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Facial Volume Restoration (Fat Stem Cell Transfer)

Stem Cell Fat Transfer

We know that facial ageing results in a combination of reduced volume in the face and descent of the soft tissues with gravity. Although fat is generally considered an enemy to ageing, the truth is that a youthful well-proportioned face has the correct amount of fat.  We know that from the age of 40, there is a natural loss of fat volume in the face, although this does not correspond to fat gain which common elsewhere in the body. The volume loss is often enhanced by naturally thin people or those who engage in substantial exercise and fitness. The benefits of autologous fat transfer to the face and volume enhancement, is that the fat contains a high concentration of stem cells, these have a beneficial effect on skin rejuvenation improving the tone and texture of the skin. Fat stem cells are currently one of the Latest Trends and Innovations in technology see this link for further information. Dr. De Silva will often use stem cell fat transfer in combination with other cosmetic procedures to enhance the result. In eyelid surgery, loss of volume may be permanently corrected with autologous fat transfer. In facelift and neck lift surgery, the use of fat stem cell transfer enhances the result by improving facial volume and skin quality.

What is Stem Cell Surgery?

The use of stem cell technology aims to restore the youthful contours and shape of the face as well as an improvement in skin quality. What are Stem Cells and why are they so important? See this page, Stem Cells in Cosmetic Surgery.

The innovation is based on the regenerative capacity of a group of cells called adult stem cells. Stem cells are unique in the body in that they are specialized and have the potential to become a particular cell type and replace worn and damage cells. A large proportion of stem cells exist in fat. Stem cells are transplanted with fat to a different parts of their body, some of these cells then live in these new areas helping to form new tissue at the transplanted site. The regenerative properties of the stem cells along with transplanted fat provide a marked improvement of survival of these tissues. When the transfer is combined with other cosmetic surgery such as facelifts, the effect of the surgery can be enhanced. The use of stem cell technology is at the forefront of anti-aging medicine. There is good subjective evidence of improvement in results however some of the claims made are yet to be substantiated.

Sometimes the terms used can be made confusing as “stem cell facelift” may be used to describe the injection of concentrated stem cells into the face, without surgical lifting of the face. This procedure would avoid any incisions in the face however is not going to correct soft tissue laxity and band formation in the neck.

The use of stem cell technology as a method of rejuvenating the face remains at the forefront of scientific innovation and is increasingly been a central discussion in medical conferences and research.

Stem cell technology is a technological innovation that is at the frontier for anti-Aging Medicine and is presented at International Conferences all over the World. Dr. De Silva commonly uses Stem Cell Technology in the form of fat grafting to support facial surgery. The use of fat stem cells technology enhances the result of eyelid, mid-face and face lifts by working at a macro and microscopic level. The macroscopic effect restores volume that is often a cardinal sign of facial ageing. Microscopically the stem cells are thought to produce growth factors that promote healthy revitalized and rejuvenated tissues. Dr. De Silva advocates the use of fat stem cell transfer in cosmetic surgery to improve both volume loss and skin quality to give a longer-lasting and natural looking result.

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