face. The photographs should be of head shots, which includes the full head and part of the neck. Take the following photos:

1) Front view (facing forward)

2 & 3) Right & left side views (termed profile view)

4 & 5) Both right & left oblique views (half-turn of face)

For Virtual Consultation - 5 photos: face (front view / left side view / right side view / left side oblique view / right side oblique view)

*Results may vary

For Eyelids, please also include:

Step 3. Email the photos and completed registration form as attachments to

Step 4. Dr De Silva will review your photos and medical form prior to your consultation. Our team will personally call you and discuss what your goals are and arrange a virtual consultation.

There is a charge for the internet consultation. Dr De Silva examines every photograph in detail and will take the time to answer all of your questions. Dr De Silva is an expert in facial cosmetic surgery and he puts a significant amount of time in analyzing your face and determining what will give you the best natural result.

For Eyelids Virtual Consultation - 3 photos: open eyes / closed eyes / eyes look down

*Results may vary

Here are some top tips for taking great photos for our team:

1. Think ‘passport’ photo, not ‘Instagram’ selfie
2. Take the photo in front of a plain background, such as a white wall or coloured screen
3. Get a family member to take the pictures, rather than taking selfies
4. Position the camera at the same height as the head. Only angle your face or camera to highlight an area of concern, not to take a more flattering picture
5. Composition – no makeup and hair off your face/ Centre the area of concern by using the grid function on your smartphone
6. Use the HDR setting to ensure there is sufficient detail in the picture
7. Do not use the flash
8. Tap to focus and lock the yellow box to ensure your picture is consistently sharp and not too bright

For more information, click on the following links:

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For rhinoplasty Virtual Consultation - 2 photos: face (front view) / face (below view)

For rhinoplasty, please also include:

For face and neck lift Virtual Consultation - 1 photo: face or neck (side oblique view)

For face and neck lift, we require a close-up of your ear(s) and hairline:

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